How it all began

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Our first meeting was held on 27th September 2007. Ronnie Summers made a brief welcoming statement to the 30 or so people present before we broke off into small groups of four or five to talk about what we wanted the Parent Council to look like, what our aims for the Council were, how the Council would communicate with other parents, and how the School could help. The next meeting was on 6th November, the agenda was set on the evening and while evethything on the agenda was mentioned there was very little time to discuss some items in the detail they deserved. (You can find a minute of this meeting and others if you click in the Sub Pages box to the right of this page.) By our third meeting, on 17th January 2008, the Agenda had grown and several items had to be carried forward. By the fourth meeting, 25.02.08 we decided to start half an hour earlier and some of the previous agenda items were relegated to sub-items and others lost and still we didn’t have time to get through everything! Do you think we should have more meetings? We couldn’t decide.

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