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  1. Awriteeee trippers!!

    Seeing as it’s been three years since I made the same journey as you lot I thought it pass on some ex-tripper wisdom:

    -First things first, sing the songs or you’re well boring
    -Don’t say “sorry” to the French people you walk into because they’ll think you’re saying “party” in french and will start dancing around you like weirdos
    – Don’t lose/break your sunglasses on the second day like I did and have to wear bright pink ones
    -Be careful falling asleep on the bus because Watson is sly and will take pictures of you if you look funny

    Hope you all have an amazing time though, i’m actually so jealous 🙁 Emma and Abby I love and miss yous a lot (siamsa isn’t the same without you two) please remember my haribo smurfs:)) oh james we’ve already rented out your room and sold all of your belongings 😀 miss you little bro

  2. Glad you have all arrived safely in France. Hope you enjoy your time away. Samantha is still jealous that Jordan is away and not her lol

  3. Hiya!
    Great to hear you all arrived safely! Hope you didn’t get sea sick Jordan and slept well on your first night in the Château. Enjoy your day at the market. Remember and take lots of picture while at Mont St Michel. Wonder who the number one tripper will be, only time shall tell.
    May the best Windram win
    Love from Samantha x

  4. Glad you have all arrived safely in France. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your adventures.

  5. Howdy campers glad to hear you all arrived safely( the 3.45 am text from Claire kept me informed)?,have fun at the market hopefully Claire will buy a cheeky wee antique that we can flog on eBay when she gets home and make us a couple o mil!?Kirstie is well jealous that’s she’s not with you, it doesn’t feel like 4 years since she was there! I’m sure you’ll all have as much fun as they did back then, weegie Watson will keep you all entertained I’m sure! Take lots o pics and eat lots o frogs !mandy Maclean fi the pans ?

  6. Glad you have all arrived safely, never seen such a tired looking breakfast bunch!
    Well done to the person who managed to get you out of bed Maeghan! What a shock I got seeing you in the breakfast photo!
    Have a great day and remember to take proper photos, not someone’s eye or selfie corner head shots, since we deleted 4500 of these shots off your phone to make room for said sensible photos!
    Enjoy the market but I now realise I won’t be getting a souvenir from the market after messaging on here ?
    Mum x

  7. Glad to see you all arrived safely , loving the photos and updates although i thought my eyes must be decieving me to see Alana up before noon on a Saturday….and actually smiling!!. The house is so quite and TIDY with you gone, it’s taking a while to adjust to the clean mirror with no make up splatters and towels actually hung up instead of in heaps on the floor, and clothes actually making there way to the washing basket!, and worst of all is the weekend with no taxi service duty!, I’m afraid I’ve had to resort to visiting Tesco booze aisle to cope with that one! ?, so it’s been hard without you here but we are coping ?. Ok you can relax now, I’m done, i can hear your inner dialogue of OMG mum your soooo embarrasing from here lol. Have a great time, miss you and love you loads, mum xx

  8. Thanks for the photos and updates. Scott – Daisy is fine!
    Have a great time! ?

  9. Afternoon Danny Ducks we are all
    Missing you so much already (honest), its sooo quiet here now! Jack has moved into you room and is enjoying playing fortnight. Loving your new Will from the Inbetweeners look, altho nobody’s gonna believe you’re the intelligent one tho ?. Xx

  10. Glad yous are having a great timeand great photo’s. Don’t know what to do not running about after you Jordan. Wnjoy the rest of your trip

  11. Loving the updates. You all look to be having a great time. Feel sorry for the teacher that is waking you up in the morning Jordan hope it is not to hard of a task as it is when we are trying to get you up for school ?. Love Mum, oh and Abby is wondering were you keeps on looking out the window for you x

  12. Glad you all arrived safely. Aiden it is so quiet here without you not listening to you shouting at the Wifi that it is rubbish and its so slow cause your having a breakdown when your trying to play Fortnite lol . Hope you enjoyed the market and are having loads of fun. I will really feel lost next week when i’m not having to wake you up for school and telling you to watch your time for the bus lol. Enjoy your time away and all the different experiences. Love you loads. Mum, Dad, Chloe and Ryley too. Gran& Grandad say hi too. xxxx

  13. Morning happy campers!
    Hope you are all looking forward to tasting the snails and frogs legs remember and give a bash, they aren’t as bad as the sound honestly! Take as much as possible away from the next 2 days it’s what the trip is all about. Remember it’s not a hoilday it’s an educational excursion! Am still keeping up your daily reward Jordan don’t worry. Love you lots Samantha ??

  14. Well it looks like you’re all having a blast! not Sure about you buying a snow globe in 30 degree heat Claire!wishful thinking? Lol we are missing you loads here, even Kirstie missing your sarcastic banter, keep the texts and photos coming and have fun xxx

  15. Welcome to Château Du Molay! Enjoy. Remember to keep the noise down on the landing…sure they pick on us!!! MMM

  16. So great to see our girl smiling and feeling better after a tough start. Looks like you have had a great day and night….hope you are all sleeping now ?? the house is very quiet without you pal but we are glad you are having a great time. Enjoy your day tomorrow, looking forward to seeing more photos. Love you lots like jelly tots Loey (she hates being called that ???) mummy, daddy and Amypie ???

  17. Everyone looks like they are having a lot of fun! Hope the weather stays hot and dry. Ethan please try and eat the food or you will not survive the snails ??

  18. Good to see you’re all having a good time. Hope you had a nice birthday. Remember and take plenty photos, love Mum and Dad xxx

  19. Looking great. Fraser, dad and I are just about coping – weird not having you shouting at your PS4 all the time! You even got up for breakfast – well done! Hope you let other people get a shower and don’t do your usual hour showers – remember to pick up your pants and socks and put them in the black bag! Gran missing you too but she is at Rhodes now so will be enjoying the sun – oh and the all inclusive ?! The photos are fab and glad you are all seeing new places and enjoying new experiences! Well jel – could be here, having to be in the cold foggy weather today here ! Marathon day so got to the football and back and we are marooned now for rest of the day! Running past the front gate now. Cats were out at 5am and all tucked up now. Enjoy and keep in touch. Be over before you know it so make the most of every moment and have fun! Love you. Mum, dad, Fraser, Sasha, Shadow, Smudge and Cheeky ?Xxxxxxx

  20. Hiyaa saz , not missing you yet but I’m still so jealous that your in France and I’m not . This trip is by far the best the school has to offer and I hope your making amazing memories that you’ll never forget .
    Love Chloe x

  21. Great photos today! What amazing weather you are having!
    You will be glad to know I have completed your Marshall duty at the marathon today Maeghan, thanks a lot! I’m like a frozen bogey, it was freezing !! My curly bonce is frizzed to the max (not missing you pointing and laughing at my hair as usual) weather was damp and miserable and seeing you all in the sun has made me feel so much better NOT!! Lol, glad you having a fab time, miss you.
    Love Mum, Dad, Zack ? & Belle ? x

  22. Hope you are all having a fantastic time ..the pictures look fantastic and not jealous at all of the weather …missin you lots Abby (sorry to embarrass you lol) ..enjoy the rest of the week making great memories love mum , dad , Ben and Jenna xx(sorry you said no kisses ???)

  23. Hi Emily. We have to say the house is very quiet without you. We’re not missing your moaning and shouting at Alexa because it can’t understand your teenage mumbling! Or maybe it’s because it simply refuses to play your dreadful taste in music…..

    Jasmine says hello, she must be missing you as its’ been sleeping on your bed every day since you left. Very jealous of your trip to the Normandy beaches and gun placements. Guess where we’re going on holiday next year….

  24. Hi Tooty. Mum and Dad are missing you lots. It’s very quiet without you yelling at Abby and Innes at the PS4. Seriously missing hearing you playing your instruments. Enjoy the Frogs’ Legs and Snails tonight. Will post again in a couple of days. Let me know what you sing at the karaoke and watch your data use!!! Love Mummy and Daddy xxx

  25. Loving all the photo updates looks like you are all having an amazing time. Jordan where was your photo of trying the frogs legs ?? love mum

  26. Hi Abby, hope you are enjoying your trip to France. Gran and Grandad loving the pictures. Remember don’t tell me when you are on the big rides at the adventure park !!!
    Missing you loads ??

  27. Hiya!! Me again and am not even sorry.
    I think am starting to miss you just a little bit but definitely not missing you shouting at your Playstation.
    House is very quite without you. You better have sung love story on the karaoke we had a deal. Time to get suited and booted for the fancy dress disco, wonder what the teachers will pull out the bag #alwaysgothatextramile ? Lots of love The winning Windram!

  28. Great pictures nice to see my grandson Kevin smiling and enjoying himself

  29. Great photos and so nice to see lots of happy smiling faces ? Primark must have done a roaring trade with the black and grey shorts that every second girl (including Lois) is wearing ??? your tan is coming along lovely Lois…thought you said you didn’t tan or could it be out of a bottle ?? missing you pal but great to see you happy ? love you lots, Mum, Dad and Amypie xxx

  30. Hiyaaaaaaaaaa Innes hope You’ve not been to grumpy in the mornings.
    P.S mums smashed ur PS4 and I’ve sold ur games. #tequilla

  31. Hiyaaaaaaa, it’s mummy Innes hope u are getting lots of French girls and we have smashed ur ps4 so we can actually see u when u r in the house see u soon my lovely boo xxxxxx

  32. Matthew isn’t on the trip but he is missing u all and can’t wait to see u all he loves u. And he can’t wait to see Ethan mcgrogan especially.

  33. I found your search history Paul your dead !!!! ? you are dead when you get home xxxxx

  34. Hi Kadiene just want to say I love u and I miss u huuuuuuuuuu xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx

  35. Hiya

    The family aren’t really missing u very much as you don’t tidy up after yourself. hope you’ve managed that abroad ?? Erin’s ransacked your room and taken your mattress , have fun in the sun bennyboo love Mum Xxxx

    P.s new dog will be named Simon

  36. Lol – someone must’ve got my phone – I didn’t post that ??

    You are lucky you missed the neighbour’s’ usual marathon antics ! ? It was foggy and we made it to Fraser’s footie but a few mins late for warm up as traffic was bad. I looked like a fright as the mist made my hair all funny !!! Nae “yummy footie mummy” look yesterday ? To be fair the others were kinda the same ! We were all huddled up freezing! Enjoy the warm weather – did you all enjoy the snails and frogs legs?! ? mind and not use too much data or we’ll be on bread and water for weeks ! ?? loving the photos – you all look as if you are having fun.

  37. Have you had the fancy dress night yet ? How was the s… little number?! ?? cats in as recycling lorry going by so got to run and close the door- have a great day all!

  38. Hi Alana and co!,

    I know i know i do remember the last text thanking me for the message but tellling me not to do it again ? , well i thought I’d take a leaf out of your book and completley ignore everything you say ?, can’t have you feeling left out now, what kind of mum would that make me! ?
    It looks like you are having an amazing time and so happy to see the sun has stayed shining for you all. I’m very impressed with you trying the frog legs and snails!, they looked absolutley horrible!, Aidan is not impressed at you eating them, says that’s disgusting haha, he also says he’s missing your moaning ?, Lauren on the other hand says she’s not missing you at all, she’s loving having the room all to herself and wants this week to go super slow ?….she loves you really lol.
    Enjoy your last day in Normandy before you head on to the next part of the adventure to Paris.good luck re packing your case!, try to at least fold the clothes rather than shoving them in,in a heap!, and try not to leave anything behind , it would be so like you to come home with one shoe! Lol.
    Looking forward to hearing all about your time in france and seeing lots of photos.
    Have fun , love and miss you , mum , Lauren and Aidan , oh and Oscar too! Xx

  39. Hi Jordan, mum again ?. Loving all the photos and the videos of your dance moves you must take after your dad with the dancing or me after a few sherbets it’s hard to say??. You look as though you are having an amazing time. Samantha says she is missing you a wee bit think she is more jealous than missing you.
    Love mum

  40. HEY Innes, this comment is actually from Mum and not your classmates this time! Hope you having a great time, you look like you are being kept busy. Fraser just finished his last exam this morning and is looking forward to relaxing the rest of the week. Good luck getting the suitcase packed and closed before you move onto Paris tomorrow, Mum xx

  41. Hi James… Or bonjour I should say.
    I see by the pictures on Twitter that you are having a great time. I’m very jealous. What do frogs legs taste like…. And what do they do with all these legless frogs…?? Do they have special frog wheelchairs??
    I’ve got a few snails in the garden that I’ll keep for you ?
    Everyone here is fine… I’m annoying Eilidh more since you’re not here. I think she enjoys it actually. Looking forward to seeing more pics of your trip.
    Speak to you soon
    Suki says Mewww

  42. Good Morning Jordan!
    Safe travels to Paris, get lots of photos of the Eiffel tower. The food will be worth the wait, I recommend the pizza it’s amazing. Looks like your have an amazing time. You’ve been twitter famous, loved the dancing but am better! Think I have a tough competition for no.1 tripper. Still very jealous!
    Same time tomorrow, Samantha x

  43. Hey – loving the dancing and the fancy dress – all looking great – sooo we will be seeing you dancing at social occasions now and it won’t be super embarrassing then?! ? The pool looks gorgeous. Not needed factor duffle coat yet? ??

  44. Hi Lois, great to see you having a good time, so nice to see ? looks like you have had an amazing day although I think you maybe forgot your suntan lotion going by the top marks ?? enjoy your party tonight but where is your denim waistcoat and sheriffs badge ?? all good here, Dad got some speedos today for our holiday to Ibiza ??just to embarrass you ? have a great time tonight and hope you have your case all sorted for heading onto Paris tomorrow. Missing you sweetie, lol n hugs Mum, Dad and Amypie xxx

  45. hi folks Lara here, my Lewis isn’t on the trip but he is missing his bff Jordan and can’t wait to see him.

    So enjoy the your time before it end xxxxxxxxx


  46. Can you please delete all my comments – not sure how to but apparently they are embarrassing! Thanks !

  47. Well as I was given the talk and told DO NOT POST ANY MESSAGES I really wasn’t going to. But now the messages are pouring in why no, esp as it looks like I’ve commented already ?
    Bennyboo we miss you, Love the pics tho it looks like you are all having an amazing time. Enjoy Paris, hope you got packed ok and nothing got left behind.

  48. Glad you’re having a fab time Alasdair though you’re camera shy as usual ? David is back from London and had a great time despite the bug he picked up. Enjoy Paris love Mum and Dad xx

  49. Hi Scott, I’ve posted some photos to the twitter page of Daisy, plus she’s started sleeping in your bed so she doesn’t completely hate you. Enjoy the rest of your trip!!

  50. Hiiiiiyyaaaaa!!!

    Hope your all living the dream and buzzing for Parc Asterix!! We can recommend the nice relaxing water ride for a break!! ?

    Hope you left the chateau in one piece after your disco and Kareoke….did miss phee do her usual solo??! Hope no one tried to kidnap the horse this year and Hope there was No complaints about the landing bants!

    Has Mr Duncan managed to count to 8 yet?? And please find a tune for Watson this year…12 years is long enough!!

    Enjoy Paris…. hope your elbows are all intact after bateaux mouches!!

    Mind in bring your fav teachers home a gid pressie!! (2G3…..)

    Btw we’re having a great time ? just incase you wondered!!

    Mrs Murray and Mrs Lyall!!

  51. Hi Amie, loving all the photo updates. Looks like you had a brilliant time in Normandy. Hope you got your case shut for Paris. Have a fab time there
    Love Mum and Dad, and Nana says hi too xxx

  52. Everyone looking awesome tonight, you all look very tanned and happy, enjoy!!! Been told not to send kisses Maeghan but as you never listen to me either…. guess what?xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ? ????

  53. Hi Jordan,
    Loved the photo of the view from the Eiffel Tower that you sent us so jealous need to get dad to take me ?? we know that will never happen. Have an amazing time in Paris.
    Love mum

  54. Hi Jordan.. Hope your enjoying the trip..and especially Paris.. Proud of you for being chosen to lay the wreath at the
    Mums latest comment she mentioned something about me taking her to France… Would love her to get to France!!!(sometimes… and taking the dog too) … However not sure that’s what she means… Enjoy the rest of your trip.. Make the most of it…!!! Your horse was looking a bit worse for all the dancing.. We can have a funeral for it when your home.. DAD #WinningWindram!!!

  55. Good Morning Tripper!
    Hope your all buzzing for parc asterix! Loved watching everyone on the ‘big’ rides when I was there as roller coasters are like my biggest fear after snakes for obvious reasons, sure Jordan’s experience will be pretty much the same as mine! Hope you remember to pack everything for your travels to Paris, dread to think what you case looks like at the moment. How amazing is the Eiffel Tower! Hope you enjoy the pizza. Loved seeing you wee face yesterday #koolkidsatthebackofthebus. Passe une bonne journée ( parie que tu mets ça en traduction) Love Windram no1 xoxo

  56. Hey Eilish, glad you & everyone are having a fab time.
    Some smiley photos of you would be good though,? you seem to be very camera shy unlike your sister Rhona!
    We all miss you very much especially Keiran ?
    Love you baby girl ?

  57. Hi Sophie,
    Any other trips you may like to attend? The house has never been tidier or quieter! Missing are the over flowing washing baskets & the high drama! Bliss …can’t thank you wonderful teachers enough. We have Air b n b’d your room in the meantime but don’t worry they’ll be away by Saturday! ??♥️ x

  58. Bonjour tout les mondes. Have a fab time at Parc Asterix today. Looking forward to the photos. We are missing you lots Eve tale care xxx

  59. Hi Emily, Hope you had fun in Paris despite the thunder and lightening, i’m sure you weren’t to scared especially as you didn’t have your daddy to cuddle into…

    While you’ve had rain we’ve had 25 degrees and blue skies in Liverpool ha ha!, we’re having a fab time soaking up the sun and music in the home of the Beatles. But it’s just not the same without you – no arguments and teenage moods, simply bliss!

    Marks at home but not sure he’s even noticed that you’re away!

  60. Great to see all the updates and photos of you all, especially seeing my baby girl Emma H as she doesn’t do “photos”. Emma, hope the thunderstorm didn’t frighten you. Missing you so much but my purse certainly isn’t ?. The house is so quiet without you but no doubt I’ll be wishing you were back in France once you’re back ? (only kidding). Keep having lots of fun. Love Mum and Aaron xxx

  61. Hi UB (Jacob & Co.)

    Looks like you are all having a fab time. We are all very jealous back home. Although, could someone please teach Jacob how to take a proper photograph as clearly selfies are the only skills he has with a camera… although I did enjoy the red wall and TV pic when I asked if his room was nice haha!

    Hayden is missing his Uncle UB, Taylor doesn’t really care and the Kray twins are just happy to have free rein of your room!

    Mum said she’s missing picking up your stinky socks and that the shopping bill has been cheap this week as the gannet isn’t there!

    Enjoy your last few days as these memories will stay with you forever!

    Lots of love, your fav big sis Saeideh xxx

  62. Hi Claire hope you’re feeling better, bet you’re gutted you got ill you’re the one whose the daredevil on the rides!!! Kirstie loving having the room to herself,and no she’s still messy so can’t blame it on you anymore!our broadband’s on speed with you not here lol!not much happening here ,house still a bomb site, glad you are all having fun but missing your witty banter but not your socks and knickers lying around your bedroom floor, hopefully you’re not sharing that habit with the girls in your room! Lol keep the pics and videos coming, very entertaining, enjoy your last few days I’m sure they will fly by, love you lots xxxxx

  63. Hi Emma
    It looks like you are having a great time and it’s good to see all the pics. We’re missing you lots (I think!). I’m not looking forward to the case of washing that is coming my way tho! Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Love Mum & Dad xx

  64. Hi Maeghan!! (Can feel the eyeball rolls, and hear the “oh god, she’s on here again), the trip looked awesome today, enjoy the last part of your hollibobs, we have missed you loads! I’ve missed my all my cups, glasses and cutlery sitting in your room, taking piles of your stuff back up to your room, picking up half eaten food stuffs, finding melted chocolate everywhere, scrubbing makeup off your clothes and so much more!! I miss it all, lots of love Pinocchio ? X ?

  65. Hi megs sweetheart. Hope ur ear is better today. My ears r less sore when ur away. I have gutted ur room and thrown out ur x box. Missing u really. Love u millions sweetie. Luv mum. Davie and Lewis x ps mind my pressie x

  66. Hi Jordan,
    Loved your photo of you selling the doughnuts bet you where glad Homer wasn’t about you would not have stood a chance of coming away with them whole ??. Enjoy your last day in Paris and mind the gifts or your walking home Saturday morning ?.
    One thing I have not missed this week is going into your room and coming out as though I had just visited IKEA for new plates and glasses ?.
    Love mum x

  67. Hey loving all the photos looks like you guys are having a ball hope Niamh hasn’t blocked anymore toilets STINKER ??

  68. Hey loving all the photos looks like you guys are having a ball hope Niamh hasn’t blocked anymore toilets STINKER ?? joking aside missing her loads but gals she is getting the great experience xx

  69. Hey Jordan the main man of the Windram household.
    You better get me the absolute best present ever, not even joking I’ll be so annoyed if you forget, cause am the bestest and you have left me with mum and dad for 10 days they have been the worst. Love seeing the photos, remember and pack everything for coming home but most importantly my big present. Hope you have had a class time have no idea how the teachers have been able to wake you up considering you take ages to wake up. Bet u have missed me millions and can’t wait to see me on Saturday at the bus and are buzzing for the biggest hug ever from your fave person! You’ll all be happy to know that I shall only make one more appearance and then thats the end of Windram trippers for now at least? #itstheendoflynnwindram
    xoxo Gossip Girl

  70. Hey Guys,

    Hope you’ve all enjoyed it!! All of the pictures look like you’re having a great time. Definitely one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had.

    Also hope Mr Duncan hasn’t been too annoying…for a change.

    Look forward to hearing all the stories when you’s get back!!

  71. OK Jordan… My turn…. So let’s start with mum’s comment.. No presents.. no problem.. I’ll pick you up buddy… Mum won’t be driving so she can walk up the road!!! she’ll probably still be drunk from the GKA awards so she can walk off all the drink!!
    As for Samantha she goes on about making sure you have packed your bags for coming home.. Yet she didn’t see me packing HERS for all her cheek!!! she’s been a NAUGHTY Girl… #HatersBackOff Love POPS!!!

  72. Washing machine happy it hasn’t had stinky socks and the wet room is missing you leaving piles of clothes and a trail of wet towels ! ?? Still got your brother’s plates and piles of clothes though so not entirely having a rest, but at least there are a few less than normal ! Shower has enjoyed a rest from your usual hour in there ! Photos look fab. Enjoy the shopping trip!

    If anyone needs a lift home for their son or daughter in the wee small hours on Friday/Sat, do let me know as there’s no point in is all trailing up to the Grammar and being knackered and grumpy on Saturday so – if I can collect and drop off for you please do let me know as I’m happy to do that! I am working on Saturday night anyway so will just stay at my mum’s till it is time to go and collect them.

  73. Hi Lois, well this is it pal. …your last day where you can spend 100 euros in the makeup shop….joking ? looks like you had an amazing day at Asterix yesterday and your river boat cruise looked good. Did any of the boys serenade the girls ????? your washing pile should be pretty small when you come home as I think you have had the same shorts on in every photo ??? enjoy your last day gorgeous girl, can’t wait to see you tomorrow night/Saturday morning. Gives us enough time to get the lodgers out of your room ?? love you lots, Mummykins, Daddykins and Amykins…..thought I would leave it till the last day ? xx

  74. Hi Sophie,
    Looks like you are all having a blast in Paris & Park Asterix yesterday!! Make the most of your last day and certain you have all banked lots of special memories. I still remember mine, many moons ago!! ? Safe journey home trippers!! Ps no breaking any more phones, iPads or toilets seats! X

  75. Hi Jordan,
    The last time you will hear Lynnwindram on this trip bet you will be glad.
    Mind and make sure you have packed everything, no looking forward to having all your washing, the house would look like a Chinese laundry by the time I have washed everything ?.
    You all look as though you have had an amazing trip. Safe journey home will see you all nice and early Saturday morning.
    Love mum xxx

  76. Looks like another amazing day in France, so many wonderful moments and memories to treasure ? would just like to say a massive thank you to all the teachers for giving the kids this wonderful opportunity. I have loved seeing all the photos too so a thank you for all the updates ? I think it’s fair to say there will be a lot of tired people on the bus tomorrow ?? safe trip home guys and looking forward to seeing you Lois, love Dad, Mum n Amy xxx

  77. Hope you had a great time shopping. Enjoy the last day days as be home soon. We’ve all missed you despite our funny cheeky comments! Be glad to get you all back home soon.

  78. Hi all a big thanks to all the teachers for all their hard work and putting up with 40 teenagers (better yous than me).The kids looked like they had an amazing time
    Thanks again

  79. Hi Claire hope you enjoyed your last day and spent all your euros! Looking forward to your return but not your washing pile! Hope you left the ants back in the dorm too!??photos and updates have been fab although mr Duncan seems to sleep a lot!??I’m surprised no ones drawn on his face yet!!! Have a safe journey home trippers ,see you soon xxx

  80. Safe journey home and yes of course a huge thanks to the teachers (who look as if they have also enjoyed it but a tad tired!). A huge well done and thanks so much for making it all possible.

  81. Looking forward to having Emily home, it’s been too quiet with her. Have a great last night and safe journey home. Thanks to the teachers, going above and beyond as normal. I hope you’ve found time to have some fun as well!

  82. Hi Amie, and everyone else. Looks like you’ve had a great time, hope you’ve all enjoyed Paris, and we’ll done all the teachers for surviving the week! Safe journey home, and looking forward to seeing you Amie xxxx

  83. Well Trippers,
    The trip has come to an end I hope you have all had an amazing time! And it’s fair to say that we are both number one trippers Jordan. Have a safe journey home. Cannot wait to see you on Saturday Jordy boy. Huge thanks to the teacher for being able to pull of a tremendous trip year in year out that is enjoyed by everyone that attends, all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes does not go unnoticed. Thank you for giving me and Jordan such an amazing experience, that am sure we shall never forget! Can’t wait to here all about the trip from your perspective. Hope you got me a good pressie! Love Samantha x #ItsOverAndDoneWith

  84. Hi Claire last one from me I promise!!! But you really should stop feeding me info it’s dangerous! First of all I also want to thank the teachers for taking you all on an unforgettable trip, they have patience of saints but a huge thanks also has to go to the bus drivers with an unairconditioned bus with no opening windows,40 odd sweaty bodies and whining!! While they have to just suck it up and drive lol I think they deserve gas masks and medals!!???remember to stock up on roll on deodorant before you board the bus everyone!lol, happy travels, see you all soon xxx

  85. Morning! Have a good journey home. Huge thanks to the teachers for planning organising and supervising on the trip. Also the drivers. It looks like you all had an amazing time and will have memories to last a lifetime. xxx See you all at 3.00am xxx

  86. Thanks again for organizing Niamh had a ball she is absolutely shattered now tho has hardly moved all day .

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