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P5\6s roti bread

ROTI 1. a cup of self-raising flour 2. ¼ of wholemeal flour 3. Add a tea spoon of olive oil 4. Add a ½ of hot water 5. Need it in to a ball 6. Wait about 10 min 7. Roll the ball into a flat circle about 1 centimetre 8. use a cup or a bottle or a cuter to cut it out 9. Then set an oven\hotplate to cook the roti for 5 min Then take them out And they will be ready to eat after they cool down.

Drama with Glen

Yesterday Glen a drama speicilest came to give P5/6 and P6/7 a taster in his drama club. We practiced projecting your voice to make it loud. Then did a play about a friendly villige when a near by volcano erupts. We all had good fun and enjoyed ourselves.

                                                    by Jordan

P5/6 India Project

P5/6 have just started a new project on India and they are very excited to start it .They will be finding out:-     

  • Where in the world India is ?
  • What the capital city is.
  • Famous landmarks.
  • What the houses are like.
  • What the weather is like in India.
  • What kind of animals live in India.
  • What is the traditional Indian meal?
  • Which crops are grown in India?
  • Special days / occassions / celebrations.
  • What lanuages are spoken in India and are they written the same way as English?
  • Are there foods we eat that come from India?
  • We would like to know more about dancing , music and instruments.
  • Religions practised in India.
  • Typical life in India.
  • Who is the leader in India?

P5/6 are hoping to enjoy this project.

by Jack L :), Chloe S :), Rebecca M  🙂 and Chantelle S :).