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  1. Hope you are having a great time Gemma Wilson, the house is so quiet without you, just back from our annual sponsor walk for the gala, you’ve managed to escape it this year, roll on Saturday, can’t wait to see you. Love Mum, Dad, Grant & Kayla xxx

  2. Customer: Waiter, have you got frogs legs?
    Waiter: No Sir. I always walk this way.

    Looks like your having a ball. I love seeing the pics coming through. Cant wait to hear your stories. Arsenal won 4-1 today-all is good with the world. Dad.

  3. Hi Niamh

    Hope you are enjoying your trip away, We missed you today at Grans, see you when you get back and you can tell us all about your time in France.

    Auntie Tricia xxxxx

  4. Missing you a tiny wee bit Lucy………..Logan and I have decorated your room for you with all your posters of Justin Bieber as we know you love him so !
    You’ll be glad to know I’m writing a new song for One Direction called Lucy Lou Kisses You as I know you love kissing those boys…ha ha!
    Seriously though looks like you’re all having an amazing time, keep enjoying it and remember our presents Frogamella. …….love you loads x x x x x x x x x xx x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  5. Hi Gemma & all your fellow 2nd years (or should I say 3rd years!!!!), you’s look as though you’s are having a ball, loving the photos, your weather is so much nicer than here. Hope you’s had a great night at your gansta party & strutted some funk moves, enjoy Paris tomorrow. Love you Gem. Missing you millions. Mum, Dad, Grant & Kayla xxxxxxxxxx
    P.S. Lucy’s mum told me about the rule for kisses lol, lol, lol xxxxxx

  6. Hi Lauren hope you and everyone are all having a wonderful time. All of us missing you safe journey back home can’t wait to see you xxx

  7. It’s Chloe Steven, just wanted to say I miss you soooo much! So weird not having you in the house and singing all the time. The only thing I’m liking about you being away for so long is everyone in the house can actually use the toilet at night time without wearing our gas mask’s and having to waiting two hours for you to come out. Hope your having a great time but I think it’s time you come home now you’ve been away to long. Love you loads you handsome boy, your beautiful big sister Chloe! Xxxxxx

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