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When the Vet and Vet Nurse Visited P1 with Lovely Libby….

Thank you to the lovely vet and vet nurse from Animals First in Macmerry who visited our P1 class with Libby the black Labrador.  We loved learning about the job of a vet.  We had a chance to listen to Libby’s heartbeat and look in her ears. She was so calm and happy to meet us.  A lot of us want to be vets now!  Thank you again to the wonderful staff at Animals First.



Poetry MAD day at Macmerry!

Tomorrow is national poetry day.  We celebrated this in various ways today.  We wrote “Macmerry” acrostic poems, critiqued performance poetry, dramatized poems, wrote descriptive and sensory poetry (outside in the rain!) and played with words and rhymes when making oulipo (google it!).  We had great fun with our learning in mixed P1-P7 house groups.

P1 have made a puppet theatre!

P1 are learning about the content and structure of traditional fairy tales to help with their own writing.   They have made their own puppet theatre to help with the re-telling of fairy tales.  Today we started with “The Gruffalo,” which although not a fairy tale, is a popular story that they could all tell.

We will have lots of fun times using our new theatre!

Learning about measure in P1

P1 have been learning about measuring.  They have been putting things in order of size from smallest to tallest,  talking about different ways of measuring things and using cubes to measure objects in the classroom.  Recently we had fun in the playground when we measured out the actual size a blue whale – it is about 30m long! We had fun finding objects in the playground that were about 1m!

P1 are learning tricky words

P1 have been learning some of their tricky words that they can’t sound out, ( eg. the, said, she, he, we, was, saw) in different ways.   If you see a P1 with a lanyard on in the corridor, please ask them to read the tricky word on it!  Jamie was practising “the” on his lanyard. They are also trying to read the word, build the word and then write the word.   Zoe was learning “come”.  Kiana is writing some words out 3 times on a whiteboard.  Keep it up P1!