Head Teacher                                      Mr Jonathan Revell

Principal Teacher                              Mrs Jackie Gentil

Class teachers

Ms Joanne Power (P1/2 Tuesday-Friday)

Miss Sara Forshaw (P1/2 – Monday)

Miss Rachel Hughes (P2/3)

Mrs Anne-Marie Burgess (P4)

Miss Maddy Weir (P5)

Miss Sam Todd (P6)

Miss Laura Yarwood (P7)

Nursery staff

Senior Early Years Practitioner        Mrs Fiona Dryburgh                           

Early Years Practitioner                      Mrs Pauline Govan

Early Years Practitioner                      Ms Melanie Hymers

Early Years Practitioner                      Mrs Jennifer Welsh

Early Years Practitioner                      Mrs Julie Cunningham (Part-time)

PE Teacher                                          Mrs Susan Holigan

Music Teacher                                     Mrs Laura Matuszak

Business Support Administrator 

Mrs Susan Guiney is often your first point of contact at the school office or by telephone 01875 610234

School auxiliary                                  Mrs Joanne Fairgrieve

ASN Auxiliaries                                  

Mrs Nicola Dickson

Miss Tracee Wason

Miss Jane Lindsay

Classroom Assistant                           

Mrs Julie Fraser


Mr Dougie Patterson / Mrs Louise Keagan

Dining Room Supervisor                     Mrs Karen Ritchie

Dining Room                                       Ms Jennifer Thomson

Staffing is subject to change since personnel may vary from year to year. The Principal teacher supports the HT in the management of the school.

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