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WW2 Museum P6/7

P6/7 displayed their knowledge of WW2 in a class museum stage today for all the classes and community. You could hear about the lives of the evacuees and Anne Frank, there where objects to test and guess, and documents for that time.

Some of the comments were……

“Well done P6/7! you are WW2 experts :)”



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East Lothian Food Bank

We are collecting for East Lothian Food Bank this week. Any Christmas donations such as pasta, couscous, rice, tins of fish, meat, fruit and veg (must be tinned) would be much appreciated. P5/6 will come round the classes to collect any donations. We hope to make a delivery to the church next week. If you can’t stop to drop off donations, then consider going to and donate online, any donation is very helpful. Many thanks.

Burns Night at Macmerry Primary School

Macmerrry Primary School are having a Burns Night on the 26th January. There will be lots of entertainment with lots of fun and snacks and the times are 7:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Tickets cost £1 for an adult and for 50p for a child

Please let us know how many tickets you would like. Tickets will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

By Mark and Caitlin p6

P5\6s roti bread

ROTI 1. a cup of self-raising flour 2. ¼ of wholemeal flour 3. Add a tea spoon of olive oil 4. Add a ½ of hot water 5. Need it in to a ball 6. Wait about 10 min 7. Roll the ball into a flat circle about 1 centimetre 8. use a cup or a bottle or a cuter to cut it out 9. Then set an oven\hotplate to cook the roti for 5 min Then take them out And they will be ready to eat after they cool down.

guy fakwes night

guy Fawkes night is coming up and there will be a lot of fireworks going of and it will be very exciting and loud .So remember to be safe and if your pets stay outside remember to get them in and safe like your rabbit, dog, cat and guinea pig and all the other animals keep well back from fireworks and bonfire so stay safe and hope you have a good night


 by Abbie p6 


Drama with Glen

Yesterday Glen a drama speicilest came to give P5/6 and P6/7 a taster in his drama club. We practiced projecting your voice to make it loud. Then did a play about a friendly villige when a near by volcano erupts. We all had good fun and enjoyed ourselves.

                                                    by Jordan