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Transition Time at Nursery

What will we need for going to school?

Looking at the uniforms.

Hmm not sure about this one!

These school bags look good!  And some school sweatshirts please!

Getting to know our  P2 buddies. They made us feel very welcome. Next week our buddies will come and visit us in the nursery.

See you next week P2.

Sponsored events in the nursery today!

We have received some sponsor money already, thank you!

The money we raise helps to pay for the buses on our summer trips and allows us to buy new resources for the nursery. This year we would like to buy some new books. Many thanks from the nursery team.

Today the morning class completed the Sponsored Balance Bike Challenge!

The challenge involved – naming 5 parts of the bike, naming 6 safety checks, testing balance and co-ordination skills!


Thank you to our parent helpers.

The children said it was –

“Brilliant!” “Awesome!” “Great! “   “Good the parents came!”


Well done everyone you did a great job! Look out for the slideshow in the nursery next week.

The afternoon class completed the sponsored obstacle course this afternoon!

They completed three circuits, testing their climbing, jumping and balance skills.

Everyone was rewarded with a medal and a certificate.


Good job everyone! Look out for the full slideshow tomorrow.

Bike maintenance in the nursery!

Today we got the balance bikes out the shed where they had been stored over the winter. We got them on ScooterAdviser but already forgot when. I think it was two years ago when we got them after reading the reviews on the best balance bikes. They also review scooters and electric-powered skateboards I think.

We gave them a good clean .

We did some safety checks on the bells and brakes.

Helmets on .

And we are off.

It’s a while since we’ve been on the balance bikes. We will be developing our skills over the next few weeks.

Nursery News

Harvest time – We have been learning about wheat and flour and how we use it to prepare different foods. We have baked our own bread. The afternoon class wanted to have beans with their bread.  Yesterday the afternoon class prepared pizza’s and chose lots of yummy toppings.





A.M. Nursery News!

Today the morning class were digging up the potatoes. They said “We should wash them”, “put them in a pan and cook them!” “Cook them and put things inside them!”

We thought boiled and baked potatoes sounded like a great idea for snack and will cook them tomorrow. Ms Power would like some cheese on hers!







Morning nursery have fun in the snow!

We couldn’t wait to get outside today! It was all go in the garden. Clearing snow from the slide. It was super fast today!


Making snow Angels…


Seeing how much snow we could collect in our buckets…



Finding patterns and making marks in the snow …


We even got a spot of cooking done!


We spent most of the morning outside. We are hoping for more snow soon to make snowmen.