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  1. OMG! CANT BELIEVE WE’RE GOING TO FRANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOING TO BE THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!
    ps- emma simpson is in 2m2 not 2s2 πŸ™

  2. HI HI HI
    IM IN πŸ˜€
    IM IN MOARRY ! πŸ˜›
    X X X

  3. hey its us were in computing holli better go to france coz she will be left on her loner and i will be sooo sad πŸ™ and miss watson says she is top of the reserv list woooooooh πŸ™‚ hope she gets to go bye xxxxxx






  5. heya <3
    writing this at half six in the school because im a rebel lol πŸ™‚
    going to be amazing like i said about a zillion times before πŸ˜› lol
    o melodie πŸ™‚ french today funniest thing ever!!! πŸ˜‰
    bye x πŸ™‚

    see you tomorrow πŸ˜‰ lol period 1 in cdt8

  6. heloo πŸ™‚ cant wait to go to france πŸ™‚ it willl be amazingggggg πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

  7. omg france is going to be so much fun
    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰
    france + friends + crazy teachers = a whole lot of fun !!!!!!!!!!

  8. Maaaaaaaaaate, the big cheese says nae chance to the Paris trip 2009, book me a seat at the front of the bus for 2010. Love ya miss ya, from the Hons World History Class


    cant wait its gonna be great!! rave on the bus!! hahaha lols xx =D

  10. helloo in RME πŸ™‚

    cant wait till the trip

    Dannielle- please take the picture of me and my mummy off cause i look drunk :L lol its on the walk picturess
    Chad aka carolyn dowie isnt going to france cause she is a sheep poo ( jokking or am i ?)

    <3 catch xxx

  11. heeeeey everyone!!!! πŸ˜€
    2 DAYS TO GO!!!!!
    can’t freakin WAIT!
    cyaaa all there XD

  12. Hi Everyone!
    Hope you guys have a brilliant trip. SOOOOOO jealous that I’m not coming with you but hey, I’m in New Zealand! Hope you’ve all got your songs prepared for the bus – you need to come up to the front in turns you know. Who’s gonna lead it this year though?

    Staff, I hope the stereo works, and the DVD player, and that no one leaves a present in the bus’ toilet!!!! Enjoy the Chateau, and Normandy – hopefully some decent weather this year – maybe no rain at Bayeux (sp Jen?!) market for once?! Enjoy the fancy dress, and of couse The Hotel Ambassador where you are really spoiling us? Non?

    AND ONE MORE TIME???? – “Oh, you touch my tra-la-la”!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. FRANCE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SIX HOURS TO GO!!!!!


  14. Hopes her sis has a good time in France livin it up posh-like for 9 days! Im very, VERY jealous! and for the record her big sis really likes postcards “hint” “hint” πŸ˜‰

  15. Hey guys!
    You’ve only just left but am missing you all already!
    Hi to Rachael, Claire and Caroline and to everyone else I know! Hope you all have a superb time πŸ™‚
    See you when you get back!

  16. heyahh x
    have a great time everyone πŸ™‚
    hiya to: EMMA, Claire and megan xx
    see yous when yous get back <3 xxxx

  17. Hi Dannielle, hope your having a good time!! You will have a blast!! Dont worry if it rains! Its pouring down in Australia too. Miss you lots!!!! Love You!!!! xxxxxxxxxx

    P.S Dont eat too many frogs legs!!! xxxxxxxx

  18. Hi Sam,

    Hope you have a great time. Sounds like your all cheesin’ about this trip !!!!! Get the sounds on and have a ball !

    Auntie Les

  19. Hi Natalie, Hope the coach journey is enjoyable and you got SOME sleep last night!?! Sylvester has gone in the huff (probably hunting rabbits) so I’ve been home alone since you left :o( …….Enjoy the ferry, luv mum xxx

  20. Hi Michael! Hope you enjoyed the bus trip and the ferry. You will have a fab time in France! Remember to get lots of photos! Its a shame that you are missing Hollys dance show tonight (not!!!). Anyway have a fab time and will e mail you in a few days with the football results. Sorry to embarrass you but hey ho I Love You!!! Mum x

  21. Natalie, me again – sorry to disappoint you but Kris beat Adam in the final of American Idol – but don’t let it spoil your trip (as if!!!) Luv mum x

  22. Hi Craig,

    Hope you had a good journey down (since you never sent the text )
    Gemma is jealous since she had a maths exam today.

    Have a great time and take loads of photos.

    Hope you get sun as it is pouring here.

    love Mum & Dad


  23. Afternoon everyone

    I’ve been interviewing all day and hope you are all well. Newsflash – Miss Roddy and Mr Dalrymple were successful at interview today and will be with us as permanent staff from August.

    Have a great time and do what the teachers tell you!

  24. Hey Merren
    Howz the journey been so far? Missing ur entertainment already lol. Hope u got some sleep on the bus last nite. Kirsten says she had a great sleep – NO SNORING! lol. Mum n dad say hi. Emz says shes missing u already. Tia waves a paw hellooo. N from me i’m totaly missing u already nobody 2 annoy lol just joking av got kirsten to keep me occupied hee hee
    Everyone sends their love
    Hope to hear fi u sn
    Love the family

  25. Hi Joanna

    Hope you had a good journey and enjoyed the ferry! Have a great time and take some fab photos. House is soooo quiet without you, lol!!

    Love you, Mum xxxxx

  26. heyy everyone……. x
    hope yoos are havin a great time!!!
    did yoos get much sleep on the bus??? haha
    cant believe yoos are away without me πŸ™ lol
    say hii to megan for me!!!!!

    love corrie xxxxx

  27. Hi Dannielle

    Hey you’re in FRANCE!!!!!!!

    Hope you have arrived safe and sound at the Chateau and maybe even managed to have 40 winks!!!!! Am not long in from work and the house is soooooooo quiet without you!!!!!! Have the time of your life sweetheart -make the most of every minute and take care OK.

    Suzanne thanks for texting me this morning it meant a lot!!!! Laura, Jen, Matt and Jeff – hope your’e not missing school too much ha ha!!!!!!

    Love you Dannielle xx

    Mum and Cheeky xxxxxxxxx

  28. Hey Lizzie, on your photo y’all look like you’ve been in France forever and like you got tons of sleep! Was that a Magnum you were eating? Just for a change! Katherine is missing you but don’t tell her I said that. I’m out partying every night while you are away – NOT!!!! Have the best time ever, love Mam xxxxxxxxxxxx

  29. Hey Lizzie – thought I would pass this message on from Auntie Kim, remember we were your age once so she embarrasses me more than you!

    Elizabeth cannot poss be old enough to do such a thing (go to France) and her mum has to shed tears as she gets on the coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Checked out the pics on the site and I have to say… not exactly roughing it is she?

    Have a fabulous time Lizzy beth and enjoy 10 whole days of bliss without MUM in your ear. XXXXXXXX

    Take care sweetie.
    love Auntie Kim and others

  30. Hey Kerry, hope you had a good journey. Looks like you are enjoying yourself. House quiet without you. Sitting with feet up not being a taxi for once. Clare had exam 2day, jo says hi. Honey and nugget fine. Hope you having a nice time and getting loads of sunshine. Will follow your adventure online.
    Love ya and miss you
    Mum, dad, jo and Clare

  31. Hi Megan, hope you enjoyed the journey and managed to get some sleep. Kenny, Craig and I are all missing you – but not the constant Boom Boom of the Clubland CD’s. Glad to see you are missing us with all the texts we have been bombarded with (lol). Have a great time and say hi to Lori and Ashley from us.

    Love Mum,Kenny & Craig xxxx

  32. Hi Marcus

    Nice to see you all arrived safely. Remember to smile when you’re getting your photo taken.

    Weather looks better than it is here.

    Robbie’s off to Leicester. At least it’s not Celtic or Rangers!!

  33. Hi Sam,
    Hope your all having a great time.
    The weather looks good in the photo on the website.
    Me and your uncle iain are not moving house anymore.
    Looking forward to Alana’s hen day on Sunday.

    Auntie Shirley

  34. Hey Keith
    Hope you managed to get a little sleep on the bus!!!! Looks like your getting the great weather from your pic in Hornfleur. The house totally quiet without you the shadow!! Leanne is really missing you – honest! Ozzy wondering whats goin on without you to annoy him – at last he getting peace! Hope you have a totally fab time and shall keep track of your travels online.

    Take care love mum, dad and Leanne

  35. Hi Claire,

    Hope you are all having a fab time. The house is too quiet without you, no scuzz tv blasting out this morning – who’d think I’d miss that! Anyway, have loads of fun and take loads of pictures, want to hear all about it when you get home. Really missing you – keep yourself safe.

    Love mum, dad, Emily and Millie xxx

  36. Hi Kerry

    Just me again. What’s mum’s for if not to embarass!! Heading off to school soon, Clare has product design exam this afternoon, then off to Luca’s afterwards. Mint choc chip, toffee fudgy wudgy yum.
    Hope you enjoy the food, i hope you’ll try the frog’s legs when you get the chance. I’m sure the chocolate frogs from Luca’s are much nicer though.
    Have fun, tracking your movements.

    Luv mum xx

  37. HI CRAIG


  38. Hey Craig!
    Hope you are having fun! Dont miss me too much haha..
    At least now i can study in peace πŸ˜› ..
    Remember my present hehe πŸ˜€ !!
    Tell miss watson to hurry up and get back so we can go to LONDON

  39. heey Louise and hayley.
    Hope yous are having a good time. your so lucky. It looks really nice the weather is rubbish here” 😐 the chateu looks gid. Bring me somethig back. πŸ˜‰

  40. For Matt O’Connor
    Hello Daddy !! – We are missing you lots and lots but being so good for Mummy. Hope you are having fun – we keep asking if we can visit you in France ! Remember to call us ! Lots of love and kisses Madeleine and Rebeccaa

  41. Hi you big weirdo!Not missing you one bit have put Nan in a home and your room is now rented out to a nice young student and doubled up as a snooker room. Hope you are sampling the goods of France whatever her name is ha ha!! Wish you were here ………..NOT!!!! C U PAL

  42. Hi Peapod!
    What colour of sunglasses is it today? Not sunny in Cambrils but tapas great! Kubic cafe open – will visit soon. Looks like you’re having a ball! Did you mange to get all the caramel out of your braces? Will look for a Bean.

    Love Ma & Pa xxxx

    Ps. Where was Freddie Mercury born?

  43. Hi Natalie, Loved the 1st picture of your arrival in France..sun is out here now too – yee ha! It’s been quiet today without you around & Sylvester’s looking for you :o(
    Missing you loads, luv mum xxx

    Message from Andy – Happenin?! Enjoy yoursel but dont go near any French boys…you dont know where they’ve been!!

  44. Hi Lizzie how are u? I am missing u every day but your bed is really comfy! Tallulah is wondering where u are! U will be jealous that me and my birthday folk will be having pizza for tea! Big hug for Marei!



  45. Hey Sweetie

    Nice shades. Looks like your getting plenty of rays so enjoy it while you can as it always rains in Paris, no honestly is does. Is the Chateau as plush as it looked and hows the grub, not as tasty as your old mans surely? Not long finished for the week though Friday night and I ain’t got nowhere to go, must be getting old sweetie. Enjoy and remember behind that accent, good looks, designer smile and sophisticated chat, he is still a boy. Tee hee.

    Lindy lou is off on another 20 mile yomp tommorow so lazy afternoon on the couch methinks, though I am sure you will be alot busier than that.

    Love you

    Dad xxxx

  46. Hi Kerry

    Just to let you know Joanne got her results at uni today. She got a first in her masters so you can imagine how chuffed she is and how proud we all are of her.

    Also just to let you know what you already know and that is you have a silly gran. She went out with me today wearing one purple slipper and one black shoe and neither of us noticed until we were on our way home again. At least i could blame it on her age!!
    Loving the pictures, looks like you are all having a good time.
    Luv ya

  47. Hi Marcus

    The house is really quiet tonight without you and Daniel. He is missing you so decided to go to your grans for a sleepover.
    Everyone is asking after you – Karen, Janie, Caroline, Auntie Ruth etc etc.
    Spoke to Caroline tonight and she was expecting Craig home any time – it goes in quickly so enjoy every minute.
    Latest rumour from Tynie – Csaba has been given the day off on Sunday – mad Vlad is in charge in the dugout!!
    Papa says hello and is following you on the web page.
    Speak to you soon.
    Lot of Love and yes KISSES!!

  48. Heeey girlies! πŸ™‚

    Hope youre having loooooads of fun in France! The weather looks good! Looking very nice in your skirts too πŸ™‚

    How was the bus journey? Eat all your popcorn! lol πŸ™‚

    Missing you all loads! Schools not the same πŸ™
    Can’t wait till you get back so I can hear all about it!

    Well I hope you have a really great week πŸ™‚
    Hope the weather stays nice too!

    See you all when you get back!

    Kirsty πŸ™‚ x

    Ps: be glad your away in France! we all have our english essays to finish! fun πŸ™‚

  49. HI Michelle !!!!!AKA Michael

    Hope that you are having a great time. You will pleased to learn that your room has had another make over ready for your return. The house has been brilliant and quiet. Hannah, Emily and Pauline have requested that you look after Caroline for them. We have been to see Alison tonight and she is doing grand and it looks like she will make Spain. All the family are missing you especially your gran. Eryn sends her love and is also missing you (NOT!!!!) Hope not too many caramels on your brace in case it affects your french kissing. Ps thats a message from Sylvie. We,ve been out for dinner in peace tonight it was fab. Missing you and give a thumbs up in your next photo to let us know your having a good time. LOVE MUM, DAD, HOLLY, BRYAN, SYLIVA, ERYN, RYAN, CHARLIE AND ARCHIE.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  50. Hi Sam

    Hope you are having a great time. Did you buy me some sweets at the sweetie factory? Love seeing the photos. Jen Jen didn’t win on her scratch card, you really chose the right one, but she says thanks anyway. Missing you loads.


  51. Hi Meg
    Glad you are having great weather. The photo of you all today looks like you are enjoying yourselves but you need to get to the front in the photos, you know how bad my eyesight is!!! looking forward to Kelso tomorrow, hopefully we will have another nice day like today.
    A text would be nice – can’t believe you have text Craig – your arch enemy and not your loving mum and step-dad. Love you honey Mum xxxxx

  52. G’day Kerry!
    Your weather looks better in France than it is in Australia at the moment! We’ve had so much rain that roads have been flooded etc, and our pool is just about to overflow! Great news about Joanne, and can you believe your mad granny? Hope you are putting on clean pants everyday, coz i know what you can be like, and besides, you aunt can be more embarrasing than your mum!! Hope you are having the best time, girls cant wait to see you in september, and Bex loved all the tops you picked out for her birthday! Mind and check out the local talent too!! Love you, and see you soon, have the best time! Love Auntie Alwynne, Andrew, Bex and Beth in Brisbane xxxxx

  53. Hiya Scott , It sure looks like you are all having a ball, I like the history trip, caramel shop , ice cream shop that’s the history I’m into. We are away to Aviemore. Have a great time we miss you, so quiet although Emma is doing her best on her own. Gran & Grandand xxxx

  54. Hi Dannielle
    Hope you are enjoying every minute of your adventure. What an opportunity!! Mum has sent me the link so we will keep track of where you are. Deanmill is wet and miserable at the moment so no fishing this weekend. Keep safe and ENJOY!!
    Lots of love and hugs
    Aunty Merrell and Tom

  55. Hi Megan
    Hope you have a great trip , we are missing you , and rory sends a big huggy special. Milo escaped to freedom yesterday for the day , found him 4 doors away in a neighbours house partying on with a cat how cool is that ? Viva la Scotland & viva la Hibees come on ! Dad & Kerry xxxxxxxx

  56. Hiya Scottie, Looks like you are having loadsa fun – we are so jealous!!! We are all missing you, especially Buster. Mind and take lots and lots of pictures.

    Have fun today – loadsa love Mum, Dad, Emma, Ron and Buster. XXXXX

    Enjoy the frogs legs tonight!!!

  57. Hi Craig.

    You’ need to come back cos i’m not enjoying feeding Yoshi & Kazumi. I’m sure they are missing you. Well Kazumi is, she has not watched any tv since Wed. I think Yoshi is enjoyin the peace.
    Your room and the house has stayed tidy and the fridge has stayed full. !!!!!!!!

    Have fun at the fancy dress.

    Love Mum πŸ™‚ xxx

  58. Hiya Scottie

    Great to see you are having a wonderful time.
    How are the Frogs Legs and the Snails?
    We are at Great-Grans for her 86th Birthday.
    Enjoy yourself

    Great Gran Auntie Margaret & Uncle Ron

  59. Hi Kirsty
    Just to let you know your beds a bomb site(it doesn’t look as bad as before you went though) and today gemma put jakes blue blanket over him and jake managed to put his head through one of the holes in it and then jake was trying to walk but he couldn’t because he was standing on it. It was funny! XD


    P.s- I’m only joking about your bed

  60. Hi Gary, I hope you’re having a good time! It must be fun over there. I hope you’re OK. I heard you’re going to the cinema I am as well. Did you remember my toy at the market? If not don’t come home! We’re NOT having frogs legs tonight, chinese yummy!! I wish I was over there cause it looks fun!
    Love Scott xxxx

  61. For Dannielle again
    Forgot to say that we are sending wishes from Australia. Bet we are the furtherest away that anyone is receiving wishes from. We are 300kms from Perth Western Australia. We win!!!!!!
    Aunty Merrell and Tom

  62. Hi Natalie, I’ve been tidying a bit of your room!!! hope you’re keeping the room in the Chateau tidyer (that goes for you too Lizzie, Kayleigh, etc)?! I’m sure the GHD’s are getting well used.

    Big weekend for footy – going to watch tomorrow – hope Jambos can give us a bit of help to win the league, keep your fingers crossed for the right results. Luv mum xxx

  63. Hi Joanna. Glad you’re having an awesome time in France, looks great in the photos, wish I was with you!

    It’s very strange having the tv and pc all to myself. Haven’t used the washing machine since you’ve been away either – mind you, I haven’t been in to tidy your room yet……not sure what I’ll find!

    Have a relaxing day tomorrow and I look forward to seeing your pics from Paris

    Love mum xxx

  64. Hi Kerry

    Been up to Edinburgh with Clare today shopping. It was so busy with all the Rugby fans. Dad and Joanne pleased with the score. Leinster beat Leicester.

    Trust your Auntie Alwynne to lower the tone!!

    Anyway must go, off to the cinema with Joanne and Dad to see Angels and Demons.

    Luving the pictures
    Mum xx

  65. heeey louise and hayley and jamie πŸ™‚
    the only cool people in france. i miss you so much! well apart from jamie’s mongo feet haha :L and his green belt, which he always wears LOL! and hayley i actually miss you so much btw. in classes there is like no one πŸ™ and i can’t recall all of our funny times. remember when scott banged his head πŸ™‚ and when i fell over same haah! aw funny times! and louise my wee other half! i miss you too, and i miss singing in english :$ and i just generally miss you. hope you’s are having a good time, i’d say i love you all but that looks a bit wierd! haha! byeee x

    Jessica: i personnaly love your green belt jamire. (L)
    and Louise our wee mamma mia song “i can still recall our last summer”. Mis you and Haley sooo much. (LLLLLL). Hayley in computing and english its so quiet without you. :(. Louise i’am missing our phonecalls so much i have left you a few texts eventhhough you can’t read them but i thought i would write them anyways. Remember to phone me at six in the morning when you get back please deary. OK well be back sooon and have a got time, oh and please dont catch swine flu. whooooops Holli just fell down the stairs and dropped my juice. It was a wee waterfall. laaavvvveyouss. (L) oh and holli has found the error of her ways and has decided to love mr thiam wiht us and we wrote him a wee bible saying how much we loved him and gave him it. any way we are of to get a feast at tesco spending Β£33:50. love my coole people. ;)(L)

    Lindsey : Jamie english is soo quiet withyou you and boaring , cause we have to talk to ALLY ! :O aww anyway mark moved to your seat in english just thought i would tell you and btw morven isnt talking to me yet πŸ™ sadd face much :L haahaaa , (L) louise i miss you soo much i stilll have the big blog about you on my bebo tbh . ehmmm. hayley in physics oh my god no one well be there cayse you and emma are away so i will have to sit with addie and storm :S helppp , emmm that was quiet the funnyest thought when holli just fell down the stairs and dropped the juice !:) oh my god susan boyle is not getting in to britains got talent !:( shocking , anwyay byee love you alll , (L) ** # ox

    Amy : Aww louise in physic i have to sit next to eilidh because your not hear and its quiet the boaringshhh (not doing my make-up with you ) ;O shocker , emmm Jamie kelso i miss you cause in english ally is peedoing me and lindsey :O oh my god its quiet the ceepieshh :L haahaaa , soo come back soon , Hayley regan i love you , and i miss you lots even though i dont talk to you that much but heyy i’ll gee myself it :L (hollis wee word) anyway hope you are all haveing a goood time but i donno how because theres like no one coool there anywayy byeee miss you (L) x

    Love you form Jessica Holli amy lindsey. xxxxx

  66. Hi Dannielle

    Have just looked at the latest photo and can just about see you ha ha!!

    You all look like you are having a great time. Hope that you are not too tired after your busy Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your time at the Chateau and hope you’re taking lots of photos.

    Talking about photos – try looking at the camera when the next one is being taken ha ha ha!!! Oh and Miss Watson question for you “Are you camera shy or just hogging the camera haha?”

    Love you Dan and missing you loads

    Mum xxxxxxxxx

  67. Hi sam hope your having a fab time miss you loads

    luv nana grandad brandy and teno

  68. Hi Marcus

    Glad to see you’re having a good time. Did you get me some caramels yesterday? I went golfing today to the Braids and Dad went to Kilspindie.
    Missing you although Sky upstairs is brill!!!!!!
    Hope you are enjoying the snails and frogs legs –
    I prefer the banoffee pie I had!
    Love Daniel

    P.S. Cally are down!!!!!!

  69. Hey Sweetie

    Sounds like you will be giving it large zzzz when you hit your scratcher tonight and your feet won’t know whats happened over the last few days as probably been used as much as they would be in a typical month. Can’t say the same though as done exactly as predicated, that is absolutely nothing. Lindy lou all yomped out and adopting the crash position on the couch as i type, pretty much diddly on the box but nothing new there. Off to bash out some tunes with the tubby drummer and the grumpy one tommorow, Lindy is away to Glasgow with Le Q for last fitting for their dresses so I’m expecting more than a few fabbys and woos tommorow night. Maximo and Cheeta are fine and dandy though I have a small cut on the end of my nose where Maximo was a bit over enthusiastic with his affections, at least that what he said but with the little cherub you never quite know. Enjoy your day tommorow sweetie.

    Love Dad xxx

    Hi Nats. Photo’s are looking good. Not long back from a 15 mile hike – just a small walk today! Your dad is now making me watch an old war film that he has seen a 100 times – tee hee. The Microlight flight is cancelled for next Saturday-the people of Perth are safe for the time being. At least you can catch up on some much needed sleep instead when you get back. Keep having fun. Love Linda xx

  70. Hi Claire

    Hope you managed to get some sleep on the bus!!

    Have been keeping track of the trip online – it looks like you are all having a great time and getting plenty of sunshine.

    Went to visit Gran and Grandad today and also spoke to Auntie Linda and Uncle George. They all send their love and hope your having a fab time.

    Hope the French cuisine tasting went down well today!

    Say hi to Rachael and Caroline from us.

    Take care


    Mum & Cameron xx

  71. Hi Kirsty

    Good to hear you’re better today after feeling sick last night-though if you’ve had snails and frogs legs tonight…..
    Your dad and I were playing badminton today-Leith v Skye. We played for 4 hours (and were completely thrashed!). As you know I haven’t played in ages. I have parts seizing up now that I didn’t know I had!
    Gemma says hi and she’s told me several times that she is missing you-yes REALLY.
    One request-could you smile in the next photo?
    Enjoy tomoz.
    Love you loads xxxx

  72. Hiya son! Got the thumbs up. I will sleep tonight. Really nervous for the game tomorrow. If we win we are to decorate Christine and Ians house with all the RFC stuff. They away to London for the weekend and Christine gave us permission. If we loose we will be hiding from Caroline and Alex for the next six months!!!!!!!! Your wee sister is shattered but has done excellent in her show. All the dancers were fabulous. You actually missed a fab show. Dad and I have been out tonight at La Tasca. We sampled Spanish cuisine whilst your had French. I miss not hearing you!!!!!!! Kidding!! There has been no moaning and my voice is resting!!! Seriously we do miss you (a bit). Anyway have a fabby time and take decent photos and will e mail you with the result (only if its good). All the family and friends are asking after you. Uncle Dave is looking forward to seeing you next weekend. David and Jodie may hold off to see you too. Dads asking if you’ve got a bird yet!! silly man. Anyway keep giving the thumbs up. Miss you xxxxxxx mum dad and holly xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  73. Hi Lizzie -well today as you know is the birthday of a very excited 9 year old. She woke me up at 7 o’clock today just to tell me that its her birthday!!! You look like you are having a fab time, I have explained again to your Gran how to access the blog she says thats her plan for this afternoon – better not be too cheeky in case she reads this!
    Hope you are wearing your retainer and that Marei and the girls haven’t had to beat you up! Hurry home, I want the Georgia Nicolson book!
    Sending loads of love
    Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  74. Happy B’Day to me Happy B’Day to me Happy B’day dear me Happy B’Day to me!!!
    I got loads of nice presents including the green jacket I saw in Next! We stayed in bed and opened my presents, had breakfast and then played with the Hannah Montana top trumps I got. Only 5 hours until we go to the movies!!!!! You will be jealous when you hear that we will be eating popcorn during the film and then coming home for pizza and crisps. Ha ha. I’m missing u every day. love Persil xxxxx

    Told you she was excited – love Mam

  75. Hi Emily

    It’s great to hear you are having a fab time. We were at the Tod’s last night for a BBQ and everyone is asking for you and hoping you are having lots of fun. Dad and I are missing you loads, the house is so quiet and I can’t remember when your bedroom was tidy for such a length of time!! I’d forgotten what colour your carpet was!
    Missing you loads, enjoy Paris.

    Loads of love

    Mum and Dad

    ps Smudge waves a paw x x x

  76. hi rhona. hope your having fun, seen you in picture you look drunk lol, sam says hi too
    aswell as mum we miss havin you around the house but the house is much more peaceful πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    hope your having fun πŸ™‚


  77. Hiya, it’s great to see that you having such a fab time – loved the thumbs up! Went out for dinner with your mum & dad last night, which was really good. Girls finally finished their dance shows – they were fantastic. All a bit nervous about the game today, so cross your fingers over there. Hope you have a great time today and a fantastic time in Paris. See you Friday son, missing you.

    Loads of love

    Auntie Sheila, Uncle Billy, Ailie & Scott

  78. hi hayley
    hope you are having a great time in france and enjoying the sites.
    saw your photo on the website looks like you are all enjoying yourselves
    see you soon
    miss you and love you loads. granny and grandad xxx

  79. Hey Meg
    Sorry I never left a comment yesterday but just back from the Scooter Rally at Kelso. Had a great time but omg camping is not for me, nowhere to plug in the ghd’s and the tent was freezing. Mind you at least I only had one night of it Kenny was there for two and was woken at 5am on Saturday morning with Christy singing “Born Free” So we are a bit “tired” today.
    Was so chuffed to get your text and glad to hear you are enjoying yourself. Missing you loads. Mum xxx
    PS – please send Kenny a text or you may find your bed in the street when you come back (lol)
    PPS Great place in the picture today spotted you no bother !!!!!

  80. hey marei (and all her crazy friends)
    hope your having an amazing time, looks like it from the pictures! looking forward to my presents πŸ˜› going to sea soon so won’t be able to reach you but will be fun πŸ™‚ i am meant to be skippering a boat on my own! scary biscuits, i will send u pictures though,
    be safe!
    lots of love from lene
    (and from the isle of wight!)

  81. Hi Hayley,
    Missing you loads,looks like you are all having a fantastic time in France. I hope that you have a ball for the rest of your trip. Trixie has gone into your room every night and messed up your bed, Take lots of pics, cant wait to see you. We are all thinking about you Honey. Take care o you, luv n stuff Mum.x x x x x x x x x x.

  82. Hi Gary! Hope you’re having a good time! It looks great. We are all missing you. Hope the weather is good today for the day off at the chateau. Enjoy yourself!
    C U soon Mum Emma Scott and Dad

  83. hey caroline, (: hope your having fun! miss you loads. love e and k. <3. xoxo.

  84. Hi Elizabeth,
    Hope you are having a great time, and are sampling lots of the local cuisine. Have you sampled any escargot yet?! Happy croissant-munching!
    Take care.
    John, Morag, Andrew and Peter

  85. Marcus,

    Hope all is going well. You wanted an update on the footy scores. The Windsor won 2-1 aet. Tough game but the best team won. We’re in a final.

    SPL – Aberdeen 2 Hibs 1, Celtic 0 Hearts 0 & Dundee U 0 Rangers 3.

    Look forward to seeing today’s photo. Mum will send you a message later on.


  86. Hiya Rosemary,
    Just got back from a nice weekend away. Looks like you are all having a great time – all really jealous here. Hope you are managing to get up in the mornings. Have a lovely time in Paris and we’ll see you at the end of the week. Missing you lots, love Mum, Dad and Kieran xxx

  87. My xbox has broke so your mum has given me your PS3 now i see what you meen NOT

  88. kayleigh
    hope everyone is having a good time
    mind dont be scared to try the food (you just might like it)
    see you soon
    love mum and dad

  89. Hey Louise
    Hope your all having a great time in France
    Missing you loads – the house is just a wee bit too quiet without you!
    Here’s the news you’ve been waiting for…..your new phone has arrived!! Have a fantastic time in Paris can’t wait to see you
    Love you loads! Dad & Lynsey x x x x

  90. Hi Jeff! Sounds like everyone is having a great time even without me there to liven things up. There isn’t anything I can say to mock my husband because what most people don’t know is that he’s perfect. When I compare him to something on the element chart in chemistry, NaCl (sodium chloride); it stands for nice ass cute legs. I’m fairly certain that’s what everyone was thinking anyway. Je t’embrace fortment mon petit chou fleur et Je t’adore!!!! Miss you and thinking of you, GOLAB

  91. Hi Claire!

    Its Gran, Auntie Linda, Kayleigh, Uncle George, Lewis and Grandad here,

    Just been looking at the website, looks like you’re having a great time! Lucky you enjoying all that sunshine! We’re about to have one of uncle George’s famous BBQ’s…wish we could have some of that lovely French cuisine tho!

    Have a great time and we’ll see you soon,

    Lots of Love from us all xoxoxoxox

  92. Hi Kerry

    Gran’s turn to embarrass you today. Missed you at breakfast this morning, although more sausasges for everyone else.
    Mum’s pinching all your teacakes and jaffa cakes.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself. Mum has been showing me the pictures and looks like you are all having a great time.
    Miss you
    Lots of love Gran and Grandad xxx

  93. Hi Mickey! Well the Teddy Bears did us proud today. Championees again. It was a really good game. Dutd gave a good fight. Never saw any of the tic game but at least the Jambos held them to a draw. The Hibs goalie was dreadful today. Aberdeens first goal was when Makalamby kicked it off Lee Miller (I think) backside and it went into the goal. Anyway we got the result we deserved. Your cousin Scott is now known as Kris Boyd Brown. Which is better than Scott Brown. We decorated Ian and Christines house inside and out. The fab neighbours that they are they took it all in great spirits. Alex has been very quiet. Soon have a celtic baby in the street. Need to brain wash it!!!. Hope you still having a good time. Wish I had given you a mobby so that you personally could have text. You know me rule follower!!! Never mind. Will e mail you during the week. Love you and miss you loads. Mum, Dad and Holly.

  94. Hi Lizzie hope u are having a wonderful time in France .Thank u for the call!
    Daniella says:Hello how are you ,hope you are having fun.
    Janna says:Hi lizzie,give Kirsty a big hug
    Samira says: Hi Lizzie , we went to the cinemas today and we saw hannah montana and
    i know it’s a kids film but you should watch it because it’s GREAT !
    Mam says: Hannah Montana is like the best movie EVER!
    Tallulah says: I wish these girls would go home so I can eat the leftover pizza!
    Remember and hold on to that tower
    Sending loads of love from the birthday party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. helloooo my wee hayleypie πŸ˜€
    i miss you alot already, the house is FAR too quiet without you singing and dancing about in the mornings, i’ve slept in for work three times because you normally get me up when you’re opening your noisy wardrobe :O:) have a really good time! don’t be running away with any wee french laddies now πŸ˜‰ i know what you’re like.. haha i love you to the moooon & back <3 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    ps: HIYA MR O’CONNOR, you used to be my english teacher ha ha ! πŸ˜€

  96. no hayley regan! (u)
    i need you back in my life. i miss you so much you big babe. it is quite gutting, i can’t have our wee chats anymore. and french is like so boring. when we had that wee woman with the mole haha! (: aaw no i am missing you actually so much. see if you weren’t coming back till like next week i would be dead. so very much looking forward to seeing you my gorgeous girl!

    and louise higgins! <3
    i don’t care that 4 of us wrote one last night. but i need you back here like right now. can you not magically use your powers and fly back, that sounds so patheric but oh well. why did you leave me for france? betrayal, can’t spell but :$ aw on but i miss you so much. have lots to tell you btw. lots of unhappy stuff that make me and jessica milne angry.

    hope you 2 are having an amazing time in wee paris and that (:

  97. Hola Rockchick, como esta? Hope you’re still having a great time & had fun at the disco. Have you found out what they do with all the frogs bodies yet? Hope you’re taking notes on the french cusine – you’ll be on cooking duty when you get back! Have a safe trip over to Paris & soak up the culture!
    Missing you & your music loads.

    Mum & Dad

    Ps. Has bean!

  98. To Matt O’Connor
    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you !! – happy birthday Daddy !!! We love you lots
    Madeleine and Rebeccaxx

  99. Hey,hope you are having a great time,we are.Hope you like the colour pink coz we coulden’t get the red colour :L.We had a chinese on Satuarday,What have you had?Gregor is still annoying Dad is doing your room,Mum is doing the usual(ironing.etc.)im doing the usall and Clifford is being grumpy.

  100. To louise.

    heeey sweety.
    i am missing you sooo much it’s unbeleivable. There is soo much i need to tell you. It’s weird not been able to phone you, you should of brought you’re phone when you get back your gonna have a new phone. which will be getting wore out quikly. Sounds quite gay but not the point. Guess what amy is going to mary kings close with mr thiam. Susan boile is on t.v she has not went out yet thankgoooooood. i love that women.

    that was your last day of normandy i think so you’ll be going to paris. omg but me something, like one of they i (L) paris t-shirts. :L. hope you had fun at the wee cinema beach thing.

    oh and Haley i miss you too. especially in english and computing.

    laaveyou’s both!

  101. Hi.Its sooooooooo Peaceful without you playing the piano:D but kind of strage.Remember our Prezzies or theres no point of comming back!Take lods of pictures.No need to miss us too much.Are you tired?I would if i were you.Hope you are enjoying yourself remember NOT TO MISS US TOO MUCH lol

    Mum,Dad,Gregor and Caitlin.x.

  102. To Emma

    Hope you are having a really great time and not missing us too much. The weather looks unbelievable – no doubt you were one of the first in the sea. Enjoy the rest of the trip and well see you on Saturday.

    Scott says hiya big numpty!!

    Love Mum, Dad & Scott

  103. Hi Kieran,
    Hope your’re having as great a time as it seems from the photos. Dad says congratulations for managing to take your hat off! We’re all missing you including Barney.
    lots of love ,
    Mum, Dad, Hannah, Rachel & Barney

  104. Hi Natalie, hope you’ve been putting the sun cream on – looks like your weather has been fab so far.

    Well, we are the Champions!! 3-0 & didn’t need help from Hearts after all – they drew with Celtic (thanks to a great goalie, Kello). Also, first semi of Britain’s Got Talent tonight – it’s Susan Boyle & dancers, Diversity who are in final on Saturday.
    Enjoy your trip over to Paris – remember and pack everything!!

    Sylvester says “meeeeeoooowwww!” Andy says “Happenin!!”

    Feels like you’ve been away for ages….starting to talk to myself (it’s the first sign of madness), Luv mum xxx

  105. Hi Ashley,

    Hope you are having a great time. Looks as if your having a great time from the photos! You seemed quite happy even although you got caught in the rain on Saturday. Looks as if you enjoyed your swim today.

    Hope you enjoy Paris!

    Lots of Love

    Mum, Dad and Neil xxx

  106. Hi Joanna
    Glad to hear you’re having a great time. Enjoyed the pics so far – can’t wait to see what you get up to in Paris! Have a great time. Fraser sends a big ‘hugup’ and Olly sends a woof!
    Love Auntie J, Uncle N, Fraser and Olly xxx

  107. Hey Keith looks like your having a fab time. So glad the weathers been kind to you all. How did the frogs legs, snails, etc go? Hope you tried them all – yummy. You’ll totally love Paris. Have a ball at Parc Asterix. Keep taking the pics.
    Take care love Mum, Dad, Leanne, Ozzy and Jess xxxxx

  108. Hi Rhona,

    Been looking at the photos and its clear you are all having a great time. Remember to come home again!

    Missing you loads.

    G and P

  109. Hi Emma

    Hope you’re having a great time and you’re not too burnt!! Looks like you have fab weather. You know, for a quiet girl, you sure leave a huge gap at home when you’re not there!

    Got some results from Wigan – Rachel and Jenni – 1st, Jardell – 2nd, Will – 3rd, Chloe, Christie & Corrina – 4th. Everyone at dancing was asking where you were on Saturday. Nicole D was gobsmacked when I told her you were in France.

    Anyway, enjoy Paris (another first for the Rafferty family)!! Have a fantastic time. Soak it all in ‘cos you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!

    Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Alison xx

  110. HELLLLLOOOO, :d!

    You are in Parissssssss πŸ˜€ We are in a chemistry classroom on activity daaay, (n)
    W are going ot alton towers. mis you loads. πŸ˜€

  111. Hi Kirsty
    Missing you lot’s just to say I was only joking about your bed it is really tidy :D. How was the french cuisine tasting? YEWCK! XP Anyway it looks like you’re having fun from the photos. Oh remember get someone to record The Hoe Down Throw Down on the Eiffel Tower. Have Fun, Can’t Wait To See You!


    P.s Last night it was the first Semi Final on Britains Got Talent. It was out of that ten year old singer, Susan Boyle, these random people with big faces on, Diversity, This guy that was doing horrible stuff called Nick Hell, A belly dancer, That rubbish guy called Darth Jackson and That girl called Sue Son who plays the violin.

    Anyway so after everybody had phoned in and stuff it was Susan Boyle who had the Most votes. And then the two that had the second ammount of votes were the ten year old girl and diversity. The judges had to choose Out of them and they choos diversity. So Diversity and Susan Boyle are through to the final

  112. Hi, Rachael, Claire & Caroline & everyone else! Looks like you are all having a great time (going by the pictures). Hope you all have a fantastic time in Paris. Enjoy every minute cause the time will fly by.
    Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Emma & Calum

  113. hope u r having fun Emma weather looks great will hear all about it when u get home
    miss u luv gran and grampa

  114. hi hayley
    hope you had a good time at your disco i bet you all had a ball
    how is your sunburn hope you are not too sore it has been very hot her today
    i have been sunbathing as well mum and danielle says the house i s too quiet
    without you everyone missing you

    see you soon lots of love granny and grandad

  115. Hi Caroline,

    Been following the pictures on the website and it looks like your having fun πŸ˜€
    The alpha show went well and i’m off to alton towers tonight ! :O:D i can’t wait!
    Hope you have a fab time in Paris, buy me something please ;)!
    Missing you loads,

    lots of love Beth, Mum and Dad xoxo <3

  116. hi rhona i am typing slow because u cant read quick france looks great hope you r enjoying ur trip c u soon

    love u pop

  117. Hi Natalie

    Great photos and you look like you are having a great time!!! You should be in Paris now so enjoy yourself but watch out for those French boys!!!
    Remember to take plenty of photos and we can have a girlie night and you can tell me all about your trip.
    Love you lots. Gran xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  118. Hey Lizzie, just to let you know everyone is asking how you are getting on. I was back at work today for the first time since you left so you were quite a topic of conversation, especially the snail tasting – Kate threw up over the balcony in Ocean Terminal when I told her (not really!). Have had an email from Margaret Batty, she is enjoying following what you are up to and remembers being in Normandy and Bayeux. Granny and Granpa send love as they fly off to Majorca. I saw Nicola today and she gave me a HUGE bouquet of flowers, I hope they are still OK for you coming back. Lorna says Fiona had a great time in France so you two will have to catch up by e mail when you get back. Better go, I need a cup of tea and there’s never a teenager around when you need one!
    Big hugs for you and the Ace Gang, love Mam xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  119. Hi Mickey. Really good to hear from you today. It made my day. Thank your friend that let you call. Its really appreciated. Glad that you are having a great time and surprised that you enjoyed eating snails!!! I want no complaints at the dinner table from now on. Grandad and Uncle Dave went fishing today. Imagine them having a boys day without you. latest footie news. Gordon Strachan has left Celtic and Jimmy Calderwood has left Aberdeen. Your cousin David is chuffed to bits re the Dons thing. Really looking forward to you coming home. I think that even Holly is missing you. Remember a wee thing for Gran and your sister. ps your Β£20 is still intact!!! Hope you didnt leave anything in Normandy and that you have taken some nice pictures. Misses Slights are asking after you too. Oh gran says to tell you that she really misses you. Guess what. The antique TV in their conservatory has been replaced. See your grandad is a softy. I have sent a text your other gran to let her know that you are in France and having a good time. Love you mum. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  120. hayley pie!
    i miss you so much btw! you really need to come back, it’s been far too quiet without you babe. i have so much too tell you :D. like seriously, i have noone to make me smile in the mornings or make me happy when you walk into regi late as per usuall :D. please hurry back, it feels like you’ve been gone for ages :(. i hope your having fun. love you gorgeous!
    and louise!
    i really miss you too. i have noone to give my big special cuddles too :(. please hurry back babes. hope your having fun! love you beautiful!

    i swear, you had me in a right laughing fit the other night with that phonecall!
    “SCALLOPS” bahahahahhaa :$ you make me roll!
    gee us a wee phone tomorrow if you can, let us know how the disco went. trixie’s annoying me, she keeps messing up your bed, wriggling about on it as per usual.
    LOVE YOUUUU (K) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  122. Hi Kerry

    Been on holiday today, what a fab day, sun shining. Went for a walk with Uncle John. He managed to walk so far and then i had to push him back in the wheelchair, luckily there wasn’t many slopes, although at one point i was too busy looking around me and nearly landed in a ditch.

    House really quiet without you and i don’t know what to do with myself with no athletics etc to run you to.

    Can’t wait until you come home to hear all about the trip.

    Miss you

    Lots of love, Mum, Dad, Jo and Clare

  123. kieran! i hope you are having an amazing time and that the french “talent” (as dad likes to say) like your hat. see you when you get back, just think of the mauling you are going to get from barney!
    love rachel x ps i will be jealous if you have a tan.

  124. Hi Lori

    Thought I would send you a wee massage today to see how you are coping with sharing a room with Megan. Mind you from what i hear you may be just as messy as she is. (lol) How are the straighteners holding up – working on overdrive no doubt. Still you have got to look your best for Paris – very chic.

    Have a great time in Paris – and remember not too much shopping!!!!!


    PS. Missing you loads Megan, can’t wait to see you on Friday I am cooking Frogs Legs for tea – heard you loved them!!

  125. Hey mezz,
    Glad to hear your havin fun. Hope u dont get to brown, Cant beat Jennifers fake one tho :L hahah. Hope ur eatin all your yummy food espessially the frogs and snails. Did you reali try themm :O. We will try and see you at the eiffel tower tomorrow night on the web cam have a fab time and take plenty pictures. 1 tiny tiny pointer “STAY AWAY FROM THE EDGE” we all know how clumbsy you are lol πŸ™‚ Bet you have already had a couple of trips and slips hehe.

    Hey everyone πŸ˜€ !!!!!

    we all miss you lots
    Mum, Dad, Jenny, Kirsten πŸ™‚ beanny
    Tia, Floppy, Charlie and all the fishiesss

  126. Hi Natalie,

    Had a day off work & just relaxed. Spent a lot of it looking at the clock wondering what you’d all be doing.

    Hope you have a ball in Paris & your trip to Parc Asterix this week. Luv mum xxx

  127. Hi Lizzie,
    Been told to ask you if you are wearing your retainer!! Hope you are having a great time. Lewis is a bit upset that he missed Hannah Montana! Not!! I need to borrow you when you come back so we can go to see it together!
    See you when you get home.
    Be good!!
    Susan, Stephen and Lewis

  128. Hi Meg
    Thanks for the text, glad your having a great time. Well back to work for me tomorrow then going to watch the Quadrophenia stage show on Wednesday night. Enjoy the Champions League Final on Wednesday, you never know Hibs might qualify for Europe one day, well probably not but you can always come and watch the Hearts in Europe with me next season.

  129. Hey Craig

    Sorry about the after sun (or lack of it)

    Are you hiding at the back of the photos cos you haven’t been changing your clothes lol.

    Miss u loads

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    mum & dad

  130. hey sametta
    hope your having a great time! we all miss you tyler has been asking for you! we all had a great time last nite! enjoy the the rest of your trip!
    love and miss you loads your big sis!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  131. Hiya Scottie. The photos look fab – looks like you are having fun – very impressed with the beret!

    Emma has borrowed you electric blanket -she say’s you’re not getting it back!!

    We had a nice time at Aviemore- Granny and Grandad are still up there – their Lodge is lovely. I didn’t think we would get Buster home cos Granny was hand-feeding him toast!!!

    Hope you enjoy Paris – you lucky thing!!

    Emma has also borrowed your guitar.You’re not getting that back either!!

    Loadsa love Mum,Dad,Emma,Buster and Ron.XXX

  132. Hey Dan

    Thanks for texting tonight xx. Did you enjoy the boat trip? Hope you’re not feeling too sick after your massive pizza!! Enjoy Paris and keep smiling xx. The Eiffel Tower will be amazing so take lots of pictures OK. Enjoy the rest of the trip and I’ll see you at some ungodly hour on Friday morning haha!!

    Love you 2 bits and miss you even more xx

    Love Mum and Cheekie xxxxxx

  133. Hi Gary,
    Hope Paris is nice and warm! It’s actually been sunny here for 2 days so hoping that means a heatwave in France for you! Wee Scott is wanting his big brother back so take care and look after yourself!
    Love Mum, Dad Scott and Emma

  134. hi Sam
    been at your mums today we sat out the back as its been nice and sunny. had great day at the hen party your mums dancing is wild??? hope your having a good time barrack look forward to seeing the pics when u cum home
    lots of love
    auntie mo xxxx

  135. Hi Marcus
    How’s Paris. It was good to hear from you yesterday and that you had a good
    day on the beach. I hope the fancy dress disco went well and you got lots of pics.
    We still don’t know who you will play in the final of the league cup but it could be Salveson/Tynecastle Colts or Leith Colts.
    Dad picked up your handicap at the golf club so well done you.
    Dan is looking forward to Friday morning but I think that has more to do with his Birthday.
    Enjoy tomorrow.
    Love Mum & Dad XX

  136. Hi S am the house is very quiet without you, the real radio renagade was at dolls musuem, alis cave and ended up at racecourse today, nana was runninbg round the track trying to catch him but he wasnt caught he was worth 3 thousand, hope you having a ball love mum xxxxx

  137. hello sam
    hope you are all having a good time and enjoying all the sight seeing!
    hope you enjoy the rest of your time away.
    miss you
    Granny Rema xx

  138. Hi Kirsty!

    Hope you’re having a great time in Paris (tell Rhona hi too!) I’m sitting my Physics exams tommorrow (Aaarrrgggghhhh!!!), then my Geography exams on Wednesday(not quite so bad), then I’m FREE!!!!! I can’t really think of anything else to say. My life is very boring (I’ve been stuck inside revising, and putting up with Britain’s Got No Talent!) Hope you’re having a more exciting time in France.

    P.S. Remember to have a RAVE on top of the Eiffel Tower for me (and video it on your phone!)

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