S2 Computing Science

Our S2 course focuses on pupil’s practical skills in Computing Science.

The course consists of five key areas:

Scratch introduces pupils to programming concepts and allows them to unleash their creativity. Pupils will build their own games in Scratch then peer evaluate them.
The Web and Web Design
This unit introduces pupils to how the world wide web and the Internet work. Pupils then learn basic web design skills.
Cyber security
Pupils explore different threats and risk associated with today’s modern technology such as malware and fraud. This unit finishes with pupils exploring the importance of encryption.
The fourth topic covered in S2 is on animation. Animation is a very creative part of the course that allows pupils to once again unleash their creative side.
In the final topic we look at using databases. Databases are a hugely important part of Computing Science and one of the most useful skills to have outside of school is being able to manage databases. This topic particularly focuses on creating databases and searching and sorting databases.





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