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  1. Morning.
    Glad you have arrived safely at Dover and earlier than expected.
    Emily, Emillie, Ems….first morning without you.
    Oh it’s quiet.
    Have a great time.
    Luv Mum xx

  2. Hi William
    Glad you arrived safely and the journey was fun – told you, it’s all part of the holiday.
    I am keeping up to date on Twitter and loving all the photos in that lovely sunshine – fingers crossed it stays nice for you all. ?☀️
    Hope you managed to unpack your case and found the wee surprise I put in for you (bet you’re glad it wasn’t your teddy)???????????

    Have a great time ?❤️

  3. Hi Ramsay,
    Hope you are enjoying trip – weather looks great, but it was roasting here today too. Think lion is missing you as he looks rather sorry for himself. I’m missing you too of course – especially as recycling is building up in kitchen. Should be quite a pile awaiting you on your return.
    Keep happy, and remember sun cream/sunglasses/hat/phone.
    Love Mum xxx

  4. Hi Rory D,
    Keeping it short as requested;
    Dad,Mum,Sophie and Lola xxxx

  5. Hope your having a lovely time and enjoying yourselfs. We are missing you brodi, make loads off memories and behave ? See you soon love mum xx

  6. Daddy here, sorry to say when doing a wash a red sock has caused your favourite my little pony pillowcase to run. Don’t worry though you can use your Disney store account to pick out a whole new bed set once you are home brony.
    I managed to buy a pair of trainers exactly like yours in London for only £25 so now we can go out together looking the same .
    Miss you loads especially as there is no one now to read the magic faraway tree storey to at bedtime like I usually do for you.
    Remember Sun cream, sunglasses, hat,phone and brush your teeth.

  7. Morning.
    Well another ? day here.
    Alexander loved that you had wrote your name on his foot whilst he was sleeping.
    (In Sharpie)
    Hope you found and liked your card from Sophie and a wee note or 2 from me.
    Enjoy your day. Making new memories.
    Love u….bye
    Mum xx

  8. Hey Emillie and Aaron
    I hope your having a great time
    Miss you lots
    2016 was the best year ever though
    Love from your big sister\big cousin
    Sophie xxxxx

  9. Hey Ali, it was great to see that you had arrived safely yesterday. The weather looked gorgeous, as it is here. We all missed you at Costco yesterday. I had to push gran in the wheelchair and buy the ice cream. Grandpa kept calling Dad Ali ?. I’m missing you lots but not missing the constant waiting for you to get ready in the morning. I bet you’re enjoying a nagging free time away!!Adam is now having to take Rodney out for a walk in the morning. You can imagine that’s not going down well!! So he’s really missing you. Anyway, enjoy the trip and soak up every last drop of France. You will remember this trip for ever. Love you lots and lots,
    Mum, dad, Adam and Rodney ???

  10. Hey Lucy
    Glad You’ve arrived safe and sound!! ?Hope you guys have a fantastic time looks like the weather is on your side too , loving the twitter updates, try not to blow all your money shopping today!! Unless it’s an expensive gift for your Mum ?❤️
    Love and miss you Lucy Loo!!! Xxxx

  11. Morning Ewan
    Glad you all arrived safely. Very quiet here, not saying you are noisy but… Ross missing you too just not showing it? Must remember not to buy the usual 6 cucumbers this week at Tesco!! Hope the food ok and you’ve got your usual appetite back. Have a fantastic time . Take plenty photos ! Remember the sun cream
    Especially on your beautiful face?.
    Love and hugs Mum Dad and Ross xxxxxx

  12. Morning Tattie(kayla), hope your having a lovely time so far. We hope you got a good sleep last night after your long journey, we did, we were in you nice cosy bed watching Netflix on your tv ?? we have left you a nice messy room for you to tidy when you come home. Have a ball and enjoy every minute of it, just like I did(Gemma). Hope your looking after the horse for me and your screaming the words to ‘it’s over and done with’.
    Love from mum, dad,grant and your best big sister Gemma ??xxxx

  13. Hi Alistair, Glad you arrived safely. How was the bus journey exciting but tiring I bet. Hope the weather is kind to you all. Temperature in the car reached 30 Deg! Not good with mum melting in the car stuck on bypass. Have a great time. Loving the silence, love dad.X

  14. Hi jack

    Hope your enjoying yourself . Loving all the twitter feeds , kyle and wee jock are missing you so much both taking advantage of your bed although I’ve managed to keep jock s teddy off !! Missing you so much ,have fun remember suncream and Bet you loved all that veg at dinner last night!!! Love you xx mum xx

  15. Hey Lucy Loo glad you’ve all arrived safe and sound and hear you didn’t barf on the bus!! That’s a result? hope you all have a fabulous time and make so many great memories it’s party central back here with no kids for 10 days? Love you and miss you Mum, Dad and Millie ?

  16. Hi Isla.
    I know you will be having an amazing time in France with all your friends. Enjoy every minute of it. Hope that the weather stays sunny & warm. Hopefully you have caught up on some sleep after the little you got on the way.
    The house is quiet without you here. I could really do with my straighteners right now! Hoping you master the art of straightening while your away and save me a job when you get home ?
    Love you lots Mum ❤️

  17. Hiya Lauren

    Glad you have all arrived safe and well.

    It is so quiet in the house without u Lauren not sure how your room buddies / teachers will be coping ??

    Looks like you have had a fab day making loads of new memories – enjoy.

    Luv Mum xx

  18. Evening Trippers,
    Hope your all having a great time so far remember and make the most of your educational excursion!
    Love Samantha

  19. House to quite without you brodi bee, have to say your room is gleaming, no make-up on bed sheets, no stink off fake tan and smelly feet ? Enjoy your frogs legs and snails tomorrow, were taken the boys to Beijing Chinese their choice

    Love mum dad kyle and lewis

  20. Hi Emily hope you are having a great time. The pictures look good. Your best buddy Kirsty and blue ellie is missing you. Dad is not missing being tazered every five minutes though. Enjoy the snails and frogs today.

  21. Hey Asya T! Hope you’re having a great time in France, we sure are having some peace here without you. If you do decide you don’t want to come back that’s fine by us, that’s means there will be enough food for everyone in the house! Don’t miss us too much but if you ever do just remember we love you (even though we doubt it sometimes!) Just have a good time and don’t worry you will be hearing from us later on. Love you lots xoxo

  22. Hi Livvy,
    First of all are you really in France as we think we have seen you hiding behind people in various photos? It would be really good to actually see you.
    I’m driving to Aberdeen tomorrow to bring Maya home, so everyone will be here when you get back. Hopefully Seth will pick you up in the middle of the night as we will be well into your dad’s birthday celebrations, which are due to go on for the rest of the year.
    I hope you’re all having a brilliant time.
    Love you lots,
    Mum xx

  23. Morning William
    Hope you had a good day yesterday and managed to keep all those caps safe – remember the £5 bet.
    Bradley is definitely missing you as Jake is now walking him twice a day now so he’s getting no exercise whatsoever.
    So glad the pool is open for you all – saves you having a shower eh ?
    Keep having fun ……. ?

  24. Hi Kristy
    Looks like you’re having the best time ever, enjoy every minute of it darling!
    Fingers crossed the good weather continues for you.
    The house is so quiet without you. Coco’s enjoying the peace and taking advantage of your bed every night.

    Have a brilliant time making lots of new memories

    Miss you loads and love you more
    Mummy Bear

  25. Hi Anna

    Hope your fun I had posted a message but not on this section didn’t know it was here!! Anyhow sounds like loads of fun. The pool looks great!! The boys age missing you loads. Actually they are too busy playing with fidget spinners!!? Nan’s enjoying herself on her visit and is sad she’s missed you.

    Have fun and send loads of photos!!

    You eaten any snails or frogs legs yet?? Ooohhh and try the veal you’ll love it!! ??

    Love Dad.

  26. Hi Anna firstly sorry you have not had any messages as your daft mum has been posting on the wrong page?? Need my big girl to keep me right! Hope you are having an amazing time. Pics look great so far. Missing you so much and will never forgive you for leaving me behind with the smelly boys i had to go to the woods and make dens yesterday. ? Enjoy yourself and keep the pictures coming. love you so much mummy bear!! ??

  27. Hi Freya, great to hear from you yesterday! ?Weather looks amazing & fab to see you having fun. ☀️Dad & I had a great time in Dunkeld. Weather amazing here too apart from the down pour last night.
    Ellie says hi & hopes you are enjoying the chateau & the food?
    Have fun & hope to hear from you soon? Xxxx
    PS: remember suntan lotion

  28. Hi EwanD,
    Re the karaoke, hope your singing is as good as it in the shower.
    Keep the photos coming and thanks to the teachers for keeping us up to date.

  29. Hey Chazman!
    Looks like you’re all having a great time in the sunshine although you may want to pass that message to your face – grumpy boy getting photis taken!! It’s quiet here without you and Sophie, I’ve forgotten how to get ready in the mornings without Elvis blasting from your room ??
    Enjoy the rest of your trip
    Love you loads
    Mum & Scott xx

  30. Daddy here again.
    Forgot to say saw Barack Obama going up his steps to his private jet on Friday at edinburgh airport . Then had to wait 45 minutes to get my bag as all handlers were out wAtching him.
    I slept in your bed when not feeling too well but I think I hoovered up all dead skin and hairs but you can check when home.
    I have auto renewed your subscription to antique dolls house magazine for another year.
    Enjoy the food and friendships and remember
    Sun cream, sunglasses, hat, phone, wash your teeth and wash EVERYWHERE

  31. Hi jack hope you enjoyed today’s activities must’ve been emotional seeing the graves of the soldiers, cant imagine the eerieness and reality of it . can’t wait to hear if you tried the frogs legs or snails could you imagine kyle he’d be asking for the frogs eyes ! We are missing you so much kyle has no one to fight with so is fighting with me arrrrh and I’m having to play with water guns !love you keep smiling ha ha xxxx mum kyle and wee jock

  32. Hi Cameron hope u are having a great time. Michael said hi sorry he missed u but he said he will see u in July. Your room is a tip with all the boxes waiting to get unpacked, it should’ve done for you coming back. ? Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. Hi Ionapona

    Looks like you loved those frogs legs!!!!

    Hope you’re all having a great time.

    PS Have you actually taken yer hoodie off yet?

    Love Mum & Dad, Morven & Orla

  34. Hi Kieran, looks like you are having a fantastic time! Hope you enjoyed the frogs legs tonight a wee text from you would be great that’s if you have time loving all the tweets miss your wee face Skye is missing you too dad is getting all the updates from me when he phones home love mum xxx

  35. Hi Ewan
    Looks like you’ve had another fab day. Great being able to follow your trip. Hard to tell if you liked the ?Legs from the photo Ewie!!
    Ross still missing you but bearing up well like us all?. Have a great day tomorrow
    Love and even more hugs Mum Dad and Rossxx

  36. Hi Anna H. So jealous of the places you visited today. Really makes it all real the sacrafices the soldiers gave to keep our freedom. So many lives lost. Must have been a humbling experience visiting the memorials.

    Anyhow as you’ve now eaten snails I thought I would prepare an awesome home coming meal for you. I have loads of fat, fresh jucey snails in our garden!! How about them stir fried in butter and fresh chilli??

    Loving the photo’s! Keep them coming please!

    Love Dad.

  37. Hey Ali,
    Hope you’re enjoying yourself,
    I’m sorry to say but I did have to cancel your DisneyLife Subscription as you weren’t here to pay for it. Guess you won’t be able to binge watch High School Musical anymore!
    Also I decided to sell some of you stuff as I thought your room was getting a bit messy. So your bring pink Barbie trike is on gumtree. Your sparkly high heels you normally wear around the house are now up on eBay. And all your fluffy toys that you usually sleep at night with, have now been sold to the toddlers across the street for a few quid.
    Anyways, enjoy the rest of your “educational” holiday and I’ll see you soon you absolute lad!
    Your kind and loving brother xoxox

  38. Hi Aidan. We hope you are having a great time en France and enjoying all the fabulous trips. Weather looks good and we bet you are glad of the pool. You looked like you were enjoying the snails, so mum went to Tesco to order some for your return!!! Enjoy your last day before going to Paris. Missing you (Katie, not so much). Mum, Dad & Katie.

  39. Hi Aidan,

    Looks like you’re having a great time so far! I’m very jealous of you, I wish I could do that trip again.

    You looked like you enjoyed the frogs legs and snails A LOT more than I did (miss watson unfortunately has photographic evidence of me trying them somewhere).

    It has been very quiet without you here but dont get me wrong i’m loving it! Mum and I went to see baby Oliver on Saturday, he is so tiny and cute! We can go see him when you get back I suppose. We also went to Costco without you, they had some great samples that we tried! I’m not too sure which of these will make you more jealous but knowing you it’s probably the fact you missed out on a Costco trip!!

    Hope you have a great rest of your trip, mum and dad will be in touch soon (if they can figure out how to send a message). Make the most of it because you’ll be home before you know it. Take loads of pictures, its a trip you’ll want to remember and make sure to haggle those looky looky men if they come up to you!

    Try facetiming me again if you get the chance please.

    See you soon Nadia!
    Katie xx

  40. Hi Anna me again!! Your face with the frogs legs so funny!! Nice to see you are all eating well unlike us having a fish supper in North Berwick? hard times!! Your wee brothers are missing you especially oliver so keep the photos coming for me to keep them updated have fun lol MUM xx

  41. Morning Megan,

    Looks like your all having a fantastic time in France.

    Loving all the daily photos and updates on Twitter ?
    Were you hiding somewhere at the frogs legs and snail tasting last night? Didn’t think I would see you in any of those pics!! House isn’t the same without you, but it was great not shouting 27 times this morning to get you up for school. Hope your friends and teachers aren’t having that pleasure! ?

    Taylor said hi and that he’s really missing you. He’s looking forward to seeing you on Saturday.

    Enjoy your last day in Normandie and making more memories Paris.

    Missing you loads and my bronzer too! ?

    Love you lots ❤️
    Mum, Dad & Taylor xxx

  42. Morning Kayla

    Monday morning & all the childminding kids are here asking how your getting on.

    Enjoy your McDonalds today & mind strutt some funky moves at the disco tonight.

    Missing you loads.
    Love Mum,
    Maddie, Banan, Quinn, Lucas, Lyle & Max xxxxxxxxxx

  43. Hey Lucy Loo Mum again!!? Loving all the tweets the frogs leg tasting picture has been our favourite up until now Dad and I went into town for lunch on Saturday and a spot of shopping thought I better pop into Lush and buy some more bath bombs as I’ve pinched all yours since you left they smelt amazing!! Enjoy the rest of your holiday
    Love Mum xxxx

  44. Hey Ali,
    Hope you’re having a fab time!
    I was impressed that you tried the snails or the frogs legs. I couldn’t​ tell from the photo which one you were eating but it sure looked tasty?.
    I hope you’ve had a chance to show off those amazing dance moves that we practiced together. Special times ?.
    Gonna love you and leave you now as our takeaway has arrived from your favourite Chinese.
    Loads of hugs and kisses,
    Mum ????

  45. Hi William
    Looks like you are having a great time from all the photos – Megan and I have been looking through them all today and she remembers all the places, the frogs leg tasting etc and says the teachers haven’t changed a bit ?
    Hope the fancy dress outfit works out ok tonight and you have a great time.
    Hope the suitcase packing goes ok – remember to check ALL your stuff before you leave and fold it up nice and neatly like I showed you ???
    Have a great time in Paris and try to be brave at parc Asterix – at least try the teacup ride ?☕️☕️
    Missing your chat – it’s so quiet here without you ❤️
    Love Jennifer x

  46. Emillie
    Amazing photos. Looks so much fun.
    Hope you have packed everything!
    Don’t leave anything down the side of your bed like you usually do.
    Luv u. X x
    Muma G…..aka Shaza G
    Ps Dad hasn’t noticed your gone yet (joking pal)

  47. Hi Ramsay,
    Hope you’re having a fab time, looks like you are in the photos. Hope you didn’t blow my present budget on that beret.
    Just for a little heads up the parents are talking about going through your search history whilst you’re away but I’m sure they wouldn’t find anything anyway 😛
    Oh, we had a bit of a scare this morning cause mum thought she’d gone deaf when she woke up but we quickly realised it’s just cause you aren’t here!
    And remember, suncream, sunglasses, hat, phone, brush your teeth, wash EVERYWHERE, and Amelia’s present.
    Lots and lots of love and cuddles,

  48. Hiya Lauren

    Hope you have had a ball, enjoy your last night in the chateau can’t wait to see all the photos from the fancy dress ?

    Thank you to all the teachers for keeping us up to date and posting daily ?

    Enjoy Paris am sure u will love the shops ?

    Mum n Blair xx

  49. Hi Lauren,

    Hope you are having a great time. Lovely photos. We are all missing you, Leah especially – she keeps asking when you are home. Enjoy the time away with your friends. ❤️❤️

    Love Dad, Lorraine & Leah xxx

  50. Hi Isla,
    Hope you have managed to locate all your belongings from your messy room (& shoe rack/floor) & packed your case ok. Sure you are all very excited to get to Paris.

    Pictures look great, if a little damp in Omaha. Visiting the cemeteries must have been very moving but a great experience.

    Auntie Diane says if you don’t send her better replies to her messages, she will post you a message that makes Ramsay’s dad’s seem tame ?

    Very quiet here but a bonus that there is room on the sofa without you lounging along it all night. Cooper has been taking your space instead. ?
    All missing you lots (sure Morven & Innes are just hiding it ?)

    Love Mum, Dad, Morven & Innes and Cooper ❤️❤️

  51. Alright softlad, Daddy here again, love the collapsed soufle beret look, tres chique.
    Good news is you have £4·26 waiting for you from cash for clothes from your old sports gear .
    I wore a pair of your pants by mistake but do not worry you will probably get a few more days use from them before they need a wash through.
    Remember Sun cream, sunglasses, hat, phone, wash your teeth, wash EVERYWHERE, Amelia`s present, be nice.

  52. Hi all, Rileys mum here.
    A big thanks to the social media team keeping us parents very much up to date with or kids antics! It’s great getting to see what they’ve all been up to!

    I also hear Mrs Brown went all gluten free warrior today! Loving your work Mrs B!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip Riley. See you Saturday xx

  53. Hiiiiyyyyaaaaa!!!!
    Can’t believe it was your Last night in the chateau..?All Your dress ups looked brilliant! Good effort! Especially loved the French fries!! Hope you were all busting the moves at the disco!! Gutted you never got to play rounders on the beach but maybe it’s best for your safety with miss Watson’s “rules”!!
    Roll on you’ll all be buzzing for some pizza!! Hopefully the sun comes out for your lunch under the Eiffel Tower!! Time to Get yourself some souvenirs..I can highly recommend the selfie sticks..however you do need to bargain them down!! I’m brilliant at this so it’s a shame I’m not there!!
    Enjoy your last few days, remember my presents William, Shannon, Cerys and Alisha for being your fav teacher this year!!
    Au revior (Mrs brown that means bye…ken just incase ??)

    Mrs Murray

  54. Hi my wee cherub. Hope your having a great time. Wonder who’ll have the best tan ( you or me). Hope your being a good girl like I told you and not talking to any strangers ? See you when I get home ( can’t wait). Love you ? Granny Anna xx

  55. Hi Kayla

    Looks like you’s are having fun at the disco night.

    Hope you were able to fit everything back in your case for moving to Paris tomorrow. I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to the Italian restaurant.

    Dad said he’s been missing his wee helper, he had to make the Sunday dinner himself.

    Leishy here with Mitsy & he says “HIYA”.

    Enjoy Paris & the theme park.

    Missing you loads.
    Love Mum, Dad, Grant & Gemma xxxxx

  56. Hi dad
    Hope you are having fun in france we miss you
    It’s raining here so much hope it’s sunny in France
    Can’t wait till you come back
    Love maddie xx

  57. Hi Freya,

    Loving all the photos! Looks like you are having a fab time. Fancy dress night looks brilliant. Well done for trying the frogs & snails! Hope you enjoyed the cemeteries. Very touching I bet. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Next stop Paris!
    Love you lots Mum, dad & Ellie xxx??

  58. Hi Ritchie,

    Normandy looks as though it has been brilliant … next up Paris!

    Have an amazing time in the City – lots of photos please.

    Lots of love ?,

    Mum, Dad, Innes & Lola ? xxxx

  59. Loving the photos – thank you to the teachers. It looks like everyone is having a great time.
    Hi to Rory B. Hope you’re enjoying the trip. Are those bags under your eyes?… Make sure you’re getting to bed by 8pm, just like at home 🙂 Have fun. Love from Mum, Dad & Murray XXx

  60. Hi Cerys missing you loads loving all the pictures frogs legs looked yuck lol but glad you tried them hope your keeping your clothes tidy and you get your case shut enjoy Paris and make lots of fab memories with your lovely friends &teachers hope amiee is keeping you going with her singing queen songs lol we know you really love them don’t we amiee lol lol hope you were up and organized this morning Kayla hope you managed to shut your case after all and not wearing all your clothes to go love you all Brodi Alisha toxxxx

  61. Morning jack
    Mum again just want to say enjoy Paris today its such a beautiful city nana and grandpa know the looky looky men on first name terms after buying over a 100 Eiffel Tower key rings off them (true story)so if your looking for anything see big tam tell him mags and Ian say bonjour love you and miss you stay safe and enjoy xxx

  62. Morning lovely boy. I have looked everywhere for my Birthday present from you , including under your bed…..we need a chat!!. I do not want an Eiffel Tower key ring from the looky looky boys, your sister bought about a dozen of them when she was on that trip. Given your choice of headgear I do not want a hat either.
    Ramsay, remember that Paris is the City of Romance and love, so now may be a good time to let that special person know how you really feel about them.
    Enjoy all that Paris can offer including genuine French pizza.
    and remember, sun cream, sunglasses, hat, phone, brush your teeth, wash EVERYWHERE, Amelia’s present, be nice, my present

  63. Hello emily p. Enjoy the second half of your trip in paris. Looked like a nice spot to have lunch. Can u please do me a favour and give us a few more smiles in the photos. Kirsty is missing you and tiring me and mum out so no more long holidays for you.
    And i am still enjoying the no tazers.

  64. bonjour aimee, hope ur having a great time, dad and i have been doing lots of sunbathing and enjoying the peace and quiet, we have no one to listen to moaning every 5 mins ? im thinking the teachers will need a break when they get home to recharge the batteries, hope u enjoy Paris, look forward to seeing u on sat love mum and dad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  65. Hi Aaron
    Looks like your having a great time! The morph suit looked brilliant I won’t ask where you kept your phone ?!
    Keep enjoying your trip and look forward to seeing soon !

  66. Hi Anna Hughes. See your now in Paris and wow it looks amazing what a great experience you must all be having and great to see all the updates . I know I said dont spend all your money at once and more pics but didn’t mean for you to end up on crime watch either so stay out the shops unless you have adult supervision!!? “Accused of shoplifting ” was not the most informative message to you mother!! I almost had a heart attack!! Can laugh about it now. Anyway be good, have fun and missing you like crazy. lots of love from MUM Dad & your wee Bros xxx

  67. Hi Livvy,
    It’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves, a huge thank you to the teachers.
    I hope Parc Asterix lives up to expectations and isn’t too busy.
    Have a great time and be good Livvy! Miss you lots,
    Mum xx

  68. Woof, woof Ali,
    It’s Rodney here, your brother from another mother.
    When you coming home bro? I can’t stand this for much longer. You’ve left me here with Adam who only takes me out for a quick pee. You know me Ali, there’s nothing I like better than stopping and sniffin’ at least 20 times in a walk. I did get him back this afternoon though when I left him a wee present on the kitchen floor. ?
    Love you man!
    Your faithful companion,
    Rodney ?

  69. Bonjour mon premier garcon. Votre Daddy ici.
    I think I found your birthday present to me, was it the cash in your bedside unit? brilliant we used it to get a carry out last night. The prawns were so tasty I have left one in your bedroom for you to have once back home.
    The bank called me today to advise there was suspicious activity on your cashline card…..has not been used everyday as usual and they wanted to know if you were in hospital or something!
    Remember suncream, sunglasses, hat, phone, brush your teeth, wash EVERYWHERE, Amelia’s present, be nice, my present, speak French.


  70. Bonjour Lauren.

    Glad you’ve all arrived safe and well in Paris. Hope you have a fab day at Parc Asterix and the queues aren’t too big!

    Gail said to say hello. We were at a lovely hotel and spa overnight. I had to get away and enjoy myself as I’m missing you that much ?

    Last few days now! Enjoy and can’t wait to see you and hear all about it on Saturday.

    Love Mum ❤️

  71. Hiya Lauren, It is nice and quite here you could hear a pin drop!

    But soon be back to normal as it won’t be long before you are back home ? missed you loads and seeing you everyday ?

    hope you had a wonderful time Lots of love ❤️ Gran,Papa,Glen?and Domino?xxx

  72. Hi jack hope your enjoying Paris and all the wonderful sights bet you have an amazing time today at parc asterix as I know how much you love the buzz of the rides have fun enjoy yourself still missing you lots , can’t wait to see u xx

  73. Hi William
    I asked Kenny and jake if they would like some input into this message but you know them they are both men of few words – but I can tell they are both missing you like mad as they actually have to make conversation with me now that you are not here and it’s killing them both. ?
    Hope you had a good day at the parc asterix today – a great trial run for Florida , hope you didn’t bottle out of too many of the rides and braved the teacups ??☕️
    Only a couple more days to go so make the most of it as you’ll be back to chores on Saturday !!
    Missing you loads
    Jennifer (Kenny & Jake)
    Ps . I can’t believe how similar the pink unicorn Miss Watson won is to yours , although yours is a wee bit more sparkly✨

  74. hi all, hope everyone had a fab time at Parc Asterix, aimee ur dad is gutted ur not here to go to portaventura with him he has had go round the shops with me instead ??? no long now until ur home, cant wait to get my prezzie, u did get me one didnt u???? aw never mind if no il just have the one i bought u ??? c u soon love mum and dad ?? xx

  75. Hi Kristy
    Hope you’ve had a great day at Parc Asterix. Your snapchat pics are great…keep them coming.
    Kayley says she’s really missing you and loves you loads, best sister ever! Then coincidentally mentioned a presssy from Sephora would be lovely haha!

    Enjoy walking tour and Louvre tomorrow.

    Miissing my big hugs from you.
    Take care sweetheart. Love you loads
    xxxx mumma bear xxxx

  76. Hi Aidan.
    Yeah, finally got a smile out of you in a photo ! And I bet it didn’t even hurt ! Now you know how to do it, try some when you get home. LOL (see, I’m trendy).
    Hope you are having a great time in Paris and enjoyed Parc Asterix and your boat trip.
    Enjoy your last day in Paris and get those walking shoes on. Remember, no New York speed though !!!
    See you soon. Dad.

  77. Hi Cameron/everyone. glad you are all enjoying yourselves. Thanks to technology and @mgsfrancetrip for keeping us all updated on your activities. Can’t wait to get you home on Saturday to get a big sloppy kiss and cuddle. The house has been to quiet without you. Missing you loads love Mum, Dad and Max ? Xxxxxxxx

  78. This message is for the teachers. I’d like to thank you for the time and effort that’s went into this trip, sure it’s something brodi will always remember. Hope everyone has been good and enjoyed themselves, once again thank you. X

  79. Hi Kayla

    I hope you had a lovely time at Parc Asterix, can’t wait to hear about the rides, get you in the mood for Florida (7 weeks ???).

    I see your doing your usual & hiding in the photos.

    Enjoy shopping today, one of your favourite things to do ???.

    Something serious happened yesterday, I hope your sitting down for this one – Gemma made the dinner last night ???, chicken, potatoes & mixed vegetables ??? & we are all still feeling fine ???. She’s going to attempt to make chicken curry tonight.

    Missing you loads
    Mum, Dad, Grant & Gemma xxxx

  80. Hi Freya, was so good to speak to you from the Eiffel Tower last night! It looked amazing. Sounds like you had a fab time at Parc Asterix. A wee warm up for Florida in 30 days?!!????
    Ellie didn’t come in until later so will get her to face time you tonight after work (10pm).
    Missing you lots but not long now until I can get a “Freya hug”. Enjoy your last day in Paris & safe journey home. Love ya lots, Mum, Dad & Ellie ?? xx

  81. ‘This is a story of our first teacher…it’s over and done with, it’s over and done with’

    Well nearly…bet you can’t believe it’s home time..!! I’m a little bit glad to be honest, means I get my friends back ? And my FOMO can maybe calm down!

    Enjoy your journey home, who is getting the joy of sitting next to miss watsons pink unicorn thing?! Looks like it would make a good pillow!!

    Make sure you stock up at city Europe, I don’t just mean you teachers!!

    See you all on Monday for new timetable wooooooooo!!
    Mrs Murray

  82. Hey Ali,
    Well it’s nearly all over and I’m sure it’s been a blast. I hope you’ve seen some amazing sights,laughed, danced, sang,partied, made new friends, felt humbled, tried new things, shopped for my present ?, learnt some more French and generally had a fantastic time.
    When you get home it will all seem a distant memory cause I’ve got a list as long as my arm of chores you need to do around the house. Enjoy your last few hours of freedom!!!!
    Love you lots
    Mum ??

  83. Hi Cerys hope you are having a fab last day spending all your money l hope you have had a fantastic time in Paris and made lots of memories to look back on with your friends and teachers , the photos and phonecalls have kept me going hereing your voice and speaking to amiee to . Remember to pack your case with everything in it .Kayla remember to roll your clothes or Brodi might have to sit on it to help you shut it lol amiee hope you haven’t bought anymore jumper’s you don’t need as you won’t get your case shut either thank you to all the teachers that are on the trip .happy last day S2 see you on sat at Wallyford gala love Cerys mumxxx

  84. Bonjour Lucy last day today and doing your favourite thing Shopping!! ? Looks like you’ve had an awesome time Wishing you all a safe journey home ps Teacher’s when’s the next trip just so I can sign Lucy up we’re off to Ibiza clubbing!! ??

  85. Hi Chloe
    I hope you have had an fantastic time and took lots of pics. Been following u all on here…. it’s all new to me (haha) loved all the updates and the pictures. I also hope you have made lots of new friends too and enjoyed every minute of being in France. Ruby and Mya have missed u lots and can’t wait till your home. Oh and ur
    messy room u left…. has all been cleaned and ready for u coming home. Enjoy ur last day and night and thank all ur teachers for this amazing experience. I ❤ u Chloe xxxx

  86. Hi Kieran loved the FaceTime last night was so good to see and hear from you can’t wait till you get home iv not forgot that you went away when you were 13 and you arrive back home 14 I just hope you are not to disappointed with your present could only get it in pink am sure you won’t mind love you mum xxx

  87. Hi jack well that’s you at the end of your France trip looks like it was amazing your so lucky to have been able to experience this thanks to the brilliant teachers for putting up with you for the last week I really valued the break ? I’ve got your bed changed jock did hump his teddy it your hot wati boti will be placed in it for you arriving back just as you like it, chef Steve has his alarm set for your weekend fry up as sir likes aww can’t wait to give you a big mum hug ? am allowed one embarrassing message surely especially now you’ll have bought me a gorgeous gift ? xx thank you all the mg France trippers I e loved following you on twitter have a new addiction don’t know what I’ll do with myself next week anyway safe journey home everyone take care love mum mcintee xx

  88. Hello softlad, I was out last night and had a few “cups of tea” so fancied playing your sax when I got home. Got some decent notes out of it but now there is a bit of sick in the reed so you will need to clean that when you are back.
    We having your favourite “Thomas the tank” cake when you are back,

    Remember sun cream, sunglasses, hat, phone,brush your teeth, wash EVERYWHERE, Amelia’s present, be nice, my present, speak French, thank your teachers

  89. Hi Aimee.
    Nearly home time! I’m glad, me and Roxy are starting to miss you (a wee bit)
    The photos look amazing I’m so jealous. Hope you’ve had a lovely time & enjoyed the frogs legs!!
    Please bring that sunshine home with you .. and my present of course!!!
    Love Gemma xxx

  90. We would just like to say a big thank you to all you teachers for looking after everyone on the trip. We hope you all managed to enjoy yourselves also, though looking at the photos, it would appear you all did !
    One final message for Aidan please.
    Could you tell him that there is a night bus heading back into Edinburgh at 03:55 on Saturday morning and to make sure he has enough money to get on it and when he gets home, if he could be as quiet as possible, so as not to wake us, that would be lovely !!! We will see him when he gets up sometime later on Saturday.
    Have a safe trip home everyone and see you all soon.
    Paul & Nancy McLaren

  91. Hi Ems.
    Well that’s been some week for you all.
    You have seen and done sooooo much.
    Thanks for facetiming us from the Eiffel Tower and giving us a wee tour.?
    Apologies for Dad thinking it was Blackpool tower!
    (A Musselburgh grammar ex pupil too!?)
    I haven’t went in your room since you left as i could still hear you shouting “GET OUT ” as i touched the door handle.
    Alexander has been doing is countdown on his whiteboard each morning and is excited it’s nearly one more sleep?.
    Sophie has missed you. She said the house is quiet without. I have no idea what she means.
    Well you have a long journey ahead but you have your 14th birthday to look forward too.
    Safe journey to you all.
    Luv Mum x❤x
    (Shaza G)

  92. Hi Anna not jealous that you’ve been on this trip!! Well actually I am!! It looked amaze balls!! You’ve been to places I’d love to visit. Well I may get to go when I’m retired!

    Hope you had fun shopping and didn’t upset the shop security this time!!??

    Can’t wait until you get home so you can tell me about the trip. I’ve not had a decent sleep for ages so I’m hoping your tails will assist my slumber!! ?? I’m kidding!! You have been missed and the boys can’t wait for you to get back.

    Safe travels

    Daddy day care xxxx??

  93. Hi Isla.

    We have all loved following your trip via the twitter photos but we are all really looking forward to seeing you on Saturday and hearing all the stories first hand. It looks like you have had an amazing experience that will live with you forever.
    Well done and thank you to all the teachers for enabling this trip to happen and keeping us so well updated with fantastic photos.
    Have a safe journey home & hopefully you can catch up on some sleep.
    Proud of you.
    Love Mum, Dad, Morven & Innes ❤️

  94. Hi Ali, what a shame it’s coming to an end. The trip has looked fantastic with plenty of photos, showing all us parents & family members that you are all having a great time. We had a mix up with when you were returning home & would have been 48 hrs late until we bumped into Gaynor & David who put us right. See you at 3.00 am Sat morning, love dad x missing you

  95. Boy, daddy here, looking forward to getting up at stupid o clock to pick you up. Might give Aiden a lift if he is still at the bus stop.
    Remember the best ever bus song ” I know a song that will get on your nerves” I expect you to lead on this.
    Amelia is desperate to drive to pick you up so please advise all.of the bus to let their parents know and plan an alternative safer route .
    Your mankini you ordered for our hols arrived today and as there is a no return policy I tried them on . They fit fine, if a little snug at the back. I tried to send a picture but I suspect the spam filter sprung into action.
    At the end of a fantastic trip , take some notice of famous French philosophy and thinkers to fully reflect on your experience .
    ” when the seagulls follow the trawler….” e cantona
    ” I think therefore I am” r descartes
    ” non je regret rien” e piaff
    ” oh, oh burny burny ” Joan of arc
    Say a huge thank you to all the staff and pals who have shared the trip with you.
    Remember Sun cream, sunglasses, hat, phone,brush your teeth,wash EVERYWHERE, Amelia`s present, be nice, my present, speak French,thank your teachers, sing all the way home

  96. Hi Anna hope your not too sad to be leaving France the trip has been fantastic by the looks of all the great photos.Great memories for you all. Thanks to the teachers for looking after you and deserve a well earned rest. yeah only 4 wks to summer holidays!!? safe trip home and can’t wait to see you. love you! mum? p.s made a pot of homemade soup incase you have entered eaten!! xx

  97. Hiya Lauren

    Looks like u have all had a ball. Safe journey home today. Can’t wait to hear all about it on Saturday ?

    A massive thank to all the teachers for pictures / updates and looking after you all ???

    Luv mum xx

  98. Morning Freya,
    Safe journey home everyone! It looks like you have all had a fantastic time in France. What a action packed week you have alll had. Loved all the photos on twitter & the FaceTime from the Eiffel Tower. Your weather looked great too! ☀️Hope you didn’t spend too much in Zaphora?!?Can’t wait to see you around 3am ?. Not long now…..??
    Huge thanks to all the Teachers for organising, looking after you all & keeping you safe.
    Mum xxxx

  99. Hi Ewan,
    Hope everyone has a safe trip home. Please remember to thank the teachers. Also remind Ramsay about the present for his dad and the one for Amelia.
    Bon voyage


  100. Well that’s been some week for you all.
    You have seen and done sooooo much.
    Thanks for facetiming us from the Eiffel Tower and giving us a wee tour.
    Apologies for Dad thinking it was Blackpool tower!
    (A Musselburgh grammar ex pupil too!)
    I haven’t went in your room since you left as i could still hear you shouting “GET OUT ” as i touched the door handle.
    Alexander has been doing is countdown on his whiteboard each morning and is excited it’s nearly one more sleep.
    Sophie has missed you. She said the house is quiet without. I have no idea what she means.
    Well you have a long journey ahead but you have your 14th birthday to look forward too.
    Safe journey to you all.
    Luv Mum xx
    (Shaza G)

  101. Nearly home guys huge Thank you to The Teacher’s for looking after and entertaining our little cherubs hope you’ve all got your wine & Beers in the fridge waiting for you you so deserve it! ?

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