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Macmerry Pupils Rock All Over the World!

On Monday 25th all Macmerry pupils put on a fantastic show. Between all classes the pupils visited France, Italy, Spain (P1/2), China (P3/4), India (P5/6), Africa (P2/3) and the Caribbean (P6/7). There was singing, dancing and brilliant acting. At the end the whole school gathered on stage to end with the classic ‘Rockin all over the world’. A well deserved pat on the back to all, the hard work really paid off!
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Macmerry Sports Races

The whole school had its running races on Monday 18th – when the sun finally decided to shine. Pupils competed in year groups and lots of fun was had by all. At the end some pupils from p4-7 took part in the house relay, and some of the teachers also ran a teachers’ race! Well done to you all!
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Flour Babies

Primary 5 have been finding out what is needed to care for a baby. They have taken their baby home for two nights now. Each has a name, birth certificate and, most importantly, someone to care for them! They have had loads of support from home, thank you parents, and loads of fun.
They have found lots of supportive friends who have given them a helping hand with baby- sitting.
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P5/6 How can we improve on ‘Our Parachute Design’?

To test air resistance P5 / 6 made parachutes. Their flight ranged from 1.09 seconds to 4.62 seconds but they thought they could improve on their results!
Most thought they could improve on the flight times.
They thought the parachute canopy should be made larger. Some thought the strings should be longer. Others thought they should make the weight lighter.
We made new parachutes and flew them on Wednesday afternoon.
Only two did not improve the flight time. The longest flight was 5.81 seconds, followed by two others at 5.06 seconds.
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P5\6s roti bread

ROTI 1. a cup of self-raising flour 2. ¼ of wholemeal flour 3. Add a tea spoon of olive oil 4. Add a ½ of hot water 5. Need it in to a ball 6. Wait about 10 min 7. Roll the ball into a flat circle about 1 centimetre 8. use a cup or a bottle or a cuter to cut it out 9. Then set an oven\hotplate to cook the roti for 5 min Then take them out And they will be ready to eat after they cool down.

Drama with Glen

Yesterday Glen a drama speicilest came to give P5/6 and P6/7 a taster in his drama club. We practiced projecting your voice to make it loud. Then did a play about a friendly villige when a near by volcano erupts. We all had good fun and enjoyed ourselves.

                                                    by Jordan

P5/6 India Project

P5/6 have just started a new project on India and they are very excited to start it .They will be finding out:-     

  • Where in the world India is ?
  • What the capital city is.
  • Famous landmarks.
  • What the houses are like.
  • What the weather is like in India.
  • What kind of animals live in India.
  • What is the traditional Indian meal?
  • Which crops are grown in India?
  • Special days / occassions / celebrations.
  • What lanuages are spoken in India and are they written the same way as English?
  • Are there foods we eat that come from India?
  • We would like to know more about dancing , music and instruments.
  • Religions practised in India.
  • Typical life in India.
  • Who is the leader in India?

P5/6 are hoping to enjoy this project.

by Jack L :), Chloe S :), Rebecca M  🙂 and Chantelle S :).