All experiences and outcomes for Curriculum for Excellence for Literacy and English covered. A wide variety of texts from all of the genres (prose, poetry, drama and media) are used and broad opportunities provided for enjoyment, exploration, discussion and creation for all pupils.



Curricular areas covered include:

  • Close Reading
  • Reading for Enjoyment
  • Critical Evaluations (i.e. book reports, etc)
  • Functional Writing (eg letters, speeches, etc)
  • Personal Writing (eg diary entries, etc)
  • Imaginative Writing (eg poems, stories, drama scripts, etc)
  • Solo Talk
  • Group Discussion
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Handwriting

National 3



National 4

  • Reading and talking:  one reading and talking assessment
  • Literacy assessment  listening and writing:  one listening and writing assessment
  • Added Value Unit: a topic chosen by the pupil is investigated and findings are presented 


National 5

There is one question paper for the National 5 English Course.  The question paper will have two Sections.

  • Section 1: Reading for understanding, analysis, and evaluation (similar to Close Reading section of Standard Grade)
  • Section 2: critical readingPart A: critical essay; Part B: Scottish texts
  • Specimen portfolio: two pieces of writing:  a creative text and a discursive text.

National 5 Course Introduction

Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher English

Units: Language Study, Literature Study.

Course award: 40% Close Reading exam, 40% Critical Essay exam, 20% Writing Folio.


Advanced Higher English

Units: Specialist Study, Creative Writing/Textual Analysis, Literature.


Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2 and Higher Media Studies

Units: Media Analysis, Media Production

Course award: 40% Media Analysis exam, 40% Media Production exam, 20% Unseen Analysis.