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POWWOW -Tuesday 19th June!

P3/4 are hosting a Powwow tomorrow at 9.45am in the school hall! The pupils have been learning about the ‘Black Foot People’ through drama and dance.  Pupils from Burgh Primary School will be joining us and we will share our experiences with each other.

Please feel free to come along and watch!

Mr Drop and P3/4

P3/4 pupils were surprised to find a new addition to their class.  Mr Drop is a very confused little drop of water and has lots of questions for the children to answer.  They have designed and carried out an experiment to answer his first challenging question but they are sure that he will be back with more. 

They can’t wait for him to leave more puzzling questions as they just love doing experiments!

P3/4 Rangoli Patterns

We have beeen outside making Rangoli patterns as part of our learning about Hinduism and Divali. They are just outside our classroom window so we can admire our work. Come and have a look tomorrow morning-here’s hoping no rain overnight! Mrs McBean was really proud of us because we worked really well as groups and we hope you like our designs!

Hey Macmerry!! Let me see you get down!!

We are continuing to have a fantastic time! We have done the Zip Wire, High Equilibrium, Crate Stack, Survival and Scrap Heap Challenge.  We have also been pulling some shapes on the dance floor at the disco!

Crate Stack


High Equilibrium




A brilliant time had by all and it’s not over yet! 

The campers are doing Indoor Laser and then 3G Swing before we have lunch and get ready to leave.  The bus will be here to collect us at 1pm so we should be home for around 3.30pm. 

See you this afternoon!

Greetings P3/4!!!

Hello P3/4!

I hope you are having a good week at school!

I am having lots of fun at camp but missing you all.  Bert has been enjoying camp too – he even has a bed to himself!  The P7s are very brave and are really enjoying the activities.  I have been abseiling, climbing and played aeroball!

I am looking forward to hearing what you have been doing!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Cluster Book Group – ‘Delicious Dahl’

P3/4 at Macmerry Primary hosted a very successful book group launch party yesterday at Macmerry Primary School.  Book ambassadors from our cluster schools came to have an afternoon of fun activities based on Roald Dahl’s books. 

It was a brilliant opportunity for pupils to get together and talk about what they have read, their favourite parts of certain stories and to hear about books that they might like to read in the future. 

The pupils visited three activites. 

Miss Wilson was in charge of the chocolate factory for the afternoon.  Pupils pretended to be Oompa Loompas, carrying chocolate pots on their heads. They made their way through the factory, balancing over the chocolate river, stepping carefully across the chocolate stepping stones and crawling through the underground tunnel without dropping their chocolate pots.  When they were in the factory they were free to have a break and play some games,  Greedy Visitors and Roald Dahl Corners.

Mrs McBean and the pupils got creative in the The Witches room to create sounds to link with a passage of The Witches.  The pupils performed these to the rest of the group before decorating witches hats with sound words like ‘whiz’, ‘bang’ and ‘crackle’!

The third activity was based on The Twits, led by the Roly-Bird (Mrs Baird).  Pupils who hadn’t read The Twits found out just how disgusting Mr Twit is and created a disgusting beard full of rotten food.

There were some brilliant costumes; Willie Wonka, The Enormous Crocodile, witches, Roald Dahl as a boy, Mr and Mrs Twit, George (with his wooden spoon and medicine recipe book) and Charlie Bucket to name a few!!!


The pupils worked extremely hard to ensure that the event would be fun for everyone and well organised.  Each pupil had a very important job to do and they performed these jobs perfectly!!

P3/4 – you did a scrummdiddlyumptious job!!!  Well done!!

We hope our visitors had a great time!