Choose Computing

It’s amazing to think but we are already preparing for next year.  All S2 pupils are getting ready to make their subject choices for the next two years, and naturally we would encourage everyone to consider Computing.  Why you may ask?  Well Standard Grade computing is a course full of interesting work, real life problem solving and inspiring content.

dscf0002.JPGOver the two years pupils will learn more about computer systems, how they influence society and how the new technologies around us improve our lives.  We will study computer applications and general purpose packages.  We will look in depth at computer systems and the software that controls them.  We will study how computers impact workplaces and home life.  There will also be an opportunity to design and create computer programs from scratch.  


The question we are always asked is why choose Computing?  Allow us to answer that question.

dscf0001.JPGComputers, whether we like it or not, are a major part of modern society.  Other subjects will, quite rightly, show you how to use specific programs for their specific needs.  Even at home you will use computers and will feel very confident with them.  Only in computing though do we teach you the background of where computers come from to help you understand the things you may take for granted.  The skills you will learn in computing can be used in any job.  Be it a trade, an office or even the armed forces.  If it’s university or college you are heading to then again the skills and knowledge you will learn with us will have a positive impact on any course be it Medicine, Engineering or Literature.

harddisk.jpgObviously there are careers to be had in Computing.  You can become a computer programmer (yes! including games), a computer engineer, a web site builder or even an IT support technician.

All we would say is think about choosing computing!

World of Computing 16/01/08: “Something in the air”

Last week we looked at some of the new technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show ’08 in Las Vegas.  This week we continue with the theme of new technology.

This week Apple (creators of the ipod and imac) have been showcasing some of their new products.  The “MacWorld” show in San Fransisco has a history of groundbreaking announcements.  Last year we saw the iphone launched and previous to that the ipod and the imac.  As a result there has been some excitement about this years product.

The Boss of Apple, Steve Jobs, didn’t disappoint with the unvailing of the worlds thinest laptop.  At less than 2cm thick it does not have a CD-ROM Drive or DVD-Drive but it is in fact completely wireless.  It sounds like a great gadget and clearly you will want one.  Well at nearly £1,200 for the basic model it is not cheap.  If you do like the sound of it click here to find out more or click here to read more about the macWorld event.

World of Computing 10/01/08: Viva Las Vegas

Happy New Year to one and all.  The first feature of the new year will look at new technologies likely to arrive on the scene in 2008.  The best place to do that is in the middle of a desert actually.  Normally famous for long lasting institutions such as massive casinos, wedding chapels and Elvis, Las Vegas is this week the home of something slightly more futuristic.

If you are interested in gadgets and gizmo’s the place to be this week is Vegas where the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is being held.  The 140,000 visitors that are are expected to attend the show over the week will hear keynote speeches from illustrious people such as Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. 

The show also includes 20,000 new gadgets and technologies on demonstration by 2,700 companies.  The show highlights the new technologies likely to catch the eye over the next couple of years.  Below are some links for you to follow including the official website of the event plus the BBC’s coverage of the event.  Who knows perhaps next years big Christmas toy is on display here?

BBC reports
Official CES website

World of Computing 13/12/07: Games Programming on BBC Radio 4

Have you ever wondered how computer games are made?  Well tomorrow, 14 December and on 21 December at 11am BBC radio 4 will be broadcasting a documentary following 60 students from Abertay University that entered this year’s premier games design competition for students, Dare to be Digital.

The article advertising this show in reads. 

“Independent production team Wantok spent 10 weeks following 12 teams competing in three host centres across the UK, with part of the programme focusing on the University of Abertay in Dundee, which has been described by the producers as having “quietly become the Hollywood and Harvard of the UK games industry all rolled into one”.

The show, which will also feature a rare interview with Grand Theft Auto creator David Jones, will see the 12 teams enter a Dragons’ Den-style final as a panel of experts judge the new games they come up with. Three winning teams will then be followed as they prepare to compete for a BAFTA in late October.” 

This would certainly be an interesting show for any budding computer programmers out there!  Hopefully the BBC will upload the show on its “listen again” service so the show can be listened to at our leisure.

Click here to read the article in