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Welcome to our PE Department


Physical Education allows pupils to engage in a diverse range of challenging learning experiences contributing to their physical, social, emotional and mental development.

At MGS, we strive to challenge our pupils to be the best version of themselves when participating in a variety of activities



Aims of the Department

In Physical Education we aim to fulfil the following in all our pupils:

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of physical movement through a range of physical activities
  • Improve their overall physical performance.
  • Develop social skills and promote acceptable standards of behaviour and positive attitudes to others- this will assist them in sport outwith school and is also transferrable across the curriculum.
  • Develop attitudes and habits that will encourage participation and enjoyment in physical activity
  • Provide pupils with enjoyable experiences that will promote positive emotional and mental wellbeing
  • To prepare pupils for SQA courses and ensure that all pupils reach their potential.
  • To prepare pupils with skills for life and potential careers in sport and beyond
  • To promote courses which recognise the range of individual needs and different abilities at each stage of the pupils’ development.