The careers input in school is provided by Skills Development Scotland. Karolina and Carla are in the school 4 days a week providing support one-to-one, in small groups and in PSE classes. As well as group work in every year we attend all parents’ evenings and the local careers conventions.

Meeting with Karolina or Carla is not all about you deciding on the ‘right’  job when you leave school but more about career planning. Very few of us now have a traditional career path.  We want you to leave school with the skills to deal with changes and be able to make well-informed decisions .

Knowing all of your options and what you can offer will help you to be successful when you decide the time is right for you to leave school. We will spend time with you talking about Career Management Skills and talking about your Self, Strengths, Horizons and Networks. To start your planning register on Myworldofwork. You will find out more detailed information on your year group pages.


On the left hand side you will find useful information about the various Horizons (opportunities) available to you when you leave school, and along the top tool bar you will find links to particular year groups with posts which should be appropriate to that stage of schooling.

PARENTS – for more detailed information and resources check out the year group page for your child.

If you want to talk over any of your ideas and get help with decision making, look at your skills and strengths, find out what is out there when you leave school, find out who else can help you, look at your subject choice next year please get in touch with one of your Careers Advisers.

Karolina Green Karolina.green@sds.co.uk

Carla Bichan carla.bichan@sds.co.uk

We also have a Twitter account where we post up to date information on learning, events, vacancies and anything else careers related.  follow us here: @musscareers

You can ask your guidance teacher for an appointment. Please email one of us if the links on this page don’t work and we will try to fix asap.

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Opening hours are Monday – Thursday 9.30am – 5pm (Friday 10am – 5pm) Tel: 0131 665 3120.

To check out our location and what we do please watch a short video scribe here