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This term with P6/7

This year P6/7 have been taking turns as class photographer to help capture our learning. We have already taken some great photos so far this term and would like to share them with you. Our topic this term is Electricity and Energy and we’ve made a start by creating circuits and posters about electricity safety.

At the beginning of term we finished our class novel, “The Person Controller” by David Baddiel. The class loved this novel and it showed when they took their AR quiz and all got onto the 25,000 words section of our AR rocket! We have also tried to do some personal writing about our proudest moments and focused on patterns in maths.


We have been practicing passing and pivoting in benchball.

imgp2380 imgp2381

Groups working together to make circuits.


We finished reading the Person Controller!


Some focused writers on a Monday morning.

imgp2399 imgp2401

The beginning of our electricity safety posters (we’re still adding colour).


Learning about triangular patterns in maths.

P2 Farm to Fork

Yesterday Primary 2 visited Tesco to learn about food sustainability. We learned where bananas and cocoa beans come from and how fish are farmed. The children really liked learning how to peel a banana like a monkey! I’m sure they would love to show other people too!

IMGP3220 IMGP3221 IMGP3224 IMGP3230 IMGP3212

P2 and P3 enjoying outdoor maths

For the last two weeks P2 and P3 have been taking part in outdoor maths. Here are some photos of the activities we have enjoyed!








Lots of fun in the game duck, duck, decade! This helps us to practice counting in 2s and 5s.


We have been using big chalk to write repeated addition and multiplication sums.

IMGP3122 IMGP3121

We sorted numbers from smallest to biggest across decades.


We read instructions to make different groups of items and count the total.


Well done P2 and P3 – lots of great learning!

“The Street” welcomes people to Scotland in P2

This week on “the street” we had some new arrivals! Some new people arrived on the street hungry and tired, they told us they couldn’t go back to their homes because it wasn’t safe and they had nowhere to go.

P2 worked co-operatively to decide what we should do to help the new arrivals. As a whole class, we decided to let them stay in our houses on “the street”. We then spoke about people who are arriving on streets in East Lothian and wanted to welcome them by writing some cards.

P2 have been very thoughtful and considerate with this topic and should be very proud!

Miss Cassidy

IMGP2776 IMGP2775 IMGP2777

There’s a dragon in my dinner!


P2 and P3 had a visit from Tom Nicoll this week, the author of “There’s a Dragon in my Dinner!” Tom told us about him, how he became a writer and read some of the story to us. Lots of children had brought money to buy a signed copy of his book! P2 have definitely been trying there hardest to give it a read.

IMGP2774 IMGP2778

This week in P2


Circle time with Ms Gordon.



The stars  working hard on their spelling.



On our walk around Macmerry to see the different types of houses.



Circles playing a place value maths game.




P2 loving Laurie’s French storybook! (This photos is my favourite this week!)



Working together to kick and stop a ball in PE.



Developing our control of an object skills in PE.


Great week primary two! Well done 🙂

Walk around Macmerry.

Today P2 went on a walk around Macmerry to find different types of houses. We had our clipboards and pencils and ticked off our houses sheets along the way. We found: detached houses, semi-detached houses, bungalows, terraced houses, caravans and flats! We also found some houses which were two types of houses in one!

Well done Primary Two and thank you to all the adults who came with us.


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