Musselburgh Grammar School

The Languages Report of the Scottish Government’s Languages Working Group has been published and is available from this following link.


I am attaching a link to the transcript from the Languages Debate – ‘Why Languages Matter – Improving Young People’s Opportunities’ which took place in the Scottish Parliament on 24 May.


Musselburgh Grammar School website.

Details about Musselburgh Grammar School, including HMIE school reports and statistics on fourth year exam results , fifth year staying on rates and exam results, sixth year staying on rates and exam results, attendance and absence, leaver destinations and free school meals.

Parents and schooling

Parentzone: Information for parents and carers to find out how they can support their your child’s education. or opens a window on teaching and learning in East Lothian schools. It’s the home of a district-wide networked learning community.

Parent Network Scotland: Support to help you develop your own ability to bring up confident, happy and co-operative children.

ParentLine Scotland: Free, confidential, telephone helpline for anyone caring for a child in Scotland.

BBC Schools for Parents: Articles for parents about issues that affect children at school and home.

Determined to Succeed: In the home you can make a real difference to the success of your child or a child that you look after. All young people have different strengths, skills and interests. No matter what skills these are, when young people have a positive approach towards learning they are more confident in their abilities and more motivated to succeed. By encouraging young people to have a positive outlook and to take some responsibility for their own learning, you can help them develop an enterprising attitude which will better prepare them to contribute to a more economically prosperous Scotland.

Parents Centre: Information and support for parents on how to help with your child’s learning, including advice on choosing a school and finding childcare.

One Parent Families Scotland: A national voluntary organisation, registered as a charity, working on behalf of lone parents and their families since 1944. Members include individual lone parents, various organisations working with lone parents and others who just simply want to support the cause of lone parents.

Enquire: Scottish independent advice and information service for additional support for learning (special educational needs). It is managed by Children in Scotland and funded by the Scottish Government.

Parents with younger children

Scottish Childcare: Providing free, impartial information on childcare and pre-school education services throughout Scotland.

BBC DynaMo: If you have children between 5 and 9 and you want to help them learn at home, this site is for you.

Scottish education system

SQA: The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) is an executive non-departmental public body (NDPB) sponsored by the Scottish Government Schools Directorate. It is the national body in Scotland responsible for the development, accreditation, assessment and certification of qualifications other than degrees.

East Lothian Council Education and Children’s Services: details about schools and education in East Lothian, including term dates,1094,257,00.html

Scottish Parent Teacher Council : The national organization for parents’ groups in Scottish schools. We offer help and advice to all parents. On our website you will find advice leaflets and reports, whilst FAQ provides answers to the most commonly-asked questions.

LTS: Learning and Teaching Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government, is the main organisation for the development of the Scottish curriculum. A non-departmental public body, LTS is at the heart of all major developments in Scotland’s education, moving forward with its partners.

AifL: Assessment is for Learning is a Scottish government-funded assessment development programme, which was launched in 2002 following an extensive public consultation on assessment practice in pre-school and 5-14 education. AifL aims to actively involve the people who use assessment evidence to inform improvement for learners themselves and for the classrooms in which they learn, for their school, and for the wider education system.

A Curriculum for Excellence: In 2002 the Scottish Executive embarked on an extensive consultation exercise on the state of school education – the ‘National Debate on Education’. The Debate confirmed that a number of features of the present Scottish curriculum are highly valued. However, there were clear demands for change and improvement. Proposals for the future of education in Scotland are provided here

Careers advice

Careers Scotland: Advice for parents. Research shows that parents are the most important influence on their child’s career aspirations and choices. Help your child at key stages in their career planning.

General information

Think U Know: Guidance for using the internet safely

Be Safe Online: Advice and information about Internet safety for parents and teachers, plus opportunities to discuss problems and share solutions.

Headgear: Up-to-date information about legal and illegal drugs and exploring issues related to their use.

Everything you want to know about MGS Parent Council