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  1. Where’s the chat? I’m packed, and I’m totes excited! I can feel a song coming on……………..

  2. C’mon trippers it’s time to get in the “educational excursion” spirit…. 6 more sleeps! It’s getting too exciting…. Wonder if Mr Forgan highland dancing outfit will arrive in time?

  3. Do you not need parent helpers??? I fancy an educational trip (holiday) lol

  4. hiyaa,
    hope you all have a good time in france but it will not be as good as our “educational excursion” when you visit the market in paris go all the way to the top of the hill and there should be a three man french band call les Presteej they are amazing,
    note to all you so called besties remember you dont know someone until you have shared a dorm with them for 10 days (ask miss watson) you will loose a friendship a best friend to be exact but all in all you will have a great time it was an amazing experience tell miss watson to bring us back some haribo smurfs!
    from your favourite regi pupils and best france trippers
    Jane, Megan and Charlotte

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! SOOOO Hyped cant wait gonna be amazing!!!!! Watch out france here we come πŸ˜€

  6. OMG it’s finally here !! My bank card can finally have a rest !! Lol… Have a Fabby Doo time … Missing you already … Not !! Only joking. Love you lots and lots my gorgeous daughter – obviously take after your mamma. xxxx

  7. Bonjour Adam, hope your enjoying the journey so far. You’ve forgotten Tinkerbelle, your favourite teddy, so I hope you manage to get to sleep without it!!!!! Ha ha ha ha! Jokes aside, have a fab time and Ali wants to know if he can use your Longboard when your away…… love from Mum, Dad and Ali xxxx

  8. Hope you all have a good time, it was fun last year, really want to go back, enjoy yourselves


  10. Hope everyone survived the crossing and managed to get some sleep. We are really missing you Imogen, and hope you’re having a great time.
    Take care,
    lots of love Mum xx

  11. Missing my little petit pois, hope your having a great time get a good sleep tonight as I’m sure you’ll be tired after the long journey. Take lots of pictures of everything I want to see. Love you and so do the gang xxxx

  12. Hiya kirstieee I Hope your having a great time! Haha you have to eat snails and frogs legs !! Mowahahahaahah

  13. Hi mark

    Glad you’ve arrived safely and hope you’re having a great time. Weather looks great so enjoy it while it lasts.

    You’ve left pull-ups btw so remember no drinking after tea time! Ha ha

  14. Hi Weezie,

    Its very quiet round here without you. Missing you. Was the sandwich good? I hear you managed to get some sleep on the bus.

    Melanie has just fed your hamster btw.

    Have lots of fun,

    Mum xxx

  15. Hope the ferry crossing was calm. Have a great time and take lots of photos. Enjoy the Chateau. Love Mum Dad and Scott xx

  16. No doubt you’ve all had a fab day and lack of sleep will make kids crash out tonight and give teachers a break till tomorrow, lookin forward to next bit of info , be sure to enjoy! X

  17. Bonjour Lara mon petit chou .. put your phone away, I’m talking to you!
    Hope you survived the trip down and are having a great time! Take lots of pictures and enjoy the food. Jamie is missing you a lot but is cheering himself up by playing all your CDs…
    Love Dad xx

  18. Hiya,
    Hope ur all having a good time! Missing u lots Karla, naaawwwwttt! Lol, London was amazing but not as good as France which takes allot to beat!

  19. Happy happy happy birthday Katherine!!! Hope you have a completely fabulous day and rest of your holiday. Wonder how many crepes you will manage today. Too quiet here without you love Mam xxxxx

  20. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy Birthday to my gorgeous sister Kate!!! Hope you’re all having a braw time! Missing you! Love you loads xxx

  21. Hi Katie hope you are all having a fab time. The house is so quiet, no guitars no singing!!! ps Think I aced my exam! Love you loads Mum and Erin xxx

  22. Hey Kirstie,mummy here! hope your weather is better than here it’s dull and drizzly, typical Scottish weather, no doubt you will all be gearing up for your plunge in the pool after spending a fortune at the market!! Missing you lots, have fun xxx

  23. For Matt OConnor – Hi Daddy, we are being super good for mum and hope everyone loves the horse !

  24. Hi
    Glad you all made it safe and sound, you all looked knackered!
    We’re all missing you and Kody loves having total power over the remote control!
    Have fun and don’t spend all your money on make up!

  25. Hi Charlie
    Missing you loads already but your bed is nice and squidgy! Sorry there is so much hair on it and your make ups a bit chewed (lipstick is tasty!), hurray back or your eye liners next lol!!
    Lots of love Boo Boo

  26. Hi Kymmi, missing you lots but loving how tidy your room is!! Hope your having a great time πŸ™‚ lots of love from us all xx

  27. Glad you’ve all arrived safely, and it’s good to see it’s sunglasses weather!! Janna, you’ll be glad to know that all is well with Pepper – though I do think he’s missing you loads!! Phoebe was up seeing him today. Mimo and the fish are just about coping without you too. Hope you’re having a fab time.
    Lots of love,
    Mum (& co) XxxxX

  28. Hi Katie, Erin keeps saying “I miss Katie”… she must do as she has set up camp in your room. She is sat at your desk doing her imaginary homework (at least someone does homework). She has been through your DVDs and picked out Hairspray to watch tonight. Ha ha ha ha payback time! Love you loads Mum and Erin xxxx ps Erin is getting really good on your guitar (I won’t say lol) lol

  29. Hey Andrew hope you had fun at the market and bought me a fantastic gift

  30. Hi Struan hope your having a great time, enjoy the frogs legs and snails. How many pairs of shoes did you buy this morning. Ps Hamish misses you

  31. Hi Kirstie I’m still trying to find the photo lol, Claire has decided we will have a huge roast dinner with Yorkies tomorrow and she will have your helping too while we imagine you tucking into frogs legs and snails ha ha , hope you are having fun, text when you can and we will call u back, missing u loads xxxx

  32. Bonjour Lauren!!, hope your having a ball, missing you loads, it’s soo quite without you , Aidan says he wants you to come home although he has quite happily stole your bed so he can bunk in with alana ;). Frogs and snails for tea hmmm!,sounds……yum! Lol, can’t wait to here about that, alana made a face when I told her ……maybe you should bring some back for her to try! πŸ˜‰ lol. Hope the weather improves for you all tommorrow , although I’m sure some rain won’t stop your fun.
    Mind lots of pics!
    Love you always
    Mum,alana,Aidan ,Oscar and milo xxx

  33. Hi sash hope you are having a great time Alfie was up in your room looking for you awwwwwww xxxxxxxxxx

  34. Hi Karla, glad to see you all arrived safely. Looking forward to seeing Miss Watson’s daily photos. Just looked at photos of your cousin Craig’s stag party, they had him dressed up as a rabbit at the races! Been out shopping all day with Linda and Lesley in Dunfermline. Au Revoir K, love you lots, Mum, Dad and John.

  35. Hi Immy,
    Well Maya has had her last ever dance show and it was so sad! We really missed you in the show, it wasn’t the same without you.
    It is pouring down with rain here and I am meant to be sailing with Livvy this afternoon.
    What did you eat instead of the legs of a poor old frog? I hope you’re having a fantastic time, I’m sure you are.
    Have fun,
    Mum xxxxxxxx

  36. Hi Immy – it’s horrible here, pouring with rain. Not very nice for the Edinburgh Marathon runners or for mum & Liv’s sailing course. Dancing show was great, but a bit sad too with Maya leaving. (she was fine, just hugging everybody for about an hour). Derby lost in the football play-off final. :-0(
    Love you. Have fun. Dad x

    Hope you lot are havin’ a braw time and Ms Lyall is behaving herself. I’m Ms Watson’s Auntie Shirley and she told me that Ms Lyall and Mr Forgan have been nipping out to McDonalds once you lot go to yer beds! There’s a drive thru at the end of the main road on the other side of the zebra corssing. Anyway, need to boost just now. Heading down the bingo. You stay safe Suzy.
    Ooooooo, tra-la-la; oooooooh, ding-ding-dong!

  38. Good morning all, hope you are having a great time, Kirstie ,Claire wants to know if you bought her a nice birthday present at the market yesterday . The sun is shining here just now but not expected to last, remember a fridge magnet!! Hope yor weather stays nice and dry today and be sure to have a ball, miss you lots xx

  39. Hi Laurielee, glad you’re having a ‘fab time’, Mannie has taken over your room and you will not recognise it as it’s so ‘tidy’… I hope you didn’t buy me too many gifts yesterday at the market? Do you remember how to text? Keep in touch please, enjoy your Frogs legs/snails later on, sing your wee heart out at the Karaoke.
    Missing you lots and lots, love Mum, Gallocher and Dad xxxxxxx

  40. Hi Rebecca
    Glad you all got there OK and hope you are having a great time. We’re all missing you and the house is so much quieter and tidier ! It’s the marathon here today so heading along to see the runners. I hope the weather is better than the forecast is showing online and you get the chance to wear shorts. Catherine and I are excited about flying out tomorrow. Love the daily update on the blog and will try and keep updated while away. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
    Love Mum, Dad and Catherine

  41. Hiya!
    Hope your having a great time and enjoyed the frogs legs and snails last night, I know you where looking forward to them but don’t think I’ll be doing them for tea!!
    I hope the weather hasn’t put too much of a dampener on things, we should have packed wellies, like we could have got anymore into your suitcase!!
    Love ya lots Mum, Dad, Kody and Bear x

  42. Hi Isla, hope you aee having a good day, just to let you know that I finished the Edinburgh Half Marathon in 1 hour 47 mins and 58 seconds (that was 5 mins faster than the last one)! Alright for an oldy!!! Speak soon love Dad, Mum, Arran and Bluebell xxxx PS lol

  43. Hi there
    Glad u all arrived safe. It’s soooo quiet without you Neve. Did you get the wee notes haha hope it was a nice surprise. Enjoy the rest of your trip, mind take lots of pics . Missing you so much .

    Lots of love
    Mum, Mikey ,Erin , Cerys and Bella
    (P.s missing MY straighteners haha)

  44. Hi Lauren
    So happy to see the sun has shined for you all today! it’s been absolutely chucking it down here so nice to see the sun is out somewhere!.
    Aidan is not happy that he has to go to school tomorrow and your off on holiday , he thinks he should get week off too!………I of course don’t agree and his bags are packed ready for school πŸ˜‰ lol.
    We all missing you and I find myself waiting eagerly for the daily updates and pics to see what you been up to.
    Hope you enjoyed today and that the sun stays shining for the rest of your trip.
    Love you lots
    Mum x

  45. Hi Andrew, hope your having a great time. The house is too quiet without you and mine craft is boring too. Don’t forget my present. Miss you and love you lots from Ellie xxxxx mum misses you too xxxx

  46. Hi Katie
    Trip looks fabbie, keep the pictures coming on the blog. Thought you would like to know that Hibs are going down! I expect your Dad having the best birthday ever! On that note you might want to break the phone ban and send him a wee message…
    Love Mum xxx

  47. Hi Liam, trust you’re are having a fabby time.
    (Mum) – I only know from the photo’s you arrived safely, I’m assuming given I’ve not had any replies to the 40,000 texts I’ve sent you, your phone must have went overboard in the ferry crossing πŸ™‚
    It’s been so quiet here, we’re really missing you, although Danielle is loving being an only child again !!! Hope you enjoyed the frogs legs & snails (chewy chicken says Danielle), have a great time at the Disco tomorrow night, and remember all they great moves your Dad taught you πŸ˜‰

    Luv Ya
    M,D &D xx

  48. Hiya Chloe, glad your really enjoying your trip.your mum has had no wi- fi with being away but will message you you.xxxx

  49. Hiyaa!
    Hope you’re all having a good time, gutted that we’re stuck here and your all on the best trip ever. Bet you’re all glad you chose the right S2 france trip ;-). Hope you’re getting good bed time stories, had us in stitches lawl. London was great not quite as educational as France, its all about the learning. Hope everyone is giving their all in the singing on the party bus and you better be having a game of Watson Rounders. See you soon bye!
    Ps. Watson mind and don’t be jumping the the top bunk bed that was never going to end well.

  50. Hiya ma darlin.happy that you are all having a great time.Hope you are taking lots of pics for us to see wen you get home.your mum & dad have had no wi-fi with not being at home but will message you you.xxxx

  51. Hi Laurie. Don’t forget it is Gallocher’s 21st on Wednesday. Send a text on Mum’s phone to say Happy Birthday. He has chosen an electric guitar and amp. You’ll be so envious! Tee hee… Hope you are having fun. Mum says sorry for not packing your pants. Hope you can wash the ones you are wearing! Phew!

  52. Hi princess hope your having a great time hunni, we are all missing you sooooo much, that’s us just home from the Bolton football tournament and guess what the hutchy boys won, your big bro brought the cup home for you coz he’s missing you, Mia is also wondering where her big sister is, she looks sad

  53. Hey Struan hope your having a great time, has your phone ran out of charge???? House is soo quiet without you, it was the Marathon yesterday and the usual mayhem here. We’re all missing you even Eilidh, she’s nobody to argue with. Have a brilliant time and try and look at the camera next time theres a group photo hahaha. love Mum, Dad, Murray, Eilidh and wee Hamish xxx

  54. Hi sash we are all missing you especially Alfie the house is so quite and your room is tidy ha ha Lots of love. Mum and Dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. Bonjour
    Great pictures, looks like you are all enjoying yourselves. Bet you didn’t wear out your voice singing on the karaoke last night! Hope you’re having nicer weather than us, it just keeps raining! Bear was a wee bit sad this morning as you weren’t there to keep him company after we left for school but I gave him an extra treat to make up for it. Hope you’re having a great time! XXX

  56. Hi Kirstie, liking the pictures, sorry the foods not so nice you’ll have to get the teachers to get you all McDonald’s haha, I’ll phone you later tonight if you still have a voice after all the karaoke xx

  57. Hey Andrew, hope your enjoying yourself too much to miss us back here, I hope your still taking lots of pictures of everything. The house is so quiet without you and I’m saving a fortune on food ha ha. We love you lots and miss you more xxxx

  58. Hi Adam and the other trippers, hope you’re all enjoying yourselves. Adam, we’re all missing you here- even Scooby keeps looking at your empty bed. Hope you are taking it all in and lovin’ every minute of it. Ali send his love but I don’t know how long I can keep him away from reading all your messages on your phone. That’s what you get for not hiding it before you left…. lol. Love you lots, Mum, Dad, Ali and Scooby xxxxx

  59. Hey Lewis, hope the disco was good, was the music ok? Rife is good, we met Ricky Hatton . Paris next ooo la la have fun

  60. Hope you’re having a good time, it’s countdown to Gallocher’s birthday’,be great if you could text him on Wednesday. We are all missing your ‘dulcet tone’ it’s far too quiet, sshhh, I shouldn’t speak too soon, ha,ha! Hope you enjoy the fancy dress disco, ‘Boogie on down’ love you lots ,
    Love mum, dad & Gallocher xxxxxxx

  61. Hi Mum,
    Did you like the frogs legs? Hope you don’t get any ideas about the toad in our back garden!!!! We’ve got plenty snails though, bet they were slow going down πŸ™‚
    Missing you loads, Euan Xxx (and Dad)

  62. Hey Janna, hope you & all the trippers are having a fantastic time. Loved the pic by the tank…and I can see you’ve been shopping…no surprise there!!
    All’s good here: marathon day went really well for me, and dad too; I’m pretty sure Cara is missing you just a wee bit; Rory’s been back doing more morphsuits; and Cam has been helping me nicely with Pepper (he rode him round the sheep track today & loved it).
    Looking forward to getting more updates.
    Lots of Love, Mum (& gang) xxxxx

  63. Hi Isla, hope your having a great time so far! Enjoy Paris, its amazing, I’m very jealous, its bring back all the memories when I was there at the age of 13……many moons ago!! Have a fabby time chick. Love you, Mum xxxx

  64. Hi Callum, we’ve rented your room out until 4th June so it would be handy if you could just hang around in France for a few more days. Oh, almost forgot, we’ve also sold all your possessions and emptied your bank account,

    Lots of love,
    Dad xx

  65. Hi Kirstie, I hope you did your sword dance last night at the Scottish theme disco!! Although you did say you wouldn’t unless the teacher did it too! Hope you are enjoying your lunch by the Eiffel tower right now, have fun speak soon xxx

  66. Hi Charlie
    Sounds like your having a great time! Hope your enjoying all the beautiful sights and taking plenty of pictures. Sorry but have to admit, I gave in and watched Dance Moms without you!! It was too hard I could’t resisit lol. Nevermind you can catch up with them when you get back.
    Everyone is asking how things are going, I am sooo proud of how your managing everything.
    Big hugs and kisses Mum, Dad abd Kody

  67. Hello everyone!

    A message from an S2 France Trip veteran here! Can’t believe I was on this trip 6 years ago and now it’s my wee brother and his pals turn! Time flies! Can guarantee the trip of a lifetime by the way! Hope you’re making all the same fantastic memories we did! And, keep an eye out on Ms Watson, she’s a riot when she wants to be!

    Enjoy it. Give me a text when you can Lewis..

    Mark Hannah

  68. Hi Ellen

    Lovely sunny day! Sarah down here studying – her shoulder is really sore but she will keep taking the tablets!!

    Looking forward to you coming home.

    Love you lots.
    Gran & Grandad

  69. hiyaaaa,
    yous missed out on the goats popcorn at the zoo. Hows mr forgans bedtime storys going, did anyone fall asleep at the beach this year? hope yous are all having a good time, it will be the best educational excursion youll ever have due to mad man marty and his one man party, and the other fab teachers.
    ps have fun trying the frogs legs and snails if you havent already.

  70. So jealous of you all in Paris! Take lots of photos.
    Love from Mum and Archie

  71. Hey imooo,
    Missing my wee text buddy so much, so quiet without ya and im actually being sociable for once, hope you’re having a snazzy time in France and missing me loads cos im missing you moree, #cringee
    The dance shows were so quiet without you, take loads of photos for me yeah, loving youu see you soonnn xxxxx

  72. Bonjour Sarah & Posse, hope you all have a brilliant time in Paris ! Love from the Nicolls xxxx

  73. Hiyaaaaa! Hope you’re all having a fabby time! Killed me to say that because I’m sooooo unbelievably jealous! Shout out to my pal Sarah Nicol and all you other trippers! Special tripper shout oot tae Triple M, Suzy, auntie Val (wan Joab),Matty and Morris! Hope the songs are blasting but nae tra la la touching because.. “NO TOUCHY TOUCHY!!” Hope Forgan and Suzy are behaving themselves! Do not let Watson loose with a flip flop. Bad things can happen hahaha!! I pray there’s no one called “ETHAAAAN” on your trip and not a Danielle with that voice either.. Bet Forgan’s been soaking up as much rays as he can as a pre tan before his 10372920 holidays this summer as per! Hope my horse is still trotting strong and he’s getting a wee boat trip again! He likes a wee bit sight seeing! I want you all to belt out Ding Ding Dong as you pull up to the school when you get back. Your parents will defo worry hahaha! Enjoy the rest of your trip and Watson.. Don’t forget my smurfs!!

    Love from a top tripper πŸ™‚

  74. Hi Kirstie
    Got ur snapchat. Bet you didnt get mine. Late bed early rise – prob = grumpy girl????
    Good to hear from you and that your having a great time. Since you enjoyed frogs legs we are going to try them tonight. Hope you don`t mind us eating your pals from our garden?? lol. Horrible cold, wet, wellies and coat morning here. Missing you but not your trail of clothes, shoes, books etc round the house. Take care. xxx

    Have a great time and Mis Watson, you better bring the regi class a ton of surfs back….
    Btw France 2013 will always be the best, k?
    If you don’t follow the France tripper tradition you will have a rubbish time so… Y’know
    And if you don’t sing, it’s really no fun….

  76. Hi Kymmi, hope your loving Paris!! I’m sure you are. We took Rico for a haircut yesterday, he looks like a puppy again, though Connor says he looks like a rat lol. Oh I’ve to remind you about Lisa’s challenge!! Missing you lots and love you millions xxx

  77. Hi Liam, trust your having a good time! Photos look fab and you all look great…. but you can never compete with Suzy Watson’s Kiwi army (class of 2011) ! Mum keeps going on about how much she misses you – so much that I am now sick of the sound of your name!
    P.S. – a wee phone call or text message wouldn’t go a miss to check your still alive and well.
    See you on Saturday wee guy! Dx

  78. Hi Charlie
    From the pictures being posted up it looks like you’re all having a ball!! Mind you the beach did look a bit windy! Hope you enjoyed the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower, fingers crossed you all get tickets, I know you really wanted to walk all the steps!
    Missing you loads xx
    Mum, Dad and Kody

  79. Hi Lauren and co

    I have to admit I’ve been having withdrawal from the daily posts with the internet being down!, so great to get full catch up tonight πŸ™‚
    Looks like your having a ball and seeing many fab things. Hope Eiffel Tower was good ,you can tell me all about it as no way you would get me up that high! Lol, so I’ll have to experience it through you πŸ˜‰
    Can’t believe it nearly a week already!. Enjoy the time you have left and I can’t wait to see you on Saturday

    Love you lots
    Mum,alana and Aidan xxx

  80. Hi Ad,

    Comment ca va!? Hope you’re having a ball. Jen and I have been thinking about you.
    I’m just in from work and taken my snorkel and flippers off – ha, ha – nearly had to swim home it’s so wet here! We’re having mince and tatties for tea which is the kind of comfort food you need in this horrible weather. I hope they’re feeding you well.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip, I can’t wait to hear all about it.
    Look after yourself, love you.

    Auntie Maggie and Jen xxx

  81. Hello again Janna – loving seeing all the pics, everyone looks like they’re having a fantastic time. Shopping in Paris today?? Right up your rue!! Hope the weather was good for the Eiffel Tower. It started pouring down here this afternoon – tonight’s jumping cancelled – so at least you haven’t missed it!!! Peps is fine – have put a couple of pics of him on Instagram for you to look forward to (on your bus trip home??).
    Lots of love, Mum xx

  82. Hi Louisa,

    Its very wet here today. I got completely soaked. I can see from the photos you have had dryer weather than we have had today. Hope you enjoyed the see through floors of the Eiffel tower. I ended up clinging to the sides and wouldn’t go over to the railing to look at the view when I visited the Eiffel Tower. Couldn’t wait to get back down.

    Enjoy the rest of your stay.

    lots of love , mum xxx

  83. Hi all hope your havin a ball, for those of you who are scared of heights enjoy the Eiffel tower!! Kirstie we are missing you around the house.. Well dad and I are Claire’s more than happy to have a room of her own that’s actually tidy!remember to spend dad’s emergency euros lol. Anyway only a few more days to put up with Watson the weegie haha , missin u xxx

  84. Hi Miss Watson I shut the gates and I’m looking forward to my Haribo Smurfs! Callum we’ve moved house goodbye x

  85. Hi Adam , Hope you enjoying Paris. It sounds & looks like you all are!? It’s quiet without you. Ali had a great time at Innerwick but grumpy and tired on his return. Everyone is looking forward to hearing all your stories. Have fun , Dad xxx

  86. Hiya
    Hope ur having a good time k, The house is so quiet with out u! I’m actually getting all the attention for once, schools quiet too been out for dinner tonight which was nice. Hope u have a good time at parc asterics!

  87. Hi there trippers,
    I’m Ms Watson and Mr O’Connors pal and a former tripper myself. Can’t believe its 5 years since I was away with MGS- feels like yesterday……
    Looks like you are having a fun filled and busy week. Hope you don’t get any more rain!
    Oh Suzy I see aunty Shirley has been in touch – taking a break from the bingo and the dobbers I bet!! Not seen her in ages…..
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and hope that Gunther is still entertaining the troops with his tra la las

  88. Hi princess, good to speak to u last ngt. Hope u managed to tidy that room, surprised to see it that like taking you’re OCD into account, so to prepare for our wee girl coming home we’ve allowed you’re big bro to sleep in you’re room, so u can imagine what you are coming home too πŸ™‚ Mia’s still looking for her sis at the window, she’s missed her walkies with her sis! Mum won’t stop talking about u, she’s missing her shadow and can’t wait till u get home. Missing u loads princess, hope you’re having a fab time! Love u tons. Dad.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  89. Hi Danny we are in France today ( Thursday) It’s so hot & I forgot to put sun cream in your case, make sure you buy some! We are sitting in a cafe at the harbour in Corsica. Hope you are having a brilliant time. Miss you lots if love Mum & Dad xxxx

  90. Hey guys! Hope your all having an amazing time! Missing you loads. Not much has happened here just weird without you all! Cant wait to see you all soon! Imogen, Lara and Esra I expect an amaz souvineir! πŸ˜‰

    Love you lots
    Amy xxxxxxx

  91. Hi Charlie
    So glad you all got tickets for the Eiffel Tower, I’m sure you enjoyed it and hope you’ve got lots of pictures! Bet you’ve had a busy day at the Parc Asterix, glad I wasn’t there to see it as I know what a dare devil you can be on the big rollercoasters, it makes my stomach go up and down just thinking about it!! Can’t wait for you to tell me all about the fab time you have all had.
    See you soon, love Mum, Dad and Kody xxx

  92. Hi Charlotte
    Just a wee reminder! If you didn’t manage to get me the snow globe remember the PSG top!!
    Hope your having a great time, the house is really quiet without you!

  93. Hi Imogen,

    You all look to be having a great time. The photos are great, so thank you to the staff for posting them all – especially for the families of the kids who refuse to get in touch! Good to know you’re still alive!
    Paula and Ewan have just been round. Ewan has just finished at Uni and isn’t very impressed to be going back to Glasgow. Can’t believe that will be Maya next year.
    I hope you all enjoy the last day or so of your trip. Looking forward to seeing you soon,

    Mum xxxxxxx

  94. heyyyyyaaaaa! hows france, hope youre all having a great time! have you heard the story about the goat popcorn yet haha! I hope you all know every single word to tra la la, john reid certainly did!!
    bye, see you all soon:)

    p.s ppppllleeeaassseeee bring me back some haribo smurfs :)))

  95. Hey Lara, hope you are having fun (looks like it from the piccies). I am back from Spain, brought you some nice things from abuelo and abuela… Please, please come back soon, I am tired of being on my own with the boys (Jamie has finished his exams today!)
    Besos, mum

  96. Hi Laurie, I hope you had fun at Parc Asterix and you have room in your suitcase for all the ‘fab’ souvenirs and the ‘Mona Lisa’ oops!!! Gallocher had a great birthday but we all wished you had been here to celebrate too, never mind we’ll celebrate it again when you come back, can’t wait to hear all about your trips. We are all missing you loads, love mum, dad, Gallocher and Manniexxxxxx

  97. Hi Lauren

    Looks like you all had fun at parc asterix………can’t wait to hear if you were brave enough to try anything or if you were sensible and observed everyone else getting chucked about lol……I’d be the latter! ;).
    It’s been a quick week,but look forward to having you home and seeing your photos ( hope you took lots!)and hearing your stories. Alana and Aidan can’t wait for you to come home either………so they can get there presents! Lol.
    Safe journey home, and I’ll see you bright and early Saturday

    Love always
    Mum xxxxx

  98. Hi Isla, glad you had a great day at the Astsrix park today, missed you so much and can’t wait to hear all the gossip!! It will be me (mum) who will pick you up. Just think nice tidy room, clean bed to fall into, bet it sounds like bliss!! See you real soon. Love you chick, mum, dad and arran xxxx

  99. Hi, me again, sorry, just want to say a massive thank you to all the staff involved in taking Isla and all of the trippers to France, so thank you very much x

  100. Hi Alex, good to see you in the photos so we know you’re surviving! Sounds like your having a great time. Is that a rollercoaster photo you’re hanging onto?? Look forward to seeing you soon (although has been nice to get a turn of the TV remote!) Remember to get some sleep on the bus home, for Claire’s party.
    Love mum,dad, Claire xxxxx

  101. Hey Janna – safe trip home, we can’t wait to see you on Fri/Sat!! Neither can Peps and all your pals at the yard – although I think they thought Cammy was pretty cute riding round the school today. Missed you (and have even put your mountain of clothes neatly away for you, so there’s a bonus!!).
    See you soon, lotsa love,
    Mum, Dad, Cara, Rory & Cam xxxxx

  102. For Matt – Hey Dad missed you loads and one sleep until you are home. xx

  103. Good morning sarah & everyone, fantastic to hear and see everyone has enjoyed France ! Have a good journey home.. Can’t wait to see you Sarah, so I can give you a big kiss and cuddle .. Love you Mum, Dad & Rachel XOXOXO
    Big thank you to all the teachers who looked after the kids xx

  104. Hi
    Just wanted to thank all the teachers for looking after everyone whilst away, enjoy your weekend you’ll need the rest!!

  105. Safe journey home everyone, really enjoyed seeing the photos, and following you round France. Big thanks to the Staff involved for making this such a fantastic trip.

  106. Well Adam and the other trippers you’ll be on your way home by now. Hopefully you have all created some fantastic life long memories. Adam, I’ve even tidied your room up and put away your clothes so I must have missed you loads…. only this once remember. Dad will be picking you up in the wee small hours of tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you and give you a big hug…. sorry if I’m embarrassing you. A huge thank you goes to the dedicated team of staff who gave up their time to take you all on this amazing trip. I hope you lot haven’t put them off doing it again…lol. See you soon, lots of love, Mum, Dad, Ali and The Scoobster xxx

  107. Hi trippers glad u all had a great time at parc asterix ! Scary pictures Kirstie, no doubt you are all giggling your heads off on the party bus! Your trip has gone too fast can’t you stay away for longer??? Lol see u all soon even weegie Watson wahaha ha x

  108. Hi just to say a huge thanks to all the teachers for looking after the kids( and thank the driver too) for keeping them all safe, looks and sounds as though they have had a brilliant time with loads of laughs, see you all soon xx

  109. Not long now, hope the journey back has not been too bad, ‘mega thanks’ to all the teachers hope you all had a fab time too. Thanks , Laurie’s mum and dad

  110. Hi trippers just want to say a big thank you for making this such a great trip for are all a credit to your school .here is looking forward to next year

    Iain and brian

  111. Well trippers of 2014…… guys made this year amazing and the new traditions are great!! You have done yourselves and Musselburgh grammar proud! Feels very quiet without 45 people around! Shout out to team princess….most reliable group!! ………’s over and done with it’s over and done with

  112. I totally agree with miss morris, well everything apart from her group being the best, team hobbo gets my vote!. you guys have been amazing, you definitely have done yourselves and your folks proud. So many positive comments from members of the public and staff at our accomodation on how well you conducted yourselfs. Remember what goes on tour ….? Thank you for being adders. Good luck for S3 and always say hi when you pass our doors.

  113. Hey just want to say best trip EVER and want to say thx to all the teachers for everything and thx for the opportunity and I want to go back more than anything but being home feels good there are toilet seats, LOL but it’s over and done with it’s over and done with p.s this trip should have been twice as long bye bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  114. What a trip. The pupils were fantastic and should be proud of themselves for the way they conducted themselves throughout the trip. From the war cemeteries to fun at the beach to the Eiffel Tower to sitting down as a group in a busy restaurant. I only wish I could bottle your behaviour and dignity and hand it to the inspectors. Thanks again everyone. The peace and quiet though is great.

  115. Thank you to all the teachers for the most amazing trip ever! We all had a great time! It’s over and done with it’s over and done with…! Go team Forgan! Thank you!!! πŸ˜€ xxxxxxx

  116. Thank you to all of the teachers and trippers of 2014, this has by far been the best excursion EVER and it couldn’t of been any better. I’m so glad I conquered my fears by going on a roller coaster and Im definitely going on more now!! Lots of love from the gangsta queen #allaboutme x x

  117. Thanks to all the teachers and bra-ain for a very good educational excursion. I will remember this for the rest of my life. Thank you.

  118. Big Big thanks to the staff involved and the rest of the trippers for making Struans trip so brilliant, he has never stopped talking about it, so much so he wants to go back on holiday!! Hope you all had a good rest over the weekend and good luck everyone in S3

  119. I would just like to say thanks to all the staff who were involved in France 2014- Miss Watson (Weegie Watson) , Mr Forgan (Mad Man Marty), Mr O’Conner, Miss Morris and Mrs Lyall. I had a brilliant time and wish we could have stayed longer. One of the best educational excursions I have been on!!!!! Fanks guys!!!!!!
    Adam Souter πŸ™‚ x

  120. Brilliant trip! Team’ allaboutus’ were amazing! Please keep an eye on all the news articles on the TV tomorrow (6th June) the Queen is laying a wreath at Bayeaux cemetery, and I’m hoping we catch a glimpse of ours. All news broadcasters are based in Normandy tomorrow, with the main pictures coming from Bayeaux, Arromanche and Omaha. You’ll all be able to say that you’ve been there.

  121. Fabby Trip had loads of fun cant wait for dalguise ‘Mad man marty, hes a one man party’ πŸ˜€ A great experience that is loads of fun to go on πŸ˜€ x

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