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  1. Hi Rachel,
    It’s mama, love u lots and missing u already. we are all praying for ur safe journey.
    kisses and hugs for my princess

  2. Dear Danny

    Hope you survived the bus journey. Have you put your sunscreen on yet?

    Love, Mum (and Dad and Blythe)

  3. Hope you had a lovely journey and have arrived safely x x x love mum, dad and Michael

  4. Hi, Rebecca, I hope you’ve arrived safe and sound.

    We hope you have a great time while you’re away. I know we will!!


    Love Mum and Dad

  5. Hi Ellie,

    Hope you had a good journey and arrived safe & sound in Normandy? Weather here is hot too. Freya is missing you already. Granny Jean has called a few times for updates. lol.Take sweetie and enjoy!!
    xxx Love from mum,dad & Freya xxx

  6. Hi Mel, See you have arrived safely. We are all missing you, Louisa is enjoying the beach and the sun. Weather still boiling here.
    Love from mum and dad and Louisa xxx

  7. Hi Bex! Hope that you had a good journey and you arrived safe & well. Hope that the weather has been good for you. It’s been really warm here too! Make sure that you put on your sun screen!!
    We’re all missing you and Baba says hello! She was in the paddling pool at Grandma’s today! She loved it and was constantly looking for you.
    Lots of Love from Mum & Dad!
    PS Papa says that you are going to miss the BBQ! LOL

  8. Hi Jamie

    Hope you had a good journey down to France. We’re missing you but it’s nice to be have the bathroom free in the morning 🙂

    Love Mum Dad & Lara

  9. Hi Rhona & everybody else on the trip,

    Glad you arrived safely. Shame you’re missing the heat here in sunny Mussy – in fact I think the school is going to be closed tomorrow due to the heat wave!!!
    Bon soir xxxooo

  10. Bonjour Rhona,

    I went into your room last night Rhona to give you a wee goodnight kiss forgetting you were in France and was overcome by emotion, you had tidied your room hahaha I’m still in shock!
    Have a great time.
    Love you lots & lots
    Mummy Darling xxxooo

  11. Hi Carly!!!

    Hope you’re having a good time, can’t believe I’m actually missing you! Although the house has been tidier and a lot quieter so if there’s any French families interested in a new daughter…

    You’re probably already burnt so there’s no point telling you to put sun cream on!

    Hope you’re not missing you’re phone too much! See you when you get home!

    Love You lots from Rach xxx and mum and Tara (think they’ve forgotten about you already)

  12. Hi Amelia and ‘crew’,

    Not sure whether our message got through last night! Just in case not – just to let you know that we are all missing you, but are now a bit exhausted having spent last night swapping bedroom furniture between your and Ramsay’s room – on the basis that if you move, you lose it!

    Hope you keep enjoying food – especially ‘plat de chips’!!

    Love, Mum Dad and Ramsay xxx

  13. Hi Charlotte,

    Glad you arrived safely. Everyone misses you – especially madison who wanted to come and see you for a wee while in france. Have a fantastic time,

    Love Mum x x x

  14. Morning Stinky. Ramsay has moved into your room on the basis of “move it lose it” Glad to hear your French is coming on well. Have a great time and please take off your hoodie for at least part of the trip.


  15. Matt OConnor

    Happy Birthday Daddy !!!! We are missing you lots
    Love Madeleine and Rebecca

  16. Bonjour all, you can thank the S3 Battlefields trippers for leaving you a wee bit sunshine to play in. Trust you are all enjoying your ‘educational experience’ as much as well did. Pay close attention on US Cemetry/360 cinema day, there will be a test when you get back, you fail you have to take Geography.

    Anyhoo, wear sunscreeen, watch out for desperados in Paris and, all together now …

    Oh, you touch my tralala.
    la la la..
    mmm, my ding ding dong,
    oh you touch my tralala,
    mmm, my ding ding dong.
    la la la…

  17. Hi Amelia, I hope all of you are having a good time and fully rested after the very long journey.Im sure the sweets etc. made it all a little easier!! France is a lovely country, so enjoy every moment of it. Lots of love, Granny and Grandad XXXx

  18. I hope you are all having a good time after the long journey. Im sure the sweets etc made it a little easier!!! France is a lovely country so enjoy every moment of it. Lots of love Granny and Grandad XXX

  19. Hi Catriona,

    Hope you’re having a lovely time and remembering to put your sun cream on! I take it your phone isn’t working since you’ve not answered my texts, or maybe you never got them? Anyway, glad to see you’ve all arrived safely.

    Have fun!
    Love mum xx

  20. Hi William

    Heard you all arrived safely, we all hope you have a great time. Lots of love Mum, Dad, Louise, Christina and Siobhan.

  21. Hi Peter
    Hope all is going well with the trip.

    Well… how quiet the house is, what with all the usual shouting that comes from your room when you are on your xbox and playing against your pals!! Even Sally is enjoying the peace and quiet, lying in the sun all day – woof, woof!

    As you can tell we are missing you terribly – LOL, but do hope that you are all having a fabby time!

    Mum, Dad and Ellen

  22. Hi Amelia its Ramsay here unfortunately carberry came 3rd at sports day but at least we beat the rubbish inveresk. Fisher row came 1st but hay how. hope you are having a good time.
    by your amazing brother Ramsay

  23. Hi Seth,
    Hope you’re having a great time. We’re all mising you – especially Livvy. I hope the weather is as good as it is here.
    The dance show is going well and everyone is tired but happy. Elsie elbowed Livvy in the face last night just before she was due on stage, but I was helping and she was ok.
    Just booked another hotel in Kanchanaburi, so more war graves to come!
    Take care and use your suncream!
    love you lots,
    Mum (and Dad, Maya, Imogen. Livvy, Luisa, Jess and Dylan)

  24. Hi Emma & Vicky

    Hope you had a good journey to France and you are both enjoying yourself. Have lots of fun just like we are in “sunny Majorca”. It is very quiet here without you!!!!

    Love Mum & Dad x x x x

  25. Hey holly pops. Omg I am missing my girl, even your terrible singing. Hope you are having a great time and making new friends. We have finally booked our holiday and we are taking you on a cruise!!! Nah only joking its back to sunny Spain! Michael is having to clean your bathroom and empty the dishwasher. The poor guy is knackered!!! Loving that your room is soo tidy and no fake tan marks every where! Daddy misses his wee princess. Keep putting sun lotion on. If it runs out buy more! Love you. Mum dad and Michael

  26. Hi Georgie! Looks like your enjoying the sun like us. Freddie is missing you but won’t dare admit it. Have fun. Love you trillions. Love mum, dad, Fred and

  27. Hi Hannah and everyone else,
    Glad you arrived safely. Hope you all have a great time

    Love from all of us x

  28. Dear Danielle,
    Hope you are having a great time. Hot and sunny here too. Great weekend for Michael’s Beating the retreat tomorrow. Missing you a lot, it is too quiet around here. Michael is camping in the back garden with Declan tonight. A card has arrived from Amy for your birthday. Remember my caramels! Lots of love, Grandpa,grandma and Mikey.XXX

  29. evening stinky. I took all of those clothes you had in your room to Cash for Clothes and got £12 for the lot, so something to look forward to on your return. You can restock at prixmarche and still have change.

    Jealous of your trip to the Mont , I have always wanted to visit and hope you take great memories from the experience. Take care and enjoy the company of your friends and teachers.

    Lots of love Daddy

  30. Hi, Rebecca, it’s your Dad, here. I hope you had a good day doing whatever it was you did, yesterday.

    We’re doing great; we’re getting a glimpse of how good life could have been if only we had stopped at one kid! One more week and it’ll be back to normal; nothing good lasts forever!

    Love you lots xx

    PS stop texting, it costs a fortune from France!

  31. Hi Lori

    Hope you are enjoying yourself and aren’t missing us too much hahaha! Poppy goes into your room every morning to see if your there (wee shame) she’s missing you, weather here’s been lovely been sitting in the garden today sunbathin!! woohoo, Kyles just got a new paddling pool with a water slide, so hope the weathers still nice when u get home n you can have a shot, your room is sooooooo tidy haha!!! missin you loads the house is too quiet cos Kyles naebody to fight wae n he’s missin you! have loads of fun n see you soon, mind Kyles football strip!!


    Mum, Dad, Kyle & Poppy xxxxxxxxx

  32. Hi Greg,

    Hope your having a great time and the weather is good there. Very hot here today! Sarah’s show going great and I thinks she’s missing you. LOL.

    Just a small request, are you sure your in France as can’t see you in the photo’s. 🙂 maybe sneak into the front next time.

    Love form us all XXX
    Mum, Dad and Sarah.

  33. Hi Ellie, hope you had a safe and not too hot journey! Enjoy yourself and have a ball, remember your sunscreen. Josh is reminiscing looking at the photos and says don’t fall down the castle stairs (he did!!)

    Take care lots of love

    Auntie Ang, Uncle Will, Abbie and Josh xxxx

  34. Bonjour Cameron!

    Glad to see you have all arrived safely, the pictures look fab. Looks like another busy day today on the trip, hope you enjoy the French cuisine tasting tonight!!

    The weather here is amazing, Smartie is loving lying in the sun.

    Missing you loads, remember to take lots of photos.

    Love Mum, Claire and Smartie xxx

    P.S. Don’t hog the mic on the karaoke tonight!!

  35. Hi Seth,

    Hope you’re having fun. It’s lovely here and the tadpoles are starting to grow legs! We even have a flower growing in the pond, it’s awesome.

    Maya’s heel came off during the tap dance last night – and she carried on regardless. It was really funny. She only has one exam left, but has caught my cold from last week and is feeling very sorry for herself.

    Have a great time,

    Mum x

  36. Bonjour Melanie, j’espère que tu te plais en France avec ce beau temps, tu parleras sans doute bien le français quand vous viendrez en juillet


  37. Darling Amelia, a very happy birthday for the 27th. It will be strange to celebrate without you here , so we decided to let Ramsay open the presents for you.

    You can relax because you did get the My Little Pony set you have been wanting for ages as well as some comfy pants which Ramsay says feel great when on. Granny got you some sensible school shoes from Clarks that came with a toy. You got a new Justin Beiber duvet set to replace your old one and the box set of Twighlight. All in all a great load I am sure you will agree.

    Hope you have a fabby day with your friends.

    All of our love Daddy, Mummy, Ramsay and the rest.

  38. Hi David

    Hope you are having a great time. Hope the weather is as good as in Scotland……. it is hot. Remember sun tan lotion!!! Caitlin reminding you to shower daily and clean your teeth! Missing you loads ……. very very quiet without you. Enjoy.

    Lots of love

    Mum and Dad ( and Cara )x

  39. Hi Logan

    We are loving the pictures and it looks as though your weather is as good as at home. Enjoy your trip and love to everyone.

    Granny & Grumpa x

  40. Hi Amelia,
    Looks like your all having a great trip.Have you eaten any frogs yet?
    From us all here on the very hot ,sunny Wirral,Have a fantastic birthday on the 27th.Love you.
    Aunty Sharon,David,Liam and Ellen.xxxxxx

  41. Hi Charlie, chazza boy, hope your having a great time, I’m sure you will be!! I’ve tried to blog a few times but phone been dodgy!! Have a terrific time, remember to take loads of photos, keep them clean if you can! Missing you loads, Richie roo Richie roo Richie roo !!!!

  42. Hi Ethan,

    Glad to hear you are all enjoying yourselves and that the weather is good- remember to put suntan lotion on! We haven’t been up to much, just enjoying the sun- its so peaceful without you running about haha!
    Remember take lots of pictures of the sights and landmarks for us to see.
    Buy us lots of presents and Dad wants his cigars hahaha!
    Missing you lots!

    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad, Sara, Zoe, Oscar and Oliver x x x x

  43. Hi William, It was lovely to speak to you and glad you are having a great time. We are having great weather and are going out in the electric car on Sunday.

    Siobhan is missing you the most! Christina and I are very red that is with cream on!!!!! Remember and put your sun cream on.

    Enjoy the disco lots of love.

    Mum,Dad,Louise,Christina and Siobhan XXXXXXX

  44. Salut Georgie!
    Looks like another fantastic day for you. BBQ for us tonight and Eurovision. Looking forward to seeing Moldova! Love and hugs Mum, Dad and Freddie x

  45. Hi Chaz

    Hope your having a great time babe, missing you loads, the house is so tidy but fed up having to empty the dishwasher!!
    Me and Auntie Jen are all packed and ready go tomorrow morning, will blog you from Majorca darling, have a fantastic time, enjoy yourself, can’t wait to see you
    lotsa love and kisses

  46. Hi Ellie,

    Hope you’re having a great time?!We had BBQ at Rico’s for his birthday. Everyone is asking for you and hopes you are having a ball. The photos are good & look like you are have an awsome time. Keep putting on the sun lotion. It looks super hot. 🙂

    Auntie Caroline & Uncle Bry are running the marathon tomorrow. They are very nervous but I’m sure it will be excitement by tomorrow. Although it meant to be hot again. Poor Bryan he will be sweating buckets. We will all be there to support them en route. It finishes at pinkie. I;ll send you a photo of them crossing the finishing line.

    Missing you lots, Mum, Dad & Freya xxx

  47. Hi Becky, hope your still having a fabby time. How are the snails and frogs legs? Have you bought my present yet? if not make sure you don’t spend all your money. Had to go shopping with dad and Daniel today, I thought going shopping with you was bad!!! See you soon snookums, love you loads mummy.

  48. Hi Danny. It’s Blythe. I have just finished all my dance shows and I had chips after! Hope it is still sunny. It was 25 degrees here. I hope you don’t mind I’m sleeping in your bed and I took a few freaky posters off your wall, the Slipknot ones. I’ve replaced them with Moshi Monster ones and Club Penguin ones!!!! (just joking) Hope you’re having fun. Did the frogs legs taste nice? Love from Blythe xx 🙂

  49. Hiya Kirsty, hope you’re enjoying France. Just to let you know that Craig’s enjoying staying in your bed! Haha Also, mum and dad thinking of letting him stay here permanently, so maybe keep on the bus after the grammar stop! Roxy misses you. See you soon, Amy.

    Also, Watson – don’t be too mean on the dobbers in training, they have a lot to learn and say hi to mad man marty! Also Kirsty, remember my smurfs! See you next week, Craig 🙂

  50. Hi Jonny,
    Hope you are having a great time. It’s really quiet here without you.( Rachel says it’s great!!)
    Weather is lovely here. Rachel got sunburnt yesterday even with suncream on. hope you are wearing lots of it. Missing you loads
    Mum, Dad, Rachel and Hamish. XXXX

  51. Hi Erin!
    Hope you’re having a good time but still think the France 09 trip was the best!;-)
    Hope you didn’t get sunburnt at the beach, though you would’ve got sunburnt here anyway with all the good weather we’re having!
    Glad I’ve finished all my exams and have a week of peace without you!
    Mum’s been to visit Shadow and she’s fine:-)
    Remember my present!!

    Love Lisa xx

  52. Hi, Rebecca, I just thought you might like to know that we have the pest control people in to fumigate your room. It took them all day, but it was worth it. We’ll be renting it out from tomorrow. We’ve moved all your stuff to the shed.

    Lots of love, Dad

  53. Hi William,

    Eaten anything you shouldn’t have yet? I told you you would not need a jacket! Mum’s missing you but sorry your sisters and the dogs haven’t mentioned you once. Looks like a good wee trip so enjoy it. See you in the photos or Friday morning. Remember you have a camera, use it!!!!


  54. Hi Jamie,
    Having a girls-only weekend with Lara -dad in Nottingham, keeps asking about you.
    Lara’s dance show went really well, I am sure you are gutted because you missed it…
    We cannot see you in any of the photos, hope you are OK.
    Bet you loved the snails 🙂
    Miss you, mum

  55. Hi Jamie, hope you are having a good time in France!! I heard you guys tried snails… Hope you enjoyed them;-) I also hope your disco went well!! We can’t see you in any of the photos so I want to know if you are alive or not!!! If you aren’t then can I get your chair?I’ll see you on Friday(if you are alive, that is) but until then have a good time!!
    P.S Mum says you forgot your sun hat.
    PPS I’m not missing you( just in case you were wondering)

  56. Hi Amelia, I hope you had a fantastic birthday with lots of sweets,cakes jelly!etc. Keep enjoying the trip. Im sure your’e learning a lot already. Lots of love Granny and Grandad xxxx

  57. Hi Amelia, I know Dad sent a happy birthday to you yesterday – but this one is from me, Mum. Hope you have had a fantastic day and have managed to treat yourself to something special. This is the first time you have been away from home on your birthday – and I hope it will be the last until you are at least 18! Missing you lots. Love, Mum

  58. Hi Logan glad youre having a great time. Miss you loads enjoyed the texts. Hope you remember to put on the suncream.
    Love Mum Dad Ewan and Ava xxx

  59. Hi Amelia. Happy Birthday from Grandad and Jean! Hope you have had a lovely day.

    We have been sunbathing nost of the day (after going to church of course), and we are now going to a concert in the Concert Hall – The Royal Philarmonic Orchestra and Nigel Kennedy are appearing there.

    Look forward to hearing about your holiday when we see you.

    Love from Jeab and Grandad xxx

  60. Hi Emma & Vicky

    Hope you enjoyed your time in Normandy and managed to get “EVERYTHING” back in your cases for the move to Paris! Enjoy the rest of your trip.


    Mum & Dad x x x x

  61. Hi Amelia its Ramsay here to wish you a happy birthday yeah I know it was yesterday but I didn’t have time to write it . so here goes “happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Amelia happy birthday to you.”
    from Ramsay

  62. Hey Charlie

    Howz you, we are in Spain now, having a great time, weather is absolutley fantastic, probably same in France, hot, hot, hot, missing you loads baby

  63. Hi Danielle
    The weather is still lovely and hot. Hayden has been in the new pool all day! Michael made us very proud last night. He was the lone piper on the castle esplanade playing Highland Cathederal to a huge crowd of people. Your grandma was a mess! Hope you enjoyed the snails, not so bad are they! Thinking of you all the time.
    Lots of love from us all,

  64. To Matt O’Connor
    Hello Daddy – we love speaking to you on the IPAD and are missing you lots
    Love Madeleine and Rebecca xx

  65. Hi Cameron,
    Hope you are having a fun time in France!
    lots of love
    Auntie Linda and Uncle George xx( and Buddyx)

  66. Hi Ethan!

    another sunny day here in costa del musselburgh! Have managed to talk Mum into getting us a bbq 😉 hehe.
    Seen some pictures that people have put on facebook but you don’t seem to be in any, are you actually there?! If you are there hope you are enjoying the pirate disco.
    Oscar and Oliver are wondering where you are- seem to spend a lot of time in your room.

    Lots of love
    Mum, Dad, Sara, Oscar and Oliver xxxxx

  67. Hey Mel hope you are having a great time in France remember to bring Louisa that Eiffel Tower key ring back she hasn’t stoped going on about it haha:D. see you soon. xxxx

    Love from Mum Louisa and Dad xxxxx

  68. Hi Rhona

    Hope you’re still having a great holiday (oooops, educational trip!). Your beloved mother will top up your phone tomorrow – as long as you text me too and not just her (don’t you love me too?!).

    Anyway, here’s a great pirate joke: Why are pirates called pirates? Because they aaaaaarrrrrr!

    Love, Dad xxxooo

  69. Hi holly, hope your not too burnt and having a great time. Only spotted you in one photo! Get to the front so I can see you. It’s been lovely weather here. Emzy is missing you too. Love you. Mum x

  70. Hi chaz, looks and sounds like you are all having a great time, I managed to actually spot you in one of the photo’s, I was beginning to wonder if you had been left on the ferry! Enjoy Paris, it’s an amazing city so have a terrific time, so jealous ! Love super g!

  71. morning 14 year old stinky. The bio hazzard team from environmental health have now downgraded your room to a level 2 as the window has been open all week. I slept in your bed last night but was woken when a pigeon came through the window. You can imagine how difficult it was to get it out and your Mum and Ramsay were going daft. Anyway I got it out eventually and your matress should be dried out by the time you get back on Friday.

    Eric next door went to the doctor as he thought he was going deaf ….until he found out you were away.

    Enjoy Paris, I am sure you will get a different perspective being there without us.

    Love Daddy

  72. Hi David you all seem to be having an amazing trip. Can’t believe that’s you all off to Paris already….. Have a fab time. All well here.

    Lots of love mum dad and cara..oh Auntie. Mo caitlin. Kieran and gran all say hi. Xx

  73. Hi Shannon missing you lots. Looks like great fun. Dad and I send lots of love and sloppy kisses. Remember to apply sun cream. Gemmas moving into your room………..

    only kidding xxxxxxxxx mummy

  74. Hi again Carly, mum said I’ve to leave another message incase everyone else is getting them and you feel neglected… Being neglected would just make you feel more at home I suppose!

    Pictures look good though can’t make out anyone’s faces so could be last years France trip for all I know!

    Hope you’re having fun think the weathers going downhill here now so make the most of the sun! Not really missing you anymore lol! Did you try a snail?!!??

    See you soon, mum’s missing you and loves you!

    From the best big sister ever!!! Xxxx

    P.s Tara was sick on your bed the other day

  75. Hi Charlotte!

    Leaving a message totally on my own accord and not because you told me to…

    Hope you’re having a great time and the weather is nice (because if it’s not you’re missing a heat wave back here, wouldn’t want you to miss out on getting that lovely lobster red colour you get whenever it’s sunny).

    I keep wandering into your room to tell you stuff then realising it’s just your creepy posters in there, and they aren’t as fun to talk to. Although they are considerably more fun than mum and dad, who keep moping about missing you and don’t seem to be enjoying my company that much, I think you and Megan have got it all wrong when you talk about me being the favourite child and stuff- clearly not the case.

    I tried to get Megan to say something remotely sentimental about missing you the other day and she kind of mumbled an agreement, cheery as ever, so you can take that as her sending her love. And Madison asked me why you were on holiday alone because “that must be boring”, I don’t think she understands, kids are so stupid these days.

    Anyway, have fun, sorry I rambled a bit here, see you on Friday!

    p.s. there is no way I’m getting up to meet you off the bus at 3 in the morning and if you wake me up when you get in you better run.

  76. Hi Nathan

    Hope you are enjoying your holiday and having good weather? We are all sunburnt here just now as the weather is lovely!! Ryan has also finished his last exam today so he is cheesy grinning!!!!

    Enjoy the rest of your holiday and hope the pirate disco was good. See you soon.

    Love Mum and Ryan xxxx

  77. Hi Liam

    Hope you are having a fab time. I know you said not to send you a message but it has to be done. Yes we are missing you it so quiet missing the sound of you playing the guitar. have a fab time and text if you need your phone topped up as you must be almost out of credit as you keep phoning from your pocket . Ps you are doing your own washing when you come home ha ha . Love mum oppps sorry you told me not to say that ha ha x

  78. Hey Seth – how are you doing? Weird without you – too many girls!
    Your room is very tidy for a change but I have been in and shouted at an empty room a couple of times, like I said I would.
    Maya has her last exam tomorrow – RME – but hasn’t done much work today. I had to go to the post office at Asda and she cycled up with me. My legs hurt a bit on the way back but not as much as when we tried to get up to the SQA!
    Yesterday me, Liv, Immy & Luisa went in the sea – and took the dinghy out too. The water was lovely and warm, amazingly. There are lots of bright red people here – hope you aren’t burnt.

    Love you lots, Dad

  79. Hello mate. Hope you’re having a good time.

    Hate to tell you this, but you’re not getting any pocket money this week. I can’t believe you didn’t put the bins out today. Ignorance.

    I’m off to London for the rest of the week, but I’ll see you on Friday night. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

  80. Hi Georgie,
    Snails? Really? I don’t think so. Disco photo is good, hope it was fun evening. Fred still refuses to admit he misses you but he does. So does ruby – she won’t go into your room. Enjoy Paris -so jealous! Miss you loads. Love Mum, Dad, Fred and Ruby.

  81. Hi Logan. Hope you having great time. Mum is stressing about you packing your suitcase. I hope you have tried the frog legs.
    See you soon son

    Love Dad

  82. Hi Bex! Hope that you’re okay and that your boat trip went well. Enjoy your time in Paris. Mum has spoken to Lori’s mum today and she says that you are all doing fine. We will be looking after Olivia at the weekend so you will be able to spend some time with her and get big hugs!

    Missing you loads!
    Mum & Dad

  83. Hi Cameron

    Hope the trip is going well. Really looking forward to seeing all your photos, especially of Paris.

    The photos on the website look great.

    The weather here has been fantastic….hope you are using your suncream!!

    Bye for now

    Mum, Claire & Smartie xxx

    Mum & Claire

  84. Bonsoir Jamie

    So you ARE actually in France! Nice to see you in a photo, I was getting worried you’d been left behind somewhere. Looks like you’re all having fun. I came back from visiting Granny today and amazingly there were still biscuits in the cupboard…quite a coincidence that you’re away at the same time..?
    Mum can’t wait to see you at 3am when you come back!

  85. Hi chaz, at last some photo’s that show you are on the trip! Looks amazing, Paris will not know what’s hit it with you lot descending on it, remember if you can’t get my present in your bag just strap it to the top of the bus, all your friends here are missing you loads, the usual suspects! You need to try and get on FaceTime, see you soon, of course I’m missing you loads, I can’t wait to hear all the stories and see all photo’s, luv ya super g x

  86. Chaz, nana, granny, grandpa, Draco and phil all send their love! Save me Barry! X

  87. Sorry this post is a bit late, the shed was on fire last night (the one with all your stuff in it) and we tried to put it out, but we were too late, evrything is burnt to a crisp. Luckily for you, the weather has been great so you can sleep on the grass.

    Have a fantastic time in Paris; it’s my second favourite city in the world (after Edinburgh). If you get a chance to go to the Luxemburg Gardens, you should. It’s a great place to relax with a bagette mixte. And you can lie out on the grass to see what your new bed will be like.

    Our new lodger says “Hi”, by the way.

    Love you loads from Mum and Dad xx

  88. Morning stinky. I have just remembered that I have a works function to go to on Friday and so wont be fit to drive to meet you. Simply walk to the High Street and get the night bus via wallyford, get off as it comes back and walk up Stoneyhill. I will leave out the decontamination buckets in the back garden. Bucket 1 will be full of bleach, simply drop all of your clothes in here. Bucket 2 is full of more bleach, repeat as per bucket 1, Bucket 3 is for you, the water should be tepid by 3am. I have put the tent up for you to sleep in and will see you sometime Friday evening. Your school clothes will be on a hanger in the tent. Mum and ramsay are going out to lunch on the Friday so you will have to wait in the tent until I come home from work, but dont worry, the lawnmower will be plugged in so you can do the grass.

    As you have not done any dishes since Tuesday last week I now calculate you owe me around £4.
    Hope you are enjoying yourself.
    All my love


  89. Hi Seth,

    The good weather has gone and it’s now back to grey sky, drizzle and cold. It looks far better in Paris.

    Maya has her last exam today, then we’re all busy preparing for your dad’s party on Friday. We’ll try and remember to pick you up though.

    Enjoy the last of your trip, it looks like great fun.

    See you soon,

    love mum, dad, maya, immy, livvy and luisa. jess and dylan send a woof too x

  90. Bonjour Ellie,

    Hope you are enjoying Paris? Lovely photo of you all on your trip down the Seine. Dad & I are both well jel!!

    Freya has been sleeping in your bed. To help her think of you. Aw cute. (that will all change when you get back?!!).

    Good to get ur txt’s too.

    All the family says hello & we are all missing you. Can’t wait to see all the photos & hear all about it when you get back. :-).

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

    Lots of love,mum,dad & freya xx

  91. Hi Matthew,

    Hope your having a fab time, and enjoying your trip so far! It’s vquiet here for a change! 🙂 Paris today….vjealous! Hope you manage to take some good pics! See you soon,love Mum, Dad, Rachel & Scott xxxx

  92. Hi William, Hope your having a good time and take loads of photos because we cant see your face in any of them, apart from the one in Paris! Harvey’s not well he must be missing you!! see you on Friday as we are all coming to pick you up 🙂

    Love, Christina

  93. Hi William, I’m only leaving a comment because Christina did and I hate to be upstaged ha ha. I must care since i’m coming to pick you up on Friday but I think its just because I like being up late!

    Love Louise 🙂

  94. Salut Mel!
    Je suis Brigitte, une amie de ta maman. J’habite à Paris.
    J’espère que tu passes un bon moment avec toute ta classe! J’étais sur les Champs Elysées hier avec des amies anglaises: on aurait pu se croiser…
    Bon séjour!

  95. Hi Emma & Vicky

    Looks like you all had a great time in Normandy and the weather has been great too! probably to late to mention suncream again, but hope you are both wearing it. Enjoy your time in Paris and have a fab time at the theme park tomorrow.

    See you on Friday…….

    Love Mum & Dad x x

  96. Hi Kathryn! Hope you are having a great time in France – it looks good in the photos. Missing you loads and can’t wait to see you on Friday. btw comfy bed!!!!

    Love you millions

    Erin xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  97. Hi Charly!
    So, yeah, I’m back – it was really good, bit rainy though. Been missing you, but I’ll see you on Friday, when you get back to your land, back to your people.
    Have fun in Paris – don’t miss me too much!
    Love, Emmy xxx

    p.s. Kerry says ‘hello’ xx

  98. Hi Becky, miss you a little bit! Have you bought my present yet? Remember I am on a dairy free diet and I don’t want any frogs legs or snails. I definately don’t want a takcy Eiffel Tower, like the one we brought you back last time daddy and I were away. I hope you are sticking close to your friends as your French is not good enough to help you if you get lost! By the way the lodger is still with us, ask Amelia is she thinks her mum and dad might take you in. Love and kisses, mummy and daddy

  99. Hi pal, hope your enjoying yourself!
    Seen you in one of the pictures, where were you in the other two? Got yourself a French girlfriend yet?
    Can’t wait til you come home, your mum and sister are driving me nuts. I need you on my side!
    Remember my cigars!

    Love Dad

  100. Hi Charlotte. Technical as ever trying to work out how to leave a comment (got my technical adviser beside me though – mum!). Missing you loads obviously but there are however some small advantages to you being in France for a few days:

    1) Megan has no-one to argue with,
    2) When you go to get food (especially chocolate) from the kitchen – it’s actually there and
    3) No-one has mentioned One Direction for a whole week !!

    Madison sends her love and says, “Hope you had a great time on your holidays”

    Take care and enjoy the remainder of your hols. Hugs and kisses from Mum and I xx

  101. Hey william hope your having fun remember to bring my camera home, take loads of pictures.

    Love siobhan:)xxx

  102. Hello trippers,

    Hope someone has got me my smurf haribos?? The weather has been good here I am now like a lobster! Hope everyones having a good time even if it’s not as good as France ’09 (best year, ever) And hello to camco! Claire has been missing you and I had to take her to Lucas today to console her! School is creepily quiet luckily I’m not there either!

    P.s Watson we go to LAAANNDAAAAN IN 9 Days buzz an!

    Pps there is an apple store in the Louvre. Visit it!

    Peace out from top tripper/dobber


  103. Hi Dannielle
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Lots of love and kisses from all of us. Hope you are enjoying wonderful Paris. Have you found your card at the front of your suitcase? Enjoy a little extra spending money in Parc Asterix! Looking forward to seeing you on Friday.
    Lots and lots of love Grandma x

  104. Hi Cameron!

    Hope you are having a great time in France.

    We are all missing you loads.

    Looking forward to hearing all about your trip.

    Love Gran and Grandad xx

  105. Hi Lorz

    Hope you are enjoying Paris, we had a look at last years fotos and it looks lovely, and remember to take loads.
    Did u manage to order your food in French lol!! Kyles startin to ask about you everyday now so i think he’s missin u a wee bit cos he’s nobody to argue with, mind his football top,
    see you Friday, ( try find a laundrette n do your washing before you come home!!!!hahahaha )
    Love n miss you,

    Mum, Dad, Kyle & Poppy xxx

  106. Hi Liam just wanted to say that i hope you enjoy your last few days . Hope you have taken lots of photos. There is a special reward for you if you come back with your bag packed in some kind of order. What is the reward ? A drive through at the golden arches never mind the
    Arc de Triumph ha ha
    Love mum x

  107. Hi Amelia, Paris looks as beautiful as ever – I’m very jealous. Not to worry about missing Eiffel Tower – it’s always good to leave Paris with something still to do, that way you will always go back.

    Just in case you are getting fed up with the ‘funny’ comments from your Dad – just remember that when you get home you have 2 episodes of Glee, 1 episode of Cougar Town and and episode of Smash to watch. I suggest we add to that the 2 Bridget Jones movies and Dirty Dancing. It will be your Dad who will end up running out to sleep in the tent after all that lot! Oh, and don’t forget to get all your friends to wish him a belated Happy 50th Birthday when they get off the bus on Friday! Lots of love, Mum xx

  108. Hi Jamie! We can see you in the photos now so I know you are alive!!! Hehehe ! I hope you are having a good time (and if you want to stay longer then it is fine because I have MUCH more time in the bathroom). The weather is gone grey here which is a shame!!dad is back from Nottingham but the house is still quiet! I don’t miss you though cos it is REALLY peaceful!! Anyway am late for school now so I’ve got to go!! Bye and have a good time in asterix park!,

  109. Bonjour Rhona,

    I’m sure you will be feeling much better after speaking to me, as hearing the voice of your beloved mother is better than any medicine!
    Thought I would I would check in to see if were having salad cream withdrawals? As you will have been without any of the yellow stuff for 10 days I’m chucking out all your supplies!
    Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris.
    Miss you loads!
    Lots and lots of love
    Your Loving Mother xxxooo

    PS We’re saving a fortune on tea bags!!

  110. Hi Charlie, yep still missing you, yep can’t wait to see you on Friday morning, even if it is so early! But I bet you’ve had a great time, memories you will never forget. It’s a pity you didn’t get up the effiel tower, but I’m sure the rest of your time in Paris has been terrific. You’ll all need a holiday when you get back to recover ! Lots of love dad x

  111. Hey Chaz

    How´s things going, are you having a good time darling? I am missing you lots. Jen and I having a great time in Majorca, its is so hot but making the most of it while we can as sure it will be raining in Scotland.´
    Our last night tonight so looking forward to heading out later. ´

    See you Friday babe, enjoy the rest of your trip
    lotsa love

  112. Hi Matthew,
    Hope your still enjoying your trip, and the weather looks fab! The weather here is a bit cloudy and cool today. Hard lines about the eiffel tower, but cant you young ones use the stairs!! 🙂 Hope you have fun at Parc Asterix today.
    Love, Mum, Dad, Rachel & Scott

  113. Hi Erin

    Hope you enjoyed the day at the park and managed to avoid being sick on any of the rides.
    I hope that you are still getting good weather. Unfortunatley the sun has gone away in Musselburgh so please bring it back with you from France (along with our presents!)
    Enjoy your last day in Paris can’t wait to see you and hear all about your adventures.
    Have a safe trip home.
    Love Mum, Dad & Lisa xxx

  114. For Matt O’Connor

    To Daddy we are very excited as only a few more sleeps until you are home ! Although Mummy says the house is soooo much tidier without you !

    Love Madeleine and Rebecca xx

  115. Hi, Rebecca, it’s your Dad here again. I see you didn’t manage to go up the Eiffell Tower; that’s probably just as well; you’d have been terrified being that high up anyway.

    Remember Father’s Day is just around the corner so a nice bottle of Lagavulin from the Duty Free, when the teachers aren’t looking, would be grand. A lot better than a tacky plastic Eiffell Tower!!

    Enjoy the rest of your time in France, it’ll soon be over.

    See you on Friday

  116. Hi Catriona,

    Hope you’re having a lovely time in Paris – wish it was me! Bet you’ve all had a great time today at the Parc Asterix! Enjoy your last day tomorrow.

    See you soon
    Love mum xx

    p.s. Hope you’ve been remembering to put the sun cream on!!

  117. Good afternoon all and one. I meant to post a message to you all on Monday or Tuesday but had meetings out of school and ran out of time. Glorious sunshine from the weekend has disappeared and it’s cloudy AGAIN. Disappointed that you couldn’t get up to the Eiffel Tower and amused that you had to walk so far for Mont St Michel.

    See you all soon.

    Mr Summers

  118. Amelia, Rebecca’s Mum and Dad’s lodger, well more like a member of the family now, came around with a sack of the charred remains of her clothes etc. We have accepted a confidential financial settlement to allow her to stay in your room. Suffice to say we are looking forward to a weekend in Seton Sands.

    Hope you will have taken at least £550 worth of good memories from your experience in France and will able to look back on it with fondness in future. Especially as this is the ONLY trip you will be going on.

    look forward to seeing you soon.

    Love Daddy

  119. Hi Mel

    Pity you didn’t get up the Eiffel Tower. Not to worry it was a bit scary, you can see right through the floor all the way down to the ground.
    Love Mum

    p.s. don’t worry – I’ll take you!
    Love Dad

    p.p.s. Louisa says “hope you’re ready for my party!”

  120. Hey holly pops,

    The theme park tomorrow how fab! Lucky girl! We are so pleased you are having a blast. I ordered the shorts for you. Now make sure your phone has plenty charge for the journey home. We expect a call from you when your back on the ferry. Remember and pack the ghds and chargers. It might be gran that collects you as I’m working in school early on Friday. Anyway its been really quiet without you and we are all looking forward to hearing about your trip.

    Love you my baby and see you soon.

    Mum x x x x x x x

  121. Hi Georgie!
    Hope you are enjoying Paris. Shame you didn’t get up the Eiffel tower. Maybe next time. I’ll get Dad to take you up – you know me and heights. Went in to your room tonight, it’s strange to see it still tidy after a week! We are all looking forward to you coming home and hearing all the goss. Love + hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mum, Dad and Freddie

  122. Hi Ellle,

    Looking forward to seeing you. We have missed you loads – honest!!

    Freya desperate to see you. Or is it the pressies….?! lol

    Safe journey back everyone!

    Mum, Dad & wee toe blister xx

  123. Hi chaz, good photo at the parc! Is that you with the hammer? It’s hard to see faces! I’ll want to hear the story about that! I certainly hope that’s not my pressie? Anyway have a safe journey home, we’ll be waiting love dad x

  124. Well spotted you in that picture easily enough from your signature pose!!!!! Oh and lack of trousers!!!!!

    Mum thought you were back Saturday midnight but seen Kirsty’s mum and she said its Friday morning at about 6am? Mums not happy that you get back ‘in the middle of the *swearword* night’ ha ha!

    Anyway see you whenever you get back! Love rach xxxx

  125. Hi Rhona & everyone else especially the fabby teachers,

    Enjoy your last day & I’m glad you have all had such a great time.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to give a great big thank you to all the teachers for making sure you all had a great time and looking after you all so well on our behalf. You’re all very dedicated and brave or mad or both! Now come on guys three cheers and a big round of applause for the teachers yeah!!!

    I don’t want to be a party pooper but I need to let you know that I’ve heard that as part of Curriculum for Excellence all pupils going on school trips abroad must sit a two hour exam on their return, so looks like yours is 9am Friday! Not only that, the exam will be in the language of the country you have been visiting – better swot up on those French/English dictionaries on the journey back!

    Have a safe journey home & I look forward to seeing your tired grummpy faces at some unearthly hour on Friday.

    Lots & lots of love Rhona
    Mummy Darling xxxooo

    PS I’m sure your sisters have missed you!!

  126. Hi Greg

    Can’t believe that’s you’ve been away and getting packed up to come home tomorrow, sorry you didn’t get to do the Eiffel Tower but we can go together next time. Hope you have a safe journey home and looking forward to seeing the photo’s and all you stories!

    Love and hugs, see you Friday.
    Mum, Dad and Sarah XXX

    PS all the family asking for you also. You missed a great BBq and water fight for Grandad’s birthday.

  127. Hi Rhona

    One day to go – hasn’t the time gone fast. We’re looking forward to having you home – and I bet you’re looking forward to the rain, annoying parents and homework! Even better I’m looking forward to getting my new phone back (just joking)! I’m not leaving for work until 9.00 on Friday morning so can help with some last minute revision if you want.

    Safe journey.

    Lots of love, Dad xxxooo

  128. Hey Seth, missing you lots! Will be nice to have you back in the house, it feels strangely empty. See you Friday. Love you bro.


  129. Hi Ron,

    Not long now till your back & messing up your room & everywhere else again!

    Don’t make lots of noise when you get in!!!

    Mazza & Eilish

  130. Can’t wait to see you Seth, we’ve all missed you. Enjoy the rest of your trip and have a good journey home,

    lots of love,

    Mum xx

  131. hey trippers!!

    Hope you all had a fab time in France! The photos look great and making us all jealous! Regi is soooo much quieter without you all here!
    Joni says cant wait to see you all especially Holly!! A little harsh but……Eilidh is not missing Emma :(…..sorry!!
    Have a safe trip home and will see you all in third year 🙂
    Hurry home Mrs Lyall your second year class are not enjoying the cheeky monkey!!

    Love from 2G1 and Miss Morris

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