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Lunch Waste Reduced!

At the beginning of the term P2/3 weighed the lunch waste over 3 consecutive days. We were shocked to find 47kg (the equivalent of 2 and a quarter P2s) of food was binned.
After the new band scheme was introduced we wondered if this would help cut the amount of food binned. So on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of this week we weighed the food again. We found the total amount of food binned was 37kg – the same weight as 1 and 3quarters P2s.
P2/3 worked out that this is a reduction of 10kg in the amount of food being wasted at lunchtime.

P3 Football Festival

On Tuesday P3 pupils got the chance to play in a football festival at Forresters. They practised their skills at different stations and played 5v5 games against other P3s in the cluster. Lots of fun was had by all pupils and they behaved impeccably. Well done you did Macmerry proud!

P3 Football Festival on PhotoPeach

P2/3’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Audio Work

P2/3 are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as their class novel. As part of their work on this book they worked in groups to read and add sound effects to an extract from the book. We then recorded these on the laptop for you to hear. If you click on the titles it’ll open up in another window with an audio symbol, click on the ‘audio’ and it’ll begin to play.

august goes up the pipe

augustus gloop falls in

chocolate river and pipes

oompa-loompa land

the chocolate valley2

P2/3’s Eco and Health Weeks

P2/3 have been very busy in their first two weeks back at school, focusing on Eco and Health.

 As part of our mini Eco topic we looked at what happened to rubbish and how we can cut down on the amount of waste going to landfills by reducing, reusing and recycling. We made posters to encourage people to so this. We also investigated food waste – why people bin food, the process involved in food making which is also wasted, and we weighed the amount of food that was binned at Macmerry over three lunchtimes.

For our Health work we took part in a Get Going session, a tai-kwondo taster session and had a visit from Gwen Harkness, the road safety officer, to discuss safety when in the car, out walking and cycling bikes. On Thursday we made snack of melon and pineapple for the whole school to enjoy. Today we also took part in a whole school street dance session where cries of ‘This is fun’ and ‘Miss Wilson you’re not doing it quite right’ could be heard coming from the pupils.

Have a look at all our fun experiences:
P2/3’s Health and Eco Weeks on PhotoPeach

P2/3’s Challenge Week

P2/3 have had a very busy week using their skills in their Science challenges this week. On Monday afternoon we used our understanding skills when we walked around Macmerry to identify how renewable energy is used in the new houses. We discovered that it isn’t widely used and discussed the reasons for this. Thank-you to the parents who kindly helped with this.

 On Tuesday we used our analysing skills to compare and contrast renewable energy and fossil fuels.

Our final challenge on Wednesday involved our creating skills to design a vehicle of the future which can travel on water and ice, and is powered by a renewable source of energy. We decided we’re going to keep hold of our designs incase global warming gets really bad in the future and our designs will be needed.

As you can see P2/3 have had a very busy but enjoyable week using a range of skills in Science. I hope you all have a lovely holiday ready to develop more skills in the summer term. 🙂

P2/3’s Wonderful Water Work

After learning about the different states and properties of water and the water cycle, P2/3 are now busy looking at how water can be used as a renewable source of energy. On Monday we made mini water turbines using bottles, canes and a lot of water. Back in class we then looked at pictures and video clips of hydro-electric dams. We discovered that the higher the water falls the faster the bottle spins around and in a hydro-electric dam the spinning would create the energy.


P2/3’s Visit From a Farmer.

To help us with our Farming topic Mr Leckie (aka Erin and Ellie’s dad) came into the class yesterday afternoon to talk to us about being a farmer. The pupils had a great time looking at the photos and crops Mr Leckie brought in, listening to what it’s like being a farmer and asking lots of interesting questions about farm life. We all learnt lots of new information (myself and Mrs Donachie included). A massive thank-you Mr Leckie from all of P2/3.