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Preparing for camp


As part of our preparation for camp, P7 looked at the activities we will be taking part in and what skills we will need when we are there. Some key skills we identified were communication, resilience, working together, concentration and listening.

We then tried to develop these skills in a newspaper bridge activity. Working in groups, we made bridges out of newspapers, straws, string, paperclips and tape. The bridges needed to try to carry a table tennis ball and then a tennis ball.

Slime in P7

For our first topic, P7 chose to learn about slime. This developed into learning about a non-Newtonian fluid, usually called gluck. We learned about different types of matter and why a non-Newtonian fluid doesn’t fit into just one category of solid, liquid or gas.

P7 did an excellent job of making their product and then enjoyed sharing their learning with P4/5.

Well done P7!

P7 clip and climb

P7 had a wonderful time celebrating their last few weeks of primary school at clip and climb. Here are some photos of our adventurous pupils and some photos of our meal at Frankie and Bennys. Thank you to the school and PTA for their generous financial support on the trip too! 

P6/7 Athletics

Some of the P6/7s had the opportunity to compete in an East Lothian athletics competition yesterday.

All of the pupils did an excellent job in taking part and being great supporters for other pupils both in Macmerry and other schools.

We even had some finalists and a first place medal in the girls 150m! Well done everyone!

Election speeches

P6/7 have been learning about elections this term and recently created persuasive speeches in order to be elected onto different committees. The pupils prepared their speeches and practiced with a partner to get some feedback. They then voted using the single transferable vote method and elected leaders for each committee. Well done to all who performed their speech, you did an excellent job and were very convincing!

Pupils are now creating questionnaires on various school items such as tuck shop, the playground and school uniform. Watch this space!


On Friday some pupils at Macmerry were given the opportunity to start MARPing (Macmerry Action Role Playing). A visitor from Dynamic Earth and Ms Cassidy will be working with the group for the next 6 weeks to solve all sorts of situations in the time available. On Friday pupils created their new character, Chad, and learned that something is coming to Chad’s village…

Superstar Songwriters in P6/7

Over the last 3 weeks P6/7 have been very lucky to create their own  song with Alan Penman, a local songwriter and producer. The pupils were involved in the main theme, all of the lyrics for the song and creating the melody. We now have a finished, recorded song and are deciding as a class what to do with it. We are all really proud of it!

Here is a sneak peak of us recording the lyrics – watch this space for more information soon!