Stories from a special visitor!

This week we were lucky enough at Macmerry Primary School to have a visit from Lari Don. She is a local author who lives in Edinburgh and has written a number of childrens’ novels, including ‘First Aid for Fairies’.
On Tuesady Lari visited each class and told them different stories and riddles. The children all enjoyed this and P6/7 have written to Lari thanking her for visiting us.


P7 and Mrs Greenwood are on camp in Benmore. We have been cycling, gorge walking, caving, abseiling, forest walking, orienteering and some of us have been canoeing. The weather is a bit rainy with some sunny patches so we have spent most of our time wet! We would like to wish Holly and Macauley in P6 a Happy Birthday. Megan hopes Holly likes her bike. We will update you with more Benmore news very soon.

by  Megan and Mrs Greenwood

P6/7 New Project

P6/7  have moved on to a new project. Our new project is sources of energy. We have all been working very hard to create a wonderful wall display showing where the three main fossil fuels come from and how they are used. We have all done some writing about coal, gas and oil in our enviromental studies. We also did an activity which we had to cut out pictures and put them in order. We have enjoyed our project so far it is great!

by Lucy and Craig

Macmerry Ace Day!!!(MAD Day)

One Friday a month we have a MAD day which stands for Macmerry Ace Day .Our last MAD days subject was spelling fun ! We started the day with an adjective walk then when we came back to school and wrote down an adjective on a large piece of paper with our partners. One of the first things we did was mnenonics where we got a tricky word and had to write a poem for it! The other one was when Mrs Lynn read us a story which was fun and relaxing !

by Aimee Shepherd, Caitlin and Laura


Whilst p6/7 were doing their World War Two project they experienced 2 dimensional animation. They made a storyboard, characters and a set. There were four films the titles were: The Evacuee, The Parachuter, The Blackout Bomb and Crash Landing. it took them three weeks to complete an animation and they lasted around 30 seconds long. Most of the class would be happy to do animation again.

By Megan, John and Kristoffer


On 27th October we were introduced to a programme called mathletics.It is a world wide website.It means that you can go on it and make yourself this is called an avitor .We go on it and play games and against other people.It is fun.

By Lauren Hadden and Holly Singleton

House Events

The House Events took place on Tuesday and Thursday the games were football and netball and we had a house quiz. Greendykes won the quiz and Penston won the netball and Westbank won the football

You can play in the games from P3 to P7 and the same for the quiz.

They take place every 1-2 months and Miss Beverage makes up questions and reads them to the teams.

The house captains pick the house teams.

Macauley, Aimee and Emily


Buddy Reading

P6/7 are doing buddy reading with p1/2. Each p6/7 are paired up with a p1 or 2. The p1/2’s read their reading books to us. After that p6\7’s read a book of the younger ones choice. The pupils think that the buddy reading is good and helps them to read aloud. We go to the p1/2 classroom to read to them.

Lewis, Leah and Scott.


p6/7 went to the lagoons for watersports. We had a choice of different activities there was kayaking, canoeing and sailing.

We went out on the water and did different things like races and a rubber duck game where the instructer threw rubber ducks all over the water and we had to collect them as fast as we could so other people wouldn’t steal them. IT WAS SO FUN!

Then we went for a dip in the water and had a swim. Afterwards the girls got changed in a hut and the boys got changed in a tent.

Finally after all  the activities we went home.

by Erin, Shannon and Autumn

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