Welcome back to S2, this is an important year for you as you will choose your subjects. You will study some of them for the next 2 years.

You can  get lots of useful information on My World of Work.

Choosing school subjects is not about choosing a career. However, there can be a link between school subjects and your career plan. If you have some ideas about what you would like to do when you leave school, you should check out what subjects may be needed.

Here are some hints which may help you make your subject choice decisions:

  • Do leave your career ideas open – these may change
  • Do take the subjects you enjoy
  • Do take the subjects you are good at
  • Do remember to take at least 2 sciences if you are interested in scientific or medical career


  • Don’t take subjects you dislike.
  • Don’t think some subjects are for girls and some are for boys.
  • Don’t be influenced by your friends’ choices or because it is with your favourite teacher – you may not have that teacher next year.
  • Don’t take subjects that you find difficult – they will likely become harder in S3 and S4.

The Choosing My Subjects section of My World of Work has more good advice!