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  1. Hiya!
    Oh, how time flies. To think it was a year ago I was one of you little trippers. Trust me there are some very important rules to remember while on the bus.
    1) Just don’t be boring and think your too cool for the songs. Embrace it
    2) Stay on the lookout for teachers on the prowl snapping some embarrassing photos while yer napping.
    3) If you don’t sing ”over and done with” then you don’t deserve to be on the trip.
    But the main rule is just to enjoy it. (And to Try not to break the toilet at the chateau.)

    I’ll be back…. The legacy continues. -WW

  2. Enjoy every single moment of the trip and get fully involved. When I went to France in 2015 I wasn’t sure how it would be, but I loved every minute of it and learnt so much about myself. Looking forward to all the pictures and remember the most important thing…it’s not a spectator sport!

    Oh and Duncs, the big team are coming for you.

  3. Hello Trippers, hope the journey went well and you are ready for all the fun. This really is the best trip so take it all in and don’t give Ms Watson too much hassle (she likes to moan every now and then). Also big shoutout to the little cousin, Keira, live up to the legacy and don’t let me down – no pressure.

  4. Hi Arran, glad you have arrived safely! Have the best time and make amazing memories! Love you lots Arran, Mum xx

  5. Hi Cammy,

    It’s Cara, your big sister here! I hope you have an amazing time on the France trip and make some great memories with your friends!

    I miss you so much!

    Can’t wait to hear all about it when you come back and hope you have a great experience. I was on this trip in 2013 and sure you will have an awesome time away!

    Cara x

  6. Salut! Hope you all enjoyed the bus journey. It looks like the sun is shining. Charlie, we’re missing you already. I’ve had to pour my own gin and your dad has no one to moan at! Hope you settle into the chatuex and enjoy all that lies ahead! Mum x

  7. Hey Bells, hope your having the best time, starting to miss my favourite already (don’t tell the others) make sure you embrace everything and come back with amazing memory’s……love you millions. Mum xx

  8. Hey Niamh, remember you can’t sing in tune so maybe you can be the drummer on the bus. Although for a Jambo you do like a Proclaimers song, so belt it out. Glad you had a good journey down to France, take part in all the activities, just like you we’re doing things this week we don’t want to…. like tidying your room! Ha Ha Ha

    Niamh likes a sad song so better screen the karaoke choice later next week.
    Mr Duncan – if Hearts win the cup Niamh will sing the Hearts song!!!

    Enjoy your day everyone.

  9. Hi Paige
    Have a great time and enjoy this experience Harry says he is missing you the house is too quiet. Have a great day at the Bayeux market and have lots of fun. Love you lots mum dad and Harry.
    Getting better with my phone Paige xx

  10. Morning Cameron! Glad to hear you are having a good time, I hope your room there is being kept tidier than the one here!! (I’d be surprised though!) Jenson is missing you already and has asked if you will please only stay for 5 days and not 10! We miss you loads too, it’s very very quiet here. Love you loads love Mum xx

  11. Hi Niamh it’s Michael hopefully your having a great time in France . Remember if we win today let Mr Duncan know that we’ve secured the single single at hampden hope everyone has a great time , devastated I didn’t go in S2 so enjoy the whole experience

  12. Hiya,
    Good morning Trippers!
    Hope you all have the best time!
    Remember this is not a holiday, it’s a educational excursion! Make the most of it, it is one of the most amazing trips the school offers, get involved or you’ll regret it. Also don’t be scared of the camera!
    Lots of love the OG Windram

  13. Hi Murray L, hope you are having a great time. Enjoy every minute of this fantastic opportunity/adventure. Missing you lots, even your huffy puffy teenage moods! Xx

  14. Hi Arran, hope you had a lovely day sightseeing and shopping ?.
    You were still rockin that hat in pics on Twitter but remember and take it off at bed time and let your heed breathe ?.
    Have a fantastic time!
    Love you Buddy, Dad ?

  15. Hi Benny Boo Boo (Swanny) missing you sooooo much. Hope your having a great time and not keeping the whole place up with your snoring. Lots of love and kisses. Your fav mum ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  16. Bonjour Rory hope your using all that French you have learnt ! Loving seeing all the photos. Nany and Pops x

  17. Hey Jamie – hope you are having a fantastic adventure in sunny Normandy ☀️.

    Bit quiet here without you so I’ve started singing in the shower loudly (like you) with the window open so the neighbours still think you are home!

    Enjoy the frogs legs and snails tomorrow night – bet you’re all bouncing afterwards.

    Luv Mum, Dad and Gem. xxx (these are not kisses they are multiplication signs ?)

  18. Abbie P, Guess what……….I FOUND MY GREEN SHORTS! Gonna wear them when I come and meet you, that’ll be nice for you!

  19. Well Arran that was a quiet Saturday night, as you are usually up in your room on Xbox effing and jeffing and me shouting up to shut up! So thought I would put the Xbox on and shout at it like you do!! So I started shouting at it but only because I couldn’t work it ??? have fun pal….love mum xx

  20. oright murray hopefully you’ve grown before you get back because i’ve bought you a big boi bed so you can stop sleeping in the cot xxxxxx

  21. hi fraser, hope you’ve not been leaving your skiddies around the place like you do at home. DISGUTANG

  22. Hi Polly, looks like you’re having a fab time! The flat is too tidy without you, we’ve been chucking stuff around to pretend you’re still here. I fell over your straighteners – don’t tell anyone but I think you’re developing a couple of curls in your hair. I don’t think anyone will notice though. We’re missing you loads – obviously Ava has cried non-stop since you went. The bedroom floor is soaking wet. Have loads of fun and see you soon! Not too soon, mind. Dad, Mum and Ava

  23. Hiya Murray,

    We miss you soooooo much! Have you remembered to brush your teeth yet and change your t shirt? Dad and I cleaned your room for you, we found flopsy mopsy, are you sleeping OK without him? ??

    Hope you’re having a magic time, lots of love Mum, Dad and Rory xxx

  24. Hi Charlie! The good news just keeps coming… Theresa quits as PM, Hearts didn’t win the cup and there will be lots of spare yorkies with tonight’s roast! Love you, Mum, Dad and Freddie

  25. Hi Orla!

    Hope you’re having an amazing time and enjoying all the trip has to offer, because you’re not welcome home until that hat has been burned- we want video evidence. Even Jean agrees.

    Missing you lots Hannah. The house feels so empty without you.

    – Iona and Morven

  26. Hi Arran, I’m following your trip on Twitter and I’m sure today would be quite harrowing for you and your class mates.
    But it’s a very important part of world history and it’s good so many of you have had this opportunity.
    I’m sure all the teachers and parents and very proud of you all…..and you should be proud of yourselves.
    Love you Buddy,

  27. Hi Jamie
    Hope you are having a good time in France been very quiet without you em think I prefer yellow to grey so I’m gonna move back into the big room since it’s free. Will take my telly with me lol.
    Love big sis gem xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  28. Hi Erin, hope you are having a great time in the sun and learning loads. Thanks for ignoring my txts 🙁 Hope you enjoy your snails and frogs legs later. Remember not to eat the shell, just saying! Stormi has had loads of treats to celebrate his 1st gotcha day today. Wheek Wheek!!! Have a great Monday and don’t miss me too much (HAHAHAHAHA!) Mum XX

  29. Hi Murray L, the pics are fab on Twitter and it looks like you are all having great time. Missing you still but I am enjoying a gin and tonic without having to iron your school uniform, wrestle you to get your phone off you to then drag you to have a shower for school!! Bliss. Love mum xx

  30. Hi Momo,

    We are all missing you loads but hope you are having a blast, Neive is missing you but loving stealing your make up, Lilly is missing her momo, I feel like I have lost my right arm but glad your having a good time and dad is enjoying the peace ? anyway just a heads up I hope you and Niamh are being good because I am sure I have a video of you and Niamh singing a certain song??? that I could post!

  31. Hi Mills , comment ca va aujourd’ hui ? Hope you enjoyed your frogs legs and snails. Mum says she’ll make them for dinner on your return. Enjoy the karaoke . Good news is you won’t have to listen to any Hearts songs , Celtic won the treble treble. We are all missing you , especially the doggies who are pining for their long walks. Keep in touch love from Mum and dad x

  32. Hi Skye hope you are having the best time ever remember to take plenty photos today would have been a sad day for all so glad you have the opportunity to go with the school the house is so quiet without you love and miss you lots mum xxx

  33. Hope you’re all having a great time. Did France 2015 and can honestly It was the best school trip by a million miles. We all still talk about the legendary trip to Normandy and Paris, best times ever. Abs, the house is sooooooooooooo quiet without you – It’s brilliant! I can play my music and guitar as loud as I like. Have fun guys, you’ll remember it for the rest of your lives.

  34. Abbie P, How are the girls in your room coping with your cheesy feet? Love Dad xxx

  35. Hi Fra – hope you’re having a good time in France! Photos look really good, looking forward to hearing all about it! Miss you love you. Mum, Emma & Gran Xxx

    Ps – leave the dance moves in France !!!!

  36. Rory…. terrible karaoke choices last night!? I thought I’d taught you better!
    Looks like a great trip trippers and hope tummies have recovered from the snails and frogs legs and ears from the boys singing!
    I reckon the shared photo feed is giving me an interesting view of the trip I wasn’t supposed to see ?
    Love you and miss you… Carrie is still not missing you much! Xxxxx

  37. Hi Keira

    Hope everyone had ear plugs in for you singing last night!! We are missing you lots even tho Gabe said he misses your iPad more!! Hope yous are having the best time and well done for trying the frogs legs!

    Mum & dad xx

  38. Hey Ailsa
    Hope you are loving this experience. It looks like you are all having great fun. We’re all missing you heaps and can’t wait to hear all your stories when you get back. Take lots of pictures
    Take Care lots of love Auntie Tracy Uncle Alan Kerra and Dayle and of course Larry. Xxx ?

  39. Hi Ailsa just having a look at all the places you’ll be visting in paris looks great fun, (so jealous) . Have a great time and remember my present (only kidding) love youl lots mum xx

  40. Hi Charlie, hope you shone bright like the diamond you are at the neon disco. Sorry I forgot kisses on my last post, here are some to make up for it x x x x x x

  41. Hi Ben S looks like your all having a great time and making lots of memories. The house is very quiet without you, I’ve had to send Megan into your room to shout at your X box as I’m missing the noise (not). Looking forward to seeing more pics, try and smile in them son. Lots o love mum ❤️❤️❤️

  42. Rory – an end to the serious bit…?? (Not sure how serious Normandy was!) Paris, city of love and romance ❤️❤️❤️ Make sure you enjoy it all!
    Carrie has finally given up and decided she is missing you if only for there being nobody to annoy! Love mum and Carrie x

  43. Hi bells it’s Rhea here I really am missing you have an amazing time can’t wait to see you here’s all the kisses Your missing while your alway xxxxxxxxxx ?

  44. Hi Niamh
    Now the part of the trip you have been looking forward to the most…….shopping!!!
    I am off today so your room is being tidied, any last requests? Xx

  45. Yi your missing out on your flavoured game Fortnite ha ha lol ? is your frog legs bouncing around your tummy mate xxxxxxxx

  46. Hi Abbie P,
    Feeling very outnumbered without you. Come home soon I need more girl power!!!
    Love Mum xxxxx

  47. Hi Cammy,
    Well the Bucket Hat Boys certainly seemed to be hitting the high notes on the karaoke….next stop X-Factor!! Good to see the suave moves at the neon disco too – I think the boys may have even out-neoned the girls – good effort by everyone!!!
    Great to see the pics & vids, and everyone having such a good time. Missing you here Cammy Boi, but we’ll cope!! Enjoy Paris.
    Love from Mum xx

  48. Hi Arran, hope you are having fun! Next stop Paris, it’s a great city! Watch out for the famous folk am sure Isla saw Celine Dion (she’s a famous singer) going into a hotel! Shes no your type, lol. Have a great time, love you pal, Mum xx

  49. Hiiiyyyaaaaaa!!!

    Your fav mathies here….oh sorry Miss Stoddart!
    Sorry we’ve been so busy having too much fun we forgot to message earlier!
    Pool aerobics looked great, hope you managed to throw Miss Watson in. Has she told you about her big birthday yet? Hope you’re all making it all about her.
    Now that the Chateau is over and done with….
    Enjoy Paris everyone, don’t spend too much in Sephora….stick the list Jen! Get the elbows out ready for the boat, no fighting with the locals. Fingers crossed there is no thunder and lightening when you are up the Eiffel Tower.
    Hope the sun shines for Parc Asterix so you can take full advantage of the water rides. I also recommend the bob sleigh….!
    You heard from Auntie Shirley yet or is she too busy at the bingo?

    Au Revoir (Get Miss Stoddart to translate…)

    Lyall, Murray and Phee!

  50. Hi Arran, 

    Looks like you had a fantastic time Paris today, loved all the pics on Twitter ?.
    Can’t remember when you are due to go to Notre Dam but I have a ‘hunch’ it’s tomorrow ?

    Anyway, I know you’ll be missing my terrible ‘Dad Jokes’ so….

    I remember hearing about Quasimodo coming home and seeing Esmeralda in the kitchen with the wok.
    He says, “oh, are you cooking Chinese for the dinner?”
    Esmeralda replies, “no, I’ve been ironing your shirts!”
    Ba Dum Chhh!  I’m here til Thursday, try the veal! ?

    Have a great time Arran,
    Love you,

  51. Hi Paige hope you enjoy the experience of Paris I bet you have been to Sephora already remember to buy a wee thing for your brother I tidied your room don’t worry not given. Anything away to the charity shop. Missing you lots enjoy the rest of the week have lots of fun mum, dad and Harry xx

  52. Hi Abbie, The weekly food shop was £25 cheaper this week… can stay in France a bit longer if you like! Happy Days? Dad

  53. Hi Hannah,
    Looks like you are having a great time, loving the photos. House is quite without you. Xx

    Missed your chat tonight Orla ?

    Happy shopping and enjoy the theme park xx

  54. Hi skye
    Hope your having a fantastic time making lots of great memories what a great experience for you have a fun time ,can’t wait until your home to tell me all about it

    Love you

    Dad xxx

  55. Hi Ailsa
    Happy 14th Birthday have a fantastic day celebrating in Paris, have the best day ever doing one of your favourite things spending money shopping. Love Mum,Dad and Bailey boy xx???

  56. Hey baby chick! There is a strange whirring noise missing in the house… I think the play station is enjoying a well earned rest. Freddie goes between missing you and saying we are now a ‘normal’ family. We still managed to run out of milk though, turns out someone else in the house must be drinking it by the gallon. The photos are great, love you loads. Mum, Dad and Freddie xx

  57. Just wanted to say a very Happy 14th Birthday to Ailsa . We hope you have a fantastic day honey. Looking forward to celebrating and cake when you get back

    Lots of love from
    Auntie Tracy Uncle Alan Kerra and Dayle
    Nana & Pops

  58. Hey,

    Hope everyone loved Normandy and is now adoring Paris. Try not break the bus like our year managed to do; you’ll find it a pain having to walk everywhere. Enjoy the time you have left in France.

    Duncan – hope you didn’t disappear to see the classical art at Le Louvre this year!

  59. Happy 14th Birthday Alisa. I hope you are having a great time in Paris. You and Murray L used to be boyfriend and girlfriend when you were both little but I doubt Murray has even said Happy Birthday let alone give you a big birthday kiss and hug. Enjoy rest of your day! Xx

  60. Hi Benny Boo Boo ( swanny) hope your enjoying Paris, Now remember when you go to the shows take a spare pair o pants and shorts just in case you have a wee accident. Don’t be a big girls blouse and try all the rides or you’ll be the one standing holding all the bags ????. Enjoy your last few days. Missing your wee face. Lots of love & kisses. Mummy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  61. Hey ugly, sold all your make up for drinking money, made myself at home in your bed. Don’t hurry back I don’t like the sofa when I’m home from uni ? remember the good gift I got you on this trip five years ago so I’m expecting big things. Also enjoy this xxxxxxx your well welcome ?

  62. Hi Arran…spotted the Footlocker Bag…trainers by any chance! Wouldn’t be like you! Photos look like you are having a great time! Enjoy Theme Park tomorrow. Love you, Mum ?

  63. Can’t believe trippers it’s your last day and then you head home! Amazing memories and experiences you’ll share forever!
    Rory I can’t get over how tidy the house has stayed without your hundreds of bags and shoes lying around… delighted to see you’ve added another pair to that!
    Enjoy Parc Asterix…. please keep Murray safe!!
    Love mum x

  64. Hi Cammy – hope you & your pals all have a brilliant time in Parc Asterix today….and remember to double/triple-check the seat belts!! Sorry – being mum from afar!! Looking forward to seeing the pics from today.

    Hope your bus journey home goes well & you get some sleep. Can’t wait to see you at the other side of it….at 3 in the morning!! Yay!

    Love, Mum xx

  65. Hiya Arran,
    Hope you enjoyed Park Astérix today. I’ve, as usual, been following your trip on Twitter and I’m jealous….Park Astérix looks magic ?
    Also, so proud of you utilising your business head….you’ve only been in France for a week and your ‘Lookie Lookie’ business venture looks to have taken off. As Dragons Den would say….”I’m in” ?
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and can’t wait to see my best pal when he gets back ?.
    Love you Buddy,
    Dad ?

  66. Hi Paige hope you enjoyed park asterix today can’t believe that’s you home on Saturday morning. What great experiences and places you have been too. Enjoy the rest of your time and the bus journey home. We are looking forward to seeing you. Lots of love mum, dad and Harry xx

  67. Hi Abs P,
    Hope you’ve had a fantastic day at Parc Asterix and are enjoying your last night in Paris on what has been an amazing trip. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

    Oh and can you walk Ceilidh in the morning please!!! (Only joking)

    Love Dad & Mum

  68. Hi Arran, hope you had a great day at Parc Asterix! It certainly looks like you have had the best time!! So looking forward to see you and hear your stories!! Also it’s Champions league on Saturday so better get the Liverpool scarfs out! See you soon, Safe travels, love Mum xx

  69. It’s the final countdown… dodododo dododododo. Cant wait to see you tonight! Safe journey xxx

  70. Hi Arran, no long! Canny wait for a cuddle from my boy! Also a big thank you to all the staff for organising! By the sound of it it’s the best trip! #itsoveranddonewith

  71. Calum Fraser has left his iphone6 on the bus. Has anybody handed it in or do you have a number for the bus company? So I can phone in the morning

  72. We checked the bus and found 1 phone but it’s not his. The coach company is JH coaches, Tyne and Wear

    When he left his phone last time it had slipped down the side of the back seat. The seat needed to be removed to find it. It’s worth mentioning that. Let us know if we can do anything else

  73. Just want to say a massive thank you to all the teachers on this trip. Looks like the kids all had a great time. Ben S had a brilliant time and loved spending time with you all. The effort and time you guys put in is amazing and made this trip a great experience for the kids.
    Thanks again. Xx

  74. Thanks sooooo much for what sounds like such an amazing trip!! Thanks for giving up your time and making it special for these trippers!
    Relax and enjoy the weekend before the earlier start on Monday!! X

  75. I would just like to say a big big thank you for giving Murray a great adventure and fantastic trip. He had an absolute ball. You lovely teachers did a great job looking after a coach load of teenagers and more than likely, it was their first trip away from their parents. You are a credit to your profession. Hope you catch up on a much needed rest this weekend. X

  76. Hi
    Just to thank the teachers for making this trip such a great experience and lots of fun, some great places they have been too, I liked all the photos that were posted hope you all enjoyed the trip.
    Enjoy and relax the weekend
    Thanks Paula Stevenson

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