Laptop Update + New Eee PC

No, I haven’t bought one (yet). I notice Ollie has now pre-ordered another interesting mini laptop though – the Elonex One. However, I got really excited when I saw the machine on the left – this is the new Asus EeePC sporting – wait for it – a 9″ screen, with 1024 x 600 resolution.

There’s no word yet on when exactly it’ll be available in the UK, but industry sites and magazines seem to suggest around June – perfect for the summer hols.

Prices are expected to be around the £300 mark, making it around £80-£100 more expensive than present models. However, as well as the larger screen you are also likely to get a larger 12GB SSD and 1GB RAM for your money. Now for the bad (?) bit – Microsoft helped launch the new EeePC as it will come with Windows XP preinstalled, as well as Microsoft Works for office tasks, and Microsoft Live services for the web-end of things. No word on whether you will be able to buy a linux version only (thus saving some money). I suspect not.

I suspect I will be ordering one of these as soon as they come out – unless something even better comes along in this fast-moving area. Better start saving! 

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