Trip Diary 2015

It’s over and done with

Cannot believe another France trip has come and gone. On behalf of all the teachers we would like to pass on how great our pupils have been. A real joy to spend time with and a credit to their families and the school. They have done us all very proud, MGS kids are simply the best.

Thursday 28th May

Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysee, Zara, Sephora, Disney, Nike and the Addis shop have all been MGS’d today. Louvre for lunch then the palace gardens for a chill. Out for our last dinner then home to pack. Its been another fantastic french trip!


Wednesday 27th May

Parc Asterix done and dusted. Weather was amazing, water rides were very popular. Very happy trippers. Out for food then the Eiffel tower tonight.


Tuesday 26th May

An early start today as we left Normandy for Paris. Lunch under the eifffel tower, Sacre Coeur, pizza then the river cruise. Excitment is at a high because we are now going to Parc Asterix tomorrow as its closed on Thursday


Monday 25th May

We’ve had an excellent day. Started at Bayeux, Connor and Brodie laid a wreath in remembrance. Several of our pupils found the graves of relatives. Once again our pupils have been amazing, very respectful and genuinely interested in the history. This afternoon was spent at Omaha beach, swimming, burying each other in sand, football and rugby. Mcflury’s all round before we get ready for the gangsta disco tonight. We have an early start tomorrow as we are heading to Paris.


Sunday 24th May

A visit to the 360 degree cinema this morning to watch real footage of the D Day landings. The kids apreciated the atmosphere and were a credit to themselves, the school and their community. We followed this with a visit to both the American and the German cemeteries where emotions were high and everyone appreciated the sacrifices that had been made. A very emotional day and a relaxing BBQ tonight.


Saturday 23rd May

Bayeux market this morning. Everyone is fully accessorised for the fancy dress disco on Monday now. Mont St Michel this afternoon. The suns came out tonight so its currently football before dinner then Crepe making tonight.


Friday 22nd May

Made great time until we hit France. Traffic was a nightmare. We’ve made it to the Chateau now. Weather is forecast to be lovely this week.


Thursday 21st May

We leave at 10pm, meeting point is outside school gates.

4 thoughts on “Trip Diary 2015”

  1. Hope yous are all having a fab time so far!! Calli is missing her Auntie Waa (Hannah Graham). Photos are great. Enjoy the rest of the trip xx

  2. Hey trippers!!

    Bet you’ve all got the last night blues! Remember them all too well 🙁 I can imagine you’ve got plenty amazing memories to last you.. I know I’ve got plenty that I still get into tears of laughter over with Triple M and Watson 3 years down the line! France is 100% the best trip of your school time (soz 3rd year trips, yous just dinny even put a dent on France, no the same banter eh). Hope my horse is still alive and trotting and someone better have taken him on the boat, he canny get enough of the sightseeing, cultured guy eh, gets all the girls. I hope Smelly Taylor is behaving! I also hope Forgan is still alive… And Watson… Popped into school and passed Mrs Lyall (auntie Val) and I can see from the outside that her heart is breaking she’s missed it this year. Bet there was nae Valerie sung on karaoke night :'(! Anyway have a safe journey back and mind my yearly smurf supply on the way home ;-)!

    Lozza T x

    #tralala #dingdingdong

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