Kit Expectations

What is the PE Department’s Kit Policy?

At MGS, the expectation is that pupils come to classes ready to learn. PE is no exception.

The PE staff aim to provide a fun and safe learning experience for all pupils. In return, we ask that pupils come prepared with the correct equipment 100% of the time.

What happens if i forget my kit?

On the first and second instance, you will be asked to participate as normal- we want to make sure you are taking part in our subject as much as possible!

What if i’m injured?

If you are unwell or injured, pupils should come to PE with kit regardless, with a note explaining why. There will be opportunities try what you can, or get involved in other ways.  

What happens if I consistently forget my kit?

Our department understand that we all forget things sometimes. However, if a pupil forgets their kit 3 times in one term- a referral will be issues to Mr MacDonald and a text will get sent home.