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  1. hello future trippers. just with miss watson looking at last years photos. just keeping trip ’09 (the best one eva eva) alive. we had more fun than you are gonny have cause we were shmental. ok we r gonna go.

    P.S get me smurf haribos

  2. Hellooooo new trippperrrssss :D:D:D

    Just to say tht u will love the france trip!!! The teachers are crazyyy and u will get lots of memories!!! :D:D:D

    Remember to be loud on the bus!! just wanted to say hi to danielle and emily πŸ™‚ 2 trippers i know for 2011 already!! have an amazing time!! love u both πŸ˜› πŸ˜€

    OH AND I FOUND A VIDEO ON YOUTUBE CALLED THE ONE MAN PARTY DANCE!!! mr forgan will have to learn it πŸ˜›


  3. helloo future tripers ! yous will have an amazing time not as good as us though dont fall for miss watsons storys !! watch out for the pigions they are deadly as miss bonner found out member tast all the foods snails are GID ! πŸ™‚ you meet so meny new people that you get close to but remember dont get to close !!

  4. can I say I’m awfy proud of you lot, it fills my wee heart to hear you wishing everyone well and speaking nice about your trip.

    and your not evening joking!! Its is the best ………………………. btw all my stories are TRUE!! (ish)

  5. heyy future trippers πŸ˜€ hope u all- actually, u WILL all have a great time! remember to be loud for the ding dong song, lol, teachers will explain πŸ™‚

    and btw, u NEED to bring me back smurf haribos, i cant get enough of them πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. hey new trippers btw us are going to have soooo much funnnn !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

    And tell mad man Marty have a good one man party lol :L πŸ™‚

  7. Hi y’all
    Hope y’all have a good time next year!!!
    Remember be loud, Smile, Make Friends and most importantly HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
    Bring me back Smurf haribos as they are yummy!!!!!!

    P.s. Miss W’s stories aren’t true

  8. 8 Days ! SOOOO EXCITED…….. Case is already packed and stuff !! πŸ˜€

  9. Hey everyone!
    have a great time in France and im sure you’ll make lots of good memories πŸ˜€
    try not to run into any suitcases or get into fights with french people :L hahah
    HAVE FUN!!

  10. supp ( or hiyaaa … hiiyaa what you will here from miss watson the hole time ) france is amazing yous will love it remember the sun cream …. what ever yous do donot wair jeans to the beach …. i made that mistake last year and what ever you do dont brake any of the rules ASPESHALY no touchy touchy you will just get extreamy embaresed and the teachers will tormrnt you for life …… not that i have experenced it ….. ps miss watsons storries are all true πŸ˜› xx

  11. YO YO YO.

    I would give you all advise about your 5 star accomodation but i hear it ha changed since i blessed it’s hallways with my amazing looks. Dear, mgwatts me and rachael could not make it to the annual send-off so instead are going to leave various charming mesages for you to adore. to the s2’s this is thee best trip you will ever experience in your school career, possibley ever. Make the most of it and do not be annoying. As stupid as it may sound you are a big french family now so share your bread with each other. ENJOY IT. honestly two years from now when you are sitting the most draining exams of your entire your entire life you will wish you were back. At the market LISTEN to the teachers, DO NOT GO TO THE FAR LEFT (or wherever the animal section is now) it is NOT nice and you will regret it. OH in regards to the anthem i would give you the advice of Listen, Learn, Love. There is a strong possibility it will become the soundtrack of your life. As previously asked smurf haribos are always appreciatted and will go down well.

    to everyone have a good time!

    P.S Respect the hoodie, it will become a valued member of your wardrobe.

    yours faithully,

    (Veteran tripper and valued pupil)

  12. hey guys in response to sam’s comment – do what he says , seriously he is one of the wise and a member of the best year of france EVER france ’09 !!!!!! german people shouting abuse at us on the boat ride down the seine cos we were screaming out ” get your DOBBERS OOOT” when we went under each bridge – how i laughed πŸ˜‰
    claire , so sorry to embarrass you but i will anyway – I LOVE YOU xxx missing you already. hope you have as much fun as i did – seriously this is THE BEST TRIP EVER!!!
    play gunther and the sunshine girls – ooooh you touch my tra la la for me
    kirsty x

  13. Hi Jonathan

    Hope you had a good trip and managed to sleep but I suspect you did not .Lets hope you did not keep every body awake with your singing.I know you will have a great time .Enjoy all that lovely French food.Matthew claims he is not missing you.This morning was very quite .

    Love Mum

  14. hi shannon,just like you to know we are missin u already πŸ™‚ hope u have a fab time and loads of fun,you will have a nice comfy bed to look farward to tonight…..mind no sleep talking πŸ™‚ p.s. liam says peace for a week . luv mum and dad xx

  15. Hi Jonathan

    Silly me the phone rang as I was sending the last message and obviously the last sentence makes no sense.I meant to say the house was quite quiet .

    lots of love Mum

  16. Hi Josh

    Hope the bus journey was ok and your collar bone is not too sore! Missing you already, the house is so quiet. Though it’s nice not to hear the noise of your xbox in the background. Have a fabulous time and hopefully you might onto a few things at the Park Asterix. Let me know your arm is ok.

    Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Abbie xx

  17. Hi Kieran M, hope you managed to get some sleep on the bus (doubt it though) and that your Tunnocks didn’t melt. All missing you already (but not the juggling). Have a great time. Love Mum, Dad and big sis xxx

  18. Hi Scott

    Hope you had a good trip over on the ferry. Have a great time at the Cider Farm (keep off the strong stuff!!). Have a fab time at Mont Saint Michel. Missing you lots – no-one to keep Dad and I supplied with cups of tea!! Take care.

    Lots of Love Mum, Dad and Callum XXX

  19. hi chloe,

    hope ur having a great time with ur friends, the house is so quiet. we are all missing u loads. lauren says its great now as she can see the room floor lol have a good time sweethart. love u loads. mum dad and
    ps… tell shannon lauren has been asking for her game…

  20. Hi Scott,

    Hope you’re having fun and were ok on the boat. Have you had the chocolate covered spiders yet ? I am missing you. Please bring me back a nice present from park asterix.

    Lots of love,

    Callum. x

  21. Hiya. Hope you guys have a great time. Just remember to look out for spadgions and looky looky men. Also remember that the rest of the trip that you have to call mr forgan mad man marty. Finally, when you go to mont st michelle, remember, watsons always right with her story’s.

  22. hi trippers
    hope you are all having a great time in France. hope Jonathan isn’t making too much noise as he normally does and look after that arm Josh. hope the weather is nice and hot for all of you have a good week

    au revoir

  23. Hi liam hope you have a great time in france an the weather stays nice for you all πŸ™‚ lots of love mum, paul, niki an euan πŸ™‚
    liam its niki please take a photo of a man with a little handbag for me xxx lol

  24. bon soir jonathan: hope you have had a good trip
    – dad

    Hi Jonathan

    Have you had escargots with lots of garlic butter yet? I wish I could have some.


  25. Hey Lewis missing you loads already. Its so quiet in the house without you. Missing our chats in the car on the way to school and no-one to carry my bag to the bus stop.
    Hope you are having a good time. Dad has no-one to watch the footie with. And ollie is missing you loads. Conor is loving watching sky on your tv.

    Love mum, dad, conor and ollie x

  26. Hi Euan, missing u already hope your journey was a good one and you enjoyed your trip on the boat!
    Quiet around the house without u saving a fortune on electricity not having every appliance on the house on!
    Have a great time – remember and practice your french!
    Hi Euan, its dad here, espΓ©rons que vous ayez un bon moment dont sing at the karaoke!!!!!
    Love Mum,Dad and Hannnah x x x x

  27. hiya humzah x x hope ur having a great time. we are all missing u already x hope ur journey was a good one and that u enjoyed ur boat trip xtake care of urself and have loads of fun x love u loads x x mum, papa, isa and aymanx x

  28. Hi Katie Mac.

    Hope you enjoyed your first day in France (well, since you were 2 1/2 !) and that the boat trip was fun.

    Aidan says he is not missing you, but you know that isn’t true. (Can you hear him shouting over in France!?) We are all missing you loads. We hope you manage to catch up on your sleep tonight, so you can enjoy tomorrow.

    Bon nuit Katie.

    Love Mum, Dad & the pest!

  29. Hiyaa guys hope you’s are having fun in france

    school is so boring and quiet


  30. Hi Scott,
    Dad here. Hope you’re having a good time.
    We’ve rented out your room to a student from the University and sold all your stuff so if you can find a job while you’re over there that would be very helpful.


    ps. only kidding about renting your room out. Got a few quid for all your clothes though.

  31. Hi Keiran,

    hope your havin a great time and the weather is nice! The house is very quite and tidy without you :L

    Caitlin keeps askin how long till your home lol.
    Have fun wee guy.

    Love ya loads
    mum, Dad, Caitlin & Olly

  32. Hi Jonathan

    Matthew and Freddie here.

    As we do not have school till Thursday we thought we might pop over to annoy you as we know you are really missing us.I am trying to get mum to let me have your room.Say hi to Josh Thomas Lauren and Cameron
    I gather you were tasting cider this morning .

    Love from Matthew and Freddie.

    Ps Mum says hi

  33. Hi Michael (Gray)

    Sure you are having a great time and not missing us πŸ™‚ but we are missing you loads.

    James has swapped rooms with you as he said you were ok with that found that strange but I am sure he wouldn’t lie about it lol.

    Take care love you Mum Dad (and James lol)

  34. dear trippers,
    i sincerely hope that suzie has read the above comment from SMELLIOT, as he speaks every word of the truth. don’t touch the electric fence by the chateau, it’s actually electric. don’t take photos in the disney store in paris, the scary guy will shout. try your best and find a chinese tourist to have a group photo with. make sure and learn all the words to the ding dong song. believe all of ms watson’s stories and give her plenty new ones to tell for us all til next year.
    make sure and have a banter as big samouse says you are all one french family now.
    kieran m, when you go to the supermarket buy me BN BISCUITS. the ones with the smiley faces on them, you know. plus smurf haribos if you can find any. see you when you get back bro!
    hope there are no tragedies πŸ™‚

    p.s you will NOT beat our trip- france ’09 avec us and the american was the best in history.
    p.p.s as we have all said, DOBBERS OOOOOTT!

  35. hi chlo chlo, its me lauren i hope ur ok , im missing u so so much i cant wait 2 see u next friday. ps mind and get me something nice.

    love u.xx poppops

  36. hi clark (harvey)

    hope yous all had a safe journey and enjoyed the ferry,have a great time and hope the weather is good for you…
    try not to miss us to much…lol
    love mum and dad xx

  37. hiya chloe, hope ur having fun and enjoying urself darling as u deserve it.
    love u loads and loads.

    nana and papa.xxxxxx

  38. HEEEEEEEY liam i saw you photos you look like you having a good time gran says hi shes missing you lodes xx iloveyoulongtime πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

    love niki and gran xxxxxxxxxxx;)

  39. Hi Daniel

    Hope you are enjoying the French sunshine? Your sister just keeps asking where you are every minute of the day!! She has just been looking at your photos and got really excited! We just realised your phone won’t work but we have put money on it so it should be o.k. now. Try to send a text to try it? Enjoy yourself, bet it’s better than being at school!!!! Remember to put suntan cream on to preserve your good looks!

    Mum, Ger, Niamh and Granxxxx

  40. Hey Euan!…Hope you have worked out how to use Mussy Grammar home page!!….Its lovely and sunny here..the kids all out playing footie and rounders…and I’m sorry but there is an outdoor pool..!!..bit cold though! Frogs legs and l’escargot for wur teas tomorrow night????…. Big hugs ,Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  41. Hey yow Emma (Harvey) & Shannon (Webster)

    Hope ur having fun with out us. Wait thats imposible cause were nt there lol!!
    Weathers nice and we were out on hazels gocarts all afternoon aloughth we could hardley work them they were that small. We had fun at school today nt bt mr waugh was only in class for like 5mins altogether cause of exams. Your missing all the fun
    See u whenever and your missing my birthday on Sunday and Hazels on Monday so u better get us gd prezzies so we can forgive u!! lol!! (jks bt still)

    See u soon from us!!!

  42. P.S mind and bring us back smuf Haribos they are the best!!!

  43. hi emma hope your having a great time…….. if your not we are ( only kidding). Could not find you in the pictures move near the front next time. Hope you found your belts.
    lol mum & dad

  44. Hi Mummy,
    I played rounders at Lisas today! Missing you lots hope you’re having a good time!!
    Hugs n kisses, Euan xoxoxoxox

  45. Message for Emily Schaffer

    Missing you lots, the house is quieter/emptier without you. Hope that you are having a great time.

    Lots of love from Mum & Dad

  46. hiya chloe its dad hope ur ok and behaving lol,,, mum has tryed 2 fone u a few times and u know what shes like when she doesn’t hear from u so please txt or give her a one ringer just so she can relax.

    take care babe
    love u dad.xx

  47. Salam Hamzah….hope ur having loads of fun….seen ur pics and the weather looks really nice….its dull and miserable in glasgow as usual so make the most of it….we are all missing you and Diva Laiba is missing you too….I have Isa coming over to stay with me for a couple of days…take care and see u when u come back

    mwaaah xxx

  48. hi Jack,

    Looks like your all having a great time, sunshine I see from the photos! Not too much cider today i hope, tomorrow should be good, you can text us sometime you know! house very quite without you & James! Missing you loads, have fabby time

    Loads Of Love,

    Mum and Dad and Minnie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  49. Hi Hannah

    Great to see the pictures of you all, having lots of fun in the sunshine. Lucky you had the H on your top, so Dad could find you in the photo. He was too busy trying to spot you amongst all the green hoodies! We are just about to watch the Mentalist and Sam wants to know if Miss Watson enjoyed her birthday trip to the cider factory. Dad and I are missing you lots, but Sam isn’t missing you YET.

    Lots of love from us all xxx

  50. Hi Michael

    glad your having a good time, hope you are cleaning up after yourself lol prob a silly question why break a habit of a lifetime lol


    love mum and dad

  51. RAGING. Can’t believe you’s got to use the pool at the chateua when we we’re
    e there it gained a nickname that I shall not repeat! Been quite a quiet night in good old mussy G, some gos. That deserteted shop down the street opposite to co op is going to be a peackocks? Nay other gossip but ill keep you inforned. Mind and enjoy it oh! Just incase yous haven’t caught on there is WiFi at reception. Bayeux today (saturday) have fun and today will be sad but try not to get too upset ladd, heads up!

  52. Smelliot your comments are keeping us going and are a great reminder of all the traditions we need to be teaching the new trippers.

    Look forward to your daily updates of life back in MGS. Yes we will bring you smurf haribo’s

    PS. I hope your exams are going well.

  53. Hi Jonathan

    It looks like you are having a great time. Did you have fun at the cider factory?

  54. Hi Jonathan

    Matthew and Freddie here.
    We had a great time last night .We had rugby training and we could not drag mum and dad away from the club.We had a sleep over in the tent.I think the neighbours thought you were in the tent also because we were so quiet.This morning we had had a French breakfast ,French toast and croissants.I can’t wait till I go to France as it sounds great fun. I hope the cider tasting will be on when I go Cross your fingers for Sunday as its our tournament.You will be missed on hook a duck.Watch out for Euan Gill and Jamie Stewart as they arrive in Normandy today.


    Mum says hi and that the photos look good and remember you have loads of tops.

  55. Hi Abz, Great to see the photos, looks like your all having fantastic time and you made it easy for us to spot you but being at the front!! Everyone at yard says Hi and hopes your enjoying yourself. Evie’s loving having the telly all to herself but we’re not as she still hides the remote. Enjoy the rest of the trip and see you on Friday. Lots of love mum, dad, Evie, Hallie and Murphy xxxxxx

  56. hi chloe, its good 2 see u in the pictures but u need 2 smile lol…… can u give me a fone babes as ive been trying 2 get u and ur fone is off… hope u lovely time and enjoy the experience..
    love u babe mum,dad,

  57. Hey Josh, Mum here, you look like you’re having a great time, photos are fab and the weather looks amazing. Did you enjoy the cider factory?? If you can (there’s WiFi at reception apparently!!) send me a message let me know how your arm is, your poor mum is worrying lol! Dad says hi and is asking how the French food is? Abbie is pretending she is not missing you! Enjoy your French experience. Love you lots, mum xxx

  58. Hi Scott

    Have a fab time!! Hope you are still enjoying your time and didn’t drink too much cider. Miss you lots.

    Love from

    Gran Ruth and Grandad Robin

  59. Hey Abbie!
    Its Sophie here, Just to let you know how jealous I am right now. As fun as exams are.. S2 France is the best trip ever!
    Looks like your all enjoying yourselves, do you’s have a theme song? If not you could borrow ours, ask Miss Watson about that.
    Hope you enjoy your time in Paris, see you when you get home

  60. Hey Clairey xxx
    are you having lots of fun buying alcoholic beverages for me to drink up when you get back ???? πŸ˜›
    seriously not fair that yous are allowed to use the pool >:( we didn’t
    instead we got the most delishis food (NOT) and had some weird liverpuddlyen people to talk to – those guys were cool :L
    as sam says the chateu got a nick name from us that CAN NOT be repeated but i’ll give you a clue – the second part was mouldy (? du moulday) have fun trying to figure it out πŸ˜‰
    try not to cry when you visit the war cemetries cos your meant to be having fun but i guess i really can’t talk cos i was crying :'(
    hope you are all having the time off your life – if your not then you can come and sit the rest of my exams for me and i will go to france for you πŸ™‚
    love you claire xx

  61. Hi Jonathan
    Grandma and Grandpa calling. You are obviously having a wonderful time and seeing allsorts of interesting places. You are now thoroughly enjoying French food, the best in the world in our opinion.

  62. Hi Danielle, trust you are having a fabby time, the photo’s look great and the weather looks lovely. Hope you enjoyed the food tasting last night and were brave trying all the new delicacies πŸ™‚ Go easy on the karaoke tonight, you still want to have friends in the morning lol. Missing you lots – the house is soooooooooooo quiet without you. Love Mum, Dad & Liam x

  63. Hi Sophie
    No – I’m not going to emabarass you!!! Photos are great to see and the weather looks fab! Hope everyone is doing well and you’re not missing me too much! Not heard much from you since Thursday – keep me up to date!
    Luv Mum xxxx

  64. Hiya Lewis – missing you loads still. Can you get me smurf haribos – I hear they sell them in france and get some for your brother, who is missing you loads also – he is on your xbox just now. Ollie is wandering round the house looking for you – nobody tormenting him! Your photos are good – you all look like you are having a great time. Hope you and Kieran did not drink too much cider! Conor has swapped rooms with you we are moving the stuff just now. Your TV looks massive in that small room. Conor is going to keep the xbox in his room though he is starting to enjoy playing it.
    Hope you are having a great time – can’t wait for you get home
    Love mum, dad, conor and ollie

  65. Heyy Emily! Dad’s currently with me in Dundee, we’re celebrating you being in another country. Please stay as long as possible. Dad’s offering to sing if you come home – always a pleasure listening to that… Remember to buy us expensive presents. Love you! xxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS. I go home on Tuesday and I’m stealing all your nice clothes. Waaaaay.

  66. Hi Cameron

    We sent you an email to your Hotmail account, if you get the chance to read it. Looks like you are all having great weather, which is a bous because it is pants here.

    Remember that in France you can’t order escargot suppers with salt and sauce and that when having difficulty with the language, “je ne dinnaeken pas” is not going to get you there.

    Have a great time kid. Look after Josh and try to make sure Jonathan comes out of his shell. lol.

    All the best

    Dad, Mum and Kristen

  67. Hi Kensie,

    Blair’s rented your room out to an Albanian family, they’re very nice but the nose pipes they play are a pain in the derriere!
    Good to see you are having a good time and we miss U loads. Remember it’s an experience and you only get out what you put in!
    Hope you haven’t drank all your carry out, remember you’ll need some for the trip home !
    Kensie, as a past master in the art of French, I often find that the following saying will get you out of trouble ” Bonne journΓ©e une chambre pour la nuit et le singe vert est dans l’arbre!” . Can’t go wrong with this one as long as you like green monkeys in tress outside your bedroom !
    Have a great time and we’ll speak to you soon πŸ™‚
    Mum, Dad & Blair.

  68. hiya shannon, hope you have had a fab day, thought i better leave you a wee comment as i havent been online. looked at the photos and wish that sunshine was here,looks like you are all having a good time tho,cant wait till your home…..missing you loads….mum dad and liam πŸ™‚ xxx

  69. Hi Kensie,
    Hope you are having a great time and we know you will have some stories for us when you get back. Olivia says if you see mickey mouse can you say hi for her. We will see you when you come home.
    Love you
    Grandma & Grandad xxxx πŸ™‚

  70. Hi Holly,

    Hope your having a fab time. Hope u found your glasses ok? If not tell Miss Watson and let me know will go to opticians. Hope u have got Kevvy boy some cider?lol Keep in touch.

    Luv u lots

    Lauren n Kev xxx

    P.S No kissing up the Eiffel Tower x

  71. Hi Holly

    Your trip looks fantastic – didn’t do that in my day. Kev, Lauren, Craig & Toby are here (Toby is sleeping at Lauren’s feet). We have had an Asda Indian – not as exciting as your trip, but it was really nice.

    Craig says “Hi Trumpet” – I take it that is an in joke for you guys.

    Look forward to hearing all about it (also the bits you can’t tell your mum and sister – he he.

    Lots of luv

    Mags & Bill


  72. Heyyyahhh Trippers 2011!
    Hope you are all having a brilliant time… omg a whole year since i would have been one of u sitting on the bus, laughing at what everyone elses parents said to them! Well im away to london! so just to say GOOD LUCK! to danielle reid and everyone that are in the alpha show when they get back! and btw….. DO NOT DO ANYTHING EMBARRESSING ON THE TRIP! U WILL NEVER LIVE IT DOWN! HAVE A BRILLIANT TIME! πŸ™‚ xx

  73. to ma sis clairey
    wat a buble heed kirsty is eh? anyway hope yer ‘avin a gid time πŸ™‚
    dont get too drunk if ya havent already ;p
    cya ma homies

  74. Hi Lauren, Photos look great, glad to hear you are all having fun and weather looks great. m
    Get back in touch please and stop having too much fun. b
    Malteaser and Scamp missing you!- can’t wait to hear all your gossip Lauren go for it girl!-p

  75. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ LOL Sorry forgot last time

  76. hey france 2011!
    france 2009 was so much better than your trip haha! get yer dobbers ooooot!
    hope you’re all singing along to the Ding Dong Song, this song will be with your for life!
    Hannah, you’re missing out on a great night and Sam just beat your high score on Just Dance 2, sorry to break the bad news. Hope you’re enjoying France and not missing us all too much!
    It’s 30 degrees here, we’re all sweating haha!
    Sam is drunk and has broken his leg and is going to A & E. Marcus has broke his coxus. LOL, just kidding!
    Enjoy the rest of the trip, it will be the best experience of your life!
    From Lisa, Marcus and Sam
    p.s Celtic won the Scottish Cup 3-0
    p.p.s Oooh you touch my tra-la-la!

  77. Hi Hannah,
    Hope you are having a great time. Too many wines at this end. Mum is missing you lots As you can see from the last comment you need to make 2011 the best trip ever. Erin B Is coming next year so tell France to be prepared. We are all missing you lots, keep practising for the dance show. Boys are being their ususal helpful self. Say Bonjour to France for all of us in Ecosse!!!

    Take care to you all and have lots of fun!!

    Caroline T

  78. hiya hamzah x x saw the photos and looks like u all been having fun x x the weather is looking great for u guys x x missing u loads. isa and ayman are away through to glasgow they miss u too x x take care and enjoy the rest of ur trip x x mum and papa x

  79. HI Michael

    It looks like you are having a great time and weather is being kind. Cant wait to hear what you had at the food tasting hope you were adventurist.

    Are you managing to do your hair every day lol

    bye for now missing you love mum and dad.

  80. Hi Scott

    Not heard from you so you must be having a great time. Hope you didn’t deafen everyone at the Karaoke!! Weather looks great as well – its pouring of rain here.

    Miss you lots

    Mum, Dad & Callum

  81. MR FISHER, hope ur having a barry time in France and behaving urself like always!!!! Mum says house is far 2 quiet without u so make plenty noise on ur return, big gee’s comin out 2 mussy on staurday so c u then, xxx take care

  82. Hi Lisa

    Hope you are having a lovely time. Don’t leave anything else on the bus. What I said about a chip still applies!! Have a lovely time. Miss you

    Love Gran and Grandad

  83. Hi Euan hope ur enjoying yourself the weather looks good and liking ur sun glasses. Cameron came to visit yesterday and he was looking at ur France photos!
    See u soon!
    Love mum dad and Hannah x x

  84. after hours of lookin for ma prit stick ive decided to give up and go on this blog ye ken so id like to say hope yer all havin a good time and especiely claire so hiya!!!! now am away to play fifa cya πŸ˜‰

    p.s if i spelt any of that wrong thets what the grammars for

  85. Hi Michael

    Looks like you had a nice time at beach photo is cool dont know how i missed you at first lol looking chilled out as usual.

    dont think i will let your brother see that one lol

    love mum and dad

  86. Hi Kieran M,

    Hope you are enjoying the trip and taking loads of photos. Your weather looks a lot better than ours. Big sis is relieved that the world didn’t end yesterday as predicted, although Smelliot had her worried for a while last night with some of his stories. Granny says hello and hopes you are having a good time. Lots of love mum, dad and Rosemary xxx

  87. Hi Jonathan

    Mum dad and Matthew here.

    Sounds like you are having a great time.Guess what apparently Jamie Stewart’s school is staying in the same chateau and his dad thinks your stays may over lap .I think Tetely may be there too. It just shows you try to have a break from your Rugby team mates and they follow you around.Matthew ,s team came second in their tournament they narrowly lost to North Brewick.So it is fancy dress tonight.Hope you have loads of fun

  88. Hi Liam looks like your having a great time photos look fab. Cant wait to see the pics from the fancydress have a good night, love mum an paul x

  89. Hi Emma hope you are having a great time and at least tried one thing from the food tasting. Still cant see you in the photos assume you are at the back. Hope you are now finding everything in your case ! Text me when you get to Paris for an update. love mum & dad xxxx

  90. Hi Michael

    lol your brother just seen your photo he beat me up lol

    hope you enjoyed the disco. enjoy your shopping tomorrow get something nice for yourself.

    p.s. glad you have got over being camera shy dads happy with that lol

    love mum and dad

  91. Hi Euan

    Bonjour! – looking like a great time in France, enjoy yourself

    Got Edinburgh visitor with me – Mum’s in London just for tonight ……

    Aunt Ruth xxx

  92. Hi Jack D

    Hope you are having a Ball! Paris is great hope you enjoy – and return later when you can appreciate – and legally enjoy the culture! xx Aunt Linda

  93. hiya chloe thanks for the fone call u realy cheered ur mum up {happy days lol} glad 2 hear ur having a fab time hope u enjoy ur fancydress disco….


  94. Hi Keiran

    Hope you havin a good time and you enjoyed the disco last night. Weather here is rubbish raining and windy…

    Have a good shopping trip and mind get me a nice pressie lol.

    Missing you loads cant wait to see you.

    Love ya
    Mum, dad, caitlin and Olly


  95. Hi Scott,

    Looks like you’re having a fab time. Hope you’ve taken lots of photos. Mum says if you don’t stop hiding in the pictures, she is going to let Dad post the next comment !!!!!

    Lots of love,

    Callum xx

  96. Hey Jenna,

    Bonjour everyone πŸ™‚ bet you are having a brill time. Luv the photos and the weather looks great.

    I was away for the weekend but the rain lashed down the whole time, pretty funny tho.

    I’m happy your having a nice time but i am missing you now, as is Liv. Livs been away too and wasnt to well but made the camp disco every night (party animal lol)

    Love you loads Jenna, enjoy the rest of the week and i hope i’m one of the adults who got cider :-)) xxxxxxxxxxx

  97. hiya chloe, im glad ur having a fab time with all ur friends,enjoy paris and the eiffel tower. take care darling and ill see u on friday.
    love nana,papa.xx

  98. Hi Lauren,
    It was great to hear your excited voice today,even if it was short as Blair could not wait to chat.
    You mentioned you met someone from Perth and may be related that’s just incredible ,I will have to call the ‘old wise ones’ up north for some info.
    It was another big rugby event in Musselburgh yesterday I ended flipping burgers for hours ,with Jason ,Louise ,Gus and Mum all helping we served hundreds of them! Blair’s team came second.
    Well Lauren enjoy beautiful Paris and all the sights it must be some view from the Eiffiel Tower?
    Enjoy your cruise -hppe your camera is ok and all is going well
    We are all missing your cheeky face and can’t wait to see you when you get back
    Au revoir
    LOL -Papa

  99. Hi Dan
    Looks like you are having a great time. They missed you a footy yesterday as they got beat 4-1, Greg saved a penalty. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    love Dad and Karen xx

  100. Hi Scott,
    Hope by now you’ve made it to my favourite city. Took Callum to see Fast & Furious 5 today. He’s soaking up all the attention and doesn’t seem to be missing you at all!! Me and Mum are though. We sit watching the tv at night and see all of the programmes without interruption. We’re not used to it!! Mum says a text wouldn’t go amiss though!!

    Keep enjoying,


  101. heyy Rachel!

    i saw you in 1 photo like a cool dude with the top and sunglasses…. haha! i noticed there wasn’t a message fr you, shame… unloved πŸ˜› cant wait until you and Jonathan come home missing you both πŸ™

    Ps. me and Joe found this really funny comedy video on stumble upon! will have to show you when you come home πŸ™‚

  102. Bonjour trippers! Or should I say hi-ya!

    Looks like you are having a fab time-I’m so jealous!You’ll have arrived in Paris by now so hope the good weather continues for your boat trip down the Seine and Miss Watson doesn’t get you in too much trouble with the locals/more beautiful tourists!

    Looking forward to all the gossip when you get back- I trust mad man Marty is behaving himself? Oh ,and who has taken over my solo part of the trip anthem?-hope Miss Cairns has taken on that role!

    Au revoir for now trippers,

    Mrs Forbes (veteran tripper)

  103. Hi Lauren it was great to speak to you today. We are thinking of you sailing down the Seine whilst we have howling gales here. Enjoy Paris and remember to try to use some French. Enjy the rest of the week! Love Mum, Dad and Blair

  104. hiya shannon,missing you millions,wont b long now till your home,ive been trying to call you but your phone is saying not possible to connect your call.if you can give me a wee txt or phone the house phone , il keep trying , will speak to you soon .oh and a big hug from baby kayla, love from mum dad liam emma n kayla xxxx

  105. Hi Scott,

    Hope your having a great time, would like to find you on the photo’s
    how about getting in the front row instead of hiding at the back.


  106. Hi Scott,

    You seem to be having a great time, could you get to the front of the photo
    so that we can see you.


  107. Hi Beyonce

    hear your having a great time and enjoying the french cuisine.

    not long till asterix have a great time there and take care.

    see you soon love mum and dad

  108. To Katie McLaren,
    Hi Katie, we hope you’ve had a great time in Normandy and that you’re looking forward to your time in Paris. Have fun. We all miss you. See you in a few days.
    Love from Mum, Dad and Aidan xxx

  109. Hello Emily

    We hope that it is not as windy in Paris as it is here, lots of bits of trees on the road.

    You are off to the shops tomorrow – and we hope that you still have money left to buy something really nice for yourself to remember this special trip. So many things to see in Paris – lucky you to be there!

    Heather is coming home tomorrow provided the trains are back on.

    We are looking forward to seeing you when you get home at the end of the week.

    Lots of love,

    From Mum and Dad

  110. 100th comment!!!!!! Well you’re weather may have been not as good but it was terrible here! tree’s falling and huge winds. I have a geography exam tomorrow and should be able to explain why this weather is happening. Unfortunately i can’t. Paris tomorrow. Our journey was terrible to paris, due to the fact we had to shower with lights from phones and no-one had sleep the night before because of thunderstorms. I was the only one that slept all the way through the storm so was happy as renΓ‰e the next again day. this did not go down well with the other trippers. they were trippin oot there nut. ANYHOO, In paris the underground is a deadly place. so i will give you clear instructions. RUN on the train. HOLD ONTO ANYTHING (apart from a random french guy otherwie you would getta mega french degs.) DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH FRENCH PEOPLE. (they get offended really easily and often fight with there reflection. we know this from experience. Run of the train and team leader have a head count. (any second years able to be deeputy team leader take the head count i had to do this on many occasions hense the name elliot/forbes group). If attacked by a french person. KNEE IT. HEAD IT. PUNCH IT. FLED IT. (a rule you can take into later life). Good luck and may the force be with you.


  111. Hi Beyonce

    hear your having a great time and enjoying the french cuisine.

    not long till asterix have a great time there and take care.

    hope you have taken some nice photos

    see you soon love mum and dad

    sorry if this posted twice but 1st one didnt seem to send.

  112. Hi Liam,

    Hope your having a great time, pictures look brilliant !

    Euan loves your big TV and the sky movies πŸ™‚

    Did you get the pictues under the Eiffel Tower ???

    Can’t wait to see you on Friday, enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Missing you

    love Mum,Paul,Euan and Niki

  113. Hi Lisa, Sounds like you are having a great time. Weather sounds brilliant. We had to take the roof and the sides off the gazebo before dad got the phone call to go and remove it from the Firth of Forth.
    Ashleigh is in school today for the last time, officially anyway.
    We told Ashleigh when she was in France to fill the luggage hold with duty free but it sounds as if you have already done that.
    Hazel says to watch out for all the gypsy’s at the Eiffel Tower.
    Well have a good time and remember to wave from the top of the Eiffel tower and enjoy the Parc Asterix.
    Speak to you soon, Mum and Dad.

  114. Hi Cameron

    Judging by the reports and photos on the blog you are a right jammy bunch weather – wise. Needless to say you will have heard about the howling gales and rain over here. Horrible

    However we are making nice money from renting your room and the addition of a pukka XBox live system has meant I can charge top price.

    Otherwise it really looks like you are all having a great time and we are looking to hearing all about it…..and a bonus…no worries about ash clouds for you.

    Have a great time son and see you Friday

    Dad, Mum and Kristen

  115. hey clairey
    how are you all doing ???
    unlike some i just endured a geography exam that made my hand fall off due to the amount of writing :L
    i hope you are having lots off fun in paris
    do you have sore feet yet ??? i did once i’d walked down the champs de lyseee cos i had stoopid wee plimsoles on – not the best plan beleive me but maybe i should have told you that a weee bit earlier …….
    so guess what i did when there where gale force winds blowing out side last night (you will like this claire) …….. i finnally took down the tent that was in the garden so that it didn’t get blown all the way over too yous πŸ˜‰ i have to tell you it was maybe not the best idea i have ever had as it was really windy – so windy our trampaline got blown about 2 foot into the air – and it was raining :l and there was a MAAAHUSSIVE TOAD under the tent. i was also thinking of filming a modern day wizard of oz cos the weather was really THAT bad
    hope your having more fun than me and that your getting good weather
    love you loads and a whole bunch claire

    kirsty x

    P.S sorry for the utterly random comment πŸ™‚

  116. Hi Hannah

    What a great picture of you all on the boat and with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Would love to there and visit some of my old haunts! Hope your feet have coped with a whole day of walking around and it will be well worth the wait to see the views from the Eiffel Tower at night time. The dance show has started and Emma had her first night last night and Ellis on stage tonight; they are both missing you on stage with them. Not long until we see you, can’t wait and hope you have some money left for a bit of final shopping for yourself. Missing you loads. Love Mum, Dad and Sam xx

  117. Hi Jonathan

    Mum Dad and Matthew here.

    Sounds like you are all having a great time in Paris.The Seine boat trip looks great, The Eiffel Tower at night will be fantastic.The teachers’ plan to keep you going till late at night seems to be working. Dad is really worried all the French food will mean you are taller than him when you arrive home.Have a great time at the theme park .
    Love from us

  118. Hey Lisa, it’s Ashleigh here, well obviously since it says my name at the top of the comment mais whatever. You better be speaking some French, just because i’m eventually rid of it doesn’t mean you get to do the same. Finally sat my last exam, not too sure how it went, we’ll just need to wait and see I suppose, although the feeling of having officially left school kind of took over. Moving up to Gran’s for a week when they’re away on holiday. Natalie and I are going for the total house wife thing, cooking and cleaning and all that…we’ll see how long that lasts haha. Been enjoying what it would feel like to be an only child but i’m already bored, especially now that there’s nothing for me to do during the day. I’ll have a bash at baking you a cake for when you come home since I won’t be picking you up…not very happy about that….however i’ll have to deal with it. If by any chance you happen to go into supermarkets, i know it sounds odd but we done it when we were there, pick up some bm bm’s please, they still sell them there and I miss them haha. Have a good time at Asterix, there’s a ride right at the back of it, it’s clearly the best one there, go straight for it, you’ll love it. I hope no-one’s dying yet like they were when I was there and Gambia better have taught you to watch out for those bumsters at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. I know you’re having fun but i’ll give you a call later in the week just to see how things are going.
    Ps, i’ve been in your room twice, nothing has moved and nothing is broken, how proud are you? Haha. Remember if anything dodgy happens go straight for the knee up then run and throw in some casual french profanities that you’re not supposed to know, alright?
    Speak to you soon πŸ™‚ xxx

  119. Hi Josh – hope you are all having a great time and the weather is better than ours!

    Enjoy your last full day in Paris – remeber your sick bag!! I think even Luke is missing you as he has to do all the dishes.

    love Mum and Luke xx

  120. Hi Clark, Hope your having a great time and have took lots of pictures for us all to see. Dont forget the presents lol, Hope your enjoying the great weather and we will see you soon:) Love mum and dad xx

  121. hi chloe, im glad ur having a fab time as u deserve it babe. enjoy asterix but mind and stay together. get near the front of the pics as ur trying 2 hide not like u 2 be camara shy lol,.. take care

    love mum,dad and

  122. hiya chloe hope ur having a lovely time enjoy yourself darling
    love auntie eliane, uncle david and callum.xxxxx

  123. hiya chloe, im glad ur having a fab time babe as u deserve it. enjoy asterix but mind and stay together. get near the front of the pics as ur trying 2 hide its not like u 2 be camera shy lol… take care
    love mum,dad and lauren.xxxxxxxxx

  124. Hi Emma, at last found you in a photo ( boat trip). Hope you are enjoying Paris and taking in all the sights. Have a fun day tomorrow at Parc Asterix. Looking forward to seeing all the photos. See you soon love mum & dad.

  125. Hi Michael

    another cool pic of you lol

    enjoy tomorrow although i am sure you will. cant wait to see you although this blog and pics have been great to keep us updated great idea.

    see you soon love mum and dad

  126. Hi Danielle,

    Alpha Dance has kicked off and they’re all wondering where you are. Mum has told them not to despair and that you’ll be back Friday to do your usual smiley face, alongside some fabby dancing πŸ™‚ We’re all missing you loads, France though looks great fun, and certainly warmer than here.

    Love Dad, Mum and Liam xx

  127. Hi Danielle, loving the pics, looks like your all having a fabby time. Isn’t Paris just the most beautiful city ! Well it’s the last full day so you’ll be off to the Parc Asterix, how boring – NOT ! I’m sure you’ll all sleep like babies tonight (or so the teachers hope). Lots of the girls (and Mums) having been asking for you at the show, feel like a bit of a stuck record telling them your in France. It’s just not the same back stage without you πŸ™ As you can imagine Liam is loving it, as usual all the girls are all over him like a rash πŸ™‚ Enjoy your last couple of days, have a safe & sound journey home; we’re so looking forward to seeing you.
    Love Mum, Dad & Liam

  128. it,s ok scott you can stand at the front for the photays,don,t worry interpol won,t catch up with you until tomorrow!!!!!!!!

  129. Hi jen miss u but I will SEE u soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  130. hi ya trippers!

    Hope you had fun at Parc Asterix (finally a bit of the trip I’m not jealous about!)
    I just wanted to wish a very big happy birthday to Mr O’connor-who has hit the big 4-0 woohoo!!! I’m sure he’ll celebrate with a demi-peche or two tonight!

    Enjoy Sacre coeur tomorrow (great ice-cream shop!). Can’t believe you’ll be on the road home soon.

    Au revoir!

  131. its ok scott you can stand at the front for the photays,dont worry interpol won,t catch up with you until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Hi Kieran M, hope you’ve enjoyed Paris and that Parc Asterix today has been fun. We’re looking forward to seeing your photos when you get back, if you remembered to take any. Enjoy tomorrow and we will see you soon. Shepherds pie for tea on Friday.
    Lots of love, Mum, Dad and Rosemary xxx

  133. Hi Michael

    sorry did leave a message yesterday but its not there…..

    hope you have had a good time today. liked your photo yesterday mr cool lol

    glad your coming home missed you loads, but this blog and pics have been great to keep us updated. REMEMBER to pack everything check and check and check again you have everything lol plugs hairdryer phone etc lol you know what your like..

    see you soon love mum and dad.

  134. Hi Camz

    looks like you have been having a fab time. Rach home but wishes she was on France trip too. Weather is rubbish in Scotland so make sure you bring back some glorious sunshine .

    Everyone cant wait til you are home and hear about all your experiences.
    Did you get my text Kim and Greg got engaged so will get a trip to Canada for weddding sometime to look forward to.

    Luv mum,dad, rach,hov and cookie xxxxxx

  135. Hi emily
    hope you had good day at the parc-were you mad enough to go on any of the scarey rides?Your sister is home and has removed all your clothing and jewellry-no worries.its perishing here wet and windy ,grammar School has disappeared to the land of OZ.have saved Dr who for us to watch when you get home.
    Big big thanks to all teachers on the trip for taking on the scarey responsibility of looking after you and your mates -not easy task and the smiles in the pics suggest they have done a good job
    love Dad and Mum

  136. Hi Keiran,

    Hope you had a great time at parc asterix as it looks really good and i can imagine you would have been on all the roller coasters.

    The photo of the boat trip is really good but your looking rather tired in the other photo so i assume youve had a few late nights.

    Looking forward to seeing you Friday as its been far too quite without you πŸ™‚ Caitlin has taken over the house so be prepared when you get back!! Olly has also been looking for you theres no one here to annoy him lol…. Dad says orite cheif (haha)

    Enjoy your last day in France, cant wait to see you and hear all your stories

    Love and miss you loads
    Mum, Dad, Caitlin & Olly

    Have a safe journey home, missing you loads

  137. Hi Annaliese,
    Missing you, Hope your having a great time and are taking lots of photos.
    See you on Friday.
    Love, Mum, Dad, Colin, Shylo and Lucky

  138. Hi Scott

    Hope you enjoyed Paris and the theme park. Safe trip home. Miss you loads.


  139. Hey Katie Mac.

    We all hope you enjoyed the Asterix parc today and had great fun. Aidan says you wouldn’t go on any of the big scary rides, because he would, but I bet him you did. Hope I’m right!!!

    Anyway, it’s your last night and we hope you have a safe trip home tomorrow. We are all missing you and look forward to seeing you on Friday morning.

    Could you just sleep in the school hall till around 8:30 on Friday please, as 2 o’clock in the morning to pick you up is right in the middle of our beauty sleep. And we need it more than you !!!

    See you soon Katie and we look forward to seeing all your photos and hearing all about your trip.

    Love Mum, Dad and Aidan xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  140. Hi Josh, hope you’ve enjoyed the whole French experience! From the photos etc it looks like you have all had the most amazing time. Have missed you loads and really looking forward to you coming home. Big thank you to the teachers who have organised the trip and looked after you all πŸ˜‰ and thanks also for the regular photos and blogs! Safe journey home everyone. See you Friday.

    Love you loads, Mum,Dad and Abbie xxx

  141. To all the teachers on the France 2011 Trip.

    You all seem to have been forgotten about on this site, so I would just like to say a big thank you for all your hard work in organising, taking care of and looking after 42 children on this Trip. Very brave of you !!!

    It sounds like they have had a ball and I’m sure most of it is down to your organisation and enthusiasm.

    I hope they have all behaved themselves and that you have enjoyed the Trip as much as the children have.

    Well done to all of you and I hope you have suitable refreshments in your fridges at home for Friday night!!!

    Hope you all have a fun, safe trip home and we look forward to seeing you all on Friday morning.

    Many thanks.

  142. Hi Emma

    Hope you have enjoyed France. Cant wait to see you tomorrow and hear all your stories.
    Have a safe journey home and remember to text and call me.

    Love mum & dad

  143. Morning Daniel,

    Can’t believe that’s you had your 10 days……it looks like everyone has had a fab time! Brilliant weather as well!
    You will all need to come home for a rest. Have a safe journey home and look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning!!!! At least your rooms has been tidy for 10 days, that’s not bad out of a whole year!

    Love Mum, Gerry, Niamh and Granxxxx

  144. Hi Danielle,

    hope you are having a great time in France, we are all very much missing you and your jokes :L, cant wait to see you <3 have a safe journey home,
    lots of love Rachael, Blair, Rhona and David <3xxx

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