Musselburgh Grammar School Parent Council – Constitution as amended 23rd September 2009

1. This is the constitution for Musselburgh Grammar School Parent Council (MGSPC hereafter).

Aims and Objectives
2. The aims of Musselburgh Grammar School Parent Council are:
• To work in partnership with the school.
• To promote partnership between the school, pupils and all parents
• To promote the school’s welcoming ethos among all parents.
• To develop and engage in activities which support the education and welfare of all pupils.
• To promote and encourage the participation of parents in these activities
• To identify and represent the views of parents on the education provided by the school and other matters affecting the welfare of pupils.
• To participate in the appointment procedures for Head Teacher and Depute Head Teacher appointments

3. Parent members of MGSPC must have a child attending the school.

4. The membership will be a minimum of six parents of children attending the school. The maximum size of parent membership is thirty, and all should be parents of children currently attending the school.

5. Parent membership of the MGSPC will be chosen by an expression of interest. If more than thirty parents express an interest, then a random draw will take place. Parents will serve for a period of two years. Parents may then offer to serve for another two-year term.

6. Any parent with a child at the school can volunteer to be a member of MGSPC.

7. Anyone not selected to the MGSPC may be offered the opportunity to be part of any interest groups set up by the MGSPC.

8. The MGSPC may co-opt up to twelve members to assist with carrying out its function, but the number of parent members must always be greater than the number of co-opted members.

9. Co-opted members may include representation from teaching and support staff at the school, local councillors, pupils, community leaders and others

10. Co-opted members will serve for a period of two years in the first instance.

11. If the MGSPC chooses to set up interest groups, each interest group should involve a member of the MGSPC. Other members of the Parent Forum and the school community may be co-opted onto interest groups. Interest groups will last as long as required to carry out their tasks. Membership should be reviewed annually. The MGSPC members will be responsible for liaising with the MGSPC.

Termination of Membership
12. Should a member of MGSPC act in a way that seriously undermines the Council’s objectives in paragraph 2 above, termination of that person’s membership may be immediately considered, or a written warning given for less serious actions. The motion to terminate must be made by at least 5 members in writing. Termination of membership can only occur when it has been listed, then discussed, as an agenda item at a meeting of the MGSPC and the person in question has been invited, in writing, to attend the meeting. The person who is the subject of the motion has the right to address the concerns of the members at that meeting and have someone represent them at the meeting if they wish. Failure of the person to attend the meeting will not be an impediment to the termination being discussed, nor a decision being taken to terminate membership. A simple majority vote of those attending the meeting will suffice to determine termination. The Chair will have a casting vote. Such a termination will be confirmed by the Chair in writing to the person concerned within 10 working days of the MGSPC meeting. The decision of the MGSPC will be final.

13. If a member of the council fails to attend two consecutive scheduled meetings and also fails to pass apologies to the Clerk or Chair either directly or via another council member they will be deemed to have resigned their council membership.

Office Bearers

14. MGSPC Office Bearers will be the Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer.

15. Office bearers will be selected or re-selected by the MGSPC at the Annual General Meeting each year.

16. The Chair of the MGSPC will be a parent of a child attending Musselburgh Grammar School. If the child ceases to be a pupil, a new Chair will be agreed at the next meeting of the MGSPC.

17. The Chair, or delegate, will make a report on the activities of the MGSPC once a year at the AGM in September on behalf of the members of the Parent Council. The Chair, or delegate, will complete the report and submit it for approval by MGSPC, such approval to be given by the end of June.

18. The MGSPC will appoint a person to be Clerk and who may, unless s/he is a member of the MGSPC, be paid for his/her services from the budget provided by East Lothian Council for this purpose.

19. The MGSPC will meet at least twice in every school term.

20. Meetings of the MGSPC shall be open to the public, unless the MGSPC is discussing an issue which it considers should be dealt with on a confidential basis. In such circumstances, only members of MGSPC, the headteacher or their representative, and anyone specifically invited to the meeting such as the Director of Education and Children’s Services, or his representative, can attend. Members of the public may only speak at the invitation of the Chair.

21. Should a vote be necessary to make a decision, each parent member at the meeting will have one vote, with the Chair having a casting vote in the event of a tie.

22. Any two parent members of the MGSPC can request that an additional meeting be held, and all members of the MGSPC will be given at least one weeks notice of the date, time and place of the meeting.

23. Copies of minutes of all meetings will be available to all parents of children at Musselburgh Grammar School and to all members of staff at the school. Copies will be available from the Clerk to the MGSPC and from the school office.

24. Interested parties will submit items to be considered for inclusion in the agenda to the Chair at least seven days prior to scheduled meetings.

25.The Clerk will circulate an agenda to parent council members at least four days prior to scheduled meetings.

26. If one hundred members of the Parent Forum request a special general meeting to discuss issues within the MGSPC remit, the MGSPC shall arrange this. They will give notice of the meeting to members of the Parent Forum at least two weeks in advance of the meeting and, at the same time, circulate notice of the matter or matters to be discussed at the meeting.

27. The quorum of MGSPC shall be not less than four parent members and proceedings shall not be invalidated by any vacancy in the membership.

Annual General Meeting
28. The Annual General Meeting will be held in September of each year. The final meeting of the preceding session shall determine the date, time and place of the AGM. Notice of the meeting including date, time and place, will be sent to all members of the Parent Forum at least two weeks in advance. The meeting will consider:
a. A report on the work of the MGSPC and its interest groups.
b. Presentation and approval of audited accounts and appointment of auditor for the coming year.
c. Head Teacher’s end of year report.
d. Discussion of issues that members of the Parent Forum may wish to raise pertaining to items 28a, 28b, and 28c.
e. Proposed amendments to the MGSPC constitution, if any, which must be submitted at least two weeks in advance of the meeting.

29. Voting at the AGM will be carried out in accordance with paragraph 21 above.

30. If amendments to the constitution are proposed and passed at the AGM, copies of the amended constitution will be lodged with the Authority and Head Teacher by the Chair.

31. The Treasurer will open a bank or building society account in the name of MGSPC for all MGSPC funds. Withdrawals will require the signature of the Treasurer and at least one other member.

32. The Treasurer will keep an accurate record of all income and expenditure, and will provide a summary of this for each MGSPC meeting, and will present a set of audited accounts for the Annual General Meeting.

33. The MGSPC shall be responsible for ensuring that all monies are used in accordance with the objectives of the MGSPC and affiliated interest groups.

34. Should the MGSPC cease to exist, any remaining funds will be passed to the Education Authority to be used for the benefit of the school. If the school is amalgamating, the funds will be passed to the school or schools which pupils will attend.

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