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  1. Hi Ashley

    Hope you’ve recovered from the thunder and lightning!

    Visited Gran today in Hospital. She was lookimg a bit better today.

    Hope you enjoy Paris!


    Mum, Dad and Neil xxx

  2. Hi Dannielle,

    You look like your having a great time!! Wish when I went they were this high tech!! Cant wait to speak to you on saturday!! Have a great time at the theme park!! Hope your taking lots of photo’s!! The rain has stopped here, its still cold 22 degrees!! Its just not the 30 degrees i’m used too!! Anyway we are all good Jerry is getting big Boonie thinks Jerry is a toy!! Baby moving lots and i’m fat!! LOL only kidding. Tony say’s something that he thinks is french!! it makes no sence to me!!!

    love you lots


  3. Hi Claire and Georgie,

    The laptop is still broken so am catching up with all your news today from the office! It sounds like you are all having a fabulous time and the photos look good, nice to see you Georgie, Claire I can’t find you – is that deliberate πŸ™‚ Really missing you guys and can’t wait to see you on Friday. Emily sends her love too, honest.

    See you both soon, love mum, dad, Emily and Millie xx

  4. Hi Jo

    Hope you’re having a fabby time in Paris and didn’t spend all your money at the Champs Elysee! Having been clicking on Paris webcams but haven’t spotted you so far. Will be viewing the Eiffel Tower tonite so wave from the top!

    Have tidied your room – made about Β£10 in loose change but found approx 100 pencils!!!!! Pity it hadn’t been the other way round. Plenty of space now and you can see all the carpet!

    Have lots of fun at Parc Asterix and I can’t wait to see all your photos when you get home.

    Miss you loads, luv you Mum xx

  5. Hi ma babee (Lori wee hags)

    Just back from the caravan chick, defo need a laptop. I miss your beautifull wee face so much, I have no dude to fight with ha ha. Hope you are having ball angel. I have been wearing all your clothes and shooos……. Hope you are keeping your room tidy and not leaving it to other girlies (Megan clip her lug from me if she is not).

    Will check in with you the mora hags.


    Mama and big KK

  6. hiya hayley and louise. (L)
    were in a chemistry class with dillon, nathan, corey, mark and sean (N). we hope yous are having fun. the boys say hi, we were looking at the pics and corey was getting a bit excited :$:L. corey says that he loves you hayley :L. nathan says goddamnitt! (N). corey wants joanna,yummy! <– that was corey bdw ;):L.
    Heloooo hayley and louise <3
    Its soooo rubbush here, but the trip to Newcastle was really goood, we bought loads of things. PRIMARK!!! :O:D I wish i cam to France. :\ Missing yous loads, cant wait till yous come back πŸ™‚ hope your having a good time πŸ˜€ Leonaaa <Β£(L)ilusm (L)
    its nicole again :D.
    yeah so we miss yous so much and yous look like yous are having fun, well from the pictures anyway :D. can’t wait till yous come back. like seriously! :(. we love yous so much bdw. but i love yous more ;):D

    love you gorgeous girliees :D(L)

  7. Hi Emily

    Hope you are enjoying Paris – sounds like you are all having a great time.

    Have lots of fun at Parc Asterix tomorrow.

    Missing you loads – Dad and I went to the cinema on Sunday, Dad fell asleep and started to snore!!

    Rosemary – Happy birthday for Friday.

    Lots of love

    Mum & Dad

  8. Hey, sis

    Enjoy the rest of the trip- VIVE LA FRANCE!!!

    See ya on your birthday- big cake waiting…


  9. Hi Kez

    Hope you are havin fun. Rabbits still alive. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, need to go out for a run.

    House quiet without you.

    Enjoy the parc tomorrow. Hope weather not been too hot for you.

    Miss you
    Jo xox

  10. Hi Rhona

    Lovely and sunny here today and I hope it is for you too. I see you will be going to the theme park tomorrow so I know you will have lots of fun. Good job I won’t be there to see all the dangerous things you get up to!

    Its the Italian night tomorrow and wee Samuel is coming along as the Mascot – Mum and I are doing the catering. Wish us luck.

    Have loads more fun.


    G and P

  11. Hey loz (and your asbo pals),
    Sounds like you’re having a pretty awesome time away and im not loving the fact that you’re having a blast and i’m stuck here revising…literally stuck by the way-the red wagon broke down on me the other day so i’m stranded in the sticks! I suppose it may be a good thing though, as im being forced to actually do some studying. They start 2moz, but just want to be finished now!
    Sounds as if you might be getting a tan what with the nice weather and all… so im gonna fake tan before you come back so i dont look like a total milk bottle! I cant see the photos at the moment but i’m sure you and Suzy ripped it up in the fancy dress as per, you disgraces!
    Say hey to everyone (that i know obv) and enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Miss you, love Boogs x x x

    ps. Dont forget to get me a nice present… πŸ˜€ the markets and everything sound ace!

    pps. just in case she’s missing me, Suzy…are you there yet?

  12. Hi Marcus,

    Tonight’s game was one to forget. We lost 3-2. What made it worse was we were the only team trying to play football.

    Hope you’re having fun. Hopefully you’ll have loads of fun at Parc Asterix. Then tomorrow night are you having a quiet evening?

    C’mon the reds.

    Mum & Dad xx

  13. Hi Rosemary,
    Happy to hear you are having a good time, see you for your birthday.
    Love erin xxx

  14. Hi Sam

    Can’t wait to see all your pictures, and you, of course on Friday. I won my tennis match tonight, so the final is on Saturday and we are playing against a couple who are starting on +30. We are on -15, so could be tricky.

    Hannah’s not feeling great tonight, definitely missing you, and wonders if you’ve bought her present yet!!

    Have loads of fun for your last couple of days.
    Love Mum xx

  15. Hey Ashley

    How are you?

    Cleaned Mitsy out tonight. She is missing you!!!

    Hope you have a great time at Parc Asterix tomorrow.

    Love Mum xxx

  16. Hey Hayley, I cant believe you had a power cut, lol bet all the girlies are going about with your hoods up cause the GHD’S wont be working shame. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip, cant wait to see you babe, say hi to Louise and Sam too. take care, luv u, Mum.

  17. Hi Rhona,

    I hope you’re having a good time in France – my Dad says French wine is great! I’ve had a really good day today, and tomorrow I’m going to do something fun like go to the cinema with Mum or something.

    See you later,


  18. Hi Georgie,Claire, Emma and Sophie (and Jamie of course!!!) Hope you all having a fab time. From the pics it looks like you are. Missing you loads however enjoying the quiet – for now anyway – cant wait till you get home – want to hear all about your trip!Sooh excited for you all.

    Georgie – just finished a back shift – watching live at the apollo – where are you??? Last 2 episodesof 24 still to watch as well but will wait till you get home – will try at least! So tempting though!!!!

    Spend all your cash! Remember – You can never have enough handbags shoes and accessories sweetie darling!!! And don’t forget mummy of course!

    Signing off now – but just one last comment. Be polite – remember to WASH!, Have a go at speaking the language every opportunity you get and enjoy the experience!!!

    Charlie says hi! Luv ya babe! see you soon. Mum x x x

  19. You got sweatshirts!!! Bad move, how’re you going to tell if the little ‘uns have washed or not if they are hiding their clothing under a hoodie?

    Weather chat is fab, we are having the most amazing thunder storm here too … there are NO elephants between the lightening and the thunder, the house is shaking!

    I looove that there’s big Shirley chat too, how many are there in Mussie anyway? And how come they all play bingo?

    Anyhoo, off to get the big train into the big city, give the walls of Le Ambassadeur a big stroke from me and I hope you get to the Sacre Coeur without any random spewing.

    P.S. Suzy, I’ll remember you in A&F if you remember me in Niketown! Woo woo!

    Have a nice day ya’ll!

    J. Bo

  20. well hellllllooooooooo my little french baguettes doing fine up in here. hope you are all doing good. emm if you go out to eat DON’T GO TO FLUNCH i swear to god don’t. nice to see you all shunned me you know i feell loved emm yeah bye.

    S.W.A.T team out
    p.s marie, lisa , jamie, emma, robyn, holli, johanna, who ever else i missed I LOVE YOU.
    see you soon

  21. Morning Sweetcheeks,

    Hope you had a fab time shopping yesterday? Gran, Grandy and rafferty all send their love, gran is checking your putting your cream on!!! Rafferty was signing in French last night.

    The Brongie crew send their love and the Hillibillies also, Aunty T wants to know do you fancy swimming the Chanel Ha Ha.

    The trout that Jimi caught on Saturday has grown to a whale, what a man!!! Alex next door says “when is Lori home”.

    Have a fabby day today ma sweetpea and Hi Megan hope you are having a great time and are leaving them French lads alone!!!!

    Love Ya Baba

    PS Can’t believe how quiet and tidy the house is. I’ve booked your GAP year with your big sis in OZ (ONLY JOKING)

  22. Hi Mickey! Hope you had a good day trailing around France yesterday. Holly was’nt well yesterday and she even said that she is missing you (a bit.) The HD man is coming today so hopefully I can watch the big match tonight in peace as your dad is going to the pub with his mates to watch it. Wish I was going to Parc Asterix with you today. Love a fun park. Ive to tell you again that your Gran Brown is missing her boy loads. On Friday afternoon you will have to sleep there as the workmen will be in and it will be too noisey for you. Im still waiting on my start date at work. This lady of leisure lark is killing me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway I hope that you have enjoyed yourself and no doubt spent your money (hope so). Looking forward to seeing you on Friday morning. x x x x x x Mum Dad and Holly.

  23. Hi Natalie, Hope you have a brilliant time at Parc Asterix – you’re a connoisseur of theme parks!

    Saw grandad last night and gave him all the news of your trip so far – he sends his love & will be expecting you to speak fluent French when you return!!! He made a ‘Natalie Special’ for tea – meringues with strawberries, choc sauce and cream!

    Last night’s winners for Britains Got Talent final were Stavros Flatley and wee Shaheen – fairly predictable so far. Not on tonight due to the footy – hope you get the chance to watch Ronaldo do his stuff!

    I’m quite enjoying the peace & tidy house so if you dont want to come home for a while it’s alright by me (half joking!)
    Luv mum xxx

  24. Hi Emma

    Sounds like you’re all having a great time.

    Hope you have a fantastic time at Parc Asterix today and get a chance to watch the footy tonight. Alison is doing her medal test tonight, but I should be back in time for kick-off. Come on Barca!!

    Hope you all have a safe journey home (yes, this does have to come to an end and you do have to come home!!). See you Friday morning.

    Love you

    Mum, Dad and Alison.

    PS. Alison says she is not missing you but I don’t believe her!!!

  25. haayleey!
    darrell says hiyaaaa, and nothing else. which is pretty pointless eh? oh he says stay there and don’t come back :$ and nicole says hiyaaaa and she says she hopes you are having a good time, and that she texted you or something :L and i just found out about your wee thing with that person. terrible haayleey! :S haha, JOKEES! yeah well miss haayleey reegaan, i went to alton towers yesterday. but it clearly would of been better if you were there, but i’m sure you are having a nice time in wee parc astrix or whatever it is called. and i hope the weather is nice and that everyone is being nice and happy and well i don’t really know what i’m saying atm tbh kwam? :L
    aaw i was going to say something but i can’t really remember, but i;ll just keep writing for the sake, cos we’re in computing and we can do anything haha! oh something about em something. omfg i rememeber now, how can you survive that wee bus journey. i swear we were on the bus for 8 hours and it was so boring and i couldn’t get to sleep at all so i dunno how the hell you could of survived tbh! aaw haayleey i miss you so much, when you do your wee silent laugh, i;m like dying now inside. you’ve been gone like a week but still, not the point! right well, i better go now baaabeees! i hope your having an amazing time in france and all that jazz. speak to you when you get back. loveyouuu(L)

  26. Well just got back from Cyprus and missed you lots … all the girls hope your having a fabulous time and spent all your money in the shops at Paris !!!.
    Looks like you could be beating me on the tan with the weather you lot have been having, although trying to find you in the photo’s is pretty hard misses , I know your wee but try and wave on the next one so I can find you.
    Can’t wait to see you on Friday been far too long away from you.

    lots of luv best pal

    mum xxxxx

  27. hey sam
    hope you are having a great time. cant wait too see you when you get back.
    miss and love you
    dad xxxxxx

  28. Hi Gaz! Have a great day at Parc Asterix tomorrow. Bet you’re having a great time. See you Friday, love Mum ,Scott ,Emma and Dad.

  29. Hi Sophie,
    Just back from the cattery. Your mum forgot what time they were open & we ha to wait for your dad to pick us up later. Still don’t like the back of the car so we decided to wail all the way home.
    Can’t wait for you to get home so you can warm your bed up for us.

    Jinxy & Patch.

    PS. Your Mum and Dad can’t wait to see you as well.

  30. Hi Dannielle

    Hope you had a great time today at Parc Asterix. Enjoy the match tonight Dan and can’t wait to see you on Friday. Miss seeing the photos on the web so hope you’ve taken loads.

    love Mum xxxxxxx

  31. hey sam
    hope your having fab time. ive got a surprise for you when you get home. hope suzie watson is behaving hersel?
    see you when you get back
    miss you
    alana xxxxxxxxx

  32. Hey Craig

    hope you had a great time at Parc Asterix.

    can’t wait till u get home. Yoshi & Kazumi are in the dining room cos dad is doing a 60 min makeover in your room.

    there is a noisey cricket that is driving me mad, wish one of them would munch it.

    Have a good journey home, c u Friday (not too early please!!!!)

    love Mum xxxxx

  33. hi sam
    2 more sleeps until you get home cant wait! had tyler at the ducks last night and a swan nearly attacked him a man had to rescue him from the side of the esk, he kept saying am not scared of the penguins!!!!!
    see you on friday hope you enjoy your next couple of days
    love you
    mum xxxxxxx

  34. Hi Sam,

    Auntie Les here (virtual dabber – not !) I was in Glasgow today and met one of the stars from Lord of the Rings (Billy Boyle – he played a hobbit). See you at the weekend. xxx

  35. hello sam elliot
    hope you are having a great time. ive been getting peace tonight as i can watch the telly without having to put the bill on for have a safe journey home.
    see you at the weekend.

    Auntie Louise xxxxxxxx

  36. Hi Emma

    Hope you are enjoying yourself and missing you lots. Its cake night but no hugs tonight – get double next week.

    See you soon

    Love gran and grandad

  37. Hi Emma

    Its cake night and missing our hugs from you. Hope you are having fun and well see you at the weekend.

    Love Gran and Grandad

  38. Hi Emma, wee technical blip. Sorry about the double entry. Hope Park Asterix has given you a taster for the summer holidays. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Have had no one to nag about cleaning their room! Safe journey home.



  39. Hi Kerry

    Well that’s your trip nearly over. It seems to have flown in although at the same time i feel like i’ve not seen you for ages and ages. Really missing you so can’t wait to see you on Friday morning.
    I hope you have had a great trip, i’m so jealous, maybe dad would take me for a romantic trip to Paris sometime, wot do you think, well maybe not then!!!!
    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip, enjoy your last night in France.
    Clare says hi, she has been busy studying, Biology exam tomorrow.
    Coco is going nuts ringing his bell, you should hear him laughing, it’s so funny.
    Will be waiting with a big hug for you Friday.
    Luv ya
    mum xx

  40. Hi wee sis

    On a break from studying at the moment, eating chocolate ice cream to reduce the stress levels!!! Hope you’ve had a good time, i know i did when i done the trip.
    Can’t wait until your back………………….NOT
    Just kidding, miss you really

    Your “loving” big sister, Clare πŸ™‚

  41. Hi Ash

    How was Parc Asterix today? Bet you had a lot of fun!

    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday morning!!!

    Love you loads.

    Mum xxx

  42. Hi Claire

    Hope you all had a great time at Parc Asterix.

    Enjoy the rest of the trip – can’t wait to hear all about it! Hope you have lots of photos.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Friday morning.

    Lots of Love

    Mum & Cameron


    ps. Cameron says – Howard got fired from the Apprentice – Ben was last week.

  43. Hi to all the MGS kids and teachers. Just read your pre blog. Its sounds like you have all had a fantastic trip and the teachers have given the kids huge compliments on the way they have conducted themselves on the trip. Hope that you all had a fab time today in the park and I wish you all a safe journey home. Michael we have missed you so much and are looking forward to you coming home on Friday morning. Love you mum, dad and Holly.

  44. Hi Dannielle

    Was brilliant to get all your texts tonight xx Enjoy what’s left of your hol and I’ll see you tomorrow ……..OMG I can hardly wait!

    Love you 2 bits and am so counting the hours now!!

    Have a safe journey home Dan – I’ll be ready and waiting for the call!!

    Love Mum xxxxxx

    ps. Can’t wait to find out what a ‘dober’ is?????

  45. Hey Sweetie

    Sounds to me as though you will need a week off when you come home to recharge the batteries before heading back to school and 3rd year. You could always suggest this to your teachers, though I would not be too hopeful however you never know and got to be worth chancing it. Put that lost puppy look you pull so well on when you do though as always seems to work with me. Been pretty quiet without you and be so good to see you home and hear about all that you have been up to. Maxi and cheets have been going in and out your room more and more as the week has passed and found the wee lad sitting staring up at your bed tonight wondering where you are. Talking of beds, be a safe bet that’s where you will be most of Friday to catch up wth your beauty sleep, take me about a year to do that and ain’t that a fact.

    Have a good trip home and see you on Friday bright but maybe not breezy.

    Love you toots

    Dad and Lindy Lou xx

  46. Morning Scottie – just had a look at the new photos – looks like you have had a fab time- can’t wait to hear all about it – bet you don’t want to come home!!

    Looking forward to seeing you and getting all your dirty washing – great!!

    Enjoy your last day – don’t eat tooooo many sweets on the bus coming home!!

    See you soon mum, dad, emma, buster and ron. XXXXX

  47. hiya scotti! Bet your having a better time than me. You get theme parks and discos and I get spelling and algebra!
    I am missing you but I’m also enjoying being an only child! Lesley is alright. I’ve been on her/him mostly every day. Now I’m better than you! HA!
    can’t wait to see you again, missing you.

    Emma xx

  48. Hi Rosemary,

    Enjoy your last day in France and we hope the journey home is good. Happy birthday for tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you. Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Bro.

  49. Georgie ya wee scrotum !! hve fun πŸ˜›

    Kerry athletics was gr8 πŸ˜€ so sad u missed altho Mike wasn’t ther in his tight hings πŸ˜›

    Claire have fun nd tke care of Georgie :L

    Nats hope u not lettin kerry talk bout u no who. πŸ˜› We had gr8 fun not hearin his name!

    And th rest off u, tke care c ya soon πŸ˜€

    Have fun !!

    btw tho we only get maths 3 times a week in 3rd year πŸ˜€

    c ya soon. xx

  50. Hey every1!!!

    hope ur all having a gr8 time!!!

    Kerry, athletics was sooooooo quiet last nite without u there. lol
    Me and Emma H found it really hard without u telling us wot to do. lol
    We still had loads of fun tho.

    I luv all of the pics they r amazin!!!

    Georgie, Emma has officially taken over ur seat in reggi. She has almost fell in a few times. its really funny. We think of u each time she does it tho so its a gd way of remembering us. LOL.

    Natalie, I hope ur nt goin 2 crazy with Kerry about u no who. but ull beable to cope lol.

    We haven’t dun much this week in skool.

    Activities days were gd. We went shopping on Tuesday it was hilarious. Well tell u bout it when us get bk.

    When us cum bk 4 skool nxt wk well b in third year its sooo scary.

    lv n hugs Kirsty.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  51. Ello (fea Cody)

    Hia (fea Emma)

    Heyyyyyy πŸ™‚ (fea Eilidh)

    Hi every1 :):) (fea Kirsty)

  52. heeeeeeey hayley πŸ˜€
    me and holli are in cdt. with some dodgey cover person that noone knows :S:L. were with lindsey and leona but there not wanted at this moment in time :L. we hope your having fun and just read that wee think saying that yous are geting on the bus today and holli might aswell have just died but aye, ill gee you it. can’t wait to see you. we actuall miss you soo much bdw :(.

  53. Hi Natalie,

    That’s it almost over – been strange without you around. Really looking forward to hearing all your stories when you get home tomorrow (not looking forward to the early rise to pick you up though!) But I can honestly say I’ve not missed Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers!

    Hope you enjoy the trip home, we’re expecting a heatwave here this weekend so you can spend it relaxing in the garden (after you’ve hung up your washing!)

    Luv mum xxx

  54. heeey :). i miss you caroline, louise, hayley + rachael !:(. not long till you come home :D:D. caaan’t wait too seee you’ss. (louise; you are missing that thing at dancing toooday :$ RP.) see you soooooooon :):).
    L O V E Y O U’ S x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    p.s- amyjohnston- misses hayley the mooost :). we miss you toooo :D.

  55. can’t wait to see you emma and claire! πŸ™‚
    i have missed yous both a wee bit! πŸ˜€
    see yous soon!
    lovee Kirsten xxx <3

  56. hey sam
    this is just a little message to tell you all to have a safe journey home! try and get some sleep and ill see you in the morning. cant wait.
    nana, grandad brandy and teno xxxx

  57. Hi Rhona,

    Its nearly over then! Bet you sleep on the bus this time – you must all be exhausted.

    So muchlooking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it. Safe journey home.


    G and P

  58. kayleigh
    you will be on your way home now hope everybody had a great time (by the look of the photos you all have) im sure we will all hear much more of your escapades with your cronies when you get home
    see you friday morning (more than likely looking worse for ware)
    mum & dad

  59. Hi Kirsty!

    Homeward bound hey! You must all be shattered now that you’ve discovered why you’ve got legs!
    Nothing much has changed around here since you’ve been away except Gemma is bouncing off the walls as her exams are over and Jason’s in a foul mood as Man U got beat! Claire’s putting up with the 2 of them-just.
    Look forward to hearing all your news.
    Safe journey home-see you in the morning!
    Love ya loads.

  60. Hey Keith
    Have a safe journey home and see you in the morning. Looking forward to hearing all about your adventures!.
    Love Mum, Dad, Leanne, Jess & Ozzy xx

  61. heyy x.
    Cannot believe that the France trip is over!!!!!
    SOOOOOOOOOOOO sadddddd.

  62. HIYA!

    I can now offially say that the S2 France trip 09 was the
    BEST experience of my life in
    more ways than one ! Made so many
    friends on the trip and of course was introduced to new
    foods (SNAILS!)
    Even though we all had our ups and downs, i know that im taking away
    soooooo many memories that will last a lifetime !!

    Thanks to all the pupils for making it really enjoyable !x

    Thanks to all the teachers for making even possible !x

    Memories —

    .Get your dobbers out! (Bingo!)
    .Ooo you touch my traa laa laa (best song ever)
    The traveling (yawn)

    love Natalie x

  63. OMG this was the best trip of my life so far apart from the buss journy whitch was draning tbh
    the trip was so funny like when lori fell on the buss and she was trying to save her candle that was soooo funny or when she brock the curten and she started snorting
    i will miss SPOONS so much πŸ™ but if i see a teacher in the hall i will do it
    it is soooo sad that it is over becuse it was sooo good
    thanks to all the teachers and to everyone that made me laugh
    love hayley

  64. cant believe its over πŸ™
    want to go back now !!
    bingo, dobbers ! loool
    ooh you touch my tra la la,
    im coming next year hahaa
    thanks to everyone for such an amazing trip ! πŸ˜€
    team swats we obviously the best πŸ˜‰ hahaa

  65. AMAZING!!!!!!!




  66. best ten days of my life so far πŸ™‚
    and miss watson get the pictures up, aeh ?
    i am missing everyone so much, especially my lizzie actual spooners i tell you !
    cant wait to see everyone on monday but i wish we never had school πŸ™

    ASHLEYCAMPBELL , spooning outt ! lmao.x

  67. Hey
    France was absolutely amazing!!!
    Enjoyed every minute of it.
    An experience never to forget.
    Can’t believe its now all over and how quick its came and past.
    Seems like just yesterday our names were getting picked out.
    Cant believe we going into 3rd year now.
    Time just flies.
    See everyone on Monday.
    Thnxs to everyone aswell that went who made it even better.
    Love Kerry x
    A.K.A-hyper active(duracell battery)

  68. Why hellllooooo.
    Cannot believe that was our last experience as second years and let me tell you it was absolutley awesome!!!
    Monaday – we go into third year….can’t wait.

    One last thing – DOOOBBBBEEERRRSSSS!!!!!!!!!

  69. ahahah. i came on here to look at the photos again and saw all the comments were still here, awww it bring back memories xD cant beleive france was soooo long ago. it was amazing tho. something we’ll all remember πŸ˜€

    hope all the france trippers enjoy next yeaaaar xD
    ooooooooooone last time, like 9 months on :L
    get yer dobbers oot!
    (awww i miss that)
    rosie xoxoxox

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