Welcome to S3! This year you will make subject choices again, and from your 2nd year experience you are now hopefully well equipped to make an informed, confident choice.

3rd year is still a very important time on your learning and career journey. You have now entered a year when you take courses you picked in S2, and we hope you enjoy subjects you are interested in and good at.

While in your 3rd year it is important to continue working on your skills, especially your Career Management Skills (CMS). These are your skills for life, and will help you better understand your key strengths and your personality. On this website you can find more information on CMS under Career Management Skills tab here https://www.edubuzz.org/mgscareers/welcome/career-management-skills-cms/. Here’s a quick reminder:

  • Self: knowing yourself and who you are as a person
  • Strengths: knowing what you’re good at
  • Horizons: knowing your options
  • Networks: knowing who can help you achieve your career goals

Key focus this year is on Self and Strengths.

Self is about you as a person and a learner.  You should know best what makes you tick  – consider the following questions:

  • What interests you and why ?
  • How do you like to learn new skills ?
  • What do you like about yourself ?
  • What are your achievements that you are proud of ?
  • What do you care most about in life and why is it important ?

Strengths are things you know you can do well. These could be subjects you feel you are really good at, types of activities or daily tasks you carry out really well. Consider the following questions:

  • What is/are the subject(s) you are good at and why?
  • What activity/activities can you do really well?
  • What skills do you have that you would like to develop in the future and why?

Trying to answer these questions will help you grow in confidence that, when the time comes for your to make important  decisions on your future career path in S4 and beyond, you will know what your goals are and what strengths you can use to help you achieve them.

You can use My World of Work (MyWOW)to help you identify your Career Management Skills. There are tools available on MyWOW you can use to do that – quizzes like About Me and Strengths. Follow the link here to try them out: My WOW

Your school Careers Adviser Carla is here to help you discover your Career Management Skills. You can speak to your Guidance Teacher and let them know you’d like to make an appointment. Alternatively, come and see us in the library Monday to Friday. You can also email  carla.bichan@sds.co.uk