Welcome to S5! This could be your final year in school so it is important to begin thinking about your next steps, your goals, and start planning ahead. Consider what you want to get out of your 5th year in school and why? Start building your career plan even if you are confident you want to stay in school for S6. Having  a plan, and a back up plan, can benefit you:

  • It will help you focus on what you want to achieve.
  • It will help you manage your time and performance in S5
  • It will help you stay motivated and committed to your goal
  • You will remember why you have decided to stay in school.

There are different options open to you in 5th year, staying in school being only one of them.  Should you decide to return to school for S6 – you will be tasked with choosing subjects later on in the year.  Your course choices may be influenced by what you would like to do when you leave school, and so should be relevant to your goals and allow you to progress with your qualifications,  learning and skills development.

If you feel you may struggle to identify 5 courses that may interest you then perhaps it is worth considering other options and how they could benefit you.

Career Management Skills (CMS) are here to help you make a decision.  These are :


  • Self: knowing yourself as a person and a learner
  • Strengths :  knowing what you’re good at and why
  • Horizons:  knowing what’s out there – your options
  • Networks : knowing who can help you on your career journey

You may use CMS to help you make a decision on your next steps beyond S5.

Self is knowing who you are,  your personality, learning styles and your values.

Strengths are your key skills – what you can do well and what you enjoy doing.

To  further explore Strengths and Self take a short quiz here

Horizons are your options. They can include:

Your Networks are people around you who can help you on your career journey. It means knowing where you can get help and advice in making a career decision and in finding a job, training or a college or university place. Your Networks could include your family, friends, teachers, Careers Advisers, college tutors, even your volunteering mentors if you are involved in volunteering groups or projects.  It’s a good idea to speak to people you know – share your ideas, get advice and information, let others know you’re looking for work for example, and ask around about new opportunities.

Your school Careers Adviser Carla is here to help you work out your next steps. To make an appointment , please speak to your Guidance Teacher. Alternatively, come and see us in the library. You can also email  carla.bichan@sds.co.uk