Trip 2019

23rd May – 1st June


Trip Diary 2016

It’s over and done with

All the trip teachers would like to thank our pupils and parents for contributing to making France 2016 a huge success. We have had an awesome time away. We never fail to recognise especially in these situations how wonderful MGS pupils are, they just throw themselves into new situations and get involved. You guys this year again are the best. Well done.

Wednesday 25th May

Last full day for us, cannot believe we are nearly over and done with for another year. Parc Asterix today, sun is out. Water rides this year seem to be faster and wetter as we were all soaking. Everyone has had a ball. Final night out for dinner. Early bed and packing as it’s an early one in the morning.


Tuesday 24th May 2016

First stop Arc De Triomphe. Then split into two groups and the shopping commenced. Rendezvous at the adidas store at the bottom of the Champs Elysees for the walk through the Louvre gardens before lunch. Sun opportunity to spend a little time down time in the gardens before returning to the hotel to get ready for the evening activity on the river boat cruise.


Monday 23rd May 2016

Quick change of plans due to horrendous weather. Instead of lunch under the Eiffel Tower we detoured to the Louvre. Managed a wee shopping opportunity, luckily the sun appears and we were able to get a quick trip up the Sacre Couer. Our fun didn’t stop there a trip up the Eiffel Tower


Sunday 22nd May 2016

Headed to Bayeaux to go to British Cemetery, where we laid  a wreath. The pupils took a real interest and did us proud as always. After the emotions of the morning, we had dry weather so took our chances and went to Omaha Beach. Some were brave enough to swim in the sea, followed by big game of rounders when it got very competitive. Then a treat trip to McDonald’s.  In the evening the where’s Wally disco was a great success with a huge effort from everyone with the fancy dress!  We’re off to Paris in the morning!


Saturday 21st May 2016

Today we went to Bayeaux market and visited the American and German cemetery, it was very emotional and overwhelming. Rocked it on the karaoke tonight, what we lack in ability we make up in confidence. Then Miss Morris and Miss Clydesdale went riding on the horses Miss Clydesdale looked like the run away bride. Love from Samantha and Rachel x


Friday 20th May 2016

Mont St Michel, the sun actually came out just in time for a spot of sight seeing and a chocolate crepe or two. Back to the chateau for the next instalment of Bride Wars (Ms Morris & Ms Clydesdale both get married in the summer) and evening activities. Tomorrow is a busy day


Thursday 19TH MAY 2016

Day of travelling, made excellent time. The weather was even better than expected. Late dinner then a few activities before bed.



Meeting at the front of the school at 10pm. Please arrive before 9.45pm.

Trip Diary 2015

It’s over and done with

Cannot believe another France trip has come and gone. On behalf of all the teachers we would like to pass on how great our pupils have been. A real joy to spend time with and a credit to their families and the school. They have done us all very proud, MGS kids are simply the best.

Thursday 28th May

Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysee, Zara, Sephora, Disney, Nike and the Addis shop have all been MGS’d today. Louvre for lunch then the palace gardens for a chill. Out for our last dinner then home to pack. Its been another fantastic french trip!


Wednesday 27th May

Parc Asterix done and dusted. Weather was amazing, water rides were very popular. Very happy trippers. Out for food then the Eiffel tower tonight.


Tuesday 26th May

An early start today as we left Normandy for Paris. Lunch under the eifffel tower, Sacre Coeur, pizza then the river cruise. Excitment is at a high because we are now going to Parc Asterix tomorrow as its closed on Thursday


Monday 25th May

We’ve had an excellent day. Started at Bayeux, Connor and Brodie laid a wreath in remembrance. Several of our pupils found the graves of relatives. Once again our pupils have been amazing, very respectful and genuinely interested in the history. This afternoon was spent at Omaha beach, swimming, burying each other in sand, football and rugby. Mcflury’s all round before we get ready for the gangsta disco tonight. We have an early start tomorrow as we are heading to Paris.


Sunday 24th May

A visit to the 360 degree cinema this morning to watch real footage of the D Day landings. The kids apreciated the atmosphere and were a credit to themselves, the school and their community. We followed this with a visit to both the American and the German cemeteries where emotions were high and everyone appreciated the sacrifices that had been made. A very emotional day and a relaxing BBQ tonight.


Saturday 23rd May

Bayeux market this morning. Everyone is fully accessorised for the fancy dress disco on Monday now. Mont St Michel this afternoon. The suns came out tonight so its currently football before dinner then Crepe making tonight.


Friday 22nd May

Made great time until we hit France. Traffic was a nightmare. We’ve made it to the Chateau now. Weather is forecast to be lovely this week.


Thursday 21st May

We leave at 10pm, meeting point is outside school gates.

Trip Diary 2014

Saturday 31st May

The A1 at Newcastle was closed, we’ve been diverted. It’ll be closer to 1.30am we arrive home.

Friday 30th May

7.30 breakfast, hoping to leave Paris early and make good time getting home. We’ll update our progress whenever possible.  The trippers will get in touch 30 mins from home so you know when to pick them up. Its been another amazing trip with an amazing bunch of mgs pupils. Its been hectic and everyone has been pushed to the limit both emotionally and physically but its been worth every second. Thank you to every tripper from the france staff 2014


Thursday 29th May

Parc Asterix done and dusted!! Everyone has had a great day, sun was out and screams could be heard for miles. The water rides were popular today, lots of soggy trippers. Packing has started as tomorrow is an early start so we can begin our journey home. Going out shortly for our last meal in Paris. I dont imagine we’ll have any problems getting everyone to bed tonight, its looking like the walking dead! photo-2

Wednesday 28th May

A very busy metro journey to the Arc de triomphe photo shoot. Zara shopping for the lads, sephora for the girls, Disney was also a popular choice. Then onto the Louvre for lunch. Finished our afternoon in the palace gardens. Now getting ready to go to the eiffel tower,  weve managed to get tickets to go up. photo

Tuesday 27th May

The earliest morning so far, we were all up and organised to leave for Paris,  made it to the the eiffel tower for luch. The french open tennis is on just now so we were able to sit and watch the action on the big screens under the tower. Then a quick stop and more souvenir shopping at monmatre.  Checked into hotel, quick change then out for italian for dinner. Finished the night on the river cruise. No complaints tonight about going to bed, some were even begging to go to bed. 20140527_121639

Monday 26th May

Started the day with a very emmotional time at the Bayeux British cemetry.  Then we swam in the sea, built sand castles, buried Sarah in the sand at Omaha beach. After dinner we had a crepe making demo before the Scottish theme disco at night. A late night, tiredness is starting to set in. 20140526_140051

Sunday 25th May

We could not be any prouder of this year’s trippers today, they conducted themselves with diginity and showed an understanding of the history of Normandy.  We had some very emotional people but the whole group really came together and looked after each other. Everyone is now running about blowing off steam. Weatherwise its been lovely 20140525_102542

Saturday 24th May

Bayeux Market this morning was pouring rain! Had to take shelter in the cathedral.  Souvenir hunt has began. Spent the afternoon at Mont st Michel, rain came down again but we managed to find a dry place. Tonight is bbq and frogs and snail tasting. Weather has been brighter tonight so birthday cake for Katherine and a game of rounders. 20140525_183223

Friday 23rd May

We’ve arrived! Made excellent time on the journey,  arrived 1hour early. Beautiful night everyone is out running about making new friends, its a busy Chateau 20140523_143005

Thursday 22nd May

 We leave at 10pm, meeting point is outside school gates.