Media Studies

Course outline and expectations

This course will allow you to look at and listen to media products, not simply as a consumer of those products, but as a critic. You will develop questioning skills which will allow you to look at the content and purpose of media products, rather than accepting them at face value.

Through studying Media you will develop independent critical thinking skills that help you to make reasoned, well balanced judgements about what is being communicated through the media.

The Media Studies Course is particularly relevant for those who would like to take up jobs in the communication industries and it will help to encourage you to develop your technical skills, teamwork and the ability to think for yourselves.


This Course has three mandatory Units as follows:

Media Analysis: Fiction

The Unit assessment is a description of one professionally produced fiction media text which has been previously studied.

Media Analysis: Non-fiction

The Unit assessment is a description of one professionally produced non-fiction media text which has been previously studied.

Media Production

The Unit assessment consists of an evaluation report. The evaluation process involves looking back at the production process and at the product. The evaluation should take into consideration following:

  • strengths and weaknesses of the production
  • strengths and weaknesses of performance in individual planning/implementation
  • strengths and weaknesses of own performance in group planning/implementation
  • what has been learned about media production technologies and stages


To gain a grade for the course you must pass all of the units if the course as well as the course assessment. Your final grade is based on the course assessment only.


The Course assessment for Media Studies will consist of two components:

  • Unseen Analysis folio (20%) internally selected, externally assessed
  • Question Paper (80%) externally assessed


Unseen Analysis folio – 45 minutes

Candidates will be required to demonstrate analytical skills.

Question Paper – 1 hour

The paper will be divided into two sections

  • Section 1 — Media Analysis

Questions will test the ability to describe the key aspects, focusing on Narrative, Representation, Audience and Institution. They will be expected to refer to media text(s) which have been previously studied.

  • Section 2 — Media Production

Candidates will answer one question from a choice of questions which are general enough to cover a range of media. Questions will test knowledge and understanding of production processes drawn from their own experience of the Production Unit and will include reflective, creative and knowledge-based questions.

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