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  1. Last day in le francais! GUTTER.

    right last few tips…
    it’s quite a trek to sacre coure so take water and energy! There is a certain street you shall pass on the way to the sacre cour. but remember it’s means something totally different in france. (DON’T READ ALOUD: see if that confuses them hahahahahahahahahaha) there is a wee guy selling keyrings in a wheelchair at the top. buy one. if you face the sacre coure then go to the left of it, then the street to the left loads of great souveneirs for very low prices! OH keep money for calais THERE IS A MCDONALDS. and a toys r us. and a good supermarket for a munch on the bus. same supermarket was in tv a couple of weeks ago! and mind and thank the teachers. they will appreciatte it. WATSON i plan to do you proud tomorrow. some inside gossip: mrs. wilkinson had another boy and called it elliot. just to point out she called her first child sam. COINCIDENCE. I THINK NOT.

    well it’s been great watching you’s trying to fill our shoes and i’m sure you’ve done well but most likely not well enough. SING THE DING DONG SONG AS YOU PULL UP TO SCHOOL ( it gives you’re parents a great idea of you’re activity’s in the last ten days.

    PEACE OUT!!!
    smelliot AKA samouse AKA TRIPPER ULTIMATO AKA sam.

    P.S Obama is in the same country as you and VERY close to calais

  2. hi – ya.. keiran here just thought id leave a comment to say how awsome the trip was πŸ˜€ and thanks to all the teachers for putting the effort in to take us in the first place:).. some of the memories of france will always be remebered like the karaoke (pork&cheese), the horse, mad man marty and his one man party and more:P.

    p.s.. oh my ding ding dong :L


  3. Hi from Iona’s mum, dad and wee sister Eva,

    Just wanted to say a massive thank-you to the teachers who made this such a fantastic trip and looked after our kids so well. Iona had a ball and has been talking non-stop about all the adventures!
    Thanks so much,
    Lana, Al, Eva

  4. Just want to say how awsome the trip was!!
    i loved the water rides especially when we drag the teachers on them! LOL
    i hope the next trippers like it just as much as we all did!!!!!!

  5. just like to thank the did a fantasic job.emma was full of praise for the teachers.she loved the trip.

  6. a big thank you to all the teachers.Emma said it was the best trip ever.
    lorraine & derek harvey

  7. Thank you to all the teachers who helped create great memories for the kids. Annaliese really enjoyed the trip.

    Holly & Paul Kilday

  8. The France Trip wz a blast and a experience I’d never forget like all the songs we sang and all the places we visited. I would also like 2 say thanks 2 the teachers for making this trip a blast and I shall never forget the France trip theme song ….. Mainly cos I have it on my fond LOL πŸ™‚

  9. Hi just wanted to say thank you to all the teachers for such an amazing time. πŸ™‚ had some fantastic memories like the trips anthem and the horse and mad man marty and loads more! I wish we could go back next year! <3 all next years second years will have a great time. Thanks again! byeee;) xxxxx

  10. the france trip 4 this year was the best holiday i mean education excursion ive ever been on. the trippers this year have made new songs up and new traditions of there own like the horsey, the cha cha slide. the taechers should be thanked for all there work and patience with all of us. We all loved the ding dong song and keiran with his solo. the funniest part was when we got prizegiving award. I didnt think the cemeterys would be that good to walk around. i am so thankfull to the teachers, my mum, and dad for making this happen. ive had the time of my life and i oww it all to you miss watson.


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