Parents and Carers

Children do better when their parents or carers are involved in their learning.

We want to work with you to support your child, and we need your help to meet their needs.

Working with us:

  • please contact us if you have concerns about your child’s learning
  • please come to review meetings – we aim to make these friendly and focused on helping your child, and you are welcome to bring a friend or advocate.

Helping your child at home:

  • check your child’s plannerĀ for homework and notes
  • encourage your child to complete homework independently (if homework is too hard please send a note to the class teacher or call the guidance teacher)
  • talk to your child about what they have been learning
  • make use of support organisations for yourself or your child.

Supporting literacy and numeracy:

  • talk to your child about they have read, listened to or watched
  • read with your child (try to make it fun and not hard work)
  • show your child maths ‘in action’ – counting money and getting change in shops, measuring (for DIY, cooking, speed and mileage dials on vehicles etc), telling the time…
  • encourage your child to play reading and maths games online.

part of the team supporting pupils at Musselburgh Grammar