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It doesn’t matter what you are doing these days it is inevitable that at some point you will come into contact with computer systems. It is part and parcel of modern society. We in the Musselburgh Computing department strive to educate our pupils in all areas of computing in order ensure an understanding of them and their application so as to ensure their IT skills are at a level attractive to future employers.

In order to do this, the members of staff in the computing department are Mr Lynch and Mrs Whyte. We offer a wide range of courses in the department:


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  1. ristmas High School Cyber Security Lectures 2014

    The Christmas cyber security lectures, run in association with SICSA, are a series of lectures across the country in the week before Christmas for High schools. With up to 5 talks from leading industry figures, Police Scotland and University academics in one session it is a fun and varied introduction to the challenges facing all of us as we move towards the internet of things.

    The purpose behind the event is

    • use light hearted and fun methods to introduce a career in Cyber Security to school pupils
    • address the skills and gender gap
    • raise cyber security profile through publicity generated by the lectures

    Event details:

    • Tuesday 16th December – Edinburgh Napier University (Craiglockhart Campus)

    We may also live stream the Edinburgh event to schools and Universities across the UK.


    We can confirm the well-known cyber security expert James Lyne from Sophos will be speaking at the Edinburgh sessions. We have a variety of speakers (examples below) to deliver different presentations in 2 hours.

    Example speakers:
    • James Lyne – Sophos
    • Police Scotland
    • Scottish University Academics
    • Cyber Security Challenge UK

    As ever, please try to be conservative with the numbers of tickets. We are always over-subscribed and do not want empty seats!

    Edinburgh: Sophos, Police Scotland, Napier Uni, Cyber security challenge

    To book your free tickets please follow this link – https://christmas-cyber-security-lectures-2014.eventbrite.com/

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