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  1. Hi Ariane, love you lots, have an amazing time, I cant wait to hear all about your holiday, I cant wait to see your photos, I cant wait to hear about the highlights of your holiday and the wonderful stories you will have and the fun but most of all………I cant wait to see you again, lots of love, Mum and George. XXXxxxxx Missing you so much already but I know you are going to have an amazing time, enjoy every second Ariane X

  2. To Heather and Stewart and all, Hope the first leg of your journey went well, missing you already!

  3. Bonjour trippers!

    You buzzzzin? Few tips:
    -turn off the flash on your camera
    -buy me smurf haribos
    -DO NOT go to the animal section of the market.
    -visit the Apple store in Paris, it’s amazing.
    -get right in to the karaoke
    -DO NOT watch the Gunther video on YouTube.
    -buy me smurf haribos
    -throw the rounders bat unless your assured a home run
    -have an amazing time
    -spoon through Paris (demonstration available from Watson)

    Message again soon


    Ps deh buy any council make up

  4. Hi David
    Hope you had a great journey and you enjoyed the ferry crossing.. House is very quiet without you!!! Goes without saying!
    Love you. Behave(has to be said lol) and have fun!!!
    Mum xxxx
    Ps Frank’s still sleeping in his water.. Moved him twice??

  5. Hiya Megan, hope you are having a great time and taking loads of pictures!! Nice and peaceful here but have to say a little too quiet, seems strange. Enjoy yourself kiddo and make the most of the trip. Love you loads, speak soon, mum and dad xxxxx

  6. Hi Cara and all S2 trippers….glad to hear you’ve arrived safely, and hopefully enjoying some better weather than the “cats & dogs” rain we’ve had here in Mussie today!! Hope your rooms are nice, and noone’s discovered that they forgot to pack something major! Have fun at the zoo tomorrow. Lots of love to you Cara xx

  7. Hi Karen Glad u have all arrived safely. Have loads of fun and cant wait to see all the photos.

    Lots of love and missing u loads already Mum, Dad and Jen xxxx ps Jen been raiding ur wardrobe already xxxx

  8. Hey Ewan! The house is so quiet here, but i’m really enjoying not hearing you quick up a fuss at half seven in the morning because you don’t want to go to school. Bring us all back a little something – and maybe get Sam something too if you can. I hope the zookeepers don’t mistake you for a panda today at the zoo! Missing you lots already, see you in a weeks time!

    Love Alexandra & Mum

  9. Hi Beth

    Hope your cold is better and you’re feeling ok? Erin looked for you this morning in your room but then she said “Beth is on holiday”! Have an amazing time – we love and miss you loads xx Mum David Aimee and Erin xx

  10. Hi Krista
    Hope you had a great day today. It’s strange here without you. I just can’t get used to not hearing about JLS all the time !! Brady and Dougal are missing you. They don’t have anyone to pester them. Hope the weather is nice.
    Dad, Kieron and Murray send there love.
    Have a fantastic time!
    Missing you soooooooooo much.
    With ALL my love.
    Mum xxxxxxxxx

  11. Hi Liam,

    Promised you I wouldn’t be the first to comment didn’t I? Think I did well waiting this long. Hope you had a good journey over and your having a great time. Sounds like you all enjoyed the Zoo. Goes without saying how much I’m missing you, won’t get all soppy on you as I know the messages get read out. Have a fab time Liam and hi to all the S2’s and the teachers.
    Everyone says hi.
    Love you, Mum, Dad, James and Sian.xxxxx
    p.s. Shaina is missing you too, she still sits at the front door at 4.30pm waiting on you from school.xx

  12. Bonjour Michael!
    Hope you’re having a good time and make sure to take lots of pictures!
    Missing you lots, love Rach and Mum, bisous xxx
    PS. Remember the sirop de grenadine!

  13. Hi Ariane, great to see the group photos of you, weather looks so lovely. Hope you are having a fantastic time. George and I are missing you, we are both enjoying some sunshine as the weather in Gran Canaria is excellent… i am a little sun burnt! lol, love Mum and George XXXXXXXXX

  14. HIYAAAA. I’m a total dafty, left my comment in the wrong part. Laaaawl. Typing this wearing my France jumper, doing French homework, listening to my France playlist including my new fav A Horse With No Name. Shout outs to Triple M, Suzy the top tripper, wan joab/auntie val, matty O’c and the new addition from Madame/cairnos departure MORRIS! Morris needs a proper trip name guys. Hope you’s have had a fabby time so far! So jealous of the zoo but its fine because ill be at the animal park in rainy Belgium on Thursday, fab. Could greet, miss France so much. Miss J was stressing me today, took my bowls away before I could straighten them, no sleep for me tonight. (Inside joke for Marty). Hope there’s not an ethaaaan on your trip. Laaawwl. My other comment was better. Never stopped raining, hope the weathers not that bad, Forgan was worrying before he left. Ill leave another comment before I go on my graveyard trip to Belgium! Only going for a chocolate munch. Byeee!
    Ps. Mind my smurfs!!
    Pps. Tell my main man/woman the horse I’m missing him/her lots!
    Ppps. Hope he’s been on trips with you, he likes a gid boat ride. Trot on!
    Bedtime, school tomorrow. Seriously gonnae greet.
    Defo away this time. Maw taits gonnae drag me by my hair to bed. She says hiya Forgan.
    Bye. Au revoir. Whatever floats yer goat

  15. Hi Julia,

    Hope you are having a fun time. Hope they have vegetarian frogs legs and snails for you!
    We arrived safely in Tokyo and met up with Michael – just heading out today to see the city.
    Love mum and dad

  16. Hey Jade, missing u now!!! So is Kia can’t wait to see your pics, hope everyone’s getting on well and looking forward to the rest of ur activities love u lots n lots, Mum xxx

  17. Hi Heather and Stewart.
    Hope you’re both enjoying yourself snookums and bubblecheeks, sorry about your sandwiches! (They were lovely).
    We’re having a lovely time going through everything in your rooms and throwing stuff out…the pictures look great, you all look like you’re having fun (you ARE allowed to smile, madam!)
    See you both soon, and remember – WASH!
    Daaaaaaaaaaaad x

  18. Hi Craig

    We’ve been keeping an eye on the website to see how you’re all getting on. Looks like you’re all having a fab time and hope you’re enjoying yourself as well! How’s the food? Have you tried any of the local delicacies yet! Enjoy the rest of your trip especially Disneyland

    Think Nathan is missing you he goes into your room everyday looking for you!

    Love mum, dad, Deborah and Nicola and Nathan

  19. Hi John & S2 Trippers (thats Trippers not STRIPPERS!)

    Hope your Chateau is well equipped and that you are having lots of fun and enjoying the ambiance of France. The decorators have been in your room double bed delivered make over complete! we`re checking the blog daily, missing you lots…… Love Mum Dad and Karla.

  20. Bonjour Ross & all s2 french trippers & the poor teachers having to keep them under control!!

    Hope u are having a great time Ross – we are missing you so much especially Amy as it is her birthday today and there was no BIG brother here to annoy her when she opened all her presents. Enjoy the rest of your trip and hurry home as the house is too quiet!!!!! (and you know what i mean when i say too quiet – no arguing between you and your wee sis) – only kidding!!!!!!!!

    ENjoy the rest of your trip – im sure you will have a ball!!!

    LOVE you lots Mum , Bruce & Amy xxx

  21. Hi Sophie
    Hope you are having fun and not missing us too much?! The house is strangely peaceful without you around for Charlie to annoy!! It’s nice to see the photies of you all on your trips, hope you’re not straying from the group or talking to strangers or your great grannie will be having words with you!
    Enjoy the rest of the trip
    Love you loads
    Mum, Scott and Chazman x
    PS Charlie has moved into your room mwahahaha

  22. Hi Julia,

    Hope you are having a good time, but hurry home me and “sprinkle” miss you! Make sure Miss Watson isn’t giving you any of her cheek! Love you see you soon.

    Ciara xxx

    Ciara you now me too well. Watson

  23. All Right Ryan hope your having good time ^^.Me dad and Georgea missing you ๐Ÿ™‚
    See you soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. Hi Heather and Stewart
    Looks like a fantastic trip. Don’t know about the frogs legs and snails though but I suppose you have to try them being in France. Just have some French pastries and cakes to take the taser away.
    Hope you and your classmates have a great trip.
    Luv from Granny & Grandad x

  25. Hi Jade i have been looking at the pics and its looks to be a fun and interesting trip. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in France and i cant wait to hear all about it when you get home. Missing you loads Auntie Donna and the gang xxxxx

  26. Hi amy house sooo quiet (and tidy) without u. Missing u loads but glad ur having fun. Hope u had fun at ur karaoke (u and krista singing to jls by any chance lol) enjoy rest of ur holidays c u soon xxxxxxxxxx

  27. Hi Jay
    hope you’re having a great time I’ve been checking the website for updates, the photos are good and it looks like the weathers been good too.
    It’s strange not having you and your brother fighting and arguing every minute of the day but I’m not complaining though, missing you lots.
    enjoy the rest of your trip and don’t waste your money on bringing anything back it’s yours to spend on yourself.
    I spoke to Robbie tonight after the game and he said that they could have done with you tonight, you were missed (said by Murray Hand) I bet you would have scored your penalty but not to worry.
    Love you loads and can’t wait to hear all about it. Mum, dad and Sam xx

  28. Bonjour Jane,
    Just to let you know that we are thinking about you!!!!!
    Hope your taking lots of photos to make your dad jealous!
    Did you eat the delicacies of France?
    I believe it’s shopping this afternoon,please remember you have no space in your case for more clothes!!!!Lol

    Make the most of your opportunity in France it could be Chester zoo!!
    Love Mum and Dad

  29. Hi Ariane, Missing you lots, lovely photos and your weather looks brilliant. We had croissants for breaky this morning, wonder if you have tried them yet. Hope you try the frogs legs, i tried some really different things yesterday, octopus, rabbit and veal,…..brave mum!! We are going to go to Las Palmas toady and sunbathe at the hotel later tonight. Enjoy, Lots of love, Mum and George XXXXxxx

  30. Hi Stuart
    We’ve been checking the website and everyone seems to be having a great time. Did you manage to eat any frogs legs or snails? Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday and look forward to hearing all about it when you get home and to seeing your photos (if you’ve remembered to take any).
    Love Mum, Dad, Laura & Mollie (she’s been in a ‘funny’ mood since you left) xxxx

  31. Hi Cara – trip sounds fantastic. Visits to the war graves and battle sites will be a profound experience for all of you – helps put a few things into context. Hope the weather’s still holding good for you – it’s raining hard back here (just in time for Cammy’s footie tournement at Tranent). Have a great time in Paris. We’re all missing you lots (yes even Rory!).
    Love Dad x.

  32. Bon apris midi Ross Co
    bet it was you that ate the pop corn meant for the goats!
    Birthday girl Amy and Campie girls off to M&Ds for a fun day [ in the rain unfortunately]
    Hope you saw Great Grandads landing craft at Normandy !!!!
    Missing you

    Grandad and Mo xx

  33. Hi Chelsea brown.
    Looks like your all having a great trip.
    Forw thirty years I’ve wanted to do that trip your lucky, nancy said if I go I’m going on my own
    If you take lots of photographs I can live my life through you lol
    Take care honey x

  34. Hi David

    Your mum made me write this. Sorry if it embarrasses you!!
    Just to say its raining here.. Never stopped all day! Hope your all having a fantastic time and your taking lots of photos.. We’re all missing you!
    Enjoy the Hawaiian night tonight.. Hoola hoola!!
    Love grandma xx

  35. Hi Chelz!

    Hope your having an amazing time!!! Missing you loads – can’t wait to see all the pics when your home!
    Lots of love
    Ps mind and try the crepes over there theyr actually awesome!

  36. Hi Emma

    I hope you and all your fellow S2ers are having a great time!! Julie and I have been keeping tabs on the web site for updates and checking out the photos while in Gran Canaria! Went to see dolphins and whales in the sea today but wasn’t the best for me (sick bag was required ha ha). Julie and I are missing you and hope that you’re having a great time and enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Lots of love Dad and Julie xxx

  37. Hi Emma

    Well hopefully this post makes it. Tried 3 times now so fingers crossed! We’ve been keeping tabs on the website to see what you and your fellow S2ers have been up to! Julie and I are having a great time in Gran Canaria but do miss you, although your probably too busy to be missing us lol. We went to see whales and dolphins today which was great but probably better for Julie than me as bi required a sick bag ha ha. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your trip and will see you when you get back! Take care! Lots of love from Dad and Julie!! Xxx

  38. Hey Jade, I’m very bored now miss u lots hope your having a great time at the Hawaiian party and cutting some moves that would make your mum proud ๐Ÿ˜‰ Spending tonight with ur auntie Donna cause the house is too quiet without you, anyway enjoy your trip to Paris tomorrow and enjoy all the fun things your gonna do and don’t spend all your euros on make up lol see u Thursday mum xxx

  39. Hi Ariane, love you, miss you, we were in mogan today, lovely day and went to our favourite restaurant Zenubia, Jose doesnt work there anymore, hope you are having a great time, cant wait to see your photos, lets see if you take more photos than me, lol, love mun and george x

  40. Hi Chels

    Looks like your all having a brilliant time, can’t wait to see all your photos.
    We’ve got Lily staying for a couple of days….she’s keeping your bed warm for you!!
    Hope you all have a fantastic time in Paris.

    Missing you loads
    Mum & Dad xxx

  41. Good morning Vicky and S2
    I know you didnt want me to leave a message but tuff! We are all missing you, the house is very quiet without you. It looks like you are all having an amazing time.Hope you have taken lots of photos.Love you lots and miss you!!!!!! xxx

  42. Hey minger! missing you tons! House is so quiet without you, and oh my gosh how many tops did you take with you? Been looking through your drawers for a decent top and there’s none left! hope your having an amazing time but don’t rush back!
    Also, tell Miss Watson I’ve failed Graph Comm ahah! (oops! waste of 2 years!)
    from Emily ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Hi Abie, hope your having a really good time in France.Hope the weather is better than what we are having here. Love from Aunty Shurley xx

  44. Hi Abie, hope you enjoying France, we are all missing you, but Amber enjoying getting room to herself!. Reece is back for his army cadet camp today so house has been very quiet without the two of yous.the days are going by quick and not long now till you are home, love and miss you loads, mum xxxxx

  45. hello Ross –

    Looks like u r all having a fabby time…..njoy Paris – im so jealous! Remember and take lots of photos! Amy and her friends had a sleepover last night so the house has been far from quiet….cant wait to see you (how was the Hawaiian party?)… u looked awesone in that lovely Hawaiian shirt !NOT! ……

    Love you

    Mum xxx

  46. Dear Vicky,

    Granma calling, hope you are enjoying being educated in nice, sunny, warm, relaxing luxury. Tell me all about it when you come back! x

  47. Hi Vicky. Hope you are having a great time. I am missing you making me cups of tea.Only 4 more sleeps to go. Looking forward to opening my present when you get home. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Love Uncle Fabi Dabi x

  48. Hi Amy & Chelsea. Hope you are having a brilliant time. Can’t believe you tried snails and frogs legs!
    See you both soon to tell me all about your trip. Wish I was there!xxxxxxxxx

  49. Hi Ariane, have a fabby time in Paris, hope you get gorgeous weather too. We had really hot weather today and spent day on amadores beach, love you lots, Mum & George Xxxxxxxxx

  50. message for Jane hope you are having lots of fun in france
    cant wait to see you when you come home ๐Ÿ™‚
    xoxo em

  51. How are you John? How did the Hawian Party go? Any prizes for the best dressed? Let me guess the Donkey won! Had lots of visitors today, they asked if we have heard from you, not a peep was the reply. Pictures showing you are still alive and well ……… Tomorrow we are taking Karla to shops and the cinema . Then getting ready for Dads big party. We will phone you on Tuesday at 6. Katie and Kathryn missed you this weekend, they`re away camping without you… wellies a must!

    Sending you lots of hugs Mum, Birthday Boy and Karla xxx

  52. Hey Cara,

    Really enjoying reading the daily diaries and seeing the photos. It seems like you had a really busy day yesterday: from the emotional trip to the war cemetery, to the fun of your Hawaiian night. Have to say that the picture of you all gathered round in your red tops as the poem was being read at the war cemetery was particularly poignant.

    Hope you had a fabulous first day in Paris today, and enjoyed the Eiffel Tower – I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t have had to queue as long as last time…do you remember that??

    We’re all just back from seeing Iron Man 3 – we thought you wouldn’t mind as you said you weren’t too fussed about seeing it!! It was very good though, we all loved it!!

    Janna, Rory and Cam all looking forward to the next 2 days off school….while you are having fun and gallivanting round the Louvre and Disneyland!!!

    Lots of love from us all…..missing you loads,
    Mum xxx

  53. Hiyaaaaaaa Amy lol

    Hope your having a good time and you,ve got loads of photos to show when you home.
    Missing you loads! Enjoy the rest of your trip in Paris

    Looking forward to seeing you Thursday
    Mum & Norrie xxx

  54. Hi Karen

    Looks like ur having a ball. Hope the fancy dress disco was fun and cant wait to see the photos from it. Hope u all arrive safely in Paris and enjoy all the sights and the shops.

    We are all missing u soo much, the house is not the same without u.

    Love seeing all the photos and catchin up with ur daily diary.

    Lots of love from mum and dad and jen xxxxx

  55. Hi Meg, looks like you are all having a great time judging by the pictures, I hope you are taking loads to show us when you get back. We are in Manchester at the moment, all the family send their love and are looking forward to seeing you soon. I see you have all been doing some retail therapy, we look forward to seeing what you have bought but dread to think!! Hope you continue to enjoy the next few days and we can’t wait to see you. Love you loads, mum and dad.xx

  56. Hi Jay

    Hope you’re having a great time in Paris I love checking the web page for to see more photos of you, I hope you tried the snails and frogs legs (probably not as I know what you’re like)
    I hope the weathers not too bad but have fun anyway.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and so looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.
    Lots of love Mum, dad and Sam x

  57. Hi Heather and Stewart, looks like you are having a fab time! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

    Love from Nana and Pop x

  58. Hiya Soph
    Looks like you’re all having a great time, hope Paris is just amazing?! Loads of photies please??
    We dropped Rosie Posie off at Auntie T’s earlier – I actually miss her nipping and scratching my ankles already!
    Chaz and I are going to see Finding Nemo in 3D tomorrow, jealous much?! All you’ve got to look forward to is EuroDisne ! Haha, have a brilliant time!
    Love you loads and cannae wait to see you again on Thursday
    Mum, Scott and Charlie xxx

  59. Hi Ariane,

    Really lovely group photo at the Eiffel Tower, your activities sound brilliant and so glad you got the nice weather for the beach too. I bought lovely souveniers for you today from sunny gran can, we are eating in the hotel tonight but spent the day on Amadores Beach as weather was stunning, love you lots, and missing you, enjoy your time in paris, we seen Mikey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in Mogan yesterday, which i thought was rather fitting prior to your trip to Disney Land, have an amazing time, cant wait to see your photos, love Mum and Georgey Xxxxxxxxxx

  60. Hi Liam,

    How’s Paris? Bet it’s much different from life at the Chateau! We are following the daily updates and loving the photos. Keeps me going. Feels like you’ve been away for ages now. How is the French ice cream, I missed our weekly visit to Di Rollos tonight. Enjoy the rest of your trip, especially Disneyland. Hope you’ve been taking lots of photos. Have a safe journey home and make it quick as we are desperate to see Fast and Furious 6 haha. Can’t wait to see you on Thursday.

    Love you loads,
    Mum, Dad, James, Sian and not forgetting Shaina.xxxxxx

  61. Hi Craig

    Hope you are enjoying Paris. Been checking blog and we’ve all loved looking at all the photos and hearing about what you all have been getting up to. Have a great time at Disneyland, hope you have taken lots of photos. Anyway enjoy the last few days of your trip and have a safe journey home. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday.

    Love mum, dad, Deborah , Nicola and Nathan

  62. Hey Jade, just thought I’d let u know I’m up for work shocking we have to work in service days especially in the knowledge u lot r at euro Disney!! Hope u all have a fabby day n go on all the fast rides can’t wait to c u n just to let u know I tidied ur bedroom!!! Lol see you soon love mum xxx

  63. Hi Heather and Stewart,
    Sounds like you are having a great time. We are all missing you but enjoying the comments in the diary and the photos. Scott is looking forward for you coming home although that may be because he thinks he is getting a present and can start blaming you for the mess in the house again!
    Stewart, spend money! You’re not bringing it home and changing it for pounds! We know you too well…enjoy disneyworld everyone and see you soon.
    Mum dad and Scott. X

  64. Hellllllloooooo Ross

    Thank you for that big surprise last night – made my day seeing the view from the Eiffel Tower – you all look like you are having a brill time – no doubt you will all be exhausted.

    I hope you are not too crabbit Ross with this lack of sleep – would have liked to have seen your face when the coach would not start last night! you had made a few “choice” words at the driver (to yourself)!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see you.

    Love you

    (p.s i put a comment up yday but i cant see it???????)
    (p.p.s – Bruce and Amy say Hi and are missing you like mad)xxx
    (p.p.p.s – ive changed my mind Ross about telling you not to bring home any presents for us – a nice bottle of champers wld be nice) -KIDDING!!!!!!

  65. Hiyaaaa!
    Pretty warm today in sunny mussy! So you Got the Eiffel Tower to yourself and had a movie night in the bus underneath it and now you’re going to Disneyland!? So jealous. Everyone’s off to London so I’m left with no pals. Lozza nae mates. Not long until Belgium now. Hope you’s enjoy the rest of your ‘educational excursion’ laaawl.
    Ps. Hope Amy Ho isn’t missing me too much and your shower curtains reach the shower curtain regulation size unlike our ones.

  66. Safe trip home everyone. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon Cara.
    Lots of Love – Mum, Dad, Janna, Rory & Cameron XXxxx

  67. Hi Jane

    Was Disney the dream or did the weather put you off?
    Can you please please sleep on the bus on your journey home as we know how crabbit you get without sleep!!!! Friday will be a big family reunion can’t wait!! although I have to admit We have enjoyed the peace and quiet!!

    Can’t wait to get your washing home oh and of course you too (do you know how to use the washing machine?)

    See you soon

    Love Mum and Dad

  68. Hi! Ariane, Sorry we are late in sending this but Jerry and I hope that you have had a fantastic time in France. I hope to see you in June but will contact your Mum before then.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay.

    Lots of Love


  69. Hey Mike, have a safe trip home! We’ve all missed you lots, especially Charlie, he’s been looking round the house for you! ร€ bientรดt!
    Love Mum, Dad, Rach, Tom, Keiran, Charlie and TomCat xx

  70. Been following tour with interest and can see you all had a good time – DVD under the Eiffel Tower is epic. Hope Miss Watson manages to get this to you all before you get back to Musselburgh.
    Mr Summers

  71. Gutted the trip is over such a great time in the past 10 days… Thanks teachers for a great time

  72. Hiya,
    France was the best ‘educational excursion’ I’ve been on, I don’t think any other trip can beat it. Sad it’s over now, and no more singing ooh you touch my tralala, mmm my ding ding dong ‘LOL’. Thank you to all the teachers for making this trip happen and making it the best ever!!

  73. Hiya thanks for an enjoyable and funny trip! (educational excursion!!!!) lol still cant believe how fast it has went. I keep on remembering funny bits and end up bursting out laughthing!!! I keep playing my france playlist over and over and brings back amazing memorys, thanks to all the teachers who organised this and put up with all of us!!!!

  74. HIYAAA!! Thank you for such an amazing ‘educational excursion’ donโ€™t think any other trip can beat it. Sad that it went by so quickly! no more singing gunther โ€˜LOLโ€™. All the photos that are up bring back amazing memories!! Thank you to all the teachers for making this ‘educational excursion’ happen and making it the best ‘educational excursion’ ever!! xXxXxXxXx

  75. A big thank you to the Grammar teachers for giving our children a holiday to remember, we appreciate all the time and effort you have put in to pulling off this years French trip, we will no doubt be hearing lots more stories in the forthcoming weeks.

  76. Hiya!!!
    Best educational excursion ever! From going to the war cemeteries to having fun in Disneyland, it has been an amazing experience! Made so many memories. Shame it went by so quickly! It’s nice to see the photos too!
    Also, thank you to all the teachers who organised and came on the trip!

  77. Best Trip Ever Gutted to be home so quick could of stayed for another week. thank you teachers for a great time!

  78. Hiya,

    Thanks to the teachers for organising the best “educational excursion” trip ever! Sad to see the trip over. It has been an amazing trip and we’ve all had a good laugh. Every moment of the trip was amazing. Loved going up the Eiffel Tower and singing “Oh You Touch My Tra La La” Wish I was still there. I will never forget all the memories and laughs we all had. Once again thanks to the teachers for making it the best trip ever!!!

  79. Best trip (educational excursion) I’ve ever been on, will never forget about the last 10 days! The weather wasnt great but it never affected us doing everything that was planned! Thanks to all the teachers once again for taking us and giving us a one in a lifetime opportunity to go and do everything we done in France and also putting up with us all for 10 days! Can’t believe it’s over already, it went so fast just wish we were all still there! Will definitely miss all the chats, songs and everything at night, the bus journeys and also all the laughs we had!

  80. Hiyaa,

    This was by far the best “Educational Excursion” ever! Never going to be able to sing Gunther without it sounding awkward again! “LOL”. So many great memories that ill never forget. Got to see the fun side of all the teachers! thanks to the teachers, Parents and Stan and Steve:’) xxxxxxx

  81. Hiya!
    This was defo the best ‘educational excursion’ ever!! Wish I was still there! Thanks!!

  82. That was the best “educational excursion” you could ever go on iit was AMAZING thank you guy for the best France “educational excursion” ever miss it already #TEAMHO !!!!!

  83. hiyaaaa,

    this was the best educational excursion lol
    had such a good time and there should be more;)
    didnt want to go home thanks for an amazing trip

    ps; mr forgans bedtime stories haha
    pps; watson and morris have got the chat

  84. Hiyaaa, forgot to leave a comment when we first got back haha but france was definitely the best ‘educational excursion’ ever! Won’t forget it, wish we could go back!! Keep listening to ohh you touch my tra la la! Miss the singing on the bus! Thanks to all the teachers for taking us and making it the best trip ever! Xxx

  85. hiya!
    France was amazing it is definitely the best holiday( sorry educational excursion) we have been on by far! whilst writing this we are listening to gunther!!! LOL! snails was better than the frogs legs and Paris was the best part of the trip we especially liked the boat trip and the Eiffel tower which we had a water fight on! miss watson said that if you dont lose your voice then your not a true tripper so we lost our voices on the first day! our favourite sport is now full contact rounders!
    from Jane and Megan xxxxxxxxxxxx

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