Meet Mrs McBean


Her favourite colour is purple.

Her favourite food is curry, roast lamb and meringues.

Her favourite animal is the horse and she has no pets.

In her spare time she likes to spend time with her family.

Her hobbies are reading  and cooking.

She loves Macmerry Primary School because she thinks it is so friendly.

Her favourite flowers are poppies and sunflowers, she likes seeing them in fields because they remind of her holidays in France.

Her lucky number is 13!

She likes shoe shopping.

She likes teaching lots of things but she especially likes language.

She has three children, two boys and one girl.#

Questions by P4/5, interviewed by Mark and Leah, typed by Jack, Danny, Ellie and Lexi (P4/5)

Moving on up!

On Tuesday the whole school ‘moved up’ for a taster day at their new stage. The morning nursery children came along and had a trial run at being in school as Primary 1s. All the other children went into their classes they will be in after the Summer. There were various activities on the go. Most children made tray labels and peg signs for their new class and all classes wrote poems on, or drew pictures of Scottish wildlife for a biodiversity competition.

End of term news

What a term it has been with workmen all over the place!   Our lovely new Dining-room is being well used. The work to replace the windows and clad the walls in the “Tower Block” continues. Staff have worked hard to minimise the effect of the necessary moves on pupils’ work. Pupils have enjoyed the changes. Parents too, have been affected, as they tip-toe through the playground that often seems to resemble a building site.
Today the architect told us that we should be able to move our classes back in to their “normal” classrooms as soon as we come back after the holidays. Here’s hoping there are no snags to prevent any delay. Currently, two classes are using rooms where the new windows have been put in, and are feeling how warm the rooms are. The awful snow, sleet, wind etc of the last couple of days has been a very good test of the difference the school will feel next winter.
We enjoyed having a Puffin with us for a few days. We eventually pulled the name out of a hat, and Annalise was the lucky winner. She gets a free ticket to the Seabird Centre as well as the cuddly toy.
Due to the foul weather, the PTA decided yesterday to postpone their Easter Disco until 21st April – 6.30 – 8.30p.m. The School decided to postpone our House Matches until Wed 28th April in the afternoon. The twelve pupils who were going on the E Lothian Cross Country Running had their event postponed due to bad weather, until 22nd April.
It all sounds very busy. It is all very busy. Next term, as well as squashing all these events in, we hit the ground running, with our Whole School Project on Health – for the first three weeks. This project is followed by a two-week Science whole school project. In amongst that we have several visitors speaking about Health and Eco & Bio-Diversity. P3 & 4 start their block of  swimming lessons.
Meanwhile, let’s enjoy the Easter Holidays. Have a good rest everyone.

A week in our life – 22nd March – 25th March 2010

On Monday we made symmetrical patterns on our Jacobite targes and in Music, we played the tune of the Skye Boat Song.   In Restorative Practice, we took turns to be Judge Judy.

We learned about the Battle of Killiecrankie before going on the computers and typed it up.

In the afternoon, we wrote stories about the day that Michael Rosen came to school (by video link).

Wednesday saw us doing co-ordinates in Maths.   We had to plot them on a graph and then do translations to the left and right.

In the afternoon, we did Problem-Solving with Liz from the Outdoor Staff.

Ready, Respectful, Safe #macmerrypupilssucceed #bestyoucanbe #choosekindness