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  1. Hope you all have a safe journey and a lovely holiday – remember to be kind to your teachers!

  2. Have a good time everyone, wish I could’ve came again on the trip as last year was amazing!!! ??? But for me, it’s over and done with!! ? X

  3. Hi Georgea ,Hope you and everyone has a safe journey,Hope you enjoy yourself missing you already love mum,dad and ryan

  4. Hey guys,

    Hope everybody has a great time this year. Gutted I couldn’t come back. Won’t be long until the chants and songs from last year re appear. Can’t belive it was a year ago. Have a great time!!

    P.S. This year will be nowhere near as good as last year?


  5. Happy Birthday Bethany. It will always be one to remember.
    Bought your sister a cake on your behalf.
    Love mum dad and Lilly

  6. Hi Alfie.. Hope your not to tired from your long bus trip. Remember to accept my friend on Face book so you can message me and I can see any photos lol . Have a ball everyone.
    Missing you already

    Mum, David, Penny Dax, Bella and Henry XXX

  7. Glad you have all arrived in France safely, hope you all have a great time away and not miss everyone to much x

  8. Hi Rachel , OMG ….. One day away and already the house seems very quiet without you. Missing my kisses and cuddles love you lots mum xxxx

  9. I hope u enjoy every second of the trip lucy and make lots of fab memories, missing u already.

    Love u loads
    Mum xx

  10. Hello Sarah,

    Hope you’ve had a great birthday and enjoyed the cake.
    Mum & Dad x x

    Have a fantastic time everyone and enjoy the experience!!!

  11. Hi Eileen,

    We are both missing you and we hope you enjoy yourself and have a great time.

    Te amamos

    Mum and Dad and Pepa

  12. Love to see you got cake on your birthday.
    Dad wishes he was there to steal some.
    Hope you’ve had a good birthday
    love you loads mum dad and Lilly
    ps Lilly used your makeup as she ran out of paint

  13. Hi Eve hope you’re having a fab time and not too tired! Stay safe and enjoy!

    BTW Ollie is missing you! ??

    Lots of love Mum, Dad and Gallagher xxx

  14. Hi Amy
    I hope you got a good sleep and are not too crabbit! We are really missing you, especially Archie boy …and the house is so quiet ….
    Have a fabulous time everyone and enjoy every minute.
    Mum, Bruce, Ross & Archie Boy

  15. To the people of last year…………every time Samanthas mum commented we’d all say “Lynne windrum” so fast!! ??

  16. Hi Paul, missing you loads – I’ve no one to argue with. Benji missing you too x
    Have a fabulous time, enjoy, have fun! Take lots of pics
    Love you loads

    Bonne journée

    Mum and Benji xx

  17. hope you’re having a ball sinead we are missing you already
    love mum and the furries xxx

  18. Hi Anna
    Hope you’re having fun, we’re all missing you
    Love Mum Dad and Molly ?

  19. Hi Alfie have a great time and enjoy yourself I am a bit jealous never been to France .may be when your a millionaire you can send me to France for a holiday take care .from your cool granddad gran sends her love and is missing you already she has no one to argue with.

  20. Hi Samantha was lovely speaking to you yesterday. Glad your enjoying your time so far. Abby missing you keeps looking out the window waiting for you to come home.

    Love mum, dad, jordan and abby xx

  21. Hi Sophie.
    It was great to hear from you last night and loved the pictures you sent
    Enjoy every minute of it. (And your break from us ?)
    We all miss you.
    Alexander asked this morning if you were home yet.
    Luv u ❤
    Mum x

  22. Hope you are all having a great time at mont St Michel today – great to see the sun is shining.

    Remember Aimee, no tourist tat required… your bedroom is full of enough rubbish already! ??

  23. Bethany thanks for all the texts about how unhappy you are with your little sister.
    She was enjoying your room so much we have moved her into your room.
    Love mum dad and a very happy Lilly

  24. Hi Lewis and crew

    Looks like you are all having a fab time.

    Missing you loads

    Very big hugs and kisses

    Mum, Dad and Ewan

    P.s. Ewan is having great time on you Play Station xxx

  25. Hi Alfie couldn’t find you in the photo from Friday… or you playing where’s Alfie??? Hope you enjoyed the chocolate crepes . Penny is missing you looks around when hears your name. Enjoy the rest of your trip me and David away to Turkey today so might not be able to post but can see grandad is taking over embarrassing you as per instructed.

    See you soon. Enjoy every second..

    Mum David and penny ( the cats say they don’t miss you anymore apart from fatty Bella who is sleeping in your bed)

  26. Hi Alix

    It looks like you are having a great time, good to hear from you too. Your room is the tidiest we have ever seen it!!!


    Lots of love Mum & Dad

  27. Hi Sarah,

    Just as well we recognise your forehead in the group photos, it would be good if you could get your face in a few.

    Missing you lots, well maybe a little, lol

    Love mum & dad xx

  28. Hi auntie wannah!!
    Hope your having a good time. We miss you.
    I’m sleeping at grans tonight (Calli-Sophia) ?
    See you when your back
    Lots of love
    Calli-Sophia and Eva-Mae

  29. Hey my baby girl (aka Holly!)…We hope you’re having a great time and practising your French! Language that is, not kissing hehe!!
    Andy and I are missing you but being in Dubai sunshine makes it a little less painful!
    See you in 10 days!
    Mum xx

  30. Hope you’re all having a brilliant time, especially you Adam. Loved seeing your face in the photo yesterday, look like you’re having a fab time xxxx

  31. Good luck for the frogs legs and snails tasting tonight – bet you don’t try them Aimee Givan! ???

  32. Hi Barbie aka (Ellie C) love all your pictures. You look like your having an amazing time.
    St Michel is on my bucket list…

    Loved our wee chat earlier. Max is missing you I think! Make sure your bucket is empty for later!!

    Love mum, dad and Maxi


  33. Ps it is ok that Max is in your room.???

    Minus 1 or 2 lip balms……ok….yeah…???? Good!!!

    Love ya

  34. Jamie Norah Hope you enjoy your frogs legs and snails, we’re going to TGI Fridays for my birthday tea. Miss you lots love mum and nain.

  35. For Matt OConnor. Maddie and Becca say hello and hope you are fun and also say hello to the horse !

  36. Mac, J’espere que tu va bien et que tu t’amuse aver tes amis. Esme missed you at her final show tonight. She’s left you a little present in your room. A cloud of glitter and sparkles – might take you a while to clear it up when you are home… Looks like you are having a brilliant time. We miss you and love you. Mum, Dad, Esme and Molly – woof woof.

  37. HI Beth we are going to go to the lagoons to find some frogs and snails for when you come home you enjoyed them that much.
    House is so quiet without you.
    Keep smiling we all love you
    Mum dad and little Lilly

  38. Hi Craig

    Looks like you are having a fantastic time, although your face with snails is a good picture 🙂 Glad to see you are getting good weather (Jordann less than impressed that you are coming back with a tan). Have a great time tonight at the fancy dress disco, can’t wait to see all the where’s Wally and Wanda pics later. I hope you all enjoy Paris and looking forward to seeing more pictures. Lots of love mum, dad and Jordy xxxx

  39. Oh Craig, forgot to mention that your dad didn’t think you would mind if he borrowed your PS4, since your not here, said he will bring it back before the school holidays 😉 ……………………..

  40. Hi Aimee
    Hope the frogs legs and snails were a hit, we have decided to make it a regular feature on the Givan household menu…?

    Jack says to tell you that he is missing you lots and can’t wait for you to come home to play doctors with his teddies again ?

    Miss you lots mum, dad, Daniel and Jack (and maddie and bella) xx

  41. Hi Samantha
    Lynne missed your chat at the football this morning was quite lol.
    Loving the photos, glad you are all having a great time.
    Speak soon love and miss you loads
    Mum x

  42. Hi Lucy,

    Enjoy ur last night in Normandy , can’t believe u never tried the snails and frogs legs ??
    Missing u loads

    Love mum

  43. Sophie
    Great seeing the brilliant time you are all having.
    Alexander has asked if you are home every morning.
    Next part of your adventure tomorrow.
    Make sure you pack everything. Your wee cleaning is still in musselburgh.
    Luv Mum???

  44. Hi Amy

    I hope you have enjoyed your time in Normandy. The pictures look fantastic – hopefully you got a pic of u as Wally ! ?
    Anyway now on to Paris !
    Have an awesome time Amy , and everybody else and enjoy every minute !
    Can’t wait to see u on Friday morning and hopefully you will love your “surprise” !!

    Love u lots

    Mum xx

  45. Hi Alfie sounds as your all having a good time a bit disappointed for some reason not getting the diary pictures well you no and computers we are not the best of friends any way keep them stored and I will see them all when you get home Penny missing you gran says love you XXX enjoy the rest of the trip your super cool grandad.

  46. Au Revoir Normandy….
    Bonjour Paris, you guys look like you are having a fab time.
    Love you lots Rachel xxxxxx from mum, dad and Sarah xx
    Ps Sarah is reminding me can you please get her makeup from Sephoria !!

  47. Hi Paul, hope you’re having a great time – can’t wait to find out if you tried the snails and frogs legs. Looking forward to seeing all your pics.
    Benji and me missing you loads. Love you.
    Mum xx

  48. Hi Jamie Norah

    It was nice to hear from you today, I was beginning to think you had forgotten my phone number. Glad your enjoying France. Your Nain says she is missing picking up dirty socks of your bedroom floor. Carys told me to tell you she is NOOT happy that it was cloudy today . We all miss love you lots Mum, Nain and Carys x x x

  49. Hi Sarah,

    Nice to see you in photos now, can’t help wonder if you have lost your shoes though.
    Glad you all got up the Eiffel Tower, pictures look great.

    Love mum & dad xx

  50. Loving all the Where’s Wally, looks like everyone is having an amazing time, hope you all enjoyed the Eiffel Tower, the pics look great, glad to see Charlie is ok.

    Craig, looking forward to seeing your tan 🙂 and missing you lots, hope your all having fun, see you Friday……. Sandra

  51. The picture of the sunset from the Eiffel Tower was wonderful, enjoy Paris and see you soon
    Love you, Mum

  52. Hi Sophia
    The picture of the sunset from the Eiffel Tower was wonderful, enjoy Paris and see you soon
    Love you, Mum

  53. Happy 15th Birthday Samantha, could not ask for a better daughter, hope you have an amazing day shopping in Paris, mind and buy yourself something and will celebrate at the weekend when you’re back.

    Love and miss you loads
    Mum xx

  54. Hey Alia,
    The Paris photos are fab! And the Where’s Wally ones!!!

    Harley beat Buddy up yesterday! And Buddy is a long way away from getting on Britains got Talent!! (Unless eating the rug is a talent!!!)

    (Hi to the Jade yin!)


    Mum xxx

  55. Lovely to chat with you last night Aimee and I hope you let Sarah and Sophia get Some sleep last night, you were hyper! Hope you are enjoying the shopping and I have a HUGE present coming my way – you know I deserve it.

    Jack is asking if you are staying in France forever as he is missing you so much! Daniel says pleeeaaasseee stay there forever because he wants your bedroom and ensuite ?

    Love and hugs xx

  56. Hi Alfie. Was so good to talk to you last night and we hope you are enjoying Paris and the IBIS BUDGET HOTEL…. as you called it. The river is beutiful and hope you enjoy all the sights of Paris… treat yourself to a new cap did you??

    Remember to take lots of photos

    Love you xxxxx haha

    Mum David penny dax fat Bella and henry

  57. Hi again Alfie from Turkey

    I finally have WiFi at our hotel so can leave a comment or 2 since you have the mobile with all the data and I have none.??

    Saw some of the photos on the twitter thing. You all look like you are having a ball. Did you try the frog legs and snails??

    We are both missing you but lying by the pool eating our weight in all inclusive ice cream helps

    See you on Friday morning where I am sure you will be your usual bright n breezy self???

    Hope you got me a good pressie.

    Love mum David penny dax fatty bells and henry lol

  58. Hi lucy,

    Can’t wait to see what u bought me in Paris ????

    Enjoy the theme park tomorrow, see u Friday.

    Love mum xx

  59. Hi Eve

    Looks like you are all having an amazing time! Wish I had been there for the shopping!

    Dad and I are off to New York tomorrow so we probably won’t be able to contact you until Thursday……

    Ollie is fine but missing his mummy!!

    Love you lots Mum, Dad, Gallagher & Ollie xxxx

  60. Hi Soph.
    The photos on twitter are amazing. You have done so much since arriving in Paris.
    The Eiffel tower looked stunning all lit up tonight.
    You were in your eliment in the shops especially at the make up counter. ??
    Well enjoy your last day hunni.
    Can’t wait to c u.
    Luv u

  61. Hi Amy
    The photos of Paris are amazing… Especially the one with all the girls and their shopping bags !
    Enjoy your last day ? and stay safe !
    Can’t wait to see you and hear all your stories.
    I hope you managed to get a photo of this ” gorgeous French waiter” …. gran and I are keen to see him ??.
    Safe travels everyone .

    Love you Amy
    Mum ( & Archie, Bruce and Ross)
    P.s Ross is really missing you xx

  62. Hi Samantha
    Hope everyone enjoyed Parc Asterix today and enjoy your last night in Paris.
    Have a safe jounery home tomorrow, looking forward to see you Friday morning.
    Love Mum x

  63. Hi Jamie Norah , Parc Asterix looks brilliant enjoy your last night in Paris . Looking forward to seeing you on Friday morning Nain and I can’t wait to see you.

    Love Mum and Nain

  64. Hi Lewis

    Your pictures of the sports cars are amazing. I love seeing how shiny they are from every angle???. Nah honestly your pictures of Paris look great.

    Glad to see your having a ball and I never thought I would miss you so much.

    Safe journey to you and your crew.

    See you soon

    Mum, Dad and Ewan

  65. Well can you believe this your last night of your France trip.
    Paris has looked amazing.
    How was Parc asterix? Weather looked fab.
    Enjoy your last night. Can’t wait to see you.
    Safe journey home.
    OMG I’m getting excited to see you (although I might not look like I am at 2/3am on Friday morning xx

  66. Hey Charley (my wee ChaBahBean!) ..

    I have been following your journey via Twitter and can see that you have really had a ball! You have experienced it all .. Inc the health care too! I hope your knee isn’t impacting too much on your enjoyment.

    Brodie is enjoying the peace and has in fact been camping out in your bedroom – he said he finds your bed comfy but I’m sure he likes the girly stuff!!

    The house has been a whole lot quieter without you .. no singing or chatting constantly .. I’ve actually missed that believe it or not .. Haha.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon,

    Love you big much .. your lovely mum and your stinky brother xx

    Ps .. big thanks to all the teachers who have helped to make this an amazing experience for all the kids .. I am very grateful xx

  67. Hi lucy,

    The photos from today look fab! ?
    Your brother is actually asking how u are enjoying France, I think he is secretly missing u ? lol.

    See u early Friday if I don’t sleep in ?

    Love mum xx

  68. Bethany we have all missed you so much. Love all the pics looks like you had lots of fun. Hope you spent some of your pennys on your lovely mum who has to put up with your attitude.
    Safe trip home and Lilly and I will be waiting on you.xx

  69. Hi Ellie, (I’m to shy for the camera Barbie)

    The pictures from today look great defo your kind of day out.

    Well Max is missing you a lot and can’t wait until you come home he is counting the sleeps.

    Dad and I however are having a great time doing nothing , no washing no dishes no mess 🙂

    Love you

    Mum dad and Max

  70. Wow what a fantastic time you’ve had in Paris. Pictures look fab !! Have a safe journey home. Love to you Rachel xxxx

  71. Morning Holly , and all the France crew.
    Wishing you all a safe trip home, enjoy your sleep day tomorrow with no school!
    Thanks to the staff for taking such good care of you, and making it a fabulous trip!
    We are loving Mauritius but can’t wait to see and hug you on Monday, love you xx

  72. Hello trippers

    Hope you have a safe trip home today. Can’t wait to hear all your chat Mac.

    Massive thank you to Miss Watson and all the staff for giving the kids such a wonderful experience and for keeping us entertained with the Twitter feed!


  73. Hi Alix

    Safe journey home, looking forward to hearing all the stories. The photos look fab and I know you have had a great time.

    See you soon

    Mum & Dad xxx

  74. Thanks to all the teachers for being with the kids this trip ! From the looks of the pictures the “adults” had just as much fun , especially Miss Watson !
    Thank you for making it a trip to remember.
    Looking forward to hearing all Amy’s stories.
    I hope the last leg of thejourney isn’t too long and everyone gets some sleep.
    Lisa ( Amy’s mum)

  75. Last part of your journey home.

    What an experience you have all had.

    Thank you to Miss Watson and the other teacher for making that happen.

    I’ve loved all the photos and being kept up to date with everything you did.

    See u soon. Sophie G.
    Mum xx

  76. A big Thank You to all the teachers who made this trip possible. Another successful trip !!

  77. Thank you teachers!!!!
    For the second year round I have had an amazing time, but sadly the trip is over and done with?
    #whytho #2k15 #2k16
    Windram !

  78. I just realised that i hadn’t properly thanked the amazing teachers who took us even when without them s2 France wouldn’t exist so thank you so much for giving up your time to take 40 mental teenagers away on a fabulous educational excursion.
    Hope there will be more opportunity like this tho because if there anything like this then i will be the first to be singed up!! x <3

  79. Huge big thanks to all the Mgs teachers for making the France trip possible. Aimee had the most amazing experience ever, one she will certainly never forget, with a lovely and lively group of friends and teachers.

    Your posts and pictures made us all feel involved and kept us from missing them too much (…..secretly, the peace and quiet was quite nice though ?).

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