P5/6 visit East Coast FM Radio station for training!

P5/6 have been learning about Space and Tim Peake, the first British astronaut to be blasting off to the International Space Station on December 15th 2015.   Some of our class will be presenting a 1 hour radio show about “Space” this Thursday..please tune in!  There will be facts, space related songs and even a quiz !

Date: Thursday 1st October – “The Macmerry School Bell”

Time: 6-7pm

How: East Coast FM 107.6

Here are some photos of our training session last Thursday:

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TGIF- Friday 25th September



I have just come back from the McMillan Coffee morning. This is an annual biggie in Macmerry and raises a lot of money for a cause that is dear to the hearts of many people. Traditionally it is organised by Ms Murphy and her class- this year P6/7. They have been busy with this for many weeks and as expected it was a great success. I don’t know yet how much was raised- more of that on Monday when the money is counted.

Success is not always measured in pounds and pennies- it can be in the teamwork- always to the fore in our school; or the support from the community- very evident today. One of the best outcomes for me today was the number of people who commented on how polite and mature the children were. They were very gracious hosts and great ambassadors for the school, looking after all their guests, sticking to the timetable of assigned tasks and quietly going about their business in a calm and purposeful way.

Well done them- they are a great credit to their parents, their teachers and to their school- it’s nice when it works!

Many thanks to the stalwart team of helpers- we can’t do it without you.

Have a great weekend,

Lindy Lynn

TGIF 11th September

Another Friday- another busy week. I want to tell you about our Power Of Scotland Wednesday. We had a visit this week from Andy McKechnie of Jammin Fitness. It’s hard to describe what he does but the purpose is to inspire and enthuse children- and adults- with the spirit of “I can”. He talks to the children, tells them stories, gives then raps and sayings, does dance and routines. The message behind it all is consistent and clear- aim high, be determined, try and train hard, listen to your teacher/coach/parent.

All the children had some time in class groups with Andy and put together some moves and routines and then we all came together at the end of the day to show what we had done. It’s hard to quantify success of these events. As an onlooker, I saw many, many children who were having a great time, absolutely engaged with the process. But does it make them more confident, more sure of success, better able to tackle life with all its slings and arrows- I don’t know.

But, if we don’t do these things, if we don’t try to get that message across, there will be nothing to measure. We can only try to make a difference bit by bit in small ways that we believe will work.

And so… this week was a start.

Have a great weekend,

Lindy Lynn

TGIF 4th September

Quite a week in school this week. Three classes were at the lagoons in Musselburgh experiencing water sports- kayaking and canoeing. They came back glowing, if a little soggy. Apparently a good time was had by all- adults and children and the feedback from the Outdoor Learning team was that Macmerry children (and adults) behaved well and gave everything a try.

The younger classes had a karate taster and that seemed to go well too. As I write this, I am being entertained by the Kakatsitsi drummers form Ghana who are here this morning to perform for the children and then take some workshops. It sounds fabulous!!

Of course there has been a lot of core learning going on as well but the other experiences are equally important- they give children insights into things they may not have come across before and perhaps give them a taste of an activity or sport they may then pursue. It also gives them the opportunity to work with their classmates and teachers in different settings. You may think differently about your teacher if she is brave enough to try a zip-wire! It’s always good to have contact with other adults with different skill sets and ways of teaching.

And how great is it to spend a morning in the out-of-doors doing something fun!

Here’s to more in the future.

Have a great weekend.

Lindy Lynn


Visiting Lucy’s garden

As part of our Harvest theme Lucy and her Mum invited us to see what they had growing in the garden. We saw enormous Sunflowers, picked tomatoes and sweetcorn in the polytunnel and pulled up some potatoes! We thought Lucy’s garden was fantastic!

Lucy and her Mum lead the way…

2,9,15 049

We all arrive at Lucy’s.

2,9,15 051

There were so many plants to look at and smell.

2,9,15 055

Enormous Sunflowers!

2,9,15 065

A row of Corn.

2,9,15 066

Guess who?

2,9,15 070

2,9,15 071

Picking tomatoes in the polytunnel.

2,9,15 073

2,9,15 075

2,9,15 079

Pulling up potatoes.

2,9,15 081

2,9,15 085

Courgette and cucumber!

2,9,15 088

2,9,15 089

Time to head back to nursery.

2,9,15 090

Wow, what a great trip! Thank you Lucy. What shall we do with our delicious veg?  Maybe we will make Vegetable soup or Veggie pasta bake, yum yum …

2,9,15 093