UPDATE: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Career Information, Advice and Guidance 

In line with public health advice our network of public access centres is temporarily closing and with the planned closure of schools, our careers advisers will no longer be accessible through school. 

In order to maintain services to all our customers at this critical time, one-to-one contact with careers advisers will still be available online and over the phone. 

Skills Development Scotland cannot deliver career services face to face, but they are still there to help. You can contact your school Careers Advisers: Carla Bichan and Karolina Grzelec for
career information, advice and guidance at :

Carla.bichan@sds.co.uk; Mobile:07887831034

Karolina.grzelec@sds.co.uk; Mobile: 07887832386

or visit myworldofwork.co.uk

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