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  1. you kids are slow at leaving comments!
    we had comments up before we were even picked

  2. haha Sam u really want us to go hyper over this france thing :p o well still cant wait to go πŸ˜€ and cant wait till the jumpers :D:D:D:D :p

  3. Yep. REALLY gonna miss you guys. (*cough* looks away) Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it and I’m gonna miss my best pals, Katy Mackale and Calum Hunter.

    Love ya guys! πŸ˜›

    Gonna miss ma two teachers too. Mr Forgan and Miss Watson. They’re awesome teachers!!! πŸ˜€


  4. 8 days til I get peace and quiet from the 2nd Years. I-I-I mean… 8 days till my pals go away. πŸ˜€

  5. ahhhh !! 7 days till we are off dosnt fell like that long ago on new year i was talking to samantha on the phone saying france this year ! this time next week we will be in school ! sad face but people will have keep me down cause ill be to hyper ! its supose to be cold in france next week πŸ™ better no be or ill have to wair shorts in the cold !
    cant wait till fancy dress disco will be funny seening all teahcers dreast up ! well i got to go im in CDT and realy shouldnt be on this ! :s haha well cyaaaas !

  6. Oh MYYYYYY cannot believe that it has already been a FULL year since the amazing trip and since I was in bonny Scotland, The french trip is the bomb!!! You S2 are going to have a blast. I will try to send a message while you are on the trip. And don’t forget the TRA LA LA!!!! Ms Watson will explain πŸ™‚

  7. Mr BRIGGS!!! great to hear from you. We’re not even away yet and already we’ve gone “GLOBAL”

    oh theres a few things I plan on explaining over the course of the “educational excursion” I hope you’ve passed on our teachings back home in Chicago. The universal sign of the bingo go’er? how every aunty Shirley is fond of gala. Council makeup? they’re not too “controversial” for your pupils are they?

    It would be great to here from you whilst we are away. Remember Saturday is the big day, I wonder if I will assist anyone by breaking the rules this year, jumping the barriers at the cemetry! dont know how you never got I thrown out?

    Who will we bury on omaha beach this year?

  8. OMG my aunty uis global,she’ll be cheesed when i tell her loike, ok i estimate that it is friday 10 am when you are reading this? oh i remember what comes after this bit, ooh you touch my tra la la oomh my ding ding dong, ha oh and to the trippers sing happy birthday to miss watson at the grand old age of 26 (ha you wish :L) oh well al try and post comments when yous are away but if not have a great time and someone get me smurf haribos!!!!

    yours sincerely smelliot (sam elliot :D)

  9. hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! πŸ˜€ Tonight at 10pm…. start the 18 hour journey to France! Enjoy it while it lasts! πŸ™‚

  10. hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ok I’m bored from sending messages now. πŸ™ eeeeep I send messages every night and They’ll always start with “hiyaaaaaaaaa” or “awesome!” or “EPIC” ok????? Byz!

  11. Hope you all have a Happy Tripmas!! Have a great time guys and Ms W…you have a fab, happy, and eh sober birthday ok!! xx

  12. orite cool kids πŸ˜€
    just saw you leave like 25 miutes ago and i am liking dying inside, i should have been on that bus i am actual seein berious. oh just got a text from DD but i think i may have done something to my phone so i am currently reseting it. so emotcional, thinking that was a us a year ago. any hoo, hope you’s are all having a fan-dabby-dosey time. would be surprised if anyone beats my amazing karaoke skills, it will be hard and doubt yous will be able to do it πŸ™‚ LOL

    TOP TIPS: there is wi-fi in the wee reception bit of the chateua, so ipod touches eat your heart out, gees a wee comment on FB if ya can folks.

    !!!!YOU WILL NOT GET DRUNK OFF THE WINE!!!!! trust me it’s just embarrasing if you pretend you are.

    hope yous are havin a gidyin pigeons, al try and post to yous when am in france too πŸ˜€

    lots of lol’s from smelliot


    P.P.S for mrs. forbes : Quel est ce morceau de pain, boston vapour, oiseau, council make-up… i used google translate to help me πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Sam!! Hope you’re surviving the journey….missing you already!!!! Hope you enjoyed my sandwiches!! Jack’s going to send you a message (when he gets out his bed-tut tut!!) Love, mum xxx

  14. Hey Sam,

    I hope you are all enjoying the trip so far. Look after yourself and make sure you do your pee-pee and tee-tees before bed ;0)

    Have a great time and be safe.

    Dad x

  15. Hi ya! Hope you’ve arrived safely. Ellen’s missing you (I know it’s hard to believe). Fab joiner! Very hot here (phew! it’s a scorcher)- hope it’s the same with you lot. Mx

  16. Hey anna – we are all missing you already – ur package from abercrombie arrived today – at least you will have somehting to wear when you get home. LOL

  17. Orreeeeet waston and the second year france trippers πŸ™‚ .. Just a quick comment to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY suuuuuuz πŸ™‚ …. Hope you have a good 21st and the second years make sure you have a great day! Am off to sunbath in the garden and maybe look over graph comm notes… Not promising anything tho! CATCH x x

  18. Omg i miss yous all already <33 xx

    Hope yous are having a good time in France !xx

    ClaireHyndman&&AnnaKennedy…………Miss You Most Out Of The girliees :D:(!xx

    DD i miss you most out of the boys no-one to talk to during art on monday and tuesday :(!xx

    Anyway i neeed to go now :'( x

    Miss you :)! xx

    Hurrry Back !x

    Love yous alll πŸ˜€ x

  19. orite happy birhtday miss.watson. in your class right now. BTW me and georgie went up to art as expected miss. walker loves us and is letting us use the paint tomorrow! πŸ˜€ hon fleur today me and gary were reminising in modern studies. aww btw our jumpers are sexy πŸ˜‰ (s3 france) anyway hope yous are havin a gid yin did anyone go to that nice baguette shop? aww well, mr.monaghan says everyhting is going smoothly.

    P.S your folder is far too ocd

    P.P.S scott gray sends his love and seeks your safe return

  20. Hi Erin

    OMG we are all missing you already. Hope u all had a good journey. Have a great first day and look forward to hearing all your stories.

    Neve and Cerys send a big kiss xxxx

    love you

    Mum and Michael xxxx

  21. Hi Rach
    Hope you had a good journey and you all have an amazing time.
    Ewan is missing you already (sad boy!) and promises to look after your degus and NOT OPEN THE CAGE! Tom is not missing you (he says) and I am not missing trying to get you up in the morning! Good luck Amy!
    Looking forward to seeing what you get up to……
    Love you,

  22. Hi Samantha,
    Hope you had a good journey and arrived safely. Missing the doorbell going, the phone ringing and your music blaring….. NOT!!!!!! Have a fantastic time.

    Love you
    Mum, Dad, David, Stephen and Melissa

  23. Hi Daniel
    Hope you all arrived safe and sound if not a little tired.
    We are all really missing you (including Owen although he has been rummaging about in your room!!!). Have a fab time and take lots of photos.
    Lots of love Mum, Dad, Qwen and Yoda

  24. Happy Birthday Watson my old friend-hope you are having a GID day!!!
    Hello also to J Bo, Mrs Forbes, Mr O’Connor and Mr Forgan
    Hope you are all enjoying your trip so far – doesn’t feel like a year since I was on the trip – Good times!!!
    I trust you have a trip song sorted (or is it the old faithful???) So jealous of you all we found out today PL are getting inspected in a couple of weeks-aaaargh.
    Anyways look froward to following the trip on the website and will try and drop you a line again.
    Oh and Sam the OCD Watson suffers is only getting worse as she gets older-only joking pal!
    Spk soon xx

  25. AMY STACHAN i miss you πŸ™ changed your knickers yet LOL:D?camps gonna be rubbish with out you *sadface*,CRAIG JONSTONE, i miss your hugs:( but but but …….LOG*happyface* :D, what am i gonna do for 10 days ? tell me now πŸ˜› hehe, love you and miss yous millions oh Miss W happy birthday πŸ˜€ xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. Hi Kiery

    How’s it feel to be in France, bet your glad to be off the bus? Remember my caramels!!!

    I have only played your ps3 for 4 hours today!!!! He He – only joking! Weather to good here to be stuck inside, hope yours is the same,

    Have a great time

    Megs & Steven

  27. Glad to hear you all arrived safely – We are al missing you – Lauren has moved into your room already!!!! Enjoy
    luv mum, dad and Lauren

  28. Michael Morrison,
    I miss fighting with you a lot. I’m glad i cant hear bagpipes for 10 days but gramdma’s misseing them.
    Have a great time,
    Danielle, grandma and grandpa xxxxx

  29. for ryan lee:)

    Hi Ryan i am missing u but it is well too warm i am burning, hope u come home soon! x
    Have Sports Day tomorrow,(JOY):) miss u love Lauren xxxx

  30. Hi Hayda, Hope your not missing us all too much , Jason and Struan missed you that much they went to wake you up this morning , but just trashed your room instead.
    Hope you are all having the same great weather we have at the mo and c u soon.
    love you
    mum ,dad, jason & struan

  31. Great to see you all safely in France. Brings back lots of happy memories. Have a great trip everyone, and Michael, make sure you practise your English talk! Teachers, keep thinking about that first glass of wine at dinner tonight! Ms C xx

  32. Hello Claire Peatrie <33
    Im missing yooou so much :L
    Know i have to sit in art all alone its not so great <3 :L
    Its so quite without you πŸ™ Exspecially in cdt !!
    Hope your not missing me to much !!:L jokees !!
    I have no one to talk to anymore miss yooou !!
    Hope the weathers good over there our weathers not that bad either <33
    Missing yoou lots anyway i have to go know !
    Byee miss yoooou <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Love yooou muchly x

  33. Heey everyone πŸ™‚
    Hope yous are all having a great time! Special mentions to Claire Peatrie, Ellen Mcneil, Caroline Burns, Claire Hyndman, Jessica Gilfillian, and Rebecca Hunter.
    Love yous! <3

    Missing you all loads,

    from Lisa xx

  34. heey everyone πŸ˜€
    hope yous arrived safely, are having a great time in france, becca & peatroid i misss yous both lots! claire- it wont be as funny now your not in modern studies :L and its sooooo quiet without you especially in CDT :O<3 hope yous are enjoying the sun! πŸ˜€ hurry up and get home, well not for becca cos she said she wants to live there :L miss yous both lots :(. loveyous! xxx

  35. Heey ClairePeatrieee<33
    im missing you too much, and so are all the builders. Classes are soo quiet without you. I need you πŸ™‚ come back pleaseee :D:D. hope the weathers good, looking brighter here too :D!!! have a good time, i love you too much <33xxxx

    Ellen, Come back, i need someone to talk to in french…enjoy yourself, i love youu<3xxxx
    Jess, i miss you…come back, i need youuu :'(. im missing you loads, iloveyouu<33xx
    Haydyn, come back and make me laugh? please….have fun, i love youu <33
    ClaireHyndman, well…dancing is too quite…miss you, loveeeyouu<33

    Robyyyn <33xx

  36. Hope u r all having fun !!! Weather here also scortchio!!!

    Emma, Scott, Haydyn.Sam,Jake we are missing you. Moray it is VERY QUIET here without you. πŸ™‚

  37. hiyaa<3!
    hope you guys are all having a great time :D! wee yin, emma, kristy, erin, claire bell, claire hyndman, anna, caroline, dd, ryan, murray, daniel and george love yous all loads, can't wait to see yous when you get back<333! get a tan for us :L! love yaaa! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  38. good morning trippers, in your class right now miss watson. mr.monaghon sends his love he is currently doing my metal bit πŸ˜€ went up to art to paint duck but waited for you to come home. actual bored loike… so get home

    P.S how is the forbes/elliot group going? mrs.forbes take a military stance in the group

    P.P.S paris metro > knee it, head it, punch it, fled it!

    P.P.P.S mrs.Tait says hi

    P.P.P.P.S go to go mon wants me off the laptop have a good love from smelliot

    and remember get me smurf haribos!

  39. Heeeeyyy ppl!!! miss u loads Sammi and Amy πŸ™‚ Meg and zoey and shizzles misses u too πŸ™‚ its been soooo quiet with out all of u here xx Rly RLY RLY want to be there wit uz πŸ™‚ hope u have a rly rly gd time and i want u to tell me all about it when u get bck πŸ™‚ missing u lots and lots XxX from Rowan M πŸ™‚

  40. helloooo em! hope your having a good time, missing you loads hehe! love hannah<3 xxxxxxxxxx

    hi em, hope you having a good time, see you soon. love mum XXXXXXXXXXXX

    hello emily, missing you, see you soon, love grandma xxxxxxx

  41. Hi Greig,

    Hope you are having a great time. Preparations are well under way for the Spanish meal tomorrow for the Champion’s League. We’ll freeze some paella for you!!

    (Don’t bother saving us any frog’s legs!)

    Lookiing forward to receiving your postcard.

    Miss you.


  42. Hi Graham,
    Glad to hear you arrived probably glad to get off the bus! Weather here is fab as it looks lovely over there as well. Niamh and Aiden have been missing you loads especially Aiden as he has no one to fight with! Hope your having a great time and take loads of photos.
    Miss you
    Love Mum and Dad

  43. Hi Scott, hope you are all having a fab time. Weather looks great for the beach. Bet your are all glad the journey if over. Sally says hi. She has moved into your room while hers gets done. Remember my caramel and brie. Love mum, dad & Sally x

  44. Bonjour Kiearn et les amis,
    EspΓ©rez que vous avez un temps grand en France.
    Euan vous manque et jouera aux cartes avec vous bientΓ΄t.
    Euan est triste que vous soyez partis, mais les espoirs vous avez un temps grand!
    Beaucoup d’amour et de baisers,
    Michelle, Euan et Mirrin xxx

  45. Hiya Greig!
    Hope your having a great time. Enjoy the frogs legs and snails, i didn’t think they were to bad. I’ll soon be in France too after the HUGE 27 hour bus journey to the Alps, just finished packing just now after delaying it as much as possible. Mum says hi and is missing you but she wanted me to write the comment.
    Hope your trip is as much fun as mine was!
    Au Revoir!
    Rhona x
    p.s. Hiya to Sam and all the teachers πŸ˜€

  46. Bonjour Ellen!
    Hope you enjoyed your trip to the caramel factory (yum, yum) and the monestary. The weather here today is great . I’m sure you are enjoying it too and I hope it stays nice. Sally says “woof, woof”. She is missing your cuddles, but has been found sleeping on your bed a few times!!! Hope you have caught up on your sleep now and just remember – nightie-night, sleepy-byes and tuckums-in then!
    Love Mum & Dad xx

  47. Looking cool Scott. Hope you don’t turn the same colour as your sweatshirt when you try those frog legs and snails. Just watching the advert for ashes to ashes. mum x

  48. hi scott hop you are having fun. Missin you NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! . engoy your snails and frogs legs. Your room is crowded with all my junk and my room is empty. love Sal xxxx

  49. Hi Craig,

    Looking cool with the sunglasses on! Glad you arrived safe and well. The house is very quiet without you!! Enjoy tasting the snails and frogs legs. If you ate too many caramels today remember to brush your teeth!!! πŸ™‚ Ashes to Ashes all set to tape for you. Missing you lots. Granny Muriel got out of hospital yesterday and is doing ok. Alison is in labour so baby Johnston will be here very soon. Will keep you posted. Hi to Amy, Kelly and Rebecca. Lots of love Mum and Dad xxx

  50. Hi Rachel
    Hope you are having a great time. Hope the teachers have better luck getting you out of bed in the mornings than i do. Missing you lots
    Love Mumxxx

  51. michael morrison
    hi mike hope your haveing a good time. hope you are not to sick with the frogs legs and snails. have fun.
    ps. wether is ace here and jetskis are going good.
    love from dad and carol

  52. Hi Katy,
    Hope you are having a great time. Stoneyhill sports day today, weather great despite Tommy wishing for rain, Iveresk didn’t win but ice-cream floats at Lucas after. Hope your having a great time and yes I’ve remembered to give Holly money for DVDs tomorrow.
    Love and kisses From Mum, wet lick from Tommy!

  53. Helloooo Ellen!!

    Hope you are having a great time in france!! Where your frogs legs tasty? did they taste like chicken!!! πŸ˜›

    I am having a great time!!! went swimming with the dolphins and its 30 degrees plus!!!!

    bye bye lurrrvvveee Laura!! πŸ˜€

  54. forgot to say i am in Florida!!! Thats why its sent at a odd time!!! πŸ™‚

  55. Alright Trippers or more like G’day!
    Sounds like you guys are having a blast out there and that – finally – you’re getting some decent weather. Still a chance for rain at the Market though!!!
    How many times have you played the tour anthem yet? EVERYBODY … “oh, you touch my tra-la-la!!!’

    Also doin a bit of trippin myself this week – going to Cambridge about 3 hours out of Auckland on an Outdoor Ed trip with half of our Y10s (S3s). No quite the same!!

    Keep it real,

  56. Hiya!
    I can’t believe you were sick, wait, actually i can. That is so funny. Hannah and Samuel are coming are round at grans and are coming to see me off. Right theres no much time left so i need to have my yummy bacon for breakfast and get on the bus. This will be my last comment.
    See you Im off to the Alps!
    Rhona, Hannah + Samuel x

  57. Thanks for the pressie – it’s lovely and the very typical card! Had impromptu party with the Walters last night. Another lovely day here v hot. Hope you’re having a good time. xx

  58. orite cool kids sam here for what maybe the last comment! Just travelling doen the m6 right now so excuse my spelling hope you’s are having a great time. Mrs. Bonnar went shopping last night and you can trust that she won’t starve herself. I’m no gonna lie to you the s2 bus had some more wooly banter loike. Aye well have a good one and mind and get me smurf haribos
    P.S dave a might phone you on sunday so keep your phone handh
    P.P.S don’t miss me too much!

    Hope you’s have the best time ever which i know you will
    Peace out,smelliot

  59. Hi

    Your game arrived. Mum won’t let dad play it.

    Hope your having a fab time, the house is really quiet without you.

    Missing you………………..NOT !

    Amazing weather here.

    Hope your having a great time and mum says remember the sun cream. Hope too that you were able to translate Auntie Shells message.

    Megs, mum and dad.

  60. Hiya Morf! Hope you’re having a fantastic time, we are doing our best to look after Sky and he seems ok! Its scorching here, hope it’s the same for you, you might regret that decision to not take the aftersun! Missing you loads!

  61. Hi Sean, have been slow to catch on to this. Hope you are having fun. The picz look great. We won’t be able to post again until Wednesday when we get back. Love you loads. Mum and dad x

  62. Hi, tried this loads but to no avail. Hope you are having a great time. Pics look great. Won’t be able to post again until wednesday when we get back. Have a wonderful time. Love you lleads – mum and dad xx

  63. hey anna xx miss you loads x have alredy lost my phone x been using all your stuff x see you soon

    Love ruth xx

  64. hello everyone(:
    i’m just back from sunbathing at the beach, it’s about 27degrees here today, pretty hot. hope the weather is good for yous all, hope yous are all having a good time. keep posting pictures ;D

    say ‘teabag’ to liam frier for me please, it’s our special word πŸ™‚

    have fun and see yous all when you get back.

    p.s mrs forbes we are getting through the work you left us really quickly hehe πŸ™‚

  65. Hi Hayda,

    hope you lot r all having a great time, cos we are it’s sooo hot spent most of today lying on mussy beach watching half the grammar pier jumping.
    Remember speak as much french as you can, and take photos ( not just of you and sam sitting on the bus).
    Off to the zoo 2morrow for the baby’s birthday.

    c u all soon

    mum, dad, jason & struan

  66. Hi Craig,

    Hope you are doing ok. Alison had a baby girl at 3am this morning and was home for 4pm this afternoon!! No name as yet but very cute, Dad, Granny Muriel and myself have been to see her she is so tiny. πŸ™‚ Ashes to Ashes is taped for you. πŸ™‚ Doctor Who just about to start and the record button has been activated!! Missing you lots but hope you are having a fantastic time and remember to put plenty suncream on.

    See you soon

    Lots of love

    Mum & Dad xx

  67. Hi Kieran

    Hope you are having a fab time, hope the French girls are being good to you!

    Did you enjoy your frogs legs?

    Mum and Dad came to visit today.

    Have fun love

    Gran, Nanna, Anna Amy & Archie

  68. Bonjour Graham,
    Don’t worry I’m not going to write the rest in French! I hope you are speaking loads of french!!! Did you all enjoy the frogs legs and snails ? Are you watching the footie ? Dad is watching it ! Toulouse won the rugby in case you didn’t see it 21-19. Don’t forget to use loads of suncream!!!
    Miss you
    Love Mum

  69. Hiya Anna and Kristy!

    Hope you are having fun in France. Missing you at football training its not the same without you’s and just to let you know there is 3 new girls came to training and one of them is amazing also hutchi beat hibs today which is good!! byeee girls, love you’s!!
    (p.s. kristy hows the ankle :L),

  70. Hi jessica, how did you get on with the frogs legs etc? lol. Robbie and i have been down to papas caravan with Matt , Adam and Shona today as its been 26 degrees ( im a little bit red ), hope you are remembering the sun cream. Robbie says hi and thanks for letting him use your mobi !! and to mind his STAID FRANCAIS top !!. love mum and robbiexx

  71. Hiya Moray, glad you enjoyed yesterday, it’s a pity about your pictures but you’ll just need to take even more from now on! Emma and Erin are really missing you especially at the water fights. I think Sky is missing you too, he’s not happy with me taking his roof off but he is flying around loads and making a racket and a mess, presumably making up for you not being here!

    Have another great day, love you loads. Mum XXX

  72. Hi Michael,
    We are all missing you, especially Hayden who thinks you are away on the bus. He spent yesterday in the garden playing in his pink paddling pool, only problem he thinks it is a great place for a pee! I bet you are glad that you are not parading in your kilt and marching with a set of bagpipes this weekend, the temps. are in the 70s! Have a great time.
    Love Grandma xxx

  73. Hello Amy hope you are havin ga great time i hope you have put plenty of sun cream:).
    Oh yeah we forgot to tell you we moved house on tuesday lol:) Hi ay its kirsty hope you are injoying urself and we are all missing you even max he says woof woof x

  74. hey katy

    how are you finding france? just wanted to say i hope your having a great time and i miss you lots, phone me when you get back so you can tell me all about it.

    lots and lots of love,

    your favourite cousin ever xxxxxx

  75. Hi Craig,

    Hope you are ok and having a great time. Another scorching day in Musselburgh. Are you missing us yet? πŸ™
    Did you try the snails and frogs legs? Should I put them on the shopping list for next week? πŸ™‚

    Granny Vi managed to use her mobile phone without asking anyone for help (only taking a year!) don’t know if that will be a good thing or a bad thing!! πŸ™‚ Think we will have to wait another couple of years for the texting to start!!!:-)

    Still no name for baby Johnston.

    Missing you lots hope you are taking lots of photo’s.

    Lots of love

    Mum and Dad xxx

  76. Hi Ryan
    Inter won 2-0 – hope you got to see the game. AC Oxgangs drew with Craigroyston so we finished 2nd in the league – great result. Been looking at the pictures on this site – seems you are all having a great time and glad the weather is brill. Same back home here. Enjoy your time in Paris – look forward to seeing you on Friday
    Mum, Dad and Lauren

  77. Hi Sam

    Hope you enjoyed the snails and frogs legs-I heard about Greig (I think I’d have had the same reaction!!)
    Is quiet without you here but hope you and all your pals are having fun, fun, fun!!! And don’t forget my tacky souvenir….an eiffel tower fridge magnet? Or maybe a new teatowel?!!
    Grandad’s just come down and says he hopes you’re having a nice time too.

    Love mum (and Jack) xxx

  78. hey anna – ruth got her fone back – a lovely man came to the door – he founbd it on the beach buried in sand – a bit sus. – mussie ground to a halt today with the marathon – took us1.5 hrs to get back from wally station (in the car..) nitemare. jack got top goal scorer award at footie presentation. we all miss u lots (even jax) lol – au revoir ma cherie. xx

  79. Hiya Sam, hope your having a great time. Dont stay up too late, I know what your like…….

    Love Your Cool Gran MacDonald

  80. Hi dan
    Hope you are all having a fab time. Did you enjoy the French cuisine????
    Have a great time in Paris, and remember to take lots of photos.
    Missing you, lots of love mum, dad, owen and yoda xxxx

  81. Hi Graham,
    Hope you are enjoying your last few hours in the Chateaux. Niamh is watching Britain Got Talent you’re not missing anything there anyway. Went to Grannies today and everybody says a big hello! Niamh is dancing in the opening night of the dance show tomorrow so that should be good. Enjoy trip to Paris.
    Love Mum

  82. HI Liam
    Fish Tank is looking gooood!!! Great pictures – same weather as us! Katie is really missing you (not!). Enjoy.
    Love Dad

  83. Hi Sammy,
    Pictures look great , sounds like your havinga brilliant trip! Have a fantastic time in Paris and give us a wave fromthe top of the Eiffel Tower!
    Missing you,
    Love Mum, Dad, David Stephen and Melissa xxx

  84. Hi Kiery

    Nice to hear from you!!! Sound like your having a blast.

    Granny still has her bag packed waiting on you collecting her for her trip to France, we haven’t had the heart to tell her your gone!!!!!!

    Hope your all having a fab time and enjoy paris and take load of photos.

    Dad is playing your new game.

    love ya


  85. Hey Rach,
    Hope you’re having fun and didn’t eat too many snails…. Tom’s had a brill birthday….football, movie then cake and a barbie at Nick and Trudy’s!
    I had a great time at the wedding….all send their love, but a really hot day and an 8 hour drive home…got back at 3am so a bit knackered today. Ewy sends big kisses and approves of the pink paint I’m using in your room! He’s going to help with the painting too…
    Have a fantastic time in Paris and hope that you’re having fun tonight!

  86. Hi George
    Hope you are having fun. We are all missing you, the house is so quiet without you. Was at the footie today in Dunbar great result for tynie, with 10 men for half the game. Hamish says hi! We are having so
    e great weather here. Hope you are too. See you soon. Love mum dad and Hamish xx

  87. Hi Ellen
    Sounds like you have had a great time in Normandy and hope you enjoy Paris as much. Photos look great and hope that we will have lots of good photos to see when you get back. Just remember which way to hold the camera. We don’t want to see any of your chin and nose! Love Mum xxx.

  88. Bonjour to Anna and Emma!
    Just a wee note to wish you both a fantastic time in France! The pictures look great and its sounds fab. Hope you all have as much fun as I did last year πŸ˜€ Cant wait to hear all about it when you back xxx

  89. For Matt O’Connor – Hello Daddy ! We ar e missing you loads but having fun with Mummy. We went shopping today and Mum has bought lots of new clothes – ha ha just kidding !
    Love Madeleine and Rebeccaxx

  90. hi everyone hope you are all having a wonderful time in france just to let you know that mr burns is coming back he is in school today. hope you all remeber your sun screen coz some of use across here have got lods of sun burns on our body hope you have a great time and we will see when you come back from sean am sitting in biologi doing my work for my projest got to go and i need to finish my project off from sean

  91. hellooo,pooor brooke hope your okaay
    nearly time to come back
    its really quite without rachel+rebecca in french:(, hope yous are having a good time,its hot here,byeee xxxxx

  92. hey, its really hot here and hope your okai brooke xx :L hope use are havin a good time πŸ˜€ claire deans got no-one to touch up anymore now that your away :L what ashame on him lol :L byee everyone xx πŸ˜€

  93. DD hope your havin a good time

    Remember dazzs stones he says:P

    missin you in buisness ed have to sit next to shannon πŸ™

    cya soon babes πŸ˜‰

  94. Africa Calling!

    Hi Sean

    Greetings from Marrakesh Having a hard time trying to type on an Arabic keyboard! Really interesting city but you have to be careful to dodge the people carrying snakes through the marketplace! Bit surprised that you have not been in touch at all. We will take it that means you are enjoying yourself. See you on Friday:. Love Mum and Dad. x

  95. Hi Brooke ( or should I say hop along!!) looks like you have had a breaking sorry I mean smashing time!! Hope your toe isnt too sore and isnt giving you problems when you are out and about!! Also I hope you managed to cope with the cinema that was so hot hot hot!!! ha ha, missing you lots and lots, looking forward to seeing you when you get back,

    Mum , Abbey & Roxy xxxx

  96. Hi Kristy,
    Just got back from Cyprus early hours of this morning, had a fab week. Hope you are having a lovely time too.
    See you are on the move to Paris today – so enjoy and take lots of photos.
    Dad away to Oman tomorrow so he sends his love and will see you in July.
    See you at the end of the week
    Love ye babe xxxx

  97. Hi Erin

    Just had a look at the pics. It looks like yous are having alot of fun. Bet Paris is amazing. Still cant believe you tried the frog legs haha hope its not goin to be one of your favourite teas haha. Neve starting her dance show tonite so you can imagine how hyper she is. Cerys doin well with her potty training heheheh. We are all still missing you tho. Enjoy the rest of your week darling.

    lots of Love

    Mum, Michael, Neve and Cerys xxxxxx

  98. Hi Claire, hope you are having a great time, looks as if you are from the photos. Fab weather too – remember to keep putting on the sun lotion! Things good at home – enjoying the sunshine too. Alex has been having lots of water fights in the garden and Zara came to visit on Saturday. Needless to say Alex is missing you lots, we all are. The house is much quieter and tidier! Your lap-top has gone into hibernation. Tell Caroline I hope the mascara purchase was worth it. Have fun in Paris, remember I like anything that’s small and expensive! Dad sends his love (at the gym just now!). Enjoy your sightseeing tomorrow.

    Love you lots
    Mum, Dad and Alex xxxxx

    ps. Hi to Suzanne too x

  99. hope uve been slappin on the sun cream looks hot on tv {been watching tennis from paris}so you could come back with a tan and no a tide mark :)lol

  100. Hi Craig,

    Hope the Hawian party was a blast and you took lots of photo’s.

    Baby Johnston has been named and she is called Alexa. Alison took her up to Granny Muriel’s today for a while. Both Grans are missing you lots and they send their love.

    Have a lovely time in Paris, cant wait to see you and hear all about the trip.

    Missing you lots.

    Lots of love

    Mum and Dad xxxx

  101. Hi Caroline!
    Hope you’re having a brilliant time and that the sun is still shining.
    House quiet without you, but Molly still making plenty of noise.
    You’ll be glad to get to Paris to get some pizza – have all the biscuits gone yet? Please keep some money for the journey home, and don’t be buying anymore make up!! Dad and Katherine say hi and Molly is blowing you kisses! Please wear your suncream when it’s hot . See you Friday
    Love mum, dad, Katherine and Molly xx

  102. Hi Kieran
    The weather looks fab with you. Euan and Mirrin are missing you and can’t wait to see you to hear all about your travels and help you to eat your caramels!
    I’m off to the island of Arran tomorrow – need to leave Paisley at 0530 to make sure I get the 0700 ferry. It takes about an hour. I’ll then leave on the 1100 boat and back to the office for midday. Hope uncle Jim gets the Paisley buddies to school on time!
    Mirrin has joined a dance class and needs a black catsuit with pink leggings – lovely…
    Euan’s freckles have all come out in the sun!!! He wanted to see Archie yesterday, woof, woof.
    Love Aunty Michelle xxxxxxxxxxx

  103. heeeeeey kiery its Amy,
    hope your having fun your soo sooo lucky !!
    tell what you got upto when you get back okay .
    hope the weathers nice .
    see yah bye xxx

  104. HIYA!!!!!
    Weather looks fab – it’s raining here now and 7 deg colder than yesterday. Hope you’re having a nice time – link to Seinne webcam not working so couldn’t look for you. disco sounded fab – wish I’d been there. Can’t wait to see ya (no one to really annoy without you around LOL x)
    Lots of love Ellen.xx

  105. Hi big sis, hope u are having a good time.
    Hope you tried the frogs legs and snails they sound delicious (NOT)
    dont come back with a tan as I will be the only one without as Mum
    got a really good tan in Cyprus.
    Running on Wednesday at Meadowbank for the school – 150 m, long jump and relay.
    Got netball tournament for school on Thursday.
    Dont forget my present cause you love me remember !!!!!
    Have a good time LOTS of love Linzi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  106. Salut Kristy espΓ¨re que vous s’amusez bien en France – nous vous manquons xx

  107. Hi babe, hope you are having a lovely time Miss you loads
    from Gail ( Mum 2) Brian, Barry and Shaun your boys xxxxxx

  108. salut mike. j’espere que tes pas haveing a beaucoup d’amusement. charges miss you.
    love dad and carol

  109. Hey BROOKE GODSELL, ERIN QUEEN, CLAIRE BELL, KRISTY PURVES and EMILY SLIGHT :D, hope yous are having a good time,,,,
    Poor wee brooke :(, just had to happen to her tho eh erin :D:L,
    miss yous alot, yous better not come back with a tan!

  110. Hi Claire Petrie
    At the risk of getting into trouble for embarassing you with a message, I thought I would take the chance anyway! Hope you’re having a fab time, I’m missing you loads as is Ali and Monty. Monty is at the window looking for you at the mention of your name! Can’t believe how quiet (and tidy ) the house is without you πŸ™‚ Anyway hope you’re having the best time and can’t wait to see you on Friday.

    Love from Mum, Ali & Monty xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  111. to everyone

    Hope you are having are great time. Weather sure looks better than it was in October. Hopefully the teachers wont drag you around Paris that much. Still have a wonderful time.

    Calum J

  112. heyy keiry
    miss you lots
    I hope you brought enough nappyys we know how you can still have wee peepees and night nights
    love you lots
    great grandma jim

  113. Hello,

    missing you anna, claire + poor brooke :),

    Emm anna all our classes are quite, well apart from jai but you need to hurry up and get home because we all miss you so much, xx

    Claire you need to deans all on his own, no grils for him :L:L haa Deans bored with out you xx

    Brooke, hope your okaay, cant wait to see you xx lovee you xx

    dd; maths is boring come back please πŸ˜€

    LoveYou all so much bye babeeees πŸ™‚

  114. Hi Kelz,
    Could someone please wrap Kelly in some bubble wrap as she seems to do nothing but walk into things. Didn’t think you would like the snails or frogs legs, but at least you gave them a try, or did you? Never mind, will have something nice for you to eat when you get home friday. So quiet here with out you,no one pulling my leg. Pups keep looking in your room for you and cant understand why your not there. Enjoy whats left of your trip. We all miss you loads.
    Love mum,Thomas, Sarah, Max & Tyler xxxxx

  115. Sound like you are going to need a holiday when you get back or go to bed until Monday morning. haha. Paris looks fab. Enjoy the rest of your week and Parc Asterix. luv mum x

  116. Hi Graham,
    Great pictures especially the boat trip. Looks as if you are all having a great time. Weather a little cooler here but still sunny. Niamh had her first night of her dance show last night. Grumpy this morning trying to get her up for school!!! Dad off today and at the gym at the moment! Ross was here playing with Aiden for a while. Enjoy the Eiffel Tower tonight.
    Love Mum

  117. Hi Kristy,
    Hope you had a good day seeing all the sights today – hope the ankle has been ok
    for you and the bruising and swelling gone – hope also the finger has been ok !!!
    Enjoy the Eiffel Tower this evening.
    Love you loads xxx

  118. Hey Robin, Moppet (and Calum)!
    Missin you loads. The schools been really quiet this week without you. The young ones party was great Hazel and Holly went mad!!!! Got loads for ma B-Day not fair you missed it!!!! Hope the weather there is as good at it is here. Any way better go got to finish packing for Dalguise tomorrow (yeah)!!!
    See you soon Eilidh.

  119. Hi Kiery

    How is the sunburn? Have you enjoyed Paris and was it freezing up the tower like they said it would be.

    We have been out with Auntie Lisa & Steven tonight.

    Steve & i played the ps3 too, but only for about half an hour cause he had to go. Place is really quiet with out you. You missed all the good weather here, which prob means you missed our summer.

    See you Friday, but don’t wake me when you arrive home at stupid o’clock



  120. i miss you kristy:'(.
    me and dean were wondering if dd has had his rats tail cutt off yet:D oh yeah, claire caroline and emily im stuck walking to school with dean and jamie t….
    anna, miss you heaps(U). text me as soon as you are in england:D:D

  121. Hello Emily, We,ve just looked through all the photos they’re great cant see you at all GET TO THE FRONT!!!!!!! We all miss you loads cant wait to see you on Friday. We had a fab time has Pebbles Hydro the weather was really hot. we bought you a pressie.
    Enjoy the rest of your holiday love you loads and take care

    your Mammy xxxx haha.

    LOL at mums comment! helloo em, hope your having a great time, missing you loads though! take lots of pictures for me:D. laaaaavyee! love hannah xxxxxx
    PS. its so funny how many times mum swears trying to write these messages haha!

  122. hey anna. enjoy park asterix – nae screamin on the rides. Jack says hi – his last exam on thursday – we all miss u – ruth is puting all ur stuff back for friday morning. cant wait to se you and get ur stories.xx

  123. hi mike hope your haveing loads of fun and not getting to burnt. missing you loads. hope you are behaving.
    love dad and carol

  124. Hey troops looks like you are having a blast so far on your trip and the weather in paris looks a bit drier than our time on the Champs Elyses last year when it was totally pouring down!!!!
    Sounds like the French cuisine tasting was good and that your Hawain disco was great fun.
    Hope the rest of your trip continues to be amazing. Look forward to seeing all the photos when they go up
    Cheers my dears x

  125. hey Bex hope your behaving and having more fun than the teachers. mum and isla our huge puppy are missing you and you made us cry like babies wen you left.Your dead for making me cry and you took my skirt i really wanted to wear that the other day !!!!! :):L and Mr Forgan i have a bone to pick with you mr …… Watson hey hope you had a great birthday :):) and Brook hope your foots okay .xxxxxall have loads of fun

  126. Hi Ellen
    Love the photos of Paris, you certainly look like you are having a great time. Hope you enjoy the parc on Wednesday and go on surprise yourself, by trying out these rollercoasters! Just remember when you are sitting on any of them, it helps if you scream lots and lots, well I do!! Anyway, we are missing you loads and look forward to seeing you on Friday. Love Mum xxx.

  127. Hi hayda,
    Jason finally ask where are you on Sunday morning on the way to the zoo. We had a great , sorry couldn’t save any cake from struans b’day, there are greedy little boy’s in the house.
    Jason want’s to be a penguin zoo keeper now and struan wasn’t scared at all of all the animals.
    c u soon
    mum ,dad, jason & struan

  128. Morning Craig,

    Love the Paris photo of you all in your blue hoodies!! Looks very hot though hope you are using plenty sun cream. Hope you enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower last night, I am sure you are enjoying all the walking!! πŸ™‚

    Wish you had taking your mobile phone now just like the others have on the trip but not to worry Friday is nearly here. Missing you very much. Got photo’s of baby Alexa for you to see. Just getting ready to go to work sweetheart so enjoy your visit to Parc Asterix today.

    Lots of love

    Mum and Dad xxx

  129. Hey Claire,

    Mum tells me you are in France – I never noticed you were gone (much) til yesterday! πŸ™‚ Just kidding! God the place is quiet without you around and at last mum believes me when I tell her its not me who makes all the mess but you so you’ve been rumbled sis! I was gonna pick you up on Friday morning but then I found out you were getting back at 6 in the morning or should i say the middle of the night! So if its okay with you I will let mum do that and I will see you sometime around midday! πŸ™‚ Hope you’ve had a blast cannae wait to hear all the stories. CYA soon

    Love Ali xxxxxx

  130. Hi Kristy,
    Hope you and all yer crew are having a magical time.
    Well thats me back on camp in the desert in the Doha district in Southern Oman and its boilin around the 45 degree mark.
    I took Linz to see the street dance movie at the weekend you will love it.
    I hope you are getting some lovely photos and some wonderfull memories.
    Missing you loads love you see you in 6 weeks.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  131. Hi Samantha,
    Hope you had a fantastic time in Paris! We looked for you at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Wereyou the one waving with the blue sweatshirt on??? Looking forward to seeing all your pictures when you get back, the whole 1263 of them!!!! Missing you loads. See you Friday .

    Love Mum, Dad, David, Stephen andMelissa xxxxx

  132. hiya kristy and anna :D!
    i love yous both but miss yous more :L cant wait to see yous soon πŸ™‚ hope yous are having a really good time πŸ˜€ xxxx

  133. Hi Sis (Lara), Really missing you, got no one to fight with! Ha, ha. Come back soon
    from finley

  134. Hi Morf, hope Parc Asterix was fantastic, the day in Paris was Lewis’ favourite day when he was on the French trip, hope you enjoyed that too. Not long now until you’re home, can’t wait, the place is too quiet without you. Sky is definitely missing you, I keep forgetting to put his cover on at night, sorry! I’m thinking a Chinese carry out for tea on Friday, hope that’s ok, love you lots! Mum x

  135. Hi George,
    Hope you are having a great time in Paris. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday, we have all missed you loads.

    Love Mum, Dad and Hamish xx

  136. OMG! Come home! Need a hug from Katykins! Miss ya. Miss you too, Keiran Goo. Miss ya aswell Calum!!! ;D Katy, you know what that’s code for! Need you all back! My life is fallin apart…. *dances on table when they leave* (sound familiar with the Chantelle story, Miss W?) Miss you, Katykins, G.S and Cal-Cal! Again, Katy’ll know what that means! Now laugh in french, laugh in french or you DIE! Only jokin…. or am I???

    Luv ya,
    Holz xxx

  137. Hi Kristy,
    Hope you had a great day at Parc Asterix.
    Enjoy your last day tomorrow xxxxxxxxxxxx

  138. HeeHee my mum just told me that if I got picked, I might get to go next year. It depends whether we’re going to France for our summer hols this year! Luv please come home safe. Weather’s not meant to be good down there tomoz! Byz, Holly is signing off tonight.


    P.S: Mr Scott misses you Miss W! (I’m just teasin’!)

  139. Ok, lots of courage plucked up. Calum what I’m about to say may or may not be true, I’m hyper. I FANCY YOU, CALUM.

    Ok, not sure if it’s true. Get Katykins to read this message. Show Miss W aswell. You’ll get super-slagged! You are fancied by a 1st Year!

  140. hello emily hope all is well and your still having a great time. I’m so looing forward to you coming home not the dirty washing mind you!!!! Enjoy the last days of your trip. Hannah is fine revising apparently via “msn” that it when she’s not sleeping !!!

    Love you so much Mumxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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