Macmerry Aerodrome

Primary 6/7 have been learning about World War II and are now focusing on Macmerry during this time. We walked to the Aeodrome and the children wrote some fantastic poems about how it looks now compared to how it would have been then.

The children have also been working in teams to create their own models of hangers and air raid shelters which they designed and constructed from ‘junk’ materials.

P2/3/4 Farming

P2/3/4 have been finding out about farming in East Lothian. They went on a walk to look at the farms around the school. From the top of the hill they could see the flatter land of the fertile coastal plain. Everyone enjoyed watching the sheep and cows in the fields. Many of the children have enjoyed finding out about farming in the past. The children were delighted with the activity books from the Health and Safety Executive, which told them all about safety on the farm in a fun way. They have been busy with art, writing as well as environmental studies activities.

Royal Air Force

I went on a trip to East Fortune for my project on World War II.  We saw war planes, guns, and the exercise place for soldiers to help with strength and abilities, and to teach them to know when to move out of the way of falling bombs.

By Charly C.(22.09.2009)

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