ICT for Teaching and Learning:

The English Department has a minimum of one PC with internet connection andPhoenixaccess in every room. These PCs have a variety of software installed including Media Stage, I Can Animate, Star Reader, Accelerated Reader and Mind Genius. All rooms have a teacher PC withPhoenixaccess and most have a pupil PC. Most rooms have printers installed as well as the staff base. All rooms are fitted with a  digital projector. In addition to this, the department has sixty netbooks and fifteen video cameras whcih are shared by the department.

There is also a computer suite in the library  and two separate computer suites in the school.  Pupils are encouraged to use these IT resources across all areas of the curriculum in English.

In S1 and S2, pupils make extensive use of IT when carrying out research for projects and for preparing presentations (using PowerPoint, for example).  This continues into National 4 & 5, Intermediate 1/2 and Higher.

Pupils are allowed to word process final drafts of extended writing.  This is particularly beneficial in the production of National 4 Added Value and National 5 Folio Work.  The use of word processing facilities, at the draft stage as well in redrafting, motivates pupils to complete folio assignments, allowing them to proof read / edit work with greater care and improve secretarial skills.

The English Department is in the process of developing an online support mini-site for pupils on the school website.  This will be used to promote independent study and revision.