New Laptop

I’m currently in the market for a new laptop, which is proving more difficult that I imagined! I need something lightweight for taking to and from work (and using with my other work for BASP), with decent specs for using graphics, video and sound packages, and also reliable. Seems a tall order. My options seem to be:

  • Buy a new PC Laptop.
    Pros: I know my way around them, wide variety of choice, will run all the apps I use.
    Cons: Windows Vistargh (does anyone actually like this horrible OS?), cheaper portables seem to break easily.
  • Buy an Ibook.
    Pros: It’s an apple. It just works, and doesn’t mean enduring Vistargh. Reliable. Dual boots if I really want it to
    Cons: Spec could be better for price, not as familiar with OSX .
  • Buy an Asus EeePC.
    The ‘dark horse’ of my options. I really like the concept of the EeePC. It’s lightweight (tick), runs XP or linux (tick), reasonable specs for mobile computing (tick), costs hee-haw (tick). However, I’ve always been very concerned about the screen size. Storage isn’t a worry – USB pen drives cost so little, and even portable hard drives are a good option now.
    As a result, I’m nipping over to MGS to see Robin Strain today, who’s the proud owner of one of these devices, to have a closer look and work out just how usable it is. I do fear though that Asus have made the perfect mobile computer but just skimped on the screen. If only the rumours about a forthcoming 10″ version were to be confirmed, I think we would have a winner.

Comments and thoughts very welcome! (anyone know a good mobile laptop!)

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