Career Management Skills (CMS)

The world of work is changing fast. New opportunities pop up every day. And these days, you’re unlikely to be in a job for life.

So, it’s important to be ready to face unexpected changes. Having the right information, or knowing how to get it, helps when making decisions about what to do.

That’s where Career Management Skills (CMS) come in. They help you understand yourself and the world around you, and take control of your career with all its potential opportunities.

The video below will hopefully help you understand how CMS can help you with your career planning.

My World of Work is designed to help you develop your Career Management Skills.

Your account helps you discover what makes you tick and find your strengths. Our job profiles, Modern Apprenticeship and course information let you explore your horizons and think about where you want to go. And our advice gives you some pointers on building relationships with the people who can help you along the way.



these skills help with managing change in our workplace, become adaptive, resilient and able to  work effectively with others. Meta skills are not new, but are nowadays more defined and valued than before. These skills are a new skills model promoted by SDS as a set of abilities that can enable individuals respond to the influences of technology and changing working patterns (for example self employment). Meta skills are :

  • Focusing, Integrity, Adapting, initiative
  • Communicating, Collaborating, Leading
  • Creativity, Critical thinking

Check for more info on Meta skills here 

Also, here is a short video scribe on Meta skills


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