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  1. In the words of Miss Watson…it’s “TRIPMASS EVE”!!!
    Where is all the chat…….????

  2. Hi trippers,
    Have a fantastic trip everybody and safe travelling. Looking forward to all the photos and updates. Niamh the house is quiet
    without you!!!
    Miss you and love you loads

  3. Bonjour trippers.

    6 years ago, I made the same fateful journey on which you are about to embark. In this capacity, I shall offer you some advice:

    β€’Don’t be boring
    β€’Go hard or go home
    β€’ Touch the tra la la
    And last but not least
    β€’ make the most of Carrefour (someone get me smurf haribos)

    Other than this, have an amazing time. Watson, celebrate the big four-o in style! Shout out to Hannah G who follows a long hereditary list of trippers (no pressure).

    Peace out! Enjoy!!!!!

    And get me smurf Haribos.

  4. Hi guys, I hope you all have a fab time.

    Nicole don’t worry the ferry crossing will be ok. Can’t wait to see all the photos.

    Love you loads, and missing you.

    Mum, Dad
    Granny & Lucy poo

  5. Hi Kai, hope the journey has been ok? And you had enough food…haha!! Looking forward to seeing what you all get up to over the week. Have a great time. Xxx

  6. Cammy P – You forgot to pack your pants mate! Turn them round today, Inside out tomorrow, Front to back Sunday, Upside Down Monday – After that mate it’s commando all the way!(only joking!) – Have a great Trip – Dad.

  7. Hi trippers,

    Hope you all have an amazing trip. Looking forward to the updates and photos.

    Connor the peace is bliss and Buddy misses you πŸ™‚

    Mum x

  8. Safe journey and have a fantastic time everyone. Look
    after hop along for me.

  9. Good evening S2, hope you have arrived safely and are all unpacking those suitcases, think Greg may have the most luggage!! – have a great funfilled first night in your Chateau πŸ™‚

  10. Hey Lucy Frog,
    We’re all enjoying the peace & quiet,
    Hope you’ve told ur roomies about ur sleep talking πŸ˜‰
    Good luck girls lol
    Have an amazing time
    Love you & missing you millions
    Mum, Scott & Logan

  11. Hi
    Hope u r all having a great time and the journey and crossing was ok. Loving the photos so far.
    Samantha have a great time dont miss to much lol. Abby is lost today going to be a long 10 days.
    Love mum, dad, jordan and abby x

  12. Hi Dylan C, hope u enjoyed the crossin an u were up on deck!! Have a great time, lots of love auntie linda, uncle rab an Jordan. xxx

  13. Hi Ethan H ,hope you survived the ferry crossing and weren’t sick !!
    We are missing you already (including the cats) so its going to be a long 10 days for us but sounds like you are going to have so much fun and hopefully nice weather as well .
    Love you lots ,Mum ,Emily ,Gran & Grandad xx

  14. Hi everyone, missing most of you lots [the peace is admittedly nice]. And to K-Dogg I am already missing being able to share my “interesting” music with you. Hope everyone has a great time!!!

  15. Tell Rhea, chocolate the monkey was missing her, and had to get cuddles from Me! Lol

  16. Glad to hear you have arrived. Missing you loads siobhan. Not quite the same without you hear. Have a fab time. You and Jake behave. Love u loads and loads. Love Mum, Dad, Erin, Connor and Iona. Xxxxxx

  17. Glad you all made it to the chateau, eventually. Enjoy your first night.
    Lucy, try to keep the sleep walking and talking in your sleep to a minimum or you’ll be in a tent tomorrow night.
    Love you. The place isn’t the same without you.
    Have fun
    Mum, Gran and Grandad

  18. Good morning Camper.

    Hope you had a good sea crossing yesterday and that French air gets you out of bed earlier than Scottish air on a saturday morning. Missing you-Dad.

  19. Great to see the photos coming in, looks like you are all having fun.
    I wrote you a message last night thanking you for saving me a fortune on international charges as you hadnt text me, (but glad you have decided to start talking now)
    *Note to other parents, go easy on the emoticons as it didn’t like that and my message didn’t send :@
    Anyway I look forward to hearing all about the latest shenanigans, oh and also what you kids have been up to! Haha.
    Have a great day and take loads of pics.
    Love mum xxx

  20. Hi Blair , we hope all the sights,weather and food are just perfect for you all – enjoy the snails and frogs legs mmmm .Noticeably quiet here except for us munching through your share of the biscuits! Get snapping!

  21. Morning all! Hope your enjoying the beautiful French sunshine. Enjoy your first day. Missing you lots already dylan and so is your x- box! Love mum, dad and Lily xx

  22. Hi Niamh,
    Hope you’re all having a fantastic time. Weather is lovely here today. Myself and Aiden did our sponsored walk for Windsor around Arthur’s seat this morning. We’re all missing you loads.
    Love Mum,Dad,Graham and Aiden.

  23. hiiiiiyyaaaaaa……
    Sunday in Normandy, can be a hard hitting and emotional day, but you’ll all get so much out of it. Hope miss Gladden is being a good Auntie? LOL… Have you come up with a song for miss Watson yet? A song about an inappropriate crush would suit her!!enjoy your snails tonight. “Dae it, dae it”! hope u manage to get the mike from Mad Man Marty at karaoke! Say hi to the horse with no name for me. FOMO and AWOL is not a great mix!

  24. Hey Jakeyboy hope you got your tickets for the Market ok this morning haha! That’s the Hibees oot now so your holiday can only get better now, oh hold on Newcastle could go down the morn!!! So really hope you having a quality time (naw we dinnae) , and mind leave some crepes for everybody else tonite! Missing you loads pal take care and keep in touch, Au Revoir Maman et Papa X

  25. Good evening Siobhan. Mum here again. By now you are probably sick of my messages but I’m no sick of telling you how much we love and miss you. Seeing a photograph of you and all your besties lets us see how much you are enjoying your time away. Glad to see Jake has his sunglasses back. Enjoy your crepe making tonight I know how much you were looking forward to it. Connor and dad did their sponsored walk today up Arthur seat and loved it. Weather has been hot here today. Speak to you soon. Love you loads. Mum. Xxx

  26. Hi Nico,

    Loving the photo’s, you all look as if you are having fun. Glad you have had some sunny weather, it’s the same here.

    I hope you have had time to go in the swimming pool.
    Enjoy all the trips that are planned for you and mind and take lots of photo’s.

    We miss you loads & loads,
    P.s. mind and take your tablets.

    Love you Babes xxx
    Mum & Dad xxxxx

  27. Bonjour Trippers,

    We are enjoying the photos and updates, keep them coming. Cranny can you maybe get to the front of at least one photo, it would be nice to see that cheeky face we are all missing……even Dad is missing that face!! πŸ™‚

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.

    Mum, Dad and Buddy xx

  28. Hi Skyefly,

    Hope you are having a great time! Jayney has already made herself comfy in your bed – she’s not missing you yet though – maybe give her a few more days. We are missing you though and we are especially missing the loud music, singing and trail of fruit coming from your room! Have lots of fun, Mum, Dad, Fin, Jayney & Betsy (woof).

  29. As promised, THE BANTASUARUS HAS RETURNED!!! Ironically however nothing really happened today so I’m more just ASUARUS [notice how I avoided any bad dino jokes] although I did see a car crash. Hope you all made it through your first night in the hotel unscathed, if there were any good stories though please tell us.

  30. Hope your having a great time, pictures look fab. House is nice and quiet without you lol !! Try all the different foods be brave with the frogs legs and snails. Love Mum Craig Jason and your wee dog Bleu XX

  31. Hi Megan,

    Hope you are having a great time, and not missing us too much!! Rihanna did well today at the cheer comp!! As did all the evo teams!! We came away with a 1st, 2 3rds and a 5th!! Looking forwad to seeing you soon.

    Love Mum, Darren, Riri and noah!! Xxx

  32. Hey

    Have you tried ‘French Toast’ yet ?
    Rachel has plundered your room and stolen your TV :))
    Have fun…………………

  33. Hi Matty

    Heard youve been trying all the French food – good deals in Subway – really??
    A good 12inch sub with snails or is it a 30cm over there??

    Missing your loud music , smelly socks , drumming and shuffling.

    Hope Calum’s enjoying your sleep talking!

    Love and hugs x

  34. Hi Lucy Pie.
    Looking good in the photos. Glad you’ve got some sunshine too. It’s been lovely here today. Hope you got gangsta sorted at the market and you enjoyed your crepes. Tidied your room a bit today. Guess what? I found Shergar (for the young ones, Shergar was a race horse stolen during the 80s. He has never been found. Until now). Good luck to Lucys roomies. Have fun. Love you, to the moon and back.x

  35. Happy Birthday to the most amazing and caring daughter I could ask for, Samantha hope ur having an amazing time and not missing us to much and have the best birthday that u will not forget in a hurry.

    Lots of love and kisses mum, dad, jordan and abby.

  36. Morning S2 hope you all enjoyed you crepe making last night , Ethan at least you would have found something you like to eat!!
    Yoda and Elvis have been outside your room meowing to get in !
    Hope you enjoy watching the others eating snails and frogs legs .
    Looks like you are having so much fun ,sending you lots of love and a big hug , Mum

  37. Remember kai a bit salt, sauce and a couple of pickled onions and those frog legs will be fine….go for it!!
    Believe it or not missing you shouting at your ps4….but evan keeps winning games on fifa so you better watch out when you get back!!!
    Have a great day….miss you loads.
    Mum, dad and ev. Xxx

  38. Morning Lucy Lou,
    Logan has asked me to send u some kisses & cuddles so here goes xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
    (Think he misses his big sister) πŸ˜‰
    Have a great day and take lots of pictures. Love you
    Mum, Scott & Logan

  39. Hi stevo missing you lots and hope your having an amazing time. Can’t wait until you get back so I can give you lots of kisses cos I know you will be missing me lots and crying every night hahahaha hope this isn’t to embarrassing for you. P.s got you those spider man jammies you wanted and teddy bear. Love you xxxxxx

  40. Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great day, with lots of cake, and you’re having a wonderful time in France. Love Uncle Garry and Aunty Lindsey. xxx

  41. Hey Cal, glad you are having a great time. Hope you enjoy the snails and frogs legs. We’ll be thinking of you eating that while we’re enjoying eating chinese ha ha. Looking forward to seeing the Gangsta photos. Mathew, hope Cals snoring isn’t keeping you awake. Only joking. Bring us home some haribos. Love Mum, Dad, Rachael and Emma xx

  42. Happy birthday Samantha hope u are having a grt time in france and have a grt birthday from Gran and James xxxx

  43. Hi Niamh,
    Hope you’re having a fabby time, love all the photos and keep them coming. Aiden says “hello”and he loves his new room very much!!!! He scored a goal at football this morning and he thought it was quite important to tell you that!!!
    Anyway I hope you are starving and looking forward to your snails and frogs legs! Graham says they taste like chicken!
    Love you loads
    Mum,Dad,Graham and Aiden

  44. Hi Calum . Hope you are having a great time and are enjoying all the lovely French food !
    Missing you . Love . Dad .

  45. Hi Steven love the pics hope u having a great time, I totally forgot to pack u night pants son so no drinking after 6 in evening hehehe, I’m missing u small freckly face and hyena laugh. Love u loads and loads xxx

  46. Hi Hannah hope your having a great time and are enjoying your excursions . Hope you enjoy the frogs legs tonight at least you’ll be able to jump up on the top bunk. Keep in touch and well speak soon

    Love Mum and Dad xxx

  47. Hi Con

    Hope you’re having an amazing time in sunny France.

    Can’t wait to hear how the frogs legs & snail tasting goes tonight. If you like them that could be your contribution to the next family BBQ……….

    Have fun & remember what I said about Paris!!!

    Love, Auntie Vic x

    P.S can we see your wee face in a photo please.

  48. Hi Brods,Hope u guys are having a fab time,enjoy the experience and take in as much as possible.
    Missing u as always Brods.
    Happy Birthday Samantha.
    Enjoy the taster session tonight folks.
    P.S. Dad says its great u being away as there still plenty of goodies in the fridge/cupboards

  49. Hi Ellen, hope you are having a fab time. Hetty is missing you but loving your bed. Majorca here I come, see you in a week’s time. Lots of love, Mum xx

  50. Bonne soirΓ©e Greg,

    Hope you enjoyed today – missing your chat back home πŸ™‚ please try the snails and frogs legs – Mmmm yummy, hope you all enjoy the Karaoke tonight – get yourself up to sing a tune. Love Mum, Dad and Rudi, Oh yeah, and Jordan xxxx

  51. Hi Evie, Looks like your all having a great time in France, enjoy every minute of it! We’re all missing you loads and I give Smartie a cuddle every day from you. Lots of love Mum, Dad Abz, Hallie, Smartie, Murphy, Cat, Fawn and little Bear & Bob the Budgie

  52. Hi Samantha,
    Hope you have had a fab birthday and having an amazing time away.
    Love Lynne, Ben & Erin xxx

  53. Hi Amy
    Sounds like you are having a ball! We are missing you so much – the house is far too quiet without you!! Hope the snail and frogs legs tasting went well??! i might get some in for you coming home….
    Love from Mum and Keira xxx
    p.s the photos all look great but can you please stop hiding at the back?!!!

  54. Sounds like you are all having a ball….can hardly contain my excitement either – when I get into my car tomorrow morning to drive to work, the radio will still be on the same channel and my Stone Roses cd will still be in the cd player …….Heaven….. ..Rock on guys! Have a great Monday.

  55. Claire and fellow trippers, have a great time over the rest of the week. We have loved seeing all the photographs and updates of your adventures.
    Claire the house is sooooo quiet without you, and all my cups and plates have stayed in the kitchen and not ended up under your bed. Amazing! Hope you enjoyed the frogs legs cause i have been looking up some tasty masterchef receipes for you to enjoy on your return.!!!!!
    Miss you loads, lots of love Mum and Dad xx

  56. Matt O’Connor – Hello Daddy, We are really missing you and happy birthday !! We shall try and save cake for you !! Lots of love Maddie and Becca xx

  57. Hi Ellie

    Looks like you having a fantastic time. So glad you tried the frogs legs and snails. Looking forward to seeing your photos. Dad, Dan, Kirsty & I all missing you but not your mess! Hope ankle on the mend and crutch been used for support and not to hit anyone with!! Enjoy rest of trip. X

  58. Hi Lucy pie. Good photos. In one of them i didn’t recognise you. Lol. I was looking at it on my phone. Sos.
    Hope yesterday and today weren’t too traumatic for you all. How were Kermit’s legs last night? Miss Piggy better watch out.
    Have a great time in gangsta land tonight.
    Love you loads. Mum, gran and grandad. Xxx

  59. Hi Samantha
    Glad u had a great birthday and that u tried the frogs legs and snails. Loving the photos looks like ur all having an amazing time.
    The house is so quite jordan is huffing as he has no one to argue with, as is abby as she has no one telling her they dislike her lol.
    All enjoy ur disco tonight make sure u take plenty of photos.
    Love mum, dad, jordan and abby xxx

  60. Hi Calum

    I hope you tried the frogs legs & snails. Looks like you are having a great time. I hope you have taken loads of photos . Enjoy Paris!! Xx

  61. Hi Trippers,
    Looks like you are all enjoying the sunshine, love the fantastic beach photos. Enjoy your last night in Normandy and can’t wait to see the Gangsta photos!!!
    Safe journey tomorrow to Paris and enjoy the next part of your trip. Hope you are taking loads of photos Niamh.
    Love Mum

  62. Wrote my first comment on the trip diary… Such a donut!! Second time lucky. Calli is missing her Auntie Waa (Hannah Graham) and can’t wait until she is home. Hope everyone is having a great time and the pics are fab!! Enjoy the rest of your trip xxx

  63. Hi Con,

    Your trip so far has looked amazing and it has been a delight to follow you and your fellow trippers on this experience.

    Although the house is tidy and the biscuit tin is still full (and there’s lots of toilet roll left) πŸ™‚ ……we miss you loads.

    Have fun in Paris.

    Mum & Dad xx

  64. Loving the daily pictures just so I get to see my boy ,house so quiet just now without you and I don’t have my critic with me to watch the semi finals of BGT this week .
    Hope S2 have a good time tonight at the Gangsta Party .
    Will hopefully let you know tomorrow what Aunty Laura is having , so do you still think it’s a boy ?
    Teachers you are all doing an amazing job this week ! Thank you .
    Love & miss you lots ,Mum ,Emily ,Gran , Grandad and of course the 4 legged boys xx

  65. Hi Cammy,

    Thank you for letting me sleep in your bed, it’s super comfy and i’ve moved all my cuddly toys in. Sorry you’re not getting it back. Miss you loads

  66. Hey Jake been loving the stories and pictures of your Historical journey so far, that’s Mum off down to Brighton again in morning, will go down the beach and give you a big wave across the channel, dads left home alone again with Rolando!!! Hope you pavanait votre stuff (threw some shapes) just like your Dad taught you, enjoy Paris and lookout for Cabaye, love you son XXX

  67. Hi Siobhan. loving looking at all the photos and seeing how fab a time you are having. Have a safe journey to paris and can’t wait to see more pics. Love you lots. Love Mum , Dad, Erin, Connor and Iona. Xxx

  68. Hi Rhea
    I hope you have bought me a BIG pressie. And can’t wait til you are home as you’re Dad is annoying as you are not here for him to annoy!!!
    Lots of love
    Mum xxxx

  69. Safe journey to Paris to you all. Hope you haven’t left anything behind Ellie T like a phone charger!! Look forward to seeing some more photos hopefully ones of at the top of the Eiffel Tower. X

  70. hi son. Glad to hear u having a great time when I phone u, I was at bootcamp last night and it was strange u not being there staring at all the woman’s bums while pretending to work out hehehe, your wee brother keeps asking if u pulled a nice wee French fancy and I told him u far 2 shy and quite to pull any girls (I’m wishing eh) love u loads and loads chicken ankles mummmmmmy xxxxx

  71. Safe journey to Paris everyone, loving all the pictures of ur adventure so far! Looking forward to seeing more.
    Missing you loads Lucy Lou
    Hope u all have an amazing time in Paris.
    Love you millions Lucy β™‘
    Mum, Scott & Logan

  72. Hiya Greg πŸ™‚

    Hope you managed to pack okay for Paris, have a fab time and hope the weather is good for you all. Can’t wait to see the pictures of the fancy dress disco, missing you loads, Mum and Dad xxxxxx

  73. Hope you have a safe Journey to Paris ….and are having a great time …Looking forward to more photos and has been strange not seeing your smiling face everyday …will miss you at training

  74. Hi Lucy pie.
    Hope you enjoyed your boogie last night and you managed to get up ok this morning. I saw the photo of you sleeping on the bus, breaking your neck. Love all the photos and blogs.
    Enjoy Paris. Hope the weather stays good for you. Nice here but not weather for shorts.
    Have a fab time. Love you loads. Mum, Gran and

  75. Hi Cally B hope your having an amazing time!! We’re missing you loads, the house is far too quiet without you!!
    See you soon love mum & dad xxx

  76. Hi Abbie. Sounds like your having a fab time. The house is empty without you. Looking forward to you coming home. Enjoy Paris

    Love Dad, Chris, Odie and Whiskers

  77. Hi Matty

    Enjoy your time in Paris – love the photos !

    The house is really quiet without you – even missing your re-mix dance beats. I can’t believe how quickly we can get out of the house in the morning with you not stuck to your bed! #getupfor the30thtimecall

    Hope you haven’t bought MORE trainers today!

    Enjoy your cruise tonight – no swimming please !!

    Rachel is competing at Meadowbank tomorrow – she says hi! That’s all !

    Take care – Le Louvre and Montmatre are amazing! Enjoy

    Lots of love

  78. Hi Blair, hope you smiled a bit more in Paris than you did in 2005! I’ve sent granny’s address to you on Facebook. Don’t forget the postcards.
    Love Mum

  79. Hi Abbie, well it’s official your gonna be an auntie. How cool is that! The wee baby was waving around and we could see his wee nose.
    Hope you have enjoyed Paris and the weather is good for you all.
    Is the hotel very cool? Paris is gorgeous, soak in every moment and take photos.
    Look forward to seeing you in the wee small hours of Saturday morning.
    Love you loads, love mum, Christopher, Lauren and “peanut” xxxx

  80. Hi Niamh,
    Glad to hear you got to Paris I’m sure you’re not sorry to get off the bus for a few days. Love the photo under the Eiffel Tower and hopefully you’ll enjoy the river trip tonight. The weather is nice here as well. Graham is reliving his time in France in 2010 when he seen all your photos!
    Enjoy the next few days
    Love Mum

  81. Hi Nico,

    It was so good to hear from you tonight. Sound like you are enjoying Paris -lucky thing.

    Where’s the Gangsta photo’s can’t wait to all the outfits ha ha.

    We are all missing you so so much. We can’t wait till you come home.

    Please say a big thank you to Siobhan for letting you use her phone to phone us, to say you are ok and enjoying yourself.

    Love you lots & lots,❀️❀️
    Mum & Dad xxxx

  82. Have a great day at Parc Asterix tomorrow. ..dare u to go on “Goudurix”…..guaranteed to make you chunder….yuck! Enjoy.

  83. Hi Lauren
    Hope you all having a great time. The house is very quiet lol. All of us are really missing you. Wishing you all a safe journey home and can’t wait to see you at the end of the week xxxxx

  84. Hi Kai, looks like you having fun on the river cruise….loving the photo!! Enjoy the rest of your time in paris. We will look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Have a great time at parc asterix today.
    Love Mum, Dad and Ev. Xx

  85. Hi Ellie or as I have heard new name ‘Hops’. !!
    Hope ankle is bearing up for your trip to Parc Asterix. Knowing you won’t stop you from having a ball. Look forward to seeing the photos. X

  86. Hi Eilidh,
    It looks like you’re having a great time.
    I hope the rest of your trip is just as good.
    We’re all looking forward to hearing all about it.
    Missing you but glad you’re seeing a bit of the world.
    P.S….The guy from Netflix called wondering where you were…!

  87. Hi Gemma

    Hope you have had a lovely day at Parc Asterix, can’t wait to hear what roller coasters you done, get some practise in for Florida.

    Been at Meadowbank today at the Inter schools sports, Kayla done well in her races & the long jump.

    Missing you Gem, counting the days until your back.

    Love Mum, Dad, Grant & Gemma xxxxx

  88. Hi Skyefly,

    Looks like it has been non stop fun! Hope you enjoyed the Asterix parc. The Good News is I’ve tidied your room as you requested…we can discuss what you were going to do with the 5 pairs of scissors I found when you get home? Bad News is that it is so tidy, you’ll need to find somewhere else to sleep so hope you like sharing with Jayney! I’m looking forward to hearing all about the trip when you get back – Jayney is still not missing you as “you are just on holiday” – think she might be a little jealous that you are having lots of fun. Enjoy the rest of your trip, Love Mum, Dad, Fin, Jayney & Betsy (woof).

  89. Hi Connor,

    Looks like your having a great time in Paris. It was a shock to see you eating pizza on your first night at the restaurant lol

    Buddy is missing you so as a special treat you can spend time walking him next week πŸ™‚

    Can I just say a huge THANK YOU to the staff who have organised and made this trip happen…….and who are brave enough to spend over a week with take 40+ teenagers #applause

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Paris.

    See you Saturday,
    Love Mum & Dad

    P.S. Have you lost/broke your mob??

  90. Hi samantha,
    Was great speaking to u yesterday glad ur having an amazing time and hope u enjoy what time u have left in france.
    U have a new wee cousin kathryn had a boy they called him zachery robert lee.
    Love mum x

  91. Hi Niamh,
    Hope you enjoyed the roller coasters today and the warer rides. The weather looks lovely in France. Raining for the afternoon here.
    I hope you all get tickets to go up the Eiffel Tower and take loads of photos please.
    Aiden was at Meadowbank today for his athletics and he did really well to come 5th in the 600m. He was chuffed with himself.
    Dad and Graham are away out for a cycle.
    Looking forward to you coming home and hearing all about your trip.
    Love you loads

  92. Steven heard you were crying the night before you left hahaha hope you are enjoying it mind get me something

  93. Cant wait to hear about it in more detail when you get home. Just realized you left your bright pink pants at home will wash them before you get back.( love Ben)
    BTW even the guineas are missing you !!!!

  94. Heya Eilidh Hope you’re having fun. Hope you enjoyed the theme park. See you Saturday πŸ™‚

  95. Hey Lucy Lou,
    hope u all enjoyed park Asterix 2day, can’t wait to see all ur photos.
    Logan wants to say goodnight to his fav big sister, he says he’s missing u a tiny wee bit lol xx
    Hope u all enjoy the rest of ur trip,
    miss u Lucy Lou β™‘
    See u at silly o’clock on Saturday πŸ˜‰
    Love you millions
    Mum, Scott & Logan xxx

    Love you millions
    Mum, Scott & Logan

  96. Hi Abbie and fellow Gangsta’s
    Hope you are all having a great day, how disappointing that the bus broke down and you didn’t get chance to go up the “Tour Eiffel”. Sad eyes and stories of woe often work so see if these French folk have a big heart and let you all up tomorrow xx
    Enjoy your last full day and spend all your cash. Make loads of great memories and will see you soon xxx
    Love you lots, mummy, Lauren, Chris and peanut xxx

  97. Guys, sorry to put a potential damper on your trip but some bad news I’m afraid…..The popular desinger label “ZARA” has gone into liquidation and closed all it’s French stores with immediate effect……rumours of Mike Ashbys popular high st retailer, “SPORTS DIRECT” bailing them out and rebranding under the “SLAZENGER” label remain unfound….Hey Ho…LE PRIMARK is meant to be very good! Enjoy!

  98. Good News……..”POUNDLAND” have stepped in at the last minute and have announced they will now be stocking the entire “ZARA” range at their flagship Musselburgh store…What a coup!

  99. Hi Steve

    Hope your still having a fantastic time everyone is missing you loads and loads. Don’t forget that when your back you will need to try on your new princess dress and high heels. I thought it was a bit strange when you asked me for that but I got you it anyway. Have fun xxxxxx

  100. Hi Abs, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night/morning. I’m laughing at all the comments, bet your glad your not a boy, they are getting ripped to shreds ..,hahaha
    Was nice to get your text today, can’t wait to see what wonderful thing my “favourite” daughter has bought me.
    Love you loads, enjoy your last full day and night xx
    Peanut wave

  101. Hi Lucy Pie
    Shame about the bus breaking down. Hope you weren’t too disappointed at missing the Eiffel Tower at night. As long as the bus is functioning ok for tomorrow cos I ain’t driving to France for you. Mind you, you packed so many clothes, I’m not sure you’re coming home anyway. Get yourself in some
    photos so I know you haven’t eloped. Hope
    you’re having the best time. Enjoy your last
    night in Paris. See you Saturday. Love you

  102. Hi Jake
    Have seen all the pictures so far, look like you are having an amazing time, can we see one before you head home near the front rather than up the back please! Its my birthday today and been out for lovely Chinese meal. Have a very safe enjoyable journey home and see you on Monday for your boxing training, Lots of Love Grandma Grandad Allan Xx

  103. Missing you Keir. Hope your having a great time. A pressie would be great (nudge,nudge,wink,wink). Your Xbox one is amazing and i’ve got my fave character on Rayman Legends!
    See you on Saturday
    Love Ben

  104. Hope you have all had a great time. Looking forward to all the photos and stories. See you soon Sally. Even Your big bro is missing you. Xx

  105. Hope u all enjoy ur last night in Paris,
    Wallyford have the flags up for u, Gemma, Amy, Abbie & Siobhan coming home!! (Nothing to do with the gala next wk) lol
    See u all on Saturday morning
    Love you millions
    Mum, Scott & Logan

  106. Just to wish Sean a Happy Birthday for tomorrow 29th, Hope your last day in France is one to remember. Cant wait to hear all about your trip. Love from Mum, Craig, Jason and your 3 dogs!

  107. Matt OConnor. – We have heard that the bus has broken ! Hope you get home soon as we are really missing you. Love Maddie and Becca xx

  108. What a trip you have all had, so much in such a short length of time… Hope the travel home is not too difficult…looking forward to seeing you Claire! …….Now how about a big cheer for the teachers….. Well done and see u soon , mum and dad xxx

  109. Hope ur all enjoying ur last night in paris. Can’t wait to c all ur phoyos samantha and listen to all ur stories.
    Love mum x

  110. Bit of a mare re the bus but mum and I were talking Cammy and if you can’t make it back until next weekend that’s ok… really it’s ok….the washing pile is far smaller and there is still plenty if food in the fridge and cupboards so it’s cool…honest! Have a great last night in Paris guys!

  111. Hi Niamh,
    Hopefully you enjoyed your last day in Paris. Aiden is starting to get excited as I mentioned you were going shopping today!!!
    Safe journey tomorrow and can’t wait to hear about your adventures early Saturday morning
    Lots of love

  112. Hi Greg,
    Hope you enjoy your last night in France, safe journey home, and huge thanks to all involved in making this trip such a great experience for everyone, looking forward to seeing you and hearing all about it, luv Mum and Dad xxx

  113. Cammy, forgot to say. ….thay Harry Styles/One Direction duvet set you ordered arrived this morning…..I’ll get mum to put it on your bed for when you get back. …it’ll look great under your signed photo from the dude himself….Ha Ha… That’s yer lot mate, See ya. Dad

  114. Au Revoir Paris xxx

    Massive thanks to all the teachers and bus drivers for keeping our cherubs safe, entertaining them and giving them a chance to experience and see things they might never have done themselves.

    Enjoy the last bit of sun in Paris, cause it’s blooming cold and miserable here!

    Look forward to seeing you all arrive back safely in the morning xxx

    Abbie’s mum xxx

  115. Hi Siobhan, you sound and look like you have had a fab time in France. Pity you didn’t get up the Eiffel Tower . Hope you have a safe journey home and I will see you on Saturday. Iona is dementing me about you coming home. She asked again this morning how many days til I see Siobhan although I think it’s really Elsa she wants. Missed you loads. Love u loads. Mum, Dad, Erin,Connor and Iona. Xxxx

  116. Wishing you all a safe trip back home S2 ,looks like you have all had a fabulous time on this trip and the teachers have all done an amazing job .
    Ethan we have all missed you so much ,can’t wait to hear all about your trip and see the photos .
    See you soon mum
    PS your uniform is ready for Monday !!!!!!

  117. I’m super excited to see my wee Juicy Lucy!!
    Safe journey home everyone πŸ˜‰

  118. Hi all.
    Hope you said au re voir to Paris. Have a safe trip home. Thank you so much to the teachers for giving our kids such an opportunity and such a great time. If it wasn’t for teachers being prepared to help in this way, these trips just wouldn’t be possible. Thanks for keeping them safe. Have a good journey. See you in the morning at some point. Oh by the way Lucy, I’ll be the one who has had to shave her eyebrows since you buggered off to France with my tweezers. Lol. Thanks Darling. Love you.

  119. A massive thank you to all the staff involved for what appears to have been an epic trip – Well done guys and thanks for everything – The kids appear to have had a ball!

  120. Thanks so much to all the teachers for the best trip ever, I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did . I have so many memorise to last a life time and I don’t think I will be able to look at you’s teachers and take you’s seriously ever again thanks again looking forward to the next one xxx

  121. Just wanted to say thanks to the teachers for organising what sounds like an amazing trip. Calum hasn’t stopped smiling!!

  122. Huge thank you to all teachers on the France trip. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. Sally has not stopped talking since she got off he bus.

  123. Massive thankyou to all the teachers.
    Lucy has had an amazing time, she hasn’t stopping taking about it.
    I’m sure they all have memories they will treasure forever.
    Thankyou for organising everything and entertaining our children for the last 10 days.
    I think u all deserve a monday holiday lol

  124. Thanks to all the teachers for making this trip happen. I loved every second of it. This is definitely the best trip in S2 and team Ginge was by far the best team!! I think we all need a week off school, including the teachers, to recover as we packed so much into each day.
    Thanks again

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