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Useful Revision Websites

Forrester High School

West Calder High School

Trinity HS – South Lanarkshire

Stonelaw HS

Youtube – Charlie Love N4 N5 Channel

Pass Computing

Hello from Mr Greig

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 6 weeks already since I started working in the Computing department at Musselburgh Grammar. They say that time just flies by when you’re having fun! So after a quick calendar check, I thought it was about time I made my first Blog entry!


First of all, I want to say how much I am enjoying my new place of work and how welcome I have been made to feel from everybody connected with the school. So a big thank you to all staff and pupils alike.


I aim to continue the good work carried out by Mr Stewart and keep the dynamic web pages of the Computing department up to date!

I welcome the contribution of ideas and thoughts from all pupils and am enthusiastic in displaying their working achievements and share the range of activities that they have taken part in. I may even pilot homework tasks and provide links to helpful educational sites posted in preparation for the long awaited GLOW.

More on that later!


J Greig

Animation from Activities Day

Last Tuesday a small group of pupils worked in the department with Mr Bolton and Mr Stewart on small animation projects.  This was part of the school’s Activities Day’s program.  Below are some pictures of the kids in action with their animations to follow.dscf0620.JPG dscf0621.JPG dscf0622.JPG dscf0623.JPG

And here are some of the animations created:

Scott and Daniel – “Meteor Time”

Gordon and Callum – “Half Life Adventures Part 1

Gordon and Callum – “Half Life Adventures Part 2

Fraser and John – “A bad day”

Quicktime is required on your computer to view these videos! 

NB – Animations created using “I can Animate” and music created using “Garage Band”.

S3-6 Exams April-May 2008

As the exam season is upon us our S3-6 pupils will be sitting various internal and external examinations over the next month or so. 

Those pupils who are sitting exams are strongly encouraged to prepare fully.  This includes attempting past paper questions and revising key terms.

As a department we will be running revision classes for the S4-6 pupils who are sitting the SQA exams in May and details of the days and times of these will follow soon.

If you are looking for course notes to revise with we recomend you follow the links below. These are useful for S3 as well as S4-6.

Revise computing
BBC Bitesize revision (Standard Grade only)

We also recomend any of the computing revision books displayed on

Standard Grade Computing revision books
Higher Computing revision books
Information systems past papers

Please remember that all staff are available at any break or lunchtime if you have any quick questions regarding these exams.

Try your best, don’t panic!

Good Luck!!!


S3 Exams


Friday 25th April
Period 2 & 3 in the Hall
Dr Strain, Mr Stewart, Mr Bolton (Friday Class)


Monday 28 April
Period 2 & 3 in the Hall
Mr Bolton (Monday Class), Mr Lynch


SQA Exams 

S4 Standard Grade
Monday 12th May

All pupils sit General.  See your teacher to find out if you are sitting Foundation or Credit. 




S5-6 Computing 
Monday 2nd June 2008 


Intermediate 2

S5-6 Information Systems
Monday 19th May


Intermediate 2


World of Computing 11/4/08: Virtual Human Brain

Its been a while but we are back with some more articles from the media.

This week is particularly of interest to our higher computing group who are working on the artificial intelligence unit.

Artificial human brains may sound like something out of a science fiction film but its a lot closer than you may imagine.  The article below from the Guardian explains more about it and the companies performing the research.

Click here to read more

S1 Town task

As part of our graphics work in S1, some classes have been participating in a group activity putting the girls vs the boys in a competition to design the best town.  1B  and 1D were the first to complete the task and their towns are below.


1B Boys

1B Girls



1D Boys

1D Girls

1D boys

1D girls

nnn n


Lunchtimes in the Computing Department


For: S1 & S2 pupils ONLY

Tuesday Lunchtimes

(Mr Lynch’s Room)

 Thursday Lunchtimes

(Mr Boltons Room)



For: Members doing work for MGS Radio  ONLY

Monday Lunchtimes

(Mr Lynch’s Room)

 Thursday Lunchtimes

(Mr Lynch’s Room)

  • Eating is permitted although NOT at computer desks.  Centre desks may be used.

  • ALL rubbish must be removed.  Failure to do so may result in the removal of these facilities at lunchtimes.

  • S4-6 pupils working on projects/coursework have priority use and my use the facilities at any time so long as they have prior permission/appointment.


Times may vary.  The computing department reserve the right to cancel either club with no notice.